Best Dry Cut Metal Chop Saw for 2023

Professionalism comes with the perfection of tools and jobs. Every job, especially when it comes to the metal works, you must ensure the best tools and safety precautions.

A metal chop saw is one of the effective power tools used in the metal workshop for cutting hard materials like pipes, concrete, and tiles. You may also know it as the name by cut-off saw, abrasive saw, and even only chop saw.

While the chop saws look like circular saws, in fact, they are not saws as they have abrasive discs in place of using a normal edge to perform the cutting operation. This abrasive disk allows the metal cutter to effectively cut much of the materials.

Metal cutting saws are able to produce an accurate and straight cut efficiently. These saws can be used to cut inelastic metals at designated angles with ease.

For all the prospect features and usages, it’s uncompromising that a professional metalworker must have kept a metal chop saw in their workshop ( not just a metal chop saw; it must be the best dry cut metal chop saw ) for easing the quality cut through the hard material.

However, as often, the market for chop saws is full of options. Thus, choosing the best among them will be an exhaustive task for you.

But you don’t have to think about that.

Fortunately, this time, our expert team has compiled the best dry cut metal chop saws that are currently top-rated on the tools market as we do for the other professional DIY tools. We have made this list with long-lasting chop saws with the high-speed motor, increased power overload capacity, which can make completely burr-free, quick, and accurate cuts.

All right, then, let’s see how they pile up!

Best Dry Cut Metal Chop Saw Review

All of the 7 metal chop saws we have listed here come with flexible features to make the fresh, quick, and accurate dry cut into the metal, pipes, tubes, wood, and even construction works. Besides that, they all have safety measures and protection items provided by the manufacturer. All you need to do to choose the right one to match your jobs. Let’s explore our top selections from the review.

DEWALT (DW872) Metal Cutting Chop Saw

DEWALT (DW872) Metal Cutting Chop Saw

DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw is our top pick chop saw on the list. There are so many smart features that make it hold the first position on the list.

First of all, it is built by the well-known Dewalt brand, which has been in the tool industry since 1924. There is indeed no compromise between the brand and the tool.

Now the term what it can do for your jobs. Well, let’s see, then.

This is a multi-cutter chopping saw. Its 15amp 4HP motor will provide you with high-power overload protection. So that you will make smooth and precise cuts into a wide range of heavy-duty metals along with iron and steel.

This 14-inch -1300rpm(no-load speed) abrasive saw has a carbide blade that can cut in most applications around 1,200 times and can handle over 5,000 cuts with additional sharpening. While it is ideal to cut heavy metal, it can cut anything including a 12.7 cm black pipe, solid pin, threaded pole, ferrous angles, and rebar. The carbide teeth provide quick, accurate, practically burr-free cutting which reduces your preparation time for grinding.

For making 2″ by 2″ and 2″ by 1/2″ cuts, the DEWALT Metal Cutting Chop Saw is 4x quicker than other chop saws and 8x quicker than other compact band saws.

The D-shaped handle is ergonomically designed to minimize your stress as well as maximizing productivity performance. You will also get a pivoting frame of 45-degrees for smoother and more precisive angle cuts.

This chopping saw comes with a spindle locking feature that will allow rapid adjustments to the wheel. Moreover, the pressing spring offers more fluid movement and stability. You will get a fast locking vise and device-free miter adaptation to add speed and ease.

The customizable spark guard will help you to eliminate the sparks from the workspace. You can also pack it with its on-board wheel shifting wrench in a short time.

Finally, there is also a reasonable price level with a decent variant in this saw. As a novice or a pro, this would be the perfect DIY tool for metal cutting jobs.

Best Features:

  • A 4hp /15amp motor with 1300 rmp no-load speed
  • A 14-inch carbide-tipped blade with 66-tooth.
  • Both Spindle and Fast-lock vise system for quick and easy blade replacement.
  • Multi- cutter Chop saw with ferrous and non-ferrous
  • Adjustable quick fence up to 45° angle iron cut.
  • Make 4x faster cut than other chop saws and 8x faster than compact band saws
  • The total weight of the whole saw 47 lbs.

