6 Best Crosscut Saw For Woodworking 2023: Review and Research Guide

When it comes to saws, crosscuts are one of the oldest members of the family. But it still holds as much importance today as it did before for its unparalleled function.

These saws are very useful when it comes to woodwork. Being slim and easy to handle makes them very reliable for cross cuts, but that is not all. A good crosscut saw can be used for cutting an entire tree if it is large enough.

However, the problems arise when you cannot always find one that does the job as smoothly as you would like.

With so many saws on the market, it can be pretty hard to tell them apart and which one would actually be a good investment.

It might be hard, but not impossible. After going through numerous models we have finally decided on a collection of six that are worth buying, and this article covers them all.

These six crosscut saws have one common trait- they are a genius at their job. If you are on the market for a crosscut saw and tired of seeing an abundance of them, this article can help you out.

Best Crosscut Saw for Woodworking Reviews

1. Z-saw Crosscut Saw For Woodworking

Z-saw Crosscut Saw For Woodworking

This crosscut saw from Z-saw is designed to be used mostly on hardwoods like mahogany, walnut and maple, but can be used on softwoods too.

Similar to most Japanese saws, the blade on this is pretty thin compared to others on the market. The blade can cut on the pull stroke instead of push. On hardwoods, especially, this can be helpful since you get very little friction and resistance while creating a straight cut.

Coming to the teeth, this features 19 tooth per inch which works very well in accordance with hardwoods. As with most Japanese saws, you cannot re-sharpen the blades on this saw. But you can replace them once they have dulled, so you do not need to worry too much about that.

Besides, this saw comes with impulse-hardened teeth, which makes them stay sharp a lot longer than your average saw, meaning frequent replacements are not necessary either. Impulse heating uses high-frequency heat to instantly harden the teeth which allows it to be more long-lasting.

The teeth are also taper ground, so your saw will not bind into the wood when creating deep cuts.

The saw comes with a total length of 22-3/8 inch, where the blade features a cutting edge of 9-1/2 inch and a thickness of 0.5 mm. Teeth pitch is 1.4mm, and like the majority of Japanese saws, the handle is cane wrapped wood.

Overall, this saw is designed to be an all-purpose saw for your different woodwork needs like cutting tenons, dovetails, and all other joinery.

Highlighted Features

  • Impulse hardened teeth for consistent cuts
  • Total length of the blade is 22-3/8 inch
  • The blade cutting edge is 9-1/2 inch
  • Handle is 19TPI cane wrapped wood
  • Features taper ground teeth

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2. Lynx One Man Crosscut Saw For Woodworking

Lynx One Man Crosscut Saw For Woodworking

This one-man crosscut saw from Lynx is a large saw dedicated to forestry work. Cutting logs and felling trees are two common uses of this saw. But nowadays this is being used for other purposes too.

People are buying this for their backyards where they can cut firewood the old way, and being suitable for forests, this does a great job at home too!

Designed for cutting long strokes, this saw is manufactured using British CS80 steel that has a 44-46 Rockwell hardness. A 1.5 mm thickness to its blade makes it just right for heavy-duty works in the woods.

Coming to the tooth, you get a Special Great American pattern where each and every tooth has been set manually. This comes with gullets that removes any waste wood created while cutting your wood, so there is no accumulation of residue.

If you notice your blade getting dull with work, you can easily re-sharpen it with a triangular file.

When it comes to outdoor heavy-duty work, you need to make sure the handle and grip are suitable for the work. The handle is made of beech, where the primary one comes with an open hole to grab on to.

A secondary handle rests on the edge in case you want this to be a two-person job. This is a great feature, because oftentimes you do need the extra hand when it comes to working in the woods.

By using this Lynx saw, you will get beautiful crosscuts in your wood. However, the rip cut is rough, so we recommend you finish with a crosscut if the outlook of the wood is of any importance.

Highlighted Features

  • Auxiliary handle is made of beech
  • Blade can be re-sharpened if needed
  • Each and every tooth is handset
  • The blade features a thickness of 1.5mm
  • The blade material is CS80 Steel

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3. BAHCO PC-24-TIM Saw For Woodworking

BAHCO PC-24-TIM Saw For Woodworking

This saw from BAHCO is a plaster saw specially designed for cutting through timber. Being a professional saw, this has a 3-1/2 tooth per inch that lets it cut through wood super-fast and effortlessly. This is also possible due to the GT toothing which allows it to have a high performance while cutting.

