4 Best Cap Nailers 2023

It is already recognized that cap nailers are the best in fastening anything with nails. They will not destroy anything and simply tap the nails to fix any wrap.

Hammer tackers and staplers are no longer the only hope for stapling, siding or roofing. Cap nailers make the dangerous yet simple work much easier. Even though the cap nailers cannot win with the hammer tackers in speed, the cap nailers are safe. There is no worry about cutting or destroying the material.

Cap nailers are used for attaching roofing felt, tar paper house wrap, and insulation foam board. The best cap nailers are made of steel shank with a big polyethylene cap so that nothing can fall out.

Top 4 Cap Nailers (At a Glance)


  • Power Source: Air-powered
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  • Item Weight: 8.05 pounds
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  • Item Weight: 4.8 pounds
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  • Power Source: AIR POWER
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Top 4 Cap Nailers Reviews

Considering all the features and qualities, we have selected four cap nailers among various options. Go through the reviews and have a proper idea about cap nailers. And finally, choose the right one for your needs.

1. Bostitch N66BC-1 Cap Nailer

Bostitch N66BC-1 Cap Nailer

You can be ten times Faster using this Cap nailer by Bostitch. They use a tool-free adjustable method for making this nailing ten times faster than the average time of nailing by hand. The ‘dial a depth inches adjustment’ arranges the nails to preferred depths swiftly. And that system is working quite well; there is no chance of making the user exhausted!

Bostitch Cap Nailer N66BC-1 serves flawlessly for a long time. This product has an amazing quick load magazine system that helps to do a very quick loading of nails and caps. This feature is very time-consuming.

The nailer weighs 5.8 pounds. The lightweight magnesium system allows it to have a longer lifespan.

The operating pressure is 70 120 psi. The driving power of this nailer is 500-inch pounds at 100 psi. And the fastener range is 1 ¼ inch to 2 ½ inches. The wire weld and plastic inserted coil nails are .080 inch and .092 inch while magazine capacity is 300 nails. You have to use plastic and coil siding nails for this gun. You can buy the packs of 1000 caps made by Bostitch which they sell separately.

A piece of information for those of you who are looking for a combo of cap/sheathing/siding nailer, this nailer does not bring all the features. It is actually just a cap nailer.

Key Features

  • The tool-free adjustable system of this cap nailer makes it ten times faster than manual nailing work done by hand.
  • The quick loading of nails and caps maintain the speed of the work very well.
  • Lightweight magnesium design of this nailer ensures a durable and sturdy service.
  • This is just a cap nailer, no other option like cap/sheathing/siding is available in this nailer.

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2. Cn100 Stinger Cap Nailer

Cn100 Stinger Cap Nailer

National Nail Corporation makes Stinger CN100 Cap nailer. This company always keeps up with manufacturing high-quality products.

Here is good news to cheer up those who are tensed about violating the building codes for using staples; nobody can trace the fine work of this nailer on the roof.

When most of the building code doesn’t allow the staple, this nailer has been up marking by itself in the work of fastening felt paper, underlayment, and Tyvek house wrap. Moreover, you can use this super-smart Stinger CN100 Cap Nailer in most of the applications.

This nailer takes five cap nails every second. I should mention that the machine takes proprietary caps. 1″ ring shank electro-galvanized nails are used for this nailer. You do not need to adjust any height. The mechanism named coil nail feeder allows you to use a standard height for coil roofing.

It is interesting to see how small a cap nailer could be! It weighs 4.9lbs. This little thing is portable and works very fast.

Key Features

  • Stinger CN100 Cap nailer can be used widely in most of the applications.
  • Building code will not stop you from doing stapling as long as you have this as it uses a traditional makeup system in stapling.
  • The automatic height adjusting system does the work itself; you do not need to calculate.
  • This lightweight mini cap nailer is easy to handle and reduces the pressure of holding a big machine, easy work for a longer time.

3. Hitachi N3808AP 18 Gauge Cap Nailer

Hitachi N3808AP 18 Gauge Cap Stapler

‘Hitachi Power is no longer available’ is not true. They have changed their title and currently known as Metabo HPT. Hitachi Fans, no need to worry about the products since the company has remained the same in maintaining their standard.

They have done a good job by concentrating on the weight of the nailer. It weighs only 4.8 lbs. This weight helps to keep the product balanced to reduce the stress of work. To help fix a jammed staple, there is a fast and translucent nose accompanied by a tool-less depth.

You can easily see how much caps are remaining because of the transparent side load cap magazine. It prevents you from wasting time calculating. The toolless deep drive and 360-degree adjusting capacity make the nailer even faster and easier to operate.

This nailer is best for tar paper, insulation, house wrap, and synthetic roofing underlayment and other jobs. It drives 18 gauge 7/16 inch top staples through 1″ caps to ensure the best support.

You will get a sequential trigger positioned on the tool and an optional contact trigger with this package.

Key Features

  • The cap nailer is 360 degrees adjustable, and it has an air diverter that directs the air exhaust in any direction.
  • The use of a tool-less jam release of the quick-clear nose decreases the chance of wasting time for clearing away jam if needed.
  • The Transparent side load cap magazine lets you count the remaining cap number at a glance.
  • They have used a tool-less depth for adjustment in the drive that confirms the best fastening.

4. Freeman PPCS Pneumatic Plastic Cap Nailer

Freeman PPCS Pneumatic Plastic Cap Nailer

It was surprising to receive such a lightweight package after ordering the cap nailer. The unpacking was quite impressive as it came out a super light Cap Stapler weighing only 4.52 pounds! It is a relief for those who cannot work holding something for a long time.

But you know, work is meant to be accomplished! I need to make it comfortable.

With this lightweight, the design of this product is especially ergonomic. The black nailer has a very comfortable grip handle.

There is a drive blade along with the anodized magazine of aluminum added for expanding the viability of the product.

This nailer also has tool-free depth like most of the nailers. This tool-free depth is for adjusting to various kinds of jobs.

This nailer goes with the Bostich 5/16 inch crown staples that range from 3/4 inch to 1-1/4 inches in length.

Key Features

  • The most lightweight cap nailer that ensures comfortable sturdy work.
  • This is compatible with staples from Bostich that increases the scope of work.
  • Tool-free depth is available to work on various types of applications.
  • A drive blade comes with an aluminum magazine to enhance the durability of the nailer.

What’s Next?

This is all about the cap nailers’ reviews. Lightweight cap nailers are the best, but it is important to make sure that the cap nailers are strong enough to serve the heavy work.

In that case, the four best cap nailers of our choice are at the top of the list. They are lightweight to make your work easier and very strong to ensure durability. The cap nailers also have easy loading facilities that will not disturb you while working. Some of them even have transparent parts to see through the remaining nails. These features really help you work faster and more efficiently.

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