Best Cordless Circular Saws for 2020- Details Reviewed by Expert

Cutting wood never has been so easier before. Thanks to the invention of lithium-ion technology for making the cutting job more straightforward and faster.

Battery enabled us to get rid of the cord and to carry devices anywhere we like. It has got improved a lot by the time, and later took the position of gas-powered and water-powered tools decades earlier.

Empowered by the battery, cordless circular saw makes all cutting jobs more comfortable and faster than ever. It’s movable and maneuverable— two of the key reasons why people die for a cordless model.

But, getting maximum benefits and comfort from your cordless saw and making your profit double investing on a perfect circular saw really makes sense to you. 

As the best cordless circular saw is blowing in your mind, let me share our unbiased reviews.

What Is A Cordless Circular Saw?

Decades earlier, circular saw ousted gas-powered, and water-powered circular saw. Now the time is for cordless circular saw (also corded ones).

Well, let me tell you first what a circular saw is. 

A circular saw is a tool born for cutting many materials such as wood, masonry, plastic, or metal. It may be hand-held or mounted to a machine. The terminology "circular saw" states explicitly to the portable type, and the table saw (and chop saw is other common forms of circular saws). Circular saws are sometimes is roughly used for the blade itself. Circular saw comes in two ways. It is either cordless or corded saw.

A cordless circular saw is a round shape power-saw which is run by battery power for a commercial or personal mission.

Best Cordless Circular Saw Reviews 2020

It really matters when you want to invest your hard-earned money on purchasing a cordless circular saw. For this post, we ended up with 8 best cordless circular saws for helping you invest in the right one.


DeWalt is a remarkably much-admired brand name, and a large number of the individuals either utilize their devices frequently or are fans of their items.

I am utilizing their tools, and I am going to review DEWALT DCS570 7-1/4" (184mm) 20V Cordless Circular Saw. It's an update of a past model, and it has some extremely cool enhancements.

The main significant thing is that the tool has an ergonomic structure. It coordinates your hand, and it's entirely agreeable to hold and utilize it. The hand goes to one side, and it likewise has an extra handle, which causes you to hold the instrument if it's essential.

It's a cordless saw, so you won't need to look where your string is. It has an awesome weight, and it's very much adjusted. In any case, if the saw is too light, it's increasingly hard to control it. Any development can influence your cut.

With the DeWalt, there is no reason to worry. It's not all that lightweight. The exposed device weighs 7.5 pounds, which is great as I would like to think. The weight relies upon which battery you are utilizing.

It comes with the excellent aluminum shoe. On the off chance that you unintentionally drop this thing, it won't break or get any genuine harm. It relies upon the range from where you drop it.

The excellent thing is that this shoe is customizable. You can change its point extremely simple. I have seen saws where you needed to take a wrench to make such alteration. Be that as it may, DeWalt DCS570 permits doing this simple, fundamentally with just one hand. You even don't have to put the tools on a workspace.

Highlighted Features

  • It has a brilliant LED light with a 20-second defer after trigger discharge, which offers upgraded perceivability of material and cut line.
  • The high-quality steel shoe gives toughness and opposition against chip develop.
  • It accompanies 20V MAX Lithium-Ion 5.0 AH battery and a quick charger.

2. Makita XSS02Z

The Makita 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Cordless 6-1/2" Circular Saw conveys cordless eliminating capacity to the position site. The XSS02Z has a Makita-assembled high-torque engine and a conservative plan for a scope of cutting applications and will cut 2X material at 45 degrees.

The Makita-constructed high spin engine produces 3,700 RPM for quicker cutting. The substantial measure, exactness machined base, is designed for smooth, precise cutting and included toughness in brutal place of work conditions.

It's a piece of Makita's extending 18V Lithium-Ion arrangement, the world's biggest cordless device line-up controlled by an 18V Lithium-Ion slide-style battery. Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries have the quickest charge times in their classes, so they invest more energy working and less time sitting on the charger.

For improved device execution and expanded battery life, Makita made Star Protection Computer Controls™. Star Protection is a correspondence innovation that permits the Star Protection-prepared instrument and battery to trade information progressively and screen conditions during use to ensure against over-burdening, over-releasing and overheating.

