Best Chainsaw Tachometers 2023: With Latest Expert Insights

When it comes to woodwork, the ones that are done professionally tend to differ a lot from the ones we do at home. But have you ever thought about what exactly makes this difference? What exactly allows professionals to achieve those precise cuts and slices?

It’s a long list, but one of the devices that can bring about this drastic change is a chainsaw tachometer. This is a small device that lets you measure the RPM or rotations per minute of an engine.

Finding out how your engine performs is imperative to your work and the RPM lets you see that. From maneuverability to functionality to ease of use, the rotational speed or RPM is a quick measure of your entire engine’s performance. This is why, it’s important to find the right one for you.

When looking for an ideal tachometer, you will come across numerous models and brands on the market, which makes finding the best chainsaw tachometer for you quite difficult. This is why we have picked out a list of top-performing models from the market for you to check out.

Top 6 Chainsaw Tachometer(At a Glance)


  • RPM Capacity: 25,000 RPM
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  • RPM Capacity: 25,000 RPM
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  • RPM Capacity: 16,000 RPM
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  • RPM Capacity: 99.999 RPM
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  • RPM Capacity: 20000RPM
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  • RPM Capacity: 19,990 RPM
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View Top 6 Chainsaw Tachometers Reviews, Below-

1. SEARON Digital Chainsaw Tachometer

SEARON Digital Chainsaw Tachometer

The SEARON Digital Chainsaw Tachometer is an optimal choice for those who want to use this device on their chainsaws along with other machines like snow blowers.

As an investment, this device might seem pricy at first sight, but be assured it packs a ton of features that will serve you well.

It works with most gas-powered devices like lawnmowers and boat tractors besides your chainsaw.

Operation wise, it is easy to set up and gives you a display of the RPM during operation when your engine is on. This is possible due to the tachometer gauge being triggered by an external lead and shield. When there is a spark in the engine, this unit is triggered and hence the RPM display can show you the actual operation.

Coming to the runtime, theoretically, you get 99,999 hours which is pretty great and will serve you for a for long time to come. Alongside this, you also get a very impressive resettable record time of 9999.9 hours.

For further usability, this device features a flash alert system. On top you get a screwable cap too, to easily turn it on and off. All you have to do is press and hold the button until you see the ‘on’ sign, and vice versa. The RPM range goes from a 0 to 25000 that too with an accuracy level of 10 RPM.

Coming to the power source, this SEARON tachometer is not powered by your typical AAA battery, but instead uses a CR2032 3-volt Lithium battery. This helps it run for a longer period of time. You have to install this manually before starting the operation.

All in all, these qualities come together to make a tachometer that is handy and long-lasting, and one you will surely love using.

Highlighted Features

  • Features an RPM capacity of 25000
  • RPM accuracy of this tachometer is 10
  • Comes with nine Programmable Engine Firing Patterns
  • RPM refresh rate is 0.5 seconds
  • Induction wire can be cut according to requirement

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2. Searon Backlit Digital Tachometer for chainsaw

Searon Backlit Digital Tachometer

Another one from Searon, this Backlit Digital Tachometer is loved by customers mostly for being affordable and easy to set up. Since we expect you are getting this for your home, you will want the device to be easy to use.

Another feature that makes this an easy-to-use product is the battery which can be replaced once worn out. You can use a CR2032 battery for replacement. You might be worried about your data at this point, but rest assured all your data is safe even after a change of batteries.

Since the data is retained you can use your previous information for later use with your machines. So you do not really have to go and change your device, simply switching out batteries will do.

Even though we are talking about tachometers for chainsaws here, this can be used with other machines such as motorcycles, marine engines, tractors, and lawnmowers. So you can use it for different purposes at home, making sure you get the most use out of your product.

Coming to the features, the total run time on this is 0-99,000 hours, which is decent. You have the Record re-settable JOB time, which too is 0-99,999 hours.

Now, for the main highlight, which is the RPM, you get a range of 0 to 25000 with a resolution of 10 RPM. For the price you pay, you actually get a pretty great range of RPM here.

Additionally, the refresh rate is 0.5 seconds and you get a programmable RPM alert as well. You will be able to see the RPM on display when the engine has been turned on.

Other features of the tachometer that make this worthwhile include its eight Programmable Engine Firing Patterns, a large LCD screen that comes with a green backlight, and the IP65 IP rating.