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MK Morse (CSM14MB) Dry-Cut Metal Cutting Saw

MK Morse (CSM14MB) Dry-Cut Metal Cutting Saw

Whatever your occupation is, technician, metal-worker, electrician, or a welder related with metal cutting tasks, you must have the MK Morse CSM14MB Dry-Cut Metal Chop Saw for fast and secure heavy-duty-metal cutting.

This metal cutting saw is suitable for dealing with pipe fitting jobs besides several other tasks. It has a specialized torque motor that makes the RPM optimal for the quick and accurate metal cut.

Its special metalworking carbide edges surprise most buyers and users. The 114-Inch 72-tooth carbide blade generates smoother and faster cut through steel, angle iron, hard-metal, pipe, and tube. Thanks to its super efficiency which guarantees less thermostat transfer to its internal plate.

Moreover, the best-luck aspects of this cutting saw are that it neither emits sparks or smell, nor does it make noise. And the well-situated optimizable handle works for replacing the tip, spindle, and collector chip.

Besides that, when it comes to precautions, the MK Morse chop saw has an adjustable automatic function that ensures more protection in your operation time. Furthermore, they are providing you with safety goggles and also an earplug to meet your safety goals.

Therefore, we can say that this chopping saw is ideal for cutting metal as it cuts the metal surfaces rather than grinding it, redefines metalwork jobs, and improves the blade’s life.

The step by step operators’ manual will guide you to ease your application.

Best Features:

  • Carbide blade with 72-tooth for a clean cut.
  • Retractable blade guard for user protection.
  • On-board wrench for easy blade changing.
  • High Torque Electric Powered Motor with 120V / 15Amp and 1300 RPM no-Load speed.
  • The total weight of the whole saw 53 lbs.
  • A mitering vice for making different angle pieces of metal.

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Makita (LC1230) 12 Inch Metal Cutting Saw

Makita (LC1230) 12 Metal Cutting Saw

The Makita metal chop saw is more suitable and makes 4 times faster cut into pipes, metal plates, iron corners, light glass, tubes, channels, and much more than any other abrasive saw.

The 12-inch carbide-tipped blade is ideal for sustained, smooth, and accurate cutting. It supports the cost efficiency term and continuously gives the precise and practically burr-free cuts.

Further, the Chop Saw adds stability and versatile flexibility for a variety of applications in commercial metal cutting. It’s 15 amp powerful motor provides 1700 rmp for better efficiency.

Subsequently, it has a fast release tool-less directing plate settings for convenient and efficient miter cutting from 0 to 45 degrees. Moreover, the smart cutting feature also allows you to make from 4.5″ at 90 degrees to 3.5″ at 45 degrees clear angle cuts.

The D-shaped handle with a two-finger trigger and a halt button is designed to avoid an accidental launch at using time. You can comfortably move the saw for its comparatively less weight than above three.

For comfortable blade replacement, there is a socket wrench or clamps placed on the bottom level. There is also a shaving storage plate for quick garbage disposal and maintaining a healthier work environment. However, they will provide safety goggles with this package.

Overall this Makita metal cut chop saw would be your fittest weapon to match the project.

Best Features:

  • 15 AMP Power motor with 1,300 RPM no-load speed.
  • Fast release for safe retention of storage and quick repeated cutting.
  • 4X faster-cutting carbide-tipped blade for burr-free clean cutting.
  • socket wrench for comfortable blade replacing.
  • D-shaped handle with a two-finger trigger and a halt button
  • Shaving storage plate for quick garbage disposal.
  • Average 4-1/2 “cutting depth with tipped carbide edge.
  • The total weight of the whole saw 41.9 lbs.
  • Strong cast aluminum stabilization base

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Slugger by FEIN (MCCS14) Metal Cutting Saw

Slugger by FEIN (MCCS14) Metal Cutting Saw

Are you still on the tracks hunting for a top-level performing sturdy metal cutting saw? Then, try this Fein Slugger MCCS14 metal cutting saw which will be your all in all solution.

