6 Best Bow Saws For Cutting Logs 2023: Know More Than Before

The bow saw is the simple and one of the oldest wood tools that are still used even today. It is a small and very straightforward wood cutting tool that is equally useful as useful was in the past day. Just think how effective it is!

Usually, the saw is used in wood cutting purposes. Today we are going to reveal some bow saws which offer excellent performance while cutting logs. If you can get a good quality bow sow for cutting logs, you can also use the tool to cut dead branches, Christmas tree, and fallen branches of tree effectively. Just ensure you’ve got the perfect bow saw for cutting logs, we are sure you will fall in love with it.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

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If you just count the bow saw manufacturers, you will get a long list. You can imagine how long will be the bow saw list! That is why finding an ideal and high performing bow saw might be not easy for you. But we made the job easy for you. Let’s talk about our selected bow saw for cutting logs in detail.

1. Bahco 10-30-23 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw for Cutting Logs

Bahco 10-30-23 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw

You may ask a question, why we have placed this bow saw at the topmost position? Well, it has numerous reasons for placing it at the top. Let’s find them out.

The saw is primarily recommended for cutting green wood, but it can also cut dry wood and lumber model. The ability to cut different types of wood is not an available feature. The teeth are triangular in shape and very sharp to cut woods on the push and pull effect. Besides, it is very easy to move even in the tough environment of construction sites.

The innovative tensioning mechanism of the blade makes the saw an ideal tool for straight cutting without any ado. At the same time, you can handle the saw very comfortably as it is made of a lightweight steel frame. The steel material makes it durable. The handle gives you enough space to set your hand so that you can handle it comfortably.

In the end, you should know about its size. Different users may need a different size that is why it is made in 3 sizes 21″, 24″, and 30″. Which size is perfect for you? After all, if you want to know its demerits, you will find nothing significant. Are all these features not good enough for this BAHCO bow saw first place?


  • Especially perfect for cutting green wood and also can cut dry wood efficiently.
  • Made of quality steel that is lightweight and durable at the same time.
  • Available in 3 different sizes and suitable for the tough construction site.


  • The size is a bit large for tight space.

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2. Stanley Garden BDS6510 Bow Saw for cutting logs

Stanley Garden BDS6510 Bow Saw

Sometimes we can assume the quality of a product at first glance. It is such a bow saw. And we are sure you also agree with us on this matter. However, let’s find out the attractive features for which we can add the item in your account.

If you look at the space between the blade and the frame of the bow saw, you see there is enough space. That means it lets you cut thick logs, which is really a very positive thing.

We can say from our real experience it is such a saw that you don’t experience fatigue hand even after long use. The design of the handle is made excellent where has enough grip, which helps to keep your hand in place. And the handle doesn’t slip from your hand. Work continuously without getting stress and fatigue.

Besides, the handguard keeps your hand safe from any injury while cutting wood. If you are searching for something durable, it is perfect for you as it is built to last longer.

If you compare the weight with the first one, it is weighted a bit more than the previous item. But you don’t feel any trouble, don’t worry.


  • The strong hand guard provides safety to your hand.
  • Hand grips reduce stress and make it comfortable to hold the handle.
  • Blade changing mechanism is very easy, and it gives a long-lasting performance.


  • According to a few users, the blade is not sharp enough.

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3. Truper 30255 Steel Handle Bow Saw for cutting logs

Truper 30255 Steel Handle Bow Saw

Are you a gardener? If so, we are telling you. Yes, you.

It is such a saw that every gardener should have. You may need to cut small and large branches, what tool will you use then? Just get it you will never need to think about the branch cutting saw. It is an excellent bow saw, which is specially made for the gardeners. It doesn’t mean it cannot be used for other purposes.

If you cannot set the blade perfectly, and if the tension of the blade is not maintained properly, the saw cannot cut efficiently. Its Cam-lever tension system solves the problem and lets you set the blade tightly so that it can cut more efficiently. Benefit?

Just hold the handle and start cutting after placing the blade perfectly. If you accidentally push the saw badly, your hand will never be injured as it has a hand guard. Really, the saw is made wisely.

Finally, we say if you care, you will get back more. Yes, if you just care the bow saw a little, you can use it for a lifetime without any ado. Just clean it after every use and oil the saw for better results. Just it.


  • An ideal tool for gardeners and perfect for cutting a large branch.
  • It keeps the blade tight, and the hand guard saves your hand.
  • Clean and oil for getting years of performance.


  • The handle doesn’t provide enough grips.

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4. GreatNeck Saw BB24 24″ Bow Saw for cutting logs

GreatNeck Saw BB24 24 Bow Saw

Quality is such a thing that you should not compromise with. If you also think the same as the previous sentence, then this GreatNeck bow saw can be a good choice for you.

It is a very simple structure saw which contains a chamfered drive for fast attachment. At the same time, it also has a blade tightener release as the user can change the blade easily. So, say goodbye those saws that don’t offer hassle-free blade changing option.

The strength and durability of a bow saw primarily depends on the frame. Its frame is built from a tubular steel frame, which makes it strong and lightweight at the same time. Besides, its hard steel blade ensures efficient cutting on any outdoor project.

The entire design is very simple, and it has 3 different sizes 12″, 21″, and 24″. You can get any size as to your need. It finishes bright orange color; we hope you like the appearance. Finally, if you ask us to know ur opinion, we definitely say you can use it because it is really a good quality woodcutter.


