6 Best Bone Saw For Hunting 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Hunting is an activity understood by few. But those who do, tend to develop a passion for it.

However, with a faulty hunting saw this passionate venture can come to a screeching halt.

This is why we’ve designed this guide to help you pick the right bone saw, one that’ll provide a perfect ending to the hunting activity by letting you successfully dress the animal.

Top 6 Bone Saws For Hunting (At a Glance)


  • Blade Length: 4.37-inch
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  • Blade Length: 3.58-inch
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  • Blade Length: 10-Inch
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  • Blade Length: 7 Inches
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  • Blade Length: 7 Inch
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  • Blade Length: 3 Inch
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Best Bone Saw For Hunting Reviews

1. Havalon XTC-115BZSW Baracuta Bone Saw for Hunting

Havalon XTC-115BZSW Baracuta Bone Saw for Hunting

We’d say Havalon named this product perfectly. The XTC-115BZSW does cut as sharp as a barracuda.

The blade is made from a spectacular blend: combining Japanese, surgical-grade stainless steel with a synthetic composite of nylon and plastic. Thus, the 4.37-inch blade projects strength without sacrificing flexibility.

With a 0.8-ounce blade, the lightweight saw also offers 2 extra saw-blades and seamless interchangeability. It has a teeth set crafted to micro-details, giving you faster cutting with unmatched precision.

The handle’s structure is produced from Zytel’s defense-grade plastic. It uses black, premium-grade rubber, filling in 2 rows of gap in the middle.

This allows an exceptionally powerful attachment between your hand and the handle. It is created without a supporting edge. The idea is to provide an open ended design for cleaning residues with more ease.

Another useful feature would be the dual thumb-studs, presenting an ambidextrous handle (a fancy way of saying the saw can be used with both right and left-handed hunters). It also has a liner lock, which allows you to open and lock down the saw using a single hand. This feature, added with dual thumb-studs, makes using the knife very convenient.

The product comes with a pouch made of nylon that you can use to holster the saw, along with an adjustable pocket clipper. Use the clipper to attach the pouch to your tool belt, backpack, etc.

Users report the saw to be quite ahead of its competitors. It can saw up to 3.8-inch thick bones 3 times faster than a regular dressing knife.

Highlighted Features:

  • The blade is made of surgical-grade stainless steel and a synthetic composite.
  • A handle with Zytel plastic and rubber to provide a strong grip.
  • Dual thumb-studs allow both right and left-handed hunters to use the saw.
  • Features a liner lock equipped design for the convenience of single-hand use.
  • Comes with a nylon pouch for storage and adjustable clippers for portability.

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2. Gerber Gear 31-002741, Vital Pack Saw for Hunting

Gerber Gear 31-002741, Vital Pack Saw for Hunting

If vibrant color and great aerodynamics had a baby, it would be the 31-002741.

The 4-ounce hunting saw offers a 3.58-inch carbon steel blade. Since it’s intended to be used for skinning, the cutting edge is serrated. That means, instead of a plain edge the blade uses a ridged one, made from triple-cut, v-top sawteeth.

It also uses a flat edged nose, a design adopted widely among dressing saws to avoid unintentional cuts and rupturing vital organs. The sawing edge has a v-shaped lower end with an oval finish to allow usage of more dynamic knifing techniques.

The handle is created from a plastic mold added with ergonomic rubber parts. The plastic structure has a ridged end at the upper portion and a bump in the lower-middle part. The rubber filling provides multi-level curves and dots at the grip-top. These design tactics offer powerful aerodynamic value to the saw maneuvering.

The fiery orange color of the rubber makes the saw easy to track while dressing a hunted animal.

The product has a “2-part grip” handle. So, your thumb as well as index finger sits at the top while middle, ring, and pinky finger sits at the lower part. The palm is positioned on the dotted handle-top.

This ergonomic planning of hand position provides technical and additive-strength needed to saw through complex anatomy and dense bones.

The saw comes with a blade guard, which can be hooked on to a tool belt, side pocket, etc. This allows you to quickly use the product and then store it safely with ease.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with an attachable blade guard for safety and portability.
  • Uses a fiery orange color for tracking the saw easily while dressing.
  • A handle with 2-part grip and palm support for precise sawing control.
  • The blade uses flat edged nose for safe dressing and skinning.
  • Features a 4-ounce saw with carbon-steel blade for lightweight and durability.

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3. Shanghai Xingou Industrial Co. Ltd, LAOA Folding Saw for Hunting

Shanghai Xingou Industrial Co. Ltd, LAOA Folding Saw for Hunting

Let’s start by saying it’ll be hard to find a fault in this product because there is almost none.

This is a foldable hunting saw which comes with a plastic carrying case. It also has a hanging hole at the handle end, which can be used for safe indoor storage. So, right off the bat, you’re getting a dynamic protection system. The saw cuts using pull-style strokes.