For expanded adaptability, the device can likewise be empowered by Makita 18V LXT® and Compact Lithium-Ion batteries with the star image on the battery demonstrating Star Protection inside.

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful Makita constructed electronically controlled engine conveys 3,700 RPM for quicker cutting and tearing
  • The exactness machined aluminum base gives smooth, precise cutting and included toughness
  • Equipped with Star Protection Computer Controls™ to secure against over-burdening, over-releasing, and over-warming

3. Ryobi P506

When you intend to buy a saw, you mean it for all occupations. You'll need a dependable round checked whether you're working with wood. The Ryobi P506 is a fantastic bit of tool that joins compactness, exactness, and power. It can tear through most woods at 4,600 cycles for each moment.

To begin with, it has a rubber treated overgrip that gives you a chance to hold this in most climate conditions. The sharp edge is situated on the left side to improve that control, alongside an additional handle that gives you a chance to manage this easily.

The most appreciated feature is the laser direct that undertakings a red shaft before the device that gives you where you're going to go. This piece is entirely flexible, as well, giving you a chance to change your incline from 0 to 50 degrees and your profundity up to 1 9/16 inches.

In addition, it's a piece of the One+ assortment, so there is a colossal assortment of batteries in a wide range of value runs that will work with this. Hardly any piece’s contrast with the tender loving care Ryobi's placed into this item.

Everything fits together to present to you an exact and ground-breaking sawing experience. Ryobi makes it fit for DIY too.

Highlighted Features

  • The elastic grip makes it straightforward for you to handle and control this gadget, even in dubious conditions.
  • The gadget creates a red line on the work outward before the saw upon the tool assembly's authorization, allowing you to see where you're now.
  • Simple-get to handles let you switch your significance up to 1 9/16 inches and your inclining edge from 0 to 50 degrees.


Dark and Decker is one of the most productive makers of power tools in the business thus has discharged various circular saws that are fundamentally the same as the BDCCS20C, yet just the BDCCS20B gives the mix of finishing and moderateness that the casual users want.

In spite of its low value, the Black+Decker BDCCS20B is amazingly ground-breaking and can match a lot of increasingly expensive circular saws with regards to yield.

It has excellent comfort increases, two handholds, moment edge stops while discharging the trigger, and so forth. It makes it extraordinary Saw except for the cutting-edge establishment.

You can slice through 1/4" and 1/2" compressed wood easily with this saw. Two by fours are a snap, speedy and simple. The 20V Lithium battery gives much capacity to take care of business.

Be that as it may, contingent upon the sort of wood one is slicing and how a lot of should be cut, the battery will deplete snappier.

After steady hard use for about 90 minutes, the saw would quit slicing through the bit of pressed wood, showing that it required a charge on the battery. It took about an hour to energize the battery.

I profoundly prescribe buying a few additional batteries and keep them charged so one can proceed with their work as opposed to halting and trust that the battery will charge.

In case you're an individual and likes to do little activities where a great deal of woodcutting is included, and you don't care for hauling a heavier electric one, this light-weight little tool is perfect and recommended for you.

This saw is light enough for the normal lady to deal with and not get exhausted in the arms during use.

Highlighted Features

  • Ensuring high caliber and toughness and shockingly comes at a sensible cost.
  • Gives the blend of completing and moderateness that the typical master needs.
  • It has an incredible solace ensure, two handholds, fast edge stops while clearing.

5. Enertwist 20V Max

One of the things you must enjoy about EnerTwist products is that they come with the battery but cost roughly the same as the name brand competitors without a battery. Beyond that, the tools are solid.

If you are working with 2x4s, this saw is ideal for you. In contrast to a corded circular saw, it has enough capacity to overcome effortlessly, without having so much kick that you are stressed over a free bit of wood flying back at you. Since it is lightweight and is anything but difficult to control and as a result of that, you'll feel sure that you have great authority over where it is cutting, another good thing is the battery. It lasts 4 hours long.