In the power tools manufacturing world, FEIN is a renowned brand. Among their power saws, the high torque motor-operated metal cutting slugger is the premium edition.

The saws’ most attractive feature of a 2200 watt high powered engine with low speed will amaze you with next-level experience for the metal cutting jobs. Additionally, its powerful motor is going to offer you the opportunity to make from 5-1/8 inches at 90 degrees to 4-1/8-inches at 45 degrees cuttings.

However, its 14″ long-lasting blade has the quality to make fast and smooth cuts into steel, brass, alloy steels as well as other materials. Meanwhile, one more great thing is that the saw has an exceptionally stable heavy-duty aluminum base, that will help you get strong support to hold the cutting metal parts tightly.

The chop saw comes with the feature to produce extremely low heat and less rubbish due to its cutting system in comparison with the cut off saws. Thus you can do exhaustion free work for a longer period.

A robotic retracting lower protective device of this metal cut saw maintains the Secure handling. For its overall features, the UL / CSA authorized the saw. You can make a good choice to go through on this chop saw.

Best Features:

  • High powered torque motor with 2200 watt low speed for making clean cuts.
  • 14″ strong steel blade that produces low heat and rubbish.
  • exceptionally stable heavy-duty aluminum base for holding metal pieces.
  • Automated retracting lower protective devices for safety procedures.
  • Eye Protective systematic plate for user safety.
  • Net weight 54 lbs.

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PORTER PCE700 14 Inch CABLE Chop Saw

PORTER PCE700 14 Inch CABLE Chop Saw

The PORTER-CABLE Chop Saw is an affordable and versatile tool in our selected list. There are so many good features included in this metal cutting chop saw that offer to make smooth and precise cuts through different types of metals.

Firstly, the 15 amp 4 HP high-speed energy motor not only produces more power and stability but also prolongs its service life using adjustable brushes that are exactly expected with a professional device.

Then, it comes with a quick-release clamp that makes it faster and easier to remove materials. And, its spark deflector highlights the cuts visually, so that it increases the accuracy and cutting speed. Furthermore, its onboard storage tools as well as the retrieval sheet provide qualified appliances on the tasks.

Although this metal cutting chop saw is a balanced device, its heavy-duty steel base makes it more secure and stable for cutting materials.

Another good feature that allows to cut metals up to 45 degrees at any angle is its adjustable meter cutting fence.

Finally, the integrated spindle locking system makes changing the blade simple for you. The balance between weight and flexibility of this chopping tool makes something really special.

Best Features:

  • 3800RPM motor speed for accurate cutting.
  • 4HP high-speed electric power motor with replaceable brushes.
  • 32 pounds net weight
  • Miter adjusted the cutting fence to make up to 45-degrees miter cuts.
  • Limited warranty for three years
  • Combination of 14-inches blades, cutting wheel, and wrench
  • Spark deflector for making clean and secure cuts.
  • Heavy-duty stable steel base for holding metal pieces.
  • Spindle lock to facilitate quick adjustments of the wheel.

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Proxxon 37160 Micro Metal Chop Saw

Proxxon 37160 Micro Metal Chop Saw

First, we need to clarify that Proxxon 37160 Micro Chop Saw is a particularly basic device to pave your job while needing quick and small cuts.

This chop saw is great for miter chops. It creates a clean and secure miter cut into non-iron materials, plastics, and logs. If you are going to cut tiny bits of tubes or dowels in a large amount only then this will be your best weapon to continue but again remember that it’s not for heavy-duty jobs.

