Best Drywall Saws 2023: Which One Wins? Finds Out

Unless you are a professional construction worker, drywalls are not something you will work with on a daily basis. This is why it can be very confusing to buy a saw for a drywall, especially if this is the first time for you.

From types, brands to sizes and much more, you need to understand these things before buying a saw for your drywall. And that is exactly what we are here for.

Listed below are saws that are well suited for drywalls. They all come with their descriptions along with a highlights section which lets you see how and where each saw differs from the next.

Following that, you will find a guide that will let you understand these new terms once and for all. So if you are worried about all these jargons, this part will clear it right up.

It is very important to understand what you are buying before actually buying it. We want to help you make an educated and informed decision so you can continue using the saw for long times to come.

Top 8 Drywall Saws Reviews

1. Shark 10-2206 RockEater Drywall Saw

Shark 10-2206 RockEater Drywall Saw

A perfect tool for renovation, this Shark 10-2206 RockEater saw is a fine choice for anyone looking for a tool for those small adjustments you often need to make at home.

This one comes in a contoured design that allows for a strong grip. So even if you are not a professional, there is little chance of this slipping or causing damage. The wrist strap on top of this adds to the security.

Function wise, this is just as good. Being very powerful, it can cut through gypsum wallboards or sheet rocks with ease. The 10-2206 RockEater features a pointed end on the blade. It is stiff, sturdy and lets you create a hole in your wall pretty easily.

Simply place the blade and push down with your palm to have it plunge through both your drywall and cement board. It also comes with a push-to-cut feature which lets you create your cuts without mistakenly tearing through your drywall.

The blade is one of the most important factors with saws. This blade is 6 inches in length. It is chrome-plated, so there is no fear of rust, and you are ensured that it will be long-lasting as well.

After the blade comes the teeth. This one comes with 7 teeth per inch, which helps it go through your wall at an advanced speed and accuracy. It also sports a two-way cutting edge, so you can pull or push to cut through.

You also get diamond-ground teeth, instead of stamped, that gives you the smoothest and fastest cuts. This lets it cut through not just drywalls, but cement boards too!

Control is very important when working with such tools, especially at home, and this saw is equipped with all the features that make it user-friendly and long-lasting.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for all drywall and remodeling work
  • The saw teeth on this are diamond ground
  • Constructed from high-quality carbon steel
  • Comes with a sharp puncturing point
  • The teeth have two cutting edges for faster work

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2. WilFiks Razor Sharp Pro Jab Saw

WilFiks Razor Sharp Pro Jab Saw

Designed for all, professionals and home-workers alike, this WilFiks Jab Saw will be a great addition to your toolbox for numerous reasons.

Even though we are talking about drywall saws, this cuts through a lot more and can be thought of as a multi-function tool. From wood to plastic, wallboards and plywood, this can be used for all. So whether you are a farmer, a woodworker, a gardener, or simply a hobbyist into crafts, this is a good saw to check out.

Construction of the saw plays a big part in how it performs. This jab saw features induction hardened teeth. That makes them much harder than your average saw teeth and hence it lasts almost 5 times longer than many of its counterparts. The result is smooth and sharp cuts, not to mention quick as well.

Overall assembly of the handle and blade is made strong, so there are lessened chances of accidents.

The tip of a saw normally does not matter as much, but when talking about drywalls, it really does. The tip is inserted to punch a hole into your wall before you can cut into it. As required, this model comes with a sharpened tip to go inside your drywall, or any other type of wall you are working with.

How easily you can use and control your saw depends a lot on the handle. This model features an ergonomic design with an anti-slip super grip. Not only does this add comfort, but also prevents accidentally slipping.

The blade is the highlight of a saw, and this one has a blade that comes with three cutting surfaces to speed up your work and help you finish faster. Being able to cut in both pull and push strokes, your work gets easier. The deep gullets that come with help you remove chips while cutting.

You get a 6.5-inch blade that has 7 teeth per inch for optimized performance. It is also made with high carbon steel that makes it rigid while allowing you to have optimum control.

This saw comes in a decent size which is comfortable to handle for all hand sizes, big or small. Overall, you get superior quality cuts in half the time, and have better control over your movements while working.

Highlighted Features

  • Teeth on the saw are induction hardened
  • Blade and handle assembly is extra secure
  • There is an anti-slip grip to prevent mishaps
  • Deep gullets on blade for fast cutting
  • 7 teeth per inch make this fast and efficient

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3. Klein Tools 31737 Drywall Saw

Klein Tools 31737 Drywall Saw

The Klein Tools 31737 is a drywall saw that packs a heap of features that construction workers will love. One of its highlights is that it does not need a separate case or bag since it can be folded.

While this is not really a functional feature, for those carrying this around all day, you do not have to see accidental holes in your pouch or carry-ons anymore.

Now we get that whenever a saw is foldable, the first concern to arise is its sturdiness. Well, you do not need to worry about that because this features a lock mechanism to shaky operation.

You can open and set it at 125 degrees, or even fully at 180 degrees, and have it locked so it does not move. It will be as sturdy as your fixed saws.

When using a drywall saw, the blade is key to your performance. The blade on this is made of carbon steel, which makes it one of the finest out there you can find today.

On top of that, you get triple ground teeth that lets you rip through your wall much faster than your average saw. If you are a professional who has to work on walls all day, you will surely want such features to speed up the work.

