8 Best Air Die Grinder 2022-Our Top Picks and Reviews

Air die grinders are a handheld power tool, or as some people like to call it- a jack of all trades amongst tools. They are used for numerous reasons like sanding, polishing, or grinding on wood, plastic, metal, and many more materials.

For this reason, they are pretty popular with construction workers or people who often tackle their projects at home. Buying one, however is not that simple. This part depends a lot on what you do, and how you plan on using your machine.

Professional workers would need a grinder with a lot of power and one that can do multiple jobs, but these will also cost more. An occasional user at home, on the other hand, would not need as much strength or multi-use, and hence he can do with a cheaper tool.

The real trick is finding one that suits your needs while not being a burden on your wallet. That is what we are here to help you with. Since the market is so saturated, we know you will have a tough time finding a die grinder. Which is why we have listed some of the top products in the market that might appeal to you.

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Top 8 Air Die Grinders (At a Glance)


  • Power Source: Air-powered
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  • Power Source: Air-Powered
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  • Power Source: Air-Powered
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  • Power Source: Air-powered
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  • Power Source: Air-powered
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Best Air Die Grinder Reviews, Below

1. PROSHI Air Die Grinder

PROSHI Air Die Grinder

The PROSHI Air Die Grinder is a brilliant choice of a machine for the numerous features it packs, even though it is small and compact. This ¼ inch angle die grinder comes with a 9-degree head. That allows it to be flexible and lets you reach tight spots easily.

Next, you get a variable-speed throttle that you can push up to 20000 RPM. Alongside this, for work convenience and further speed control, there is a built-in air regulator.

The stepless speed control knob is also there to let you choose speeds according to your needs. As you switch between materials, this is something you will need.

Always remember, the more control you have over your speed, the better your performance, and the lower the chances of accidents. To make the use safer, the product also includes a safe pressure plate switch, making this all the more reliable.

For easy carrying and movement, this die grinder has an aluminum body which makes it sturdy, yet lightweight.

You also get a ball bearing motor for increased durability. The sealed ball bearing also helps to keep out all kinds of contaminants that might hamper your work, so you are ensured smooth die grinding at all times.

Other qualities which make this product worthwhile include the exhaust. It is placed at the rear end, so you need not worry about mishaps on the front while you work. You also get an air inlet filter which helps to filter out impurities.

Lastly, we want to highlight the strengths of this machine. This is a high-temperature carburizing grinder with high impact strengths that make it super hard to deform or bolt. So you know what you get is a solid machine for all sorts of work.

Whether you are looking for machining or smoothing or engraving, the PROSHI Grinder will prove to be a good choice for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a 90 degree head for flexibility
  • Features a variable speed throttle
  • Comes with a built-in air regulator
  • The grinder is lightweight thanks to the aluminum body
  • Features a sealed ball bearing design

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2. Chicago Pneumatic CP872 Air Die Grinder

Chicago Pneumatic CP872 Air Die Grinder

An affordable choice for professionals, this Pneumatic CP872 Air Die Grinder from Chicago happens to be a fine choice for air grinding and an optimal choice for bikers.

Being great at tire scuffing and cleaning moldings on tires, bikers especially seem to like this since it can be used for numerous purposes.

Being an aluminum die grinder, this is used and preferred by auto body shops. The small and compact size makes it a good choice for everyday maintenance while making it easy to carry and stow away after work.

The product is mainly designed for work like chamfering, removing rust from panels and frames, and weld seam. It brings every feature required to smoothly run these operations on a daily basis.

You’ll have an adjustable speed regulator, so you can change your speed according to your needs. This is a much-needed feature, since sometimes you will use it for surface preparation, at other times for auto bodywork, and they will demand different speeds.

Next, you get the lock off throttle. Even though there are hardly mishaps when used by professionals, you can never have too much safety when it comes to machines like these. This feature will stop your machine from starting on its own and wreaking havoc, so you can use it with peace.

Following that, there exists a rear exhaust that takes air away from your work. While working with machines like a die grinder, there will be a ton of dust during operation which can make what you are doing hard to see. The exhaust prevents that from happening and gives you a clear line of sight to work with.

Last of all, you also get built-in regulator matches installed to help you speed up your work. At an auto shop, owners get a lot of traffic, so features like these will surely come in handy.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with an adjustable speed regulator
  • Features a lock-off throttle to avert mishaps
  • Equipped with rear exhaust to take air away from work
  • Suitable for use with tires (scuffing, cleaning)
  • Features a robust aluminum body

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3. Valianto Air Pencil Grinder

Valianto Air Pencil Grinder

Mostly used by artisans for smooth surfaces, air pencil grinders help you grind those really small openings that other grinders cannot always reach. This one by Valianto is a fine choice amongst pencil grinders.

It is equipped with the much needed variable speed throttle control. So even though you are reaching tight spaces, you can still control your speed on different surfaces according to your need. As an artisan, you will probably get a lot of use out of this feature since this profession requires working with so many unique surfaces.

One of the greatest parts of this product is the set of diamond burrs. You get 30 pieces and all are titanium coated, so you only get the finest quality there is. And you get them in 6 types – ball, cone, rounded cylinder, flat top cylinder tapered and needlepoint, variations of these make up the 30 pieces.