The 200 watts electric motor makes dry cutting work simpler and quicker with 4000 rpm no load-speed . And the good aspect of its users is that even though you operate with a powerful motor it will keep your workspace quiet.

It featured a special blade shield that secures users from accidental injuries. The carbide-tipped blade is very good for framing and ribbing, with its 36 teeth and 80 mm of width.

Further, the low weight and emaciated structure make it convenient to use as a portable device despite compromising the efficiency of operation. It also comes with an adjustable clamping feature that conveniently keeps the metal allowing various angles cuts.

Finally, One more thing to concern before purchasing is that the manufacturer has set a limited warranty for this dry-cut chop saw. Analyzing the overall features and drawbacks of this Micro Chop Saw, we are at the conclusion to say this saw is ideal for home use and small projects and only you can go for it to get the fittest hand on these.

Best Features:

  • 4000 rpm maker 200 watts electric motor for a quick and fresh-cut.
  • 24″ Carbide-tipped blade for precise and clean cuts.
  • Integrated clamping for keeping cutting material safe.
  • Up to 45-degrees miter cutability.
  • Noiseless motor for a comfortable working environment.
  • Net-weight 40.5 pounds lbs

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DEWALT (D28730) Metal Chop Saw For Dry Cutting

DEWALT (D28730) Metal Chop Saw For Dry Cutting

Finally, we are at the end of our list. Our last but not least pick is also from Dewalt. The 14″ DEWALT (D25730) Chop Saw is strongly recommended for normal to heavy routine application.

If you need to cut tubes, regular angles, or pipes, then this saw is a great option than others. Its’ 45-degree angle turning fence will give you the quick and perfect angle cutting scope in any direction.

Due to overload protection features, the 4 HP 2300W motor will help you get a longer serving life like this customers’ saying “The saw gets used daily in my shop and it keeps going and going.”

The 1-inch Arbor will allow you to fit your blad if it goes well. Although the DEWALT (D28730) dry-cut Metal Chop Saw is designed for a 14-inches blade, it comes with a reasonable plunge to adjust 12- inches blade.

The most favorable thing is that you don’t need a fixed place or won’t get bored to find space to set up this chop saw. You can easily set it on your workstation floor, or any table surface, or working bench or stand.

Not only is it lightweight (40.5 pounds ) but also the locks down holding grip help the user for quick movement. The ergonomic design handle will make you feel like the fittest tool at the time of working with it.

There is an adjustable reset system to follow as you can reset the direction of the sparks. And its fast lock vise will allow you to change the clamp quickly to set various sizes objects.

Apart from its thanksgiving features, you may face some difficulties being used with this chop saw. You may face making an exact cut for some specific shapes at a 45 ° angle. It also has difficulties making small cut-offs. However, you can easily cut them with a hand-holder grinder.

Best Features:

  • 2300W high-speed motor with overload protection
  • Fast lock vise system for quick clamping on various materials.
  • Up to 45-degrees miter cut features.
  • 45 degrees pivoting fence for making quick and accurate cuts.
  • 14-inches saw wheel with the adjustable feature to fit 12-inch blades.
  • Fast blade changing option with a keyless clamp.
  • D-shaped handles for comfortable griping.
  • Locking device for ensuring user protection.
  • Net-weight 40.5 pounds lbs

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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Metal Chop Saw

If you have the option of designing a metal cut saw, which features would make it the ultimate tool on your tool list, a sturdy blade, a high-speed engine, durability, safety measures, or anything else. As if you’re an experienced professional, you have a great deal of knowledge to do this.

But in the case of beginners and those who do not want to waste their valuable time or have no proper knowledge of how to research; we’ve highlighted the features that must be taken into account when buying a dry cut metal chop saw for them as well as experts can also follow.

Take a close look at them so that you can choose the most convenient one.