The laser line takes the saw exactly you need. But, the laser is somewhat difficult to see in brilliant light. The cut is smooth (not Forrest stick line smooth yet smooth for a Skill saw). The controls work like they ought to and are much the same as your standard Skill saw. It never impeded. It is so light it feels like a toy, yet it zooms through the wood as a normal 7 1/4" module saw.

If you need a little, light, incredible, cordless roundabout saw to cut 2x or less- - this saw is your answer. I never compose surveys yet in the wake of utilizing this saw and the lack of review, and I believed I needed to. It is astounding.

It accompanies three distinct kinds of sharp edges: wood, metal, and solid/tile. It cuts compressed wood, MDF, pegboard, particleboard, melamine, drywall, delicate metal, tile, plastic, and the sky is the limit from there.

Featured Features

  • Ergonomically arranged handle with an elastic treated sensitive grip, which gives extended comfort.
  • Battery Protection Circuit guarantees against over-troubling, over-discharging, and over-warming.
  • Great downsized round observed that amazing for not-troublesome undertakings, working in tight spaces, or cutting outdoors that corded saw hard not reach.

6. WORX WX523L

The WX523L 20V WORXSAW is a passage point cordless saw for the starter DIY'er or a second saw for the little undertakings. The saw was destined to cut wood, mainly 1" ostensible timber materials.

The grasp and security trigger give extraordinary solace, parity, and control. The 3-3/8" cutting edge cuts all 1x material and is the lightest Circular saw. Furthermore, the lightweight saw's left-sided sharp edge configuration gives momentous cut-line perceivability.

The saw's 3-3/8" cutting edge has a kerf that is not exactly half the thickness of bigger 7-1/4" circular saw edges. Since this littler, more slight sharp edge requires considerably less exertion and engine strain to slice through the material, the 4 amp - 3500 RPM saw can coordinate the presentation of full-size circular saws.

The saw's highest cutting profundity at 90° is 1-1/16". The saw additionally includes a residue extraction port and a 1-1/4" vacuum connector for dust collection and a perfect workplace. It has a carbide-tipped cutting edge, 20V battery, and charger.

It accompanies 1 24 Teeth Carbide Tipped Blade engaged by Lithium particle battery with three years of guarantee.

Featured Features

  • It is small, diminished size for fabulous portability and compact.
  • Grip with facilitated prosperity trigger for comfort, evening out and control.
  • Left-sided bleeding edge plan for incredible cut-line penetrability.

7. Porter-Cable PCC660B

Porter-Cable PCC660B 20V Circular Saw puts out a surprising 4000RPM and is intended for forceful cutting. This power instrument is ideal for the expert contractual worker to use nearby and will slice through nearly anything. Lightweight and minimal with a load of just 6.5 pounds.

The instrument is sold without a battery however is good with the 20V Max System. The 6.5-inch carbide tooth sharp edge will give you a 2-1/8 inch cutting limit, and it offers an enormous assortment of cutting applications.

The Porter-Cable suits non-customary cutting applications are. It is utilizing the slanting shoe that can turn up to 50 degrees. It is built from steel letting it be truly tough, and the formed over shaped handle will offer extreme comfort when utilizing it in any event, for significant stretches on broadened ventures.

At the cost you pay for the Porter-Cable PCC660B you get an extraordinary cordless circular saw that offers a large group of incredible highlights just as a multi-year restricted guarantee.

The PORTER-CABLE PCC660B 20V Max Lithium Bare 6-1/2" Circular Saw includes an elite engine conveys 4000 RPM's for forceful cutting.

It has a 6-1/2" carbide tooth sharp edge, which conveys a 2-1/8' cutting limit concerning an assortment of cutting applications. The angling shoe rotates up to 50 degrees for non-conventional cutting applications.

This saw likewise offers a formed over shaped handle improved for expanded client comfort. This smaller saw diminishes the place of work weakness as it tips the scales at just 6.5 lbs. This unit is a piece of the 20V Max System; a superior cordless stage! (This is an uncovered device thing - battery sold independently).

Highlighted Features

  • High-Performance Motor passes on 4000 RPMs for powerful cutting.
  • 6-1/2" Carbide Tooth Blade passes on a 2-1/8' cutting point of confinement.
  • Beveling Shoe turns up to 50 degrees.