Speed wise, you get a whopping 65000 RPM which is higher than most similar models in the market today.

It has an air pressure of 90PSI for flawless work. The hose on this machine is designed for convenience and also includes a hose protector, so you know this will last a good while.

The exhaust is placed at the rear end to prevent any chips from flying off. Speaking of chips, the machine includes a very thoughtful feature- anti chip scattering plus noise reduction.

While these might not seem like much now, they can help make work easier by giving you a clean surface and calm atmosphere- a combination rarely found with air die grinders.

What really makes this product so good is the fact that you get an entire kit. So every little thing you will need for work, you got it here. Plus it is also super durable and long-lasting, so do consider this an investment for the long run that will not let you down.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a variable speed throttle control
  • Comes with a hose and hose protector
  • The product has a free speed of 65000 RPM
  • Air inlet size is ¼ inch, collect size is 1/8 inch
  • Comes with an air pressure of 90PSI

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4. SHININGEYES Gedu Air Die Grinder

SHININGEYES Gedu Air Die Grinder

The Gedu Air Die Grinder from SHININGEYES is a 90 degree angled grinder for all sorts of cutting, cleaning, and grinding.

Made from an aluminum body, this product is sturdy and strong, while being lightweight enough to carry around work.

On top of this, the double ball bearing further adds to the strength and reliability of the machine, so you know you can perform all sorts of heavy-duty work.

Alongside that, the design is made in a manner that it is easy to hold onto and use for long hours without losing grip. This makes it just right for construction sites where you have to work continuously for hours.

To make the use easier and more convenient, the device has low vibration. If you have used a die grinder before, you know that these tend to vibrate a lot during work, which can hamper your quality. The low vibration feature prevents that from happening and lets you focus on cutting properly.

An integral safety lock is also featured with this product. Even though it’s assumed that you won’t have children in construction sites, safety measures can go a long way for everybody. This safety lock makes sure that the die grinder does not start on its own at any time.

The screened inlet filter is a must-have for construction sites since you will be exposed to so many scraps and debris from the surroundings and your work. This filter gives a protection against them. For better work clarity, you have the exhaust, placed at the rear end of the machine.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a free speed of 25000 RPM
  • Air inlet size is ¼ inch, collect size is 1/8 inch
  • Features a rear exhaust to direct air away
  • Includes a safety-lock throttle to avert mishaps
  • Comes with a screened inlet filter to eliminate unwanted particles

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5. Goplus Compact Straight Air Die Grinder

Goplus Compact Straight Air Die Grinder

A multi-function product, the Goplus Compact Straight Air Die Grinder is the right choice for those who have many different tasks at hand and want to get it done by one simple product. From processing to grinding to chamfering, this device can do a wide range of jobs.

Speed wise, you get a high rotary speed of 25000 RPM that lets you swoosh through your work with precision and accuracy. To further simplify and make your work more detailed, you also get different sized collets.

On the front lies the exhaust with vent slots that control the airflow direction. With this, the dust and debris that come as residue, is directed away from you, making die grinding more comfortable.

It includes a pressure plate switch so you can use the device with ease. It is equipped with wrenches as well.

Made of aluminum and PVC leather, the Goplus die grinder is durable, long-lasting, and made for heavy-duty use. It has a composite grip that provides comfort for long hours’ worth of use.

Finally, the lightweight design. Weighing merely 0.8 pounds, this is no burden at all at worksites and can be easily maneuvered with one hand.

Highlighted Features

  • Features high rotary speeds of 25000 RPM
  • Compact and lightweight design weighing only 0.8 pounds
  • Comes with a front exhaust for airflow control
  • Constructed with aluminum and PVC leather for heavy-duty finish
  • Pressure plate switch makes using it easy

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6. AEROPRO USA ARP17315 Angle Air Die Grinder

AEROPRO USA ARP17315 Angle Air Die Grinder

Another affordable model, the AEROPRO USA ARP17315 is a good choice for those who like to tackle back yard projects.

This is a lightweight product that weighs 1 pound. This makes the machine easy to work with at home and less of a hazard.

Coming to the materials, it is constructed with a composite material housing along with an aluminum front housing to make it sturdy and strong.

But just because this is suitable for the home, doesn’t mean it lacks power, for this is one of the most suited die grinders out there for high-speed grinding. It can also perform smoothing, polishing, and debarring tasks just as well.

If you want a dedicated die grinder for your place, and do not want something too complicated or too heavy that might end up damaging your work, go for this product. This will be the right choice for light works like handicrafts, cutting small metal objects, or blank and grind finishing.

Highlighted Features

  • Well suited for high-speed grinding
  • The recommended air pressure is 90 PSI
  • Has an average air consumption of 3 CFM
  • Design is compact and lightweight to reach tight spaces

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7. JET JAT-403 Pneumatic Die Grinder

JET JAT-403 Pneumatic Die Grinder

The JET JAT-403 is a pneumatic die grinder made for professional work. It comes with a small and compact body so you can work on all those small corners and tight spaces clearly and with clarity.