But speed is not all, you also get accuracy and clean cuts. Being able to cut both ways-push and pull, it lets you have these clean lines.

Handles do not really play a part in the cutting, but surely are useful for controlling the saw. This saw has a cushioned handle which makes it comfortable to use while making palming much easier to do.

Lastly, in case you need it, you also get a lanyard hole in the case of tethering.

Highlighted Features

  • The blade is made from high-quality carbon steel
  • Features lock back mechanism to open blade at different angles
  • The blade has triple ground teeth which cuts in two directions
  • It can be folded for safety during carrying
  • Handle end is cushioned to make palming easier

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4. Milwaukee 48-22-0304

Milwaukee 48-22-0304

If you are looking for a saw to get into your renovation project, not many would be as good as this one from Milwaukee. Every little feature on this, from the tip to the end, is beautifully designed to provide ease and comfort while you work.

Since this is a jab saw, you can easily push it into your drywall, and proceed with cutting through. One unique feature that makes it stand out from the rest, are the rasping holes on each side. This is one of very few jab saws to have rasping holes in the market.

With this, you can very easily expand the holes you created in the wall, as well as smoothen out the edges of sheetrock which gets rough after cutting them open. It speeds up your process, and is especially helpful when you need large openings in your wall.

The handle is made in an ergonomic way so that you can use it properly. There is a rubber molding that makes your grip stronger and hence prevents any slips or mishaps. You have more control over your moves thanks to this.

The flattened pommel is specially designed to make palming easier. You can also use a hammer or any other tool you want to do this, since the flat surface makes it so much simpler.

This Milwaukee 48-22-0304 comes with a 6-inch blade that features dual teeth. This lets you cut through drywalls or plaster much faster than your average saw, and makes the blade a lot more durable as well.

Besides drywalls, this can also be used for other purposes such as masonry where you can use it to smoothen out rock or similar hard surfaces.

So whether you are getting this for a quick renovation or you are a professional looking for the next jab saw, you will not be disappointed with its performance.

Highlighted Features

  • Rubber handle makes it easy to grip and work with
  • End of the knife is flat to make palming easier
  • Rasping holes provided to expand holes faster
  • Comes with dual teeth blade that is more efficient

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5. IRWIN Tools Standard Drywall Saw (2014102)

IRWIN Tools Standard Drywall Saw

If you want a standard jab saw for your home renovation projects, this will suit you well. Being one of the most affordable options out there, this is widely loved by home-owners who like to tackle small projects at home.

But just because this is suitable for your home, do not underestimate its qualities. The blade is what makes the saw, and this comes with one that is just right for drywalls.

While being very rigid for sharp solid cuts, this also comes with a little bit of flexibility. Not so much that you lose control or the blade wiggles out of line, but just enough for some clean curved cuts.

After the blade comes its teeth and this one performs just as well. You get bi-ground teeth that let you storm through work at high speeds, all the while being accurate with the cuts. Even though you might not need such speeds when working at home, it is always appreciated to have a blade that is fast.

The handle is made of hardwood and designed in an ergonomic way to give you a good grip. It is comfortable and made to be balanced to prevent any slips.

Do not think of this only as a drywall jab saw, but a multi-purpose tool since you can do so much more with this, from cutting out HVAC to ceiling tiles to electrical openings and even plumbing. Having this one jab saw can help you out in many departments at home.

Bottom line, this is probably the cheapest and most straight forward jab saw there is. It might be simple, but it does what it’s supposed to, that too in an excellent manner.

Highlighted Features

  • The saw has a rigid blade that provides solid cuts
  • The teeth are bi-ground for smooth and fast work
  • Handle is made of hardwood
  • The blade is flexible enough to make curved cuts

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6. GreatNeck 4932 Wallboard Saw

GreatNeck 4932 Wallboard Saw

If you are someone who wants to see everything done just perfectly, this is the jab saw for you.

One of the most precise saws out there, this will help you get the cleanest cuts. While most good saws give you clean cuts, this will surely please you more with its high accuracy.

This is a 6-inch wallboard saw designed for jabbing into walls. The blade, which is the most important part of the tool, is double-edged. Now you can get your work done much faster and easier as it cuts through at incredible speed. But as we said before, even with high speeds, you still get a great accuracy as well!

The teeth on this, which does the cutting, has been hardened and tempered. This makes them thicker than your average saw, and gives it more strength, hence allowing it to be fast and sturdy.

Alongside that, the sharpness is also retained for much longer than other non-hardened blades. So you do not have to worry about frequent replacements.

Since we are assuming you want to buy this for drywalls, you will need to plunge into them before other work starts. The pointed tip at the end helps you do this with ease. You can easily create a proper opening, simply jab it in by palming, or using any other tool for the force, and proceed to cut.

To do all this you need to have control over your saw, and nothing does that better than a properly constructed handle. Rubber grips are one of the finest choices when it comes to handles, and that is exactly what you get.

It helps to reduce your fatigue as you work, allows you to have more control over your movements, and finally prevents any mishaps from occurring.

Whether you want this for your drywall, or any other synthetic building material, rest assured this will work, and will do so satisfactorily.

Highlighted Features

  • The teeth are hardened and tempered for longevity
  • It has a double edge design for faster cuts
  • Tip of the saw is pointