Best Cloning Machine for Getting Genetic Plants Copy (Update 2019)

Gardening is the purest art of precise nurturing with love and care.

We all have some favorite plants that we want to preserve from being lost. Unfortunately, the valuable and rare genetic plants are at stake due to hostile environment and weather damage.

Cloning machine can be a savior!

The aim of the cloning machine is to replicate your favorite plants and preserve them from being endangered. It is widely accepted and appreciated while human or animal cloning is still taboo. 

By now, the best cloning machine gives you the exact genetic copy of your favorite plants. Newly grown transplant comes with the same characteristics of the parent plant. So, you can reproduce and regrow the endangered plants as much as you can and save the earth keeping it green.

Here, we have compiled an article on the best DIY cloning machine reviews by considering all required features from the first-hand experience. We can ensure that using a cloning machine will give a human-error free plant in a delicate process. It’d save your time as well as money as it reduces all wastage.

Best Cloning Machine- Comparison table

Editor Rating
TurboKlone T96
5 out of 5
Clone King 36 Site Aeroponic
5 out of 5
Clone King 25 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine
5 out of 5
oxyCLONE 20 Site
5 out of 5
PowerGrow Systems Deluxe 21 Site
5 out of 5

What is Cloning?

Cloning is a modern-day principle for cutting a branch or growing portion of a plant with tiny leaves or roots to grow in a different medium. Though traditional methods are yet being used for cloning; using chemical aids like growth hormone or rooting hormone is much popular nowadays. The newly cloning plant is much stronger and better than the root plant.

Though both the parent plant and the transplant are identical, the latter is much stronger as cloning gives it much nutrition for surviving with the best, fittest and healthiest plant. The transplant needs less time to provide fruit or flower.

The only drawback of the transplant is that it doesn’t grow much taller and bigger compared to the parent plant. Also, the transplant is free from disease and pest.

What Is A Cloning Machine?

Cloning is a popular and commonly used method to grow the same plant as the parent plant as the traditional method requires much time to grow the plant. Hence, cloning machine comes to help in producing plant in a short time in an effective way.

A cloning machine is a plastic made box consisting of several holes, spray nozzles, a nutrient mixture and a pump. It is square or circular in shape. While the nutrient mixture ensures availability of sufficient nutrition for quick and efficient growth, the Aeroponics spray nozzles, and water pump keep the plant hydrated all the year round.

However, the cloning machines are of two types. One is the Deep Water Culture (DWC), and the other is Ebb and Flow Systems (EAF). Each of the cloning machines has several holes which are called cloning sites. The sites are filled with both hard and soft nutrient inserts. So, choose the cloning machine depending on the specific sites you need. 

However, you can still clone plants without using a cloning machine.

But, you may require much more time and effort for germination and the rate isn’t satisfactory enough to meet your needs. It would be a long process to complete the work without using a machine.

On the other hand, the success rate will be much higher than the traditional method, even 100% is a common phenomenon for the best cloning machines. It also does not require much more attention after the rooting phase as the internal environment is stable for growing the transplant.

1. TurboKlone T96 Aeroponic Cloning System with 96 Site Cloners

If you want a high-quality Aeroponic system to grow plants without soil, then TurboKlone T96 is the best choice. The TurboKlone leads the cloning machine industry for years by providing top-notch products with wide-variety of plants. The T96 is a low-profile cloner that comes with much more growing sites in a space-saving footprint.

The DIY aeroponic cloning machine creates a controlled growing environment which keeps the roots safe from pests and diseases. So, the plants grow much healthier and faster than the traditional cloning methods. Also, proper nutrient-rich water solution works behind of this smooth growing system effectively. By the way, this technology allows you to clean the whole system quickly. 

Moreover, the TurboKlone Machine comes with an installed fan or Shroud technology. It provides sufficient oxygen for the plant's healthy growth. Also, it keeps the shed cool and fights against hot temperature. This inbuilt fan technology is a patent for the TurboKlone Company which works as the safeguard for the plants. In fact, this patented fan system is the glove of the reservoir which keeps the whole unit dangling-free and tangling-free.