Consider the Metal Cutting Saw Blades:

There is nothing new to tell about the importance of saw blades, especially when it comes for dry cuts, so first we need to make sure the chop saw we are going to buy has a fine blade.

Now the term is how we can find the good blade. A top-notch metal blade has the ability to cut a steel plate within a moment as well as produces smoother and accurate cuts.

Two types of blades are available on the market for metal chop saw. They are Cold Saw Blade and Abrasive Blade.

The saws that used an abrasive blade have made more sparks normally. They also leave the metals hot after finishing the cuts. It will be a good step to avoid these blades for soft metals cutting jobs.

Cool saw blades have metal teeth and keep the metal cool after making cuts on those. They have featured to pass the producing heat. In comparison to Abrasive blades, Cold blades are able to create a more clear and quick cut. There is another good option added with cold saw blades that you can sharpen them multiple times by the same time abrasive blades are not the option.

Moreover, you can make the ideal cut with both hard and small materials. Only when it comes to blade speed, here abrasive blades are better than cold saw blades.

So, when all these features will be on your counting list, at the same time one something more you need to consider is carbide material. If the blades have carbide tipped, they are going to give you a burr-free quality metal cut.

Blade Rotation Speed :

As the per minute, maximum rotation of a metal saw determines the power of the saw, this term will also be taken into account. For the implementation of a metal cutting saw, it takes 1300 rpm speed. If we talk about an abrasive saw blade You require a minimum of 3000 rpm.

BLades Size:

It essentially depends on what your jobs need or which metals you are going to cut. The common blade size comes with a range of 7 to14 inches.

  • For indoor uses or DIY tasks, a 7 inches blade is perfectly done.
  • You can use 12 inches for small jobs along with DIY tasks.
  • For heavy-duty metal-cutting jobs you must need 14 inches or more size blood.

The Power Capacity Of Motor:

Choose a high torque, low cutting speed electric motor to get fast, smooth, and spark-free operation. It can be a good combination of 4HP and 15 AMP power motors used for the metal chop saw.

Clamping mechanisms System:

Make sure there are clamping mechanisms before purchasing the saw. For cutting a part of metal or a small one, the climbing system holds it on the position thus you can save your hand from being injured.

Vise Assembly for fixed The Saw:

The best metal chop saw must have a sturdy vise. It will help you to set up the saw in your designated place. Some chop saws have a fast release or fast-locking mechanism. Choosing these saws is advisable because it allows quick attachment of various material sizes that improve productivity.

Spark Deflectors:

The spark deflectors are common in most metal chop saws for extracting sparks from the metals or users. You need to ensure the adjustable feature of the spark deflectors before buying the saws.


It won’t be possible to produce productive cuts without a fence. So, you need to confirm an adaptable fence for making any angle cut up to 45 degrees. Otherwise, you will be locked at 90-degree cuts only.


This feature depends on your variation in work. This isn’t an accountable feature if you have fixed jobs at the workplace. But if your job varies from place to place then you must go for it with your metal saw. And One more thing will check well that a portable chop saw needs a convenient handle system for easy transport.

Safety Features:

Safety is the major term before we use any tools. So, you must ensure the safety measures first before purchasing a metal chop saw. These are the items you may consider for this time, spark deflectors, blade protector, safety wearing, eye protector glass, and also ear cap.


Normally a well-known brand comes with the satisfaction of its consumers providing warranty options. Most of the saw has a 3 years warranty period, but you can look for an extended warranty period in this case.

Final Verdict

We’re at the finishing touch of our latest and best dry-cut chop saws review and buying guide. Hence, we can hope that you have got proper knowledge about the ideal chop saws’ features, brands, and other remarkable subjects that you should consider before buying the fittest one for your job. Now, You can easily pick the right one from our list to meet your needs.

But what we say, although you may only review our listed items (and of course, you are going to make the best investment for picking the best tool), we would not want to restrict your choices. You may visit other review guides or manufacturer websites to study more before making a buying decision.

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