  • Change the blade easily and within just a while with the action blade tightener release.
  • Chrome alloy hard steel blade delivers excellent woodcutting performance.
  • Very durable and perfect for any outdoor project.


  • Devoid of the hand guard.

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5. BAHCO 332-21-51 21 Inch Pointed Nose Bow Saw for cutting logs

BAHCO 332-21-51 21 Inch Pointed Nose Bow Saw

If you just notice the structure of any saw, you can assume the purposes of use. Notice the entire design. The saw is narrow at the nose. That means the space between the blade and the frame is not the same everywhere. This design makes the saw ideal for tight spaces. Do you need a saw like it?

However, it has a handle to hold the saw confidently. Not done yet, it also has the hand guard, which is very necessary for the safety of your hand. Thanks, the manufacturer BAHCO, for adding the hand guard.

The frame of the saw is made of a steel tube, which finishes a bright orange color. This color gives the saw a beautiful outlook and protects the frame from getting rust. As a result, it gives longer performance and lasts longer.

Now it is important to know the using purpose of this bow saw. It can be used to cut different types of wood definitely, but it is specialized in cutting lumber and pruning. Yes, it is an excellent saw for the roofing project. If you need a bow saw for these mentioned purposes, you hardly find its alternative.


  • It is perfect for tight space because of its small size.
  • An ideal bow saw for pruning, and roofing work.
  • The hand guard gives hand safety.


  • Not ideal for cutting thick logs.

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6. Kenyon 41455 WP-7630 Bow Saw for cutting logs

Kenyon 41455 WP-7630 Bow Saw

Another example of a good quality bow saw is this Kenyon 41455. This item has enough good features that force us to place it in this list of the bow saw for logs.

The blade is the part that determines how efficiently wood cutting tasks can be done. That is why it should be very sharp and strong enough. The blade is made of steel, and its teeth are well sharp for cutting dry/ green wood, and lumber.

The frame of a bow saw tells about how strong it is. It has a tubular frame that is made of durable steel. The handle of the saw is designed as a way to give a comfortable place for your hand. And you know working with a bow saw will never be comfortable until you can’t hold comfortably.

Always remember, don’t buy a saw before knowing its length because the length is important. Its length is 30″ that is enough for cutting large branches. But you should also think you cannot use it is confined space. If you need a small size, there have the option. Get their 21″ size if you don’t need large bow saw.


  • It gives the cutting performance the same as the professional bow saw.
  • The blade is sharp, steel made, and easily changeable.
  • An excellent option for pruning and cutting large branches.


  • It doesn’t have a hand guard.

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Buying Guide

A bow saw is not a complicated tool. But you always should consider some important factors to confirm that you are getting a simple and high performing bow saw. The following features are enough for the confirmation.

Bow Saw For Cutting Log

The Blade

The blade is the most important part that you look at first. The blade should be stronger and sharp enough, otherwise you. Usually, the blade contains two different kinds of tooth; raker tooth and peg tooth. Raker tooth is perfect for cutting green and dry wood. On the other hand, dry wood needs peg teeth. So, it is important to consider before selecting the saw.

The Handle

Almost all the bow saws come with a grip handle to prevent slip. If you cannot hold the handle confidently, you won’t use the tool properly. So, before getting the tool, you should confirm it has a well-gripped handle.


Most of the bow saws are measured from 21″ to 30″. If you just use the saw for pruning and cutting small branches, the small size is enough. But if you want to do serious tree work, then you should look for the large size.

Tension Adjuster

There are many factors that affect the tension of the blade. But it is necessary to ensure the right tension of the blade. That is why always look for the items that come with tension adjusting feature. The tension adjuster allows tightening the blade, which is the pre-requirement of straight and precise cut.


Though the point is placed at the position, it has a great value. Some bow saws have hand guard that is a great safety for you. You should always try to select the tool from the items that have this safety hand guard. At the same time, a protective sheath also comes with the saw that protects you from the sharp blade. It is also a good feature.


Q- What is a bow saw good for?

A- It has many uses but perfect for pruning, cutting dry or wet woods, and cross-cutting branches or firewood.

Q- Can you sharpen a bow saw blade?

A- A sharp blade is key to cut logs effectively. The blade loses its sharpness and shape over time. That is why you should keep your blade sharp. Some blades come with hard teeth that are not easy to sharp without using a diamond file.

Q- How tight should a bow saw blade be?

A- Don’t tight as there is no flex. On the other hand, don’t loosen as moves easily. If you start cutting, then you will understand whether it needs to tight or loose.

Q- How Do You Clean A Bow Saw?

A- Cleaning after each use is necessary to keep the saw good functioning. Rinse the tool under running water. After that, remove all remaining dust and soil with a bristle brush, wire brush, or clean cloth. And then let it be dry.

Q- How do you use a bow saw safely?

A- You can get the optimum result with one-hand operation. But if you hold the frame to the opposite corner, it helps you to apply more pressure downwards, and definitely, you will get a better result than with one hand.

The End Line

We told you the bow saw is a very simple and comparatively small tool. That is why it shouldn’t use to cut very large logs that diameter is more than six inches. You definitely noticed the purposes of the use of this tool that we have described here. So use the tool for the right purposes and get the saw from the selected product list. We are hopeful that you will be happy with the performance of our selected Bow Saw for Cutting Logs.

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