In addition to the innovative fan system, TurboKlone T96 has an inbuilt submersible water pump to spray oxygenated water which ensures healthy plant growth. It can continuously spray water on the plants so that the plants grow fast. As the design is sleek, it is quite apart from the other systems in the market. It also prevents bacteria, fungus and pests’ attack. The uniform distribution ensures continuous oxygen supply to all the cuttings to prevent diseases.

TurboKlone T96 is well-designed. The cloning system comes with rounded edges and curved walls which ensure greater resilience and strength both from the internal and external forces. The other cloning machines are straight and angled, but this one is quite different. It is more than 60% space-saving than the similar size systems. Also, the curved design not only appears good-looking but also prevents bacteria.

However, this TurboKlone offers 96 sites in a system so that you can get optimal outputs from the system by growing more plants at a reasonable price.

It is lightweight, so you can carry around any place for the gardener. As this system can prevent leaf transpiration, it can help in smoothing out the plants “transplant shock.”

2. Clone King 36 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine

If you are an avid gardener with years of experience, this Clone King 36 is the best choice for you. It comes with 36 sites which fit with the green thumb of your experience. In fact, if you want to grow plants easily and quickly, this Clone King Aeroponic cloning machine will help you a lot. It provides efficiency and accuracy with the least waste for a healthy transplant.

So, we can begin with the newly designed submersible pump to deliberate our experience. The 317 GPH has enough power to provide a continuous water supply to the cloning system. Though it is lightly hotter which producing water, the heat is negligible for its tiny amount. Also, it features a 13 spray head which can provide maximum coverage. Also, the oxygen-rich spray is manifold with misters.

Even so, the machine doesn’t use any harmful chemical for growing roots or in the entire process or growing plants. So, you will get 100% organic roots which fast-growing process through the newly designed system. So far as the different color inserts, it’s an advantage to differentiate different plants to the different color while cloning. So, you can select your chosen plants to grow in a cloning system at a time. In addition to the different color inserts, the system comes with fully functional lighting.

For starters, the organic cultivation system comes with a comprehensive guide described from starting to end for the better understanding of the machine. Surprisingly enough, it needs only 3-5 days to grow roots to the new transplant.

Furthermore, the machine comes eco-friendly to fit any weather no matter it is hot, cold or the snow. Even, perhaps unsurprisingly, the all-weather compatible cloning machine Clone King 36 comes with an affordable price. But that’s not all. You can carry it around anywhere as it is extremely lightweight and easy to handle.

3. Clone King 25 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine Expect 100% Success Rates

Though both Clone King 36 and Clone King 25 are from the industry leader Clone King, they have quite a difference. First thing comes first.

On the one hand, the Clone King 36 Aeroponic Cloning Machine is enriched with 36 sites which are perfect to meet the needs of a vivid gardener. On the other hand, the Clone King 25 has fewer sites compared to the 36 sites. Also, while Clone King 25 ensures a 100% success rate of germination, another one can’t ensure cent percent success rate.

 Likewise the 36, this Clone King 25 also features a reservoir, Lid and a powerful submersible pump with 317 GPH power. In addition to the above features, it comes with an oxygenated spray manifold with misters for smooth water supply. So, a highly sprayed water supply is consistent from the spray.

The Spray comes with 13 spray heads for a wide-area coverage which is unmatched with the available other systems. In fact, this spray is a perfect fit for this Clone King Aeroponic cloning machine. Moreover, the machine comes with all required accessories in a complete set. So, you needn’t spend additional bucks to buy any tools to make the system workable.

Besides, if you want to go completely organic life, you have to avoid any hormone or chemicals. Keeping this in mind, this cloning system requires no hormone or chemical. Beyond that, you’ll get consistent 100% success rate in growing roots and germination. This success rate makes it incomparable to other machines.

So, what makes it different from the previous one?

We think, it is the number of sites and obviously the price. This one is cheaper than the previous one. Don’t be fooled by the price. This Clone King 25 comes with top-notch quality, great simplicity, and unthinkable success rate.

4. oxyCLONE 20 Site, Compact Recirculating Cloning Propagation System

If you want a professional-grade equipment with years of dependable service, the oxyCLONE will be a perfect match. It is a compact designed recirculating Cloning propagation system that ensures high-intensity grow lights. As it has 20 sites to grow plants, this aeroponic model may meet a small garden needs.