Highlighted Features

  • Displays the current RPM when the machine is turned on
  • Comes with eight Programmable Engine Firing Patterns
  • It has a display range of 0-25,000 RPM
  • Comes with a resolution of 10 RPM
  • Data is retained after you charge the battery

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3. Hardline Products HR-8061-2 Tachometer for chainsaw

Hardline Products HR-8061-2 Tachometer

Since tachometers are used in conjunction with heavy-duty machines, they too need to be just as strong and resistant to its surroundings.

Machines like chainsaws or others create a lot of dust and debris that can affect the tachometer, but thanks to the complete epoxy encapsulated case, this will be protected and safe from such issues. Not to mention this also makes the device water-resistant, which is great if you are using this on machines near water bodies

Coming to the highlight of the product, which is the RPM, the HR-8061-2 Tachometer has a real-time reading of up to 16000 RPM.

This device is compatible with any gas engine out there with two cylinders and also has adjustable input. This ensures that you can use it with absolutely any type of ignition system out there (fuel injected included).

Other features include the internal battery with a 10-year lifetime. Alongside this, you get an hour meter that lets you see the total number of hours accumulated.

Installation matters a lot when you are buying a product for yourself. You will want something that is easy to set up and use without professional help. This one comes with a patented one wire hook-up that is simple and easy to do. You do not need to have any power or grounding prior to installation.

Overall, this product promises to be the preventive maintenance program for your machine, be that a power watercraft, ATV, motorcycle, or boat.

Highlighted features

  • Compatible with all gas engines up to 2 cylinders
  • Input is adjustable to be able to work with different ignition types
  • Comes with an hour meter to show total hours accumulated
  • Installation is easy without the need for power or ground
  • Comes with an internal battery with a 10-year life expectancy

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4. Neiko 20713A Digital Tachometer for Chainsaw

Neiko 20713A

The Neiko 20713A claims to be your perfect measuring buddy, and thanks to all the cool features it has, it surely lives up to its claims.

One of the most accurate and dependable devices out there, this tachometer has a margin of error of only +/-0.05%. It has a capability to measure up to 20 inches of distance, all the while being able to store all your minimum and maximum measurements with the auto-zero function.

Besides being a great fit for your chainsaw, this Neiko 20713A is also suitable for using with motors, lathes, machine parts, and non-contact diagnostic operations.

Since this is a digital tachometer, it does not have to be attached to the chainsaw itself for readings. While this might seem redundant as a feature, we ensure it is not.

Machines like chainsaw give off a lot of debris during work that can hamper devices like tachometer if not protected properly. The laser aim on this lets you calculate the speed from a mere 2.5 RPM all the way to 99,999 RPM. The reading is visible on the large LCD screen that makes it easy to catch.

However, you must keep in mind that this device is not waterproof, but thanks to the laser technology you can use it near water bodies since direct contact won’t occur.

The product also includes a 24-inch reflective tape so that you can have non-contact measurement.

The device includes storage and sports an ergonomic design where it can easily fit into your hands.

If you want to move with your tachometer, simply stow away necessities in the canvas bag and start moving. Being lightweight also makes carrying it around easy. As for power, it runs on 3 AA batteries that come with the package. You can use this device with lathe, machine parts, motors, etc.

Highlighted Features

  • The device has an RPM range of 2.3 to 99,999
  • It has an incredible accuracy level of +/- 0.5%
  • Comes with a 24-inch reflective tape
  • Features a large LCD for ease of use
  • Comes with a sampling time of only 1 second

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5. Runleader HM032R Inductive Tachometer for Chainsaw

Runleader HM032R Inductive Tachometer

The HM032R Inductive Tachometer from Runleader is a good choice if you are looking for a device to go with 2 or 4 stroke gasoline engines.

You will also love that this tachometer features a replaceable battery. So instead of having to change the device altogether, you can simply switch it out after it runs out of power. After changing batteries, you will find that your data has been automatically restored.

This device also lets you see the RPM while your engines are running. It can display up to 99,999 hours or 20,000 RPM, giving you lots of freedom to run. The backlit LCD display also makes the reading easy to check.

What makes this device truly special is the measuring system. Not only does it take into account the current RPM, but it simultaneously records and portrays the maximum RPM as well.

Now you can see if you are going over your limit and adjust yourself accordingly. It really does not matter for what specific purpose you are using this, but simply having so many ways to measure makes this device stand out from the rest.