The blade is produced from an SK5-grade stainless steel alloy and has 9 teeth per inch. The 9.8-inch blade offers adjustable cutting angles. You can use the integrated lock to fix the blade at 2 angles. This allows you to execute versatile cutting styles.

Laoa uses triple-ground teeth for the cutting edge. Each “Zazor” tooth’s surface is strengthened by an induction hardening process, making the blade rank high in longevity. The tip of the cutting edge is squared to avoid accidental rupture of intestines, liver, etc., allowing a safe skinning process.

The handle is made using two colors, each assigned to a separate component. The green plastic part, which also functions as the connector, is completed with a curved, skid-resistant black rubber material. Equipped with a dual-action safety gear lock, it can keep the blade unmoved both in a folded and unfolded position.

The company uses an anti-rust bolt at the blade-handle joint to enhance structural integrity. It also provides safety gloves and extra blades if you are in need of an emergency replacement.

The Weatherproof saw has an error free folding mechanism, allowing you to store the blade anywhere without fear of injury or damage.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers corrosion and wear-resistant saw for outdoor use in strong weather.
  • Includes a safety lock to keep the blade unmoved regardless of the position.
  • Provides a 9 TPI blade, made from SK5-grade stainless steel alloy.
  • Includes adjustable cutting angles which can be fixed at 2 different options.
  • Applies an anti-rust bolt at the joint to enhance structural integrity.

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4. Bahco 396-LAP, Green Laplander Folding Saw for Hunting

Bahco 396-LAP, Green Laplander Folding Saw for Hunting

With a sleek outlook, Bahco gives you a glimpse into the future of hunting saw designs.

Based in Sweden, the company delivers a hunting saw made purely out of steel and premium plastic with zero fabric usage. If you fold open the saw, the entire length would be 9-inches, 7.5-inches of which is taken up by the blade.

The blade is produced from industry-grade stainless steel. It’s cutting edge is manufactured with 7 teeth for every inch, making it sharp enough to cut through highly dense bones. Each tooth’s top is toughened using the latest XT-Toothing technology. The teeth set is also coated to block rust production and reduce friction between the saw and the cutting material.

The curved handle uses two separate forms of plastic, one for the blade-handle connector and another for the grip. The grip is designed with a straight-line pattern and a middle gap (covering the handle’s full-length) for improved aerodynamics. The manufacturer also provides a complimentary leather cord for improved mobility.

The blade-handle joint is equipped with a spring-mechanics based pushbutton, which you can use to open the blade quickly and single handedly. The button is engineered with a latching system, allowing it to multi-function as a slider. Thus, you can slide the button as a dual lock to keep the blade steady in both open and folded states.

This version does not come with a cover-guard. However, users have never requested for one to increase safety. But, you can still get aftermarket cover guards (e.g. Kydex cover-guard by Outfitters) if necessary.

Highlighted Features:

  • Uses the latest XT-Toothing technology for hardening teeth tops.
  • Provides a pure steel and premium plastic made saw with zero fabric usage.
  • Includes a pushbutton to open the blade quickly and single handedly.
  • Pushbutton multi-functions as a safety lock.
  • Offers a cutting edge with 7 teeth for every inch to saw highly dense bones.

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5. FLORO, Folding Hand Saw for Hunting and Dressing

FLORO, Folding Hand Saw for Hunting and Dressing

Floro produces hunting saws that shows the spirit of innovation in every part of the products. This saw is not an exception.

The company uses Mangalloy (an alloy of steel containing 13-percent manganese content on average) to produce the blade. As a result, it can absorb strong shocks and provides rust-resistant and anti-abrasive qualities. The 7-Inch blade also has high flexibility. Thus, it won’t break due to bending pressure.

The nose of the cutting edge is flattened in a unique V-shape as opposed to the traditional square-shape. This allows you to safely dress a hunted animal without sacrificing speed or sharpness. However, the saw follows a traditional push and pull cutting style.

Another interesting take is keeping the teeth set uncoated. By keeping them raw, the cutting edge can be re-sharpened many times and creates less friction, producing a more spontaneous sawing flow.

The handle has a two-part structure: a red connector made from high strength plastic and a grip made from rubber. It’s designed with a multi-curve shape for enhanced aerodynamics. As a result, it can generate more output strength with less input strength.

The product uses an alterable bolt with a hexagonal guard at the connector, which can be tightened or loosened to fix blade-wobble issues. The connector also uses rivets made from stainless steel for superior attachment safety.

The grip combines inward ridges with an elevated surface to provide an anti-slip handle. The folding saw has a safety-lock mechanism in place as well.