So, what’s the best part of the amazing propagation system? Like us, you will be amazed at a single outlet Active Aqua air pump. It provides a constant flow of oxygenated air through the 4-inch air diffuser. So, the plants get healthy air which ensures the healthy and fast growth of roots. In fact, you can get the same feature from no other cloner instead of oxyCLONE. And therefore, oxyCLONE is quite exceptional to the competitors in the market.

Either way, this recirculating system is made of sturdy and robust materials to prevent leak and clog. The food-grade BPA-free plastic makes it strong enough to fit any weather. Too much cold or too hot cannot harm it. So, as a home user, you can use this machine for single and domestic usage.

And now it’s time for the exceptional evaporative cooling system. The machine leads to less retained heat which makes it more resourceful. The non-toxic EVA foam resists fungal or bacterial infection to the plants. Also, the oxyCERTS hold the cuttings firmly in the rooting phase so that you can use them over and again.

This cloning system is a low-profile compact in size which requires a little space. The system is only six inches tall to grow 20 plants. So, if you have a little space or typical shelf around your house, you can grow plants all the year round in this cloning machine. However, the budget-friendly price makes it extremely affordable to the novice gardeners to test for cloning.

5. PowerGrow Systems Deluxe 21 Site Bucket Cloner - Plant Cloning & Propagating Machine

Are you looking for a heavy-duty bucket cloner? The PowerGrow systems deluxe is a plant cloning and propagating machine that has 160 Gallon per Hour (GPH) power. The cloner comes with an H2O pump with an upgraded Suction foot. It is a 21 sites cloner that comes with 3.5 Gallon Reservoir Bucket and Lid.

The FDA approved bucket cloner is a simple but potential device for growing roots. The Aeroponic spray nozzles can more around 360° for ensuring 100% coverage of the plants. So, all the plants inside the cloner are highly oxygenated and healthy.

In fact, due to the .25oz Jar or Rootceh cloning gel, you can easily set up the system by following the instructions. Also, the system has 21 neoprene foam collars which are reusable for cuttings. Along with the reusability, these collars prevent bacterial and fungal infection which is responsible for affecting diseases to the plants.

The machine is made of robust materials which make the machine adjustable to handle. Also, it is a lightweight and low-profile system that requires less space. If you are a novice at gardening, it can be your first cloner for its easy handling and low cost.

6. 8 Site Aeroponic Plant Cloner - Clone Bucket 1.0 SM 8 site From Hydro West

Everyone who wants cloning is tensed with the success rate of germination. Though Hydro West is a small bucket cloner, it has remarkable germination success rate. You can see the newly grown healthy roots within 5 to 10 days after potting the cuttings with the help of this aeroponic cloning system using a bucket. It is faster than the competitors as well as the traditional cloning system.

So, what should you do to get faster results? You have to affix the pump to the bottom of the bucket carefully so that the water system can’t get warmer. To prevent the water from getting hot, you can set a timer to the water pump at every 15 minutes intervals. Also, the nozzles have to throw the water into drops in place of mist. In fact, water is the life of the plant.

And, now the small clone bucket of the system. The 1 Gallon Bucket is crafted with robust plastic materials that ensure durability. It can also prevent algae, fungi, and bacteria for growing in the system. Also, the plants get sufficient nutrition from the Vita Grow Nutrients. So, after rooting the cuttings, the plants grow faster. 

In addition to the above features, the Hydro West Clone Bucket comes with a 97 GPH Pump that includes a built-in pre-filter sprayer. So, due to the presence of pre-filter features, the sprayers don’t get stuck for various tiny debris. The bucket cloner also includes eight 2-inch cloning Neoprene Inserts along with a custom spray manifold which can be used for 5 times cycles.

So, is there anything else for this amazing bucket cloner? We can’t but review the affordability and convenience of the Aeroponic Cloning System. It is extremely lightweight, convenient and budget-friendly for in-home uses as well as for a few numbers of plants. Also, it comes with 3 different combinations to meet your all requirements.