It is no different though when it comes to the timing system. While the total running hours cannot be reset, the partial one can. This is just in case you are changing jobs. The maintenance timer, however, can be set without constraint.

When using a chainsaw, we know that it can get messy, so devices like these have to be strong and resistant enough to tackle it. This one is made of ABS housing material and has a waterproof rate of IP65, so rest assured it won’t disappoint.

Highlighted Features

  • Data is auto-saved even after battery change
  • It has an hours range of 0-99,000.0 hours
  • Comes with an RPM range of 0-20,000
  • Accuracy of product is 10RPM
  • Made for 2/4 stroke gasoline engines

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6. The ROP Shop New OEM Tachometer for chainsaw

The ROP Shop New OEM Tachometer

The ROP Shop New OEM Tachometer is a pulse activated tachometer. This is mostly used for small tasks at home and bought by users who want a simple yet good device for their chainsaws.

Do not get us wrong, although it’s not for high tier professional use, for your home, this will do just fine!

It has a decent display that lets you check the readings without having to squint. The size is also pocket friendly, enabling you to carry it when needed.

RPM is the most important factor for tachometers, and this one has a capability of reading 19990 RPM, which is great for light use. The maximum RPM can also be recalled on the device in case you need it.

As for power, this comes with replaceable battery. You can easily switch it out after it has worn out instead of changing the entire product altogether.

Even though this is suitable for chainsaws, this tachometer can also be used on other machines like lawnmowers, trimmers, and tractors. The feature of being able to program this for varying pulses also helps in this case.

Highlighted features

  • This is a pulse activated tachometer
  • Comes with a large display for easy reading
  • It can recall maximum RPM
  • The battery is replaceable

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Buying Guide

Rotations per Minute (RPM)

As we have mentioned before, measuring RPM is the main job of this device. Therefore, finding the RPM range is without a doubt the first thing to check before buying a tachometer. This will let you see the range of your chainsaw or any other machine that rotates.

However, no matter how good your tachometer is, they all have a limitation. This limitation is known as the range of your tachometer.

The average you will find on the market is usually a maximum of 10,000 RPM, which is suitable for most machines. Good models can also measure speeds that go as low as 0.5 RPM. These are accurate mostly up to 4 decimal places.

You should check out the RPM range on every product and make sure the one choose can accommodate your chainsaw. More ideally, aim for the highest range you can accommodate in your budget.

The higher the range, the more machines the tachometer will be compatible with. You can use it on other rotational machines like lathes, machine parts when you’re not using the chainsaw.


The build quality is very important because this decides how long-lasting your tachometer is actually going to be.

When using a chainsaw, you do not really have the finest environment around you. There is dust and debris flying around, in some cases water too, lots of noise, and of course crazy vibration from the chainsaw itself.

Your tachometer has to be one that can handle all these and still survive. So check the build quality, the materials it is made of, all of which will decide how well it can survive its working environment.


Since you will be using this with your chainsaw, it needs to keep up. This is where power comes in. Tachometers usually have two options when it comes to power– AAA batteries or Lithium batteries.

AAA batteries are used in accordance with cordless chainsaws, whereas lithium batteries are more commonly used with the wired ones.

Regardless of which one you go for, make sure it has a high life expectancy. Some of the top models today come with batteries so good, they even outlast the chainsaw! So check the power capacity carefully before spending money on the device.


When talking about the memory of a tachometer, we refer to its ability to remember the minimum and maximum rotational speed of your chainsaw over a specific period of time.

Most modern tachometers today can store data like speed readings and other derivatives.

If the device has digital memory, these data will be saved in the tachometer even if it happens to run out of power. In case of battery replacement, you can access the data again before the next use.

This feature also enables you to see how your chainsaw is performing over time, so you know when to get a replacement.

Look for devices with a large memory. The larger the storage memory, the higher the amount of data your device can store.


Chainsaw tachometers are an integral part when working with machines with engines, making them a very popular device.

Whether you are a professional who has handled many of these before and looking for a replacement, or a newbie out to buy your first one, this article can help you out.

The products listed here are some of the top performing models today. They do carry some differences, but each and every product is good in their own ways, which you will see once you read their descriptions.

These differences are what make them suitable for different jobs and requirements, so make sure to check them and see which one fits your needs.

For a better understanding of what features you should look for when buying, we have also included a through guide. Read up, do a little research and make an educated choice so you can buy the ideal chainsaw tachometer, one that will serve you for years to come.

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