The tooth of a saw is very important to how it performs. This one has a 3-sided ground tooth which allows you to get proper and smooth cuts no matter what wood you choose to work with.

Even though the handle does not play a part in the cutting itself, it is very important because it lets you control your blade movements.

The saw from BAHCO features a two-component handle which makes it comfortable to use and lets you control your saw in a manner that makes cutting easy. It also comes with a plastic patented tooth protector that is reusable.

If you are a professional, looking for a saw to get you through your day’s work, this is a must check out.  Not only is this comfortable to use, but also it’s able to cut smoothly.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for cutting timber
  • You get 3-1/2 tooth per inch
  • 3-sided ground tooth gives good cuts in all wood
  • Comes with a two-component handle
  • It has a length of 24-inch

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4. DUEBEL Razorsaw Kataba Saw For Woodworking

DUEBEL Razorsaw Kataba Saw For Woodworking

Another Japanese blade, this Kataba Saw from DUEBEL is designed for creating deep cuts in wood, but can be used for other general applications as well.

Mostly used in construction sites due to its strength and sturdiness, this can cut through all sorts of wood, squared lumbar, frames, plywood panel, and even laminated lumbar.

The back metal on this saw is made short which makes cutting a large piece of wood as simple as cutting a cake. You can even cut through lumbar that has been adhesion machine laminated without feeling any resistance whatsoever. You might not be doing this on a daily basis, but this should tell you about how smoothly this saw works.

The teeth play a big part in how your saw actually performs. This Kataba Saw features impulse-hardened tri-edge teeth. These make it much longer lasting than your average saw blade.

The durability comes from applying high-frequency heat to the blade’s teeth which makes it harder. Being tougher, the teeth cannot be sharpened when needed, because even sharpening files are softer than these blades.

However, the blade doesn’t need sharpening as frequently as many of its counterparts. Once the blade becomes dull after prolonged periods of use, simply replace it with a new one.

Thanks to all these properties, you get a fine tooth saw that gives you the smoothest and most accurate cuts.

Like most Japanese hand saws, this one too is made from SK5 steel, which is one of the finest out there in terms of saws. Thanks to this material, cuts are sharp and blades are long-lasting.

No matter how well constructed your saw is, the grip is important too, for this lets you control the movements. This Kataba Saw has a handle made of TPR. It is anti-slip, so there is no fear of the saw mistakenly slipping from your hands during work. This also makes the grip stronger at the same time.

So, if you want to create crosscuts in wood like maple, oak, teak, or any other hardwood out there, this should be on your radar. This is a fine find for professionals who need their job done quickly and have to go through works like pruning and bamboo cutting frequently.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a blade length of 9.3 inch
  • Blade thickness on this saw is 0.023 inch
  • Saw blade is replaceable if needed
  • Designed for creating deep cuts
  • The blade is made of SK5 STEEL

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5. GreatNeck N2610 For Woodworking

GreatNeck N2610 For Woodworking

The perfect saw for when you want to work on any wood related project, this GreatNeck N2610 will prove to be a good choice when it comes to crosscut saws. Smooth and easy work is what this saw promises to give you, and you can rest assured it does what it says.

Blades are the heart of a saw that makes or breaks the quality. This one has sharpened teeth, and comes with 12 tooth per inch, which is a lot if you compare with many other models. Thus, you know that it will cut through wood like a knife would through butter.

Made from durable high carbon steel this is one sturdy and strong saw. The saw has a length of 26 inches which makes it just right to be able to cut various sorts of wood and sizes. Now you can use this one for a lot of different projects without having to change saws.

The handle as you will see is a dark stained wooden handle. It is designed to provide a good grip, so you do not lose control while working. Plus, it is water-resistant, which is great since a lot of people would be worried about cutting damp wood with their saws.

So if you want a high-quality saw that is well suited for rough and aggressive cuts, this can be an ideal choice for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Grip is comfortable to use
  • Blade is made of high carbon steel
  • 26-inch TPI blade makes it ideal for rough cuts
  • Handle on the saw is water-resistant

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6. Kings County Tools Western Log Saw For Woodworking

Kings County Tools Western Log Saw For Woodworking

This saw from Kings County Tools is one of a kind because unlike most of the models, it comes with a massive 28-inch blade. The company is known for making professional arborist tools, and they applied their expertise here too.

This is a manual saw for pruning and lumbering, but works no less than chainsaws. If you are someone who works outdoors a lot, and has to cut not just dry, but wet wood as well, this is an ideal choice for you.

