Bench Grinder vs. Angle Grinder | What is the Main Different?

You know there are different kinds of grinding tools available. The bench grinder and the angle grinder are most popular among them. In fact, these two are used most commonly. Definitely, both of them are useful enough. But sometimes we cannot take the right decision between the bench grinder vs angle grinder. Right?

I had this time once when I couldn’t take this decision but not now. From my experience, I can say we cannot understand because we don’t know much about the tools. Just think, if you know all the tools about and their function well, then why can’t you identify which tool is perfect for which purposes?

So, let’s know the tools at first and definitely their differences so that we can compare them with each other.

What Is Bench Grinder?

A bench grinder is a tabletop grinding machine. It usually has an abrasive wheel that circulates itself. Usually, this machine is used for sharpening different types of cutting tools like a chisel, gouges, drill bit, tool bit, and others.

What Is Angle Grinder?

An angle grinder is also known as other names such as side grinder or disc grinder. It is a type of handhold a power tool, and it is commonly used for cutting, polishing, and grinding.

Bench Grinder vs Angle Grinder; The Differences

Now we have to know the differences between an angle grinder and bench grinder. If you discuss briefly, we won’t face any hesitation before selecting the right tool among them. The following differences are enough to identify the right tool for the right purposes.


Usually, an angle grinder is a small and light tool compared to a bench grinder. It has a long handle to hold comfortably with one hand. The handle also contains grip not to slip within the hand.

On the other hand, a bench grinder is designed such a way to stand on a flat surface. This grinder uses an abrasive wheel that drives for cutting or sharpening tools. In the case of bench grinder, you should be brought a workpiece to it.


Now, you say which grinder weighs heavy. Definitely, the bench grinder! An angle grinder is a handheld tool, so it should be lightweight. Usually, the average weight of this tool is 7-8 pounds.

But the bench grinder heavy weighted most of the time. The base of the bench grinder is made of cast iron, mostly as to stays stable in a place.


An angle grinder is always preferred for cutting purposes. The professional also uses it for removing excess material from the wood and metal pieces. That means the primary using purposes of an angle grinder it cutting and polishing both metal and wood. The tool is mostly used by welders.

Besides, the bench grinder is a perfect tool for sharpening any tool. It is also used for modifying different types of tools and commonly used for removing rust particles from the old tools. If you need to resize and sharpen any tool, just brought the tool to the bench grinder.

Wheel & Its Speed

As far as I guess, you have definitely seen an angle grinder. It has only room for a wheel to install. Yes, an angle grinder has one wheel, which spins up to 12,000 RPM. As the tool is used for cutting purposes mostly, it runs at more rpm than the bench grinder.

In comparison to the angle grinder, the bench grinder has two wheels that maintain balance and give you one more room to work. But its wheels don’t run more quickly as an angle grinder. If you want excellent work output, a bench grinder that runs at around 2,000 RPM is ideal.


You can guess which is more portably. The simple thing, an angle grinder is definitely more portable because of its lightweight. On the other hand, a bench grinder is not as easy as an angle grinder to move because of its heavyweight.

Safety Rules for Both Grinders

It is the point where both grinders meet together. Always remember you should handle any electric tool with taking the maximum precaution. These are power tools. You can guess what I mean.

These are power tools, so you should come to work the grinders after taking enough precautions. You shouldn’t lose your concentration even for a second while you are at work. Keep safe your hands especially and your body, also from the sparks. Wear the following safety equipment at least every time before start grinding.

  • Safety gloves.
  • Safety Google.

Final Thoughts

All information is given of these two grinders. They are two different tools, and their usages are also different. But it is true they have some similarities in some minor things. If you have read the entire content, you can decide which is the right tool for you? Both are excellent for their own functional purposes. So, understand your working purpose and requirement at first then go for selecting the right tool angle grinder vs bench grinder.

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