Highlighted Features:

  1. Mangalloy as raw material makes the blade shock-absorbing, anti-abrasive.
  2. Blade-handle connector with an alterable bolt fixes blade-wobble issues.
  3. Stainless steel connector rivets are used for superior attachment safety.
  4. Aerodynamic handle generates more output strength with less input power.
  5. Uses uncoated teeth for multiple re-sharpening and a smoother sawing flow.

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6. Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories, Mini Bone Saw MO-MS for Hunting

Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories, Mini Bone Saw MO-MS for Hunting

The MO-MS is a hunting saw whose simplicity may deceive you about its efficacy.

The saw uses a 3-inch blade, constructed from hardened stainless steel. The blade’s cutting edge is manufactured using a tri-surface, universal ground teeth set. It can be used to execute cross-cut style sawing.

The nose of the blade-pitch is flattened, ending the saw with an extended, v-shaped horizontal surface and a smooth, square vertical top. Thus, the saw can dress and skin through an animal quickly while providing extreme dexterity of maneuverability.

Unlike most hunting saws, it has a single part handle, which is made from premium-grade black plastic. The manufacturer has thickened the blade-root and sloped the handle-end downward. This design replaces the need for a connector and directly attaches the blade to the handle with safety and firmness.

The handle offers a multi-curve grip with a dot-patterned top surface. It’s recommended to set the thumb on the top surface, index finger on the single curve, and the middle plus ring finger on the double curve to achieve maximum balance. This way, the palm automatically rests on the dented oval circle set at the upper-middle surface to provide increased control.

The product also comes with a cover guard and an attachment tool. You can use these to safely store and carry the saw while traveling and through fast-movement activities.

The cover guard is created with a button-down style and uses durable canvas-cloth material with dual-stitched edges for ensuring a protected storage.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features a hardened stainless steel blade for durability.
  • Uses a unique single part handle to provide an enhanced safety of attachment.
  • Offers a cover-guard with dual-stitched edges for ensuring protected storage.
  • Can be used as a cross-cut saw to clear hunting trails with ease and speed.
  • Provides an ergonomically designed handle for user comfort.

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Buying Guide

Teeth Type

Choose a saw with triple-surface teethed edge. This type of teeth allows you to make a wholesome bite with every stroke resulting in a faster cutting and a smoother flow.

Ensure that the teeth are surface strengthened through some form of hardening, such as: induction hardening, impulsive hardening, etc.

We recommend choosing a hunting saw with universal teeth grind, meaning it can make both cross and rip-cuts. This will provide a smooth skinning and dressing experience regardless of the hunted animal’s shape, size, bone structure, leather qualities, etc.

In terms of coated vs uncoated teeth, the matter is subjective. Both has their own benefits and flaws. So, we suggest you do a little research and take a decision that fits your requirements.

Features Of The Blade

We recommend choosing a saw that’s equipped with a high TPI blade. This means, picking a blade that has a large number of teeth per inch (representing a high TPI count). Though a high TPI doesn’t always dictate the quality of a saw, in terms of hunting saws which are used primarily for detailed cutting, it is an important factor.

For materials, you can go with a variety of choices. These include hardened stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, etc. The thing to watch out for is each material’s capability to provide durability and protection against corrosion, rust, bending and wobbling issues, etc.

Some other parameters you can use to choose the right material for your blade is impact, temperature, and abrasion resistance.

We’d also suggest to get a blade with a flattened pitch nose (end point of the cutting edge), which will allow you to dress an animal safely without tampering any organ and the meat. You can also look for blades that can be adjusted at multiple angles to achieve the power of executing a variety of dressing styles and skinning techniques.

It’s All About How You Handle It

The phrase is as true about matters of life as it is for a hunting saw.

We suggest choosing dual material handles, which use sturdy materials (e.g. high strength plastic) for the blade-handle connector and flexible materials (e.g. premium-grade rubber, synthetic rubber analogs, etc.) for the grip. This will provide you a safe and more durable saw.

For connectors, choose the ones with multiple anti-rust screw design, which provides flexibility while decreasing blade-wobble issues by absorbing impact.

In the case of grips, look for aerodynamic and multi-curved ones, designed with specialized patterns (e.g. dot, square, hexagon, octagon, a combination of multiple shapes etc.). This will reduce the effort required to handle the saw while providing a firm attachment between your hand and the handle.


We recommend choosing a hunting saw that’s safely portable. That means you should choose a saw with a cover guard/carrying case. Also, look for saws with holes at the blade or handle end. This will allow you to carry the tool without a cover guard and store it indoors.


For safety, pick a saw with a folding design, an effective locking mechanism, and a sturdy cover guard. These features will save both you and your hunted animals from harm.

Final Words

Hunting saws comes in many shapes and sizes. And whenever there are large variables involved, we tend to feel confused.

But, not anymore.

Consider this guide as your ultimate map to help you track through the murky forest of second rate products and reach the real thing.

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