It features a right angle head design, suitable for narrow spaces and angled jobs. It is also more flexible for other kinds of work, since you can use these devices more comfortably when angled.

The JAT-403 is sturdy, long-lasting and convenient, thanks to its sealed ball bearings. They help you to keep all contaminants out and operate smoothly without any disruptions.

Professional work always requires safety, which is why you get the safety throttle lock. Like most devices on the market today, this too is cautious about accidents and mishaps, and the lock helps to prevent any from occurring. You do not have to worry about your die grinder starting up on its own and causing trouble.

It has a variable speed throttle. Since you will be working with different materials, you will definitely need to change your speed once in a while. This feature makes that possible and lets you increase your speed up to a maximum RPM of 22000.

Last of all, while working in a construction site, we all know how the atmosphere can be. Die grinding process itself brings about a lot of dust and debris that clogs the area.

The built-in air regulator will help to address this problem, alongside the rear-facing exhaust. Dust will be directed away from the work scene, so you can clearly monitor your work.

Highlighted Features

  • Well suited for jobs in small spaces due to size
  • Very durable and rugged thanks to ball bearing design
  • Comes with a safety lock and variable speed throttle
  • Has a right angle head design for angled jobs
  • Features precise speed control for enhanced performance

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8. Valu-Air 7315 Air Die Grinder

Valu-Air 7315 Air Die Grinder

The Valu-Air 7315 is another fine choice for those looking for an air die grinder for their homes. Suitable for small projects in your yard, this tool will help you with all your grinding, deburring, and polishing needs.

It comes with a right angle head. This is very well suited for work in corners and small spaces. The simple yet thoughtful design also makes this easier to use and handle. If you need to work in confined areas or house corners, this will surely help.

Next comes the built. Made of aluminum, the machine is strong and lightweight at the same time. It is a ¼ inch model, so the size is also great for carrying and storing away.

You might be thinking about the speed, and how it will perform given this is for home use. Well, you need not worry because you get a 20000 RPM and 90 PSI which lets you tackle heavy-duty applications even at home!

The Valu-Air 7315 comes equipped with wrenches and a very detailed instruction manual so you can get started right after you receive the product. You do not have to wait anymore for professionals to get those small adjustments done!

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a right-angled head to reach confined areas
  • Design features a sturdy and light aluminum body
  • Well suited for high-speed grinding
  • Comes with a decent speed of 20000 RPM

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Air Die Grinder Buying Guide


Small or big, professional or not, you want a grinder that packs good power. And for this, you need to look at the motor. The more power your motor can provide, the better the performance.

This factor also decides how much speed your device can handle, making it all the more important. When buying, look for grinders that have a motor power of at least 0.25 horsepower and you should be set.

After the power, you need to see the source. For a die grinder, there are a few options to choose from. You can choose between pneumatic, corded-electric, or cordless. Which one you go for depends on what you are doing and what you are comfortable with.

Pneumatic grinders work with compressed air and usually go a long way. If you have an air compressor, this is a good choice.

Cordless models are easy to maneuver, especially with outdoor work. However, you have to consider the battery power. Don’t pick one where you need to halt work to repeatedly charge your device.

Corded electric grinders eliminate this problem, but then again you will have to work around wires.

Every system has its benefits and limitations. You simply have to consider which factors you prefer over others.

Speed Control

Speed control is very important regardless of where you use the machine. That’s because as soon as you shift from one material to another, say from metal to plastic, you will need a change of speed.

Without it, you risk doing damage due to high pressure or experience a slowdown in work due to low pressure. Check if your desired product has speed control or not before purchasing.


When buying grinders, you will find that some come with a right angle head, while others have a straight head. While this mostly depends on preference, right-angled grinders are more popular today.

They are more comfortable to use and can reach those tight, hard-to-reach spots. You can also mount them on a grinding wheel easily.

This is not to say that straight heads are too behind, it’s just you will have more options with a right angle.


The size of a die grinder is very important and relevant to the kind of work you will be doing. For instance, if you are an occasional worker who does small projects at home like polishing surfaces, you do not have to go for a large size.

A smaller one will be more convenient to use, handle and store. For small projects, go for a ¼ inch die grinder.

For professionals, the requirements are higher. If you happen to work in a construction site or factory, opt for a larger size. It will be more heavy duty, helping to do your job faster, where a smaller machine will take a lot longer.


When buying air die grinder, you’ll probably want the powerful ones out there. But power and speed also make them more dangerous in case of accidents.

If you have kids at home, or are worried of mishandling the device, look for grinders that come with safety switches, locks or other safety measures that prevent accidents.


We have discussed the top models on the market and what makes them special. We want you to find a truly helpful product, and since the internet has so much stored, we have only listed 8 finest products to make it easier.

Even though all of these have the same function- die grinding, they each have small differences here and there that make them suitable for different jobs. This is why finding your purpose is important to find the right grinder.

Make sure to check out the buying guide to know what to look for and what features make a product stand out from the rest. This part will help you make an informed decision on which product to purchase.

Be it honing, sanding, or polishing, a quick skim through this article will help you find your ideal Air Die Grinder.

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