7. Hydrofarm Jump Start CK64060 Hot House with Heat Mat

It is scientifically proved that seedlings germinate better and faster than 10°-20°F above of the room temperature. Hydrofarm has brought a magnificent heat mat that keeps the room much hot as the seedlings require. So, this hothouse will be interesting if you want to go to hydro-farming. It meets all requirements for growing seedlings in the seed propagation kit.

The propagation set comes with 11” × 22” waterproof base tray that has a humidity dome on the top. The surface includes 72 different cells to place your seeds. Even if all the seeds are germinated, it has enough space to grow the plants. However, the seeds may begin to grow faster if you follow the provided instructions from the manufacturers while placing seeds.

Not so surprisingly, the kit is compatible with any type of soil and seed. But, you have to be careful about preparing the soil for different seeds and plants. By the way, this kit has wide space for growing herbs, flowers and plant seedlings.

Though it is operated with the electricity, you may think that it requires lots of power. Don’t be confused. The germination kit requires a low voltage which saves your electricity bill. The heat mat can handle enough voltage as well as heat to warm the soil and seeds up to germinate. You have to simply plug and play the hothouse germination kit.

What Should You Consider While Buying A Cloning Machine?

Cloning is the best way to get a replica of your favorite plants. Hence, the cloning machine plays a pivotal role to replicate plants. The circular or square box is filled with required nutrition and water to grow roots faster and healthier. Here, a water pump continuously supplies drops of water to the transplants to make them hydrated.

However, a cloning machine can help you get your favorite replications by following proper ways. On the contrary, your endeavors can result in a vain for choosing an ordinary cloning system.

So, we have compiled the following cloning machine buying guide with all required features so that you can get the best one within an affordable budget.

Type Of The Cloning Machine

As every gardener has preferences, so as each plant is different to cope with the environment. Also, the professionals and the beginners have different preferences in almost every matter. Likewise, other subjects, cloning machines are of two types for all walks of life.

Deep Water Culture (DWC)

For the novice and the beginners’ preferences, the DWC is a nontechnical and straightway cloning system that requires no technical knowledge to set up. It is easily manageable and simplified system. In the Deep Water Culture system, the nutrients are stored in deep tanks. Then the cuttings are placed in the holes in each insert. As it can oxygenate the nutrients, it doesn’t need any pump. Also, the oxygenated system prevents algae, fungi, and bacteria to grow because of its dark environment. Usually, it requires a week to grow roots from the cuttings.

EAF & Flow System

Though this system requires some technical knowledge, it is more efficient and fast for growing roots. The advanced technology f this system works as a true hydroponic system. So, some features are quite complex and technical, it requires gardeners who have years of experience. It comes with a holding tank full of nutrients along with a pump and spray. The spray has several nozzles to ensure a continuous flow of water. However, this system requires only 3-4 days to grow roots from the cuttings with its impressive performance.

Number Of Growing Sites

For choosing the growing sites, you must consider the success rate. That 90% success rate of a 36 sites system is about to same for the 100% success rate of 25 sites system. So, it’s not all about the quality rather quality. Here, a number of growing sites defines the number of cuttings you can intend to clone in the sites. So, be careful while choosing a cloning system to meet your present and in-future demand for cloning plants. 

While you are a hobbyist gardener, you may pick a small machine. On the other hand, the best plant cloner with higher sites will be a perfect suit to meet business purposes. In addition to that, you should also consider the availability and expandability of the chosen machine.

Bucket Size

Not only a wide space but also the availability of light and air impact on growing plants. So, bucket size is influentially important to the number of the plants. Usually, the size is measured by gallons. The more space gives the plants enough opportunities to get nutrients, light, and air. Also, a wide bucket is plugged into the pump and protect the plants from external stress.

So, it is a wise decision to choose the cloning machine with more growing space. It helps the plants to grow faster, and the leaves grow wider to get sufficient light and air. Also, it prevents to get closer from one root to another.

Accessories And Additional Purchases

Most of the brands come with all required accessories that abstain you from buying additional accessories. Also, they have a certain time warranty to replace the wrecked tools. However, all brands offer additional accessories to support the expandability of the kit. The interested buyers can buy these accessories from neoprene inserts to replacement parts.