The Western Log saw has 4 tooth per inch which is designed to cut through wood both dry and wet flawlessly. You will not bind or experience much resistance when going through wood that has not matured yet. In fact, it will go just as smoothly as you would expect one to go through regular dry wood.

However, since the shavings on wet wood differ from dry wood, it will take you a bit longer to completely cut through the wet version, but nothing that will make a significant difference in time or quality of cut.

This can work on logs that have a diameter of up to 12 inches. Being short, this is a one-man saw, and is pretty easy to control.

Highlighted Features

  • This saw comes with a 28-inch blade
  • The blade has 4 tooth per inch for proper cuts
  • Can be used for pruning up to 12 inch in diameter
  • The grip is comfortable to use
  • Useful of both wet and dry woods

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Buying Guide

Blade Material

When buying a saw for woodworking, you want it to be one that is strong and tough enough to handle the wood. If you want a saw for chopping trees, you without a doubt need one of the strongest.

The most common metals used in these saws are iron and steel. Steel being an alloy is stronger than its iron counterparts, and if you can get a high-quality steel saw you can be assured that it will not rust.

Handle Material

After the blade comes the handle. Even though you are not using this part for your actual work, it still needs to be pretty sturdy to be able to hold your blade and provide a good grip.

When buying a saw, you will come across a few different types of handles. Some handles are made from plastic, while others from specialized rubber. You might find a few with wooden handles, but they are hard to come across today.

Preference wise, rubber takes first place because it is tough, easy to grip and comfortable even when you’re felling a tree.

After that comes plastic which has decent durability and is easy to use.

Wood takes last place because it is neither as comfortable to use, nor can it handle as much stress as the prior two. However, if you decide to choose a wooden handle anyway, make sure it is water resistant.


The blade size depends on what you want to cut. If you are looking to buy a crosscut saw for felling a tree, you obviously need a large sized blade.

On the other hand, if it is needed for minor woodworks in your garage, a smaller one is better.

So decide on the purpose of you buying this tool, and that should guide you to the size.

Blade Type

The blade type is also important when buying a crosscut saw. You normally have two choices- straight and curved. The ideal one depends on the height of the object you will be cutting into.

When cutting into woodwork that is in a height between your hips and head, a straight blade will help. This is where your arms go forward and backward to cut into the wood, so the straight shape helps.

On the other hand, a curved blade is useful for when you want to reach a height above your head, or cut a piece that rests below your hips. This is where your movements become curvier when cutting, and an arched blade comes in handy.

Blade Teeth

Some blades come with densely packed teeth, while others have very few.

The higher the number of teeth you have on your blade, the smoother and faster you can cut through the wood. It is measured in Tooth Per Inch or TPI, which lets you see the number before buying.

Following the tooth density comes the angle, which rests between your blade edge and tooth. It usually starts from 90 degrees and becomes smaller from there.

Saw Size

Size can be determined by asking yourself if you want a one-man saw, or a two-man saw.

Working at home mostly means you will be handling small wood pieces. It is a one-man job; hence a one man saw is enough. These are typically smaller, allowing one person to use it properly.

Two-man saws, however, have to be manned by two people for they are much larger and near to impossible to use on your own. These are used for larger projects such as felling trees.

Some one-man saws come with extra handles which let you turn it into a two-man saw when needed. Find out why you want to buy the saw first and that should tell you which one you need.


Grip is important because it lets you control your actions using the saw. Look for one that has a handle that matches your hand size. If it’s too big, you will lose accuracy in your work and will not be able to control the force you apply.

The grip should be comfortable, otherwise it’ll cause strain in cases of prolonged uses. Also, slippery saw grip is a dangerous thing when you’re working long hours and your hands get sweaty. Make sure the grip maintains the tacky nature even when its wet.


A thick blade will give you more power when cutting and gives you better results and accuracy. But a thin blade is ideal for thin cuts and provides more flexibility.

Different tasks require different thicknesses, so check out your intended projects before settling for a thickness.


Unlike most woodworking tools, saws are fairly easy and enjoyable to use. Crosscut saws make working with wood a breeze while bearing a convenient design as well. So it is no surprise that they are very popular.

But finding one that is just right for you and your work can take a little while. But that is what we are here for. We know you want to find one that is sturdy and strong, gets the job done, while bearing an affordable price and many more combinations.

Hopefully, you will find these listed above to your liking. Along with their descriptions, you will also find their highlights that let you see what sets them apart, followed by a detailed buying guide.

This is to help you make an educated decision so you know what you are buying, and what features it offers. We hope this article can guide you to find your perfect crosscut saw.

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