8. SKIL PWRCore CR541302

Expertise PWRcore is structured and assembled perfectly. It is extremely strong inclination when you're holding it, very much adjusted. It doesn't feel like it's made of a lot of modest plastic and elastic, even though there surely is a decent lot of these materials in the item.

It exhibits a 4Ah battery and Skil's "PWRjump" charger, which gives speedy charging to get you back ready for action in some time. A 4Ah battery is a really high limit concerning a device like this that will get you through a ton of cutting before requiring an energize.

Cutting execution from this saw is superb. You can tear through 2x4s like spread, cut a 4x8 sheet of 1/2" compressed wood easily, and different incidental slices through various kinds of wood without any problems.

The LED light on the front is useful if you wind up hoping to cut where lighting is poor, maybe not something that is incredibly ordinary, yet significant if/when you need it.

Since it's an LED, the power channel from this light is of no importance. Furthermore, the way that it remains lit for an around 10 seconds after you quit cutting really makes sense, since you might need to arrange for your next cut.

Alterations on the saw are awesome. The deck can be acclimated to shift the cutting profundity, and it changes with an exceptionally basic locking arm. Besides, there are markings to show what cutting significance is.

The 6.5" size of this saw empowers it to be more negligible than progressively essential 7.25" saws, yet then it doesn't, for the most part, have all the earmarks of being any less valuable or talented.

Longer Run Time and Battery Life Industry are driving PWRCore 20 lithium battery innovation wrap every phone with cooling material to keep the battery controlling on for 25% longer run time and 2X battery life.

Highlighted Features

  • Industry driving PWR center 20 Lithium battery improvement wraps each phone with cooling material to keep the battery invigorating on for 25% longer run time and 2x battery life.
  • It gets charged in 5 Minutes—Automatic PWR Jump charges the battery in only 5 minutes.
  • Its electric brake enables to reduce the individual time between cuts by quickly stopping the forefront when fundamental.

How Does A Cordless Circular Saw Work?

When you intend to purchase a cordless circular saw, you have got to know how it works and how to get maximum utility keeping your saw healthy.

Cordless circular saw as the name tells runs by battery power. It means you don’t need to tolerate the hassle of carrying electric from one place to another to empower your saw.

The powerful battery-operated electric saw turns around the flat blade, and this is what cuts into the wood metal or plastic. But you need to make sure that you’re using the right edge with the right material. Otherwise, you might experience complications and even severe damage. For example, if you use a wood blade for cutting metal.

These kinds of cordless circular sawing tools have a switch on/off and an arbor nut holding the sharp blade in its correct position. They generally have guards to shield the client as it abandons contacting the cutting edge. Most have tallness/profundity and incline changes. To perceive what your specific saw offers in these highlights, you should check the manual.

Who is Cordless Circular Saw for?

A cordless circular saw is made for light and substantial performance. You can employ it for DIY and proficient purposes.

A cordless circular saw is perfect for carpenters who require a trustworthy device that can perform various types of errands. The hardware isn't only for experts.

However, plenty of mortgage holders who love to do DIY works can profit by having this machine at home.

If you generally work with metal, plastic or wood, getting a cordless roundabout saw can be a brilliant venture.

Next is, the cordless circular saw accompanies different utilizes other than cutting. If you believe that this gadget is extraordinary for cutting, think again.

You can likewise utilize it for various purposes like enhancing punching. You should play out a couple of system variations, and you'll start making those dive and incline cuts, using a similar gadget, without changing the blade.

How Much Do Cordless Circular Saws Cost?

There is a myth about the best product among the common folk that – best products always hike the high price. Honestly, that’s always not the rule for the best products.

Price generally depends on the quality of the products you intend to buy. Manufacturers keep the customers’ affordability and taste when they intend to introduce any products.

If you have a good understanding of the product quality and functioning, you have enough chance not to get ripped off in purchasing best cordless circular saws.

The best circular saws come with the best price in the market in comparison to other saws. If you feel like purchasing from online retail shops like Amazon or eBay, you’ll find the pricing on their websites.