As it has a long lifespan, you may have to buy additional accessories. But, for the first time buy, you should go by a system including all necessary things needed to operate the system. However, you can buy extra nutrient mixture offered by different brands.

Active Or Passive Maintenance

Active action works better than the passive one. In the sense of the growing system, active hydroponics system enhances growth plants quickly and healthy. In an active hydroponics system, a pump is used to supply and water to the plants in time intervals. It is a recurring system, and hence no water and nutrient is wasted. However, it is quite expensive technical.

On the contrary, a passive hydroponics system requires no technical knowledge to set up. It is easy to handle but unreliable. Also, this system is affordable but wastes a lot of nutrients. Also, it has no suitable way to absorb nutrient and water. So, the roots may not get enough water and nutrition mixture. As it uses a non-recovery system, it can’t recover the unused nutrients.

In fact, as you have to move on active hydroponics system for the long run, it’s a wise decision to cope with this system from the primitive stage.

Organic Or Chemical Aided

Nowadays people are getting conscious about health and food. They want to avoid chemically produced foods and crops. Instead of chemical crops, they are highly interested in the organic approach. So, numbers of people are trying to grow crops in the home instead of buying from the market.

However, cloning machine is intended to use hormone and nutrients instead of using chemicals, but keep in mind that all machines aren’t free from using chemicals. So, be conscious while choosing the machine as it supports organic approach or not. Also, it is not a problem at all to go for solution induced or chemically induced growing to the cloning machine.


Assembling a cloner is not much complex. Still, the beginners face some problem. So, whenever you pick a clone up to buy, you should take care of assembling. At first, it’s best to purchase something already assembled or doesn’t have a complicated setup. Because, a slight mistake can lead to wreck the whole part which can be happened for forgetting an instruction or a missing part.

So, invest your bucks wisely to buy a simple but effective one. Also, be ensured whether the machine comes with an instruction manual or not. For the beginners, our recommendation is: start small and simple, then go for big and complex.

FAQ Related To Cloning Machine

Which Water Should I Use For Cloning?

Ans. Normally, you can use tap water for cloning. However, if the tap water is contaminated in your area, you can use bottled water or RO water instead of open tap water.

How Much Lighting Is Needed For Best Cloning?

Ans. T5 lighting is the best solution for efficient cloning. You can use keep the lights 3-inch above until the roots appear. Whenever the roots are coming, you should lower the bulbs. Also, you should power on the lights for 18 hours and power off the lights for the rest 6 hours.

Should I Use Humidity Lid Or Dome To Cover The System?

Ans. Using humidity lid/dome is quite unnecessary for the cloning system. However, it can keep the cloning shed away from pest and other harmful insects. Also, you can keep the system humidity by using it though many users don’t use it. In fact, natural humidity is enough to grow in the system.

What Is The PH Of The Reservoir Water?

Ans. The standard level of pH of the reservoir water is 6.0. However, keeping the level between from 5.5 to 6.5 is normal for the environment as well as for the cloning system. You have to make sure that the level shouldn’t cross the recommended level ever.

How Can I Deal With If The Cloning Machine Gets Hot?

Ans. usually hot weather reduces the success of germination rate of cloning. The ambient environment temperature of the submersible pump releases much heat which causes this reduction. So, to keep the temperature under control, you can use fans or conditioner. However, you can set a timer to turn the pump on or off in regarding of regular temperature.

How Can I Reuse Neo-Type Inserts To My Cloning Machine?

Ans. Obviously you can use your used neotype inserts once again cloning. But, you have to make ensure that the neo-type inserts are clean and sterilize. However, it’s the best to use a new one for each time cloning to keep the transplants away from bacteria, pests, and diseases.

Final Words

Let’s rewind the best cloning machine review.

Which one is the best to fit your budget and your requirements?

In fact, you may have some plants that must be preserved, and hence a cloning machine is an exceptional and perfect choice.

In the above review section, we have compiled seven machines depending on the preferences of most users. We tried to make sure before picking them up that all the above products work efficiently to meet your needs.

So, we strongly believe investing on one of the above list will be the right decision. Using one from the above will flourish your garden with healthy and fast-growing plants.

Happy gardening!

Let’s make the world greener!!

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