Cordless Circular Saw vs. Corded Circular Saw

Both the corded and cordless saws are helpful in their own particular manners. The corded saw is utilized to cut a lot thicker material and is normally significantly increasingly amazing (insert some distinguished images of corded saw and invite to click on them) than the cordless saw.

This shouldn't imply that one is superior to the next. On the off chance that you work with thick materials and are failing to work off-site where power supply could be an issue, for example, in a business situation, at that point, the corded saw is ideal.

Likewise, if you will be working extended periods of time with your saw, there is not a viable alternative for this form. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are new to utilizing these kinds of cordless roundabout saw tools, or work on little activities, or frequently require the utilization of this sort of observed off-site, at that point the cordless form is better for you.

The best thing about these sorts of saws is that you can utilize them anyplace and whenever and under any condition. What you need to do is make sure you have a battery charged and dismantle the trigger to get your saw moving, and if your battery runs out, you can supplant it with an extra battery as it energizes.

Summary of The Argument

The debate is everlasting. Ignoring that, look at the utility you actually crave for and the differences between corded and cordless circular saws. Find it below.

Cordless Saw

  • Depends on battery.
  • Arguably designed for light activities.
  • Comes in a smaller size.
  • Smaller blades.
  • Cut depth limited.
  • Cordless tools are more comfortable and safer in crowded workspaces.
  • Lighter than corded one but, the battery makes it weight.

Corded Saw

  • Powered by electricity.
  • Lighter than cordless ones.
  • Designed and dedicated for heavy-duty.
  • Comes in a bigger size.
  • Greater cut-depth than the cordless one.
  • Enabled for bigger blades.
  • Run a longer period than cordless saw.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cordless Circular Saw 

The Ideal Circular saw for Beginners?

Ans. Comfort, convenience, and flexibility come first when you decide to own a circular saw. Satisfaction is the most significant viewpoint, as these cordless circular saw tools are to be risky if not taken care of appropriately or if they don't have extraordinary security highlights. A saw with an electric brake that will stop the cutting-edge seconds after the power is discharged. As soon as you get accustomed to a saw, you can decide the later convenient one.

Can I cut tile with a circular saw?

Ans. Of course, you can. Circular saw is enabled to cut tile. But, for this operation, you need a specialized saw made for cutting tile. A diamond brick blade is required for this job. No worry.

How long does a Cordless Circular saw Last?

Ans. This sort of cordless circular saw is genuinely reliable and will last a decent time if appropriately taken care of it and cleaned systematically. I’m saying that it would intensely rely upon what you need a saw for. If you use your saw normally and on rock solid employments, then your life expectancy will be decreased. Batteries to have a life expectancy, so numerous angles assume a job in to what extent your saw will last.

Are Cordless Circular Saws Worth It?

Indeed, they are certainly worth the purchase. That being stated, if you utilize your saw all day every day for huge employments, it would likely be smarter to put resources into an alternate variant. Cordless Circular Saw tools are ideal for the DIY fan as they are anything but difficult to utilize, incredible and can be utilized anyplace and whenever, in contrast to their partners. Indeed, even experts use them for their littler occupations as they are quite a lot more advantageous.

What are the features you need to look for in a cordless circular saw?

Quickly said, while looking for the best cordless circular saw, you have to place explicit highlights into thought.

To start with, you need to think about the edges. No inquiry, a saw is nothing without its cutting edges. The cutting edges can come in various sorts, including steel, carbine, tile, and stonework.

Next is the pole lock. A pole lock is there for security purposes. It usually comes as a catch that can be squeezed to hold the saw edge set up. Subsequently, you'll have the option to change the sharp edge easily. Most expert cordless circular saws this sort of highlight included.

Not all models highlight an electric brake. However, this element is essential in verifying security. It works by stopping the engine in around two seconds directly after the trigger is discharged.

What’s Now?

When you intend to buy a saw, you mean it for all occupations. And quality tools always matter. But, it’s hard to find because of the plentitude of options.

The precise summary of eight best cordless circular saws with their superb features you are looking for intends to help materialize your hobby or professional activity.

Don’t get confused. You have plenty of options within these eight power tools to purchase the best one. We just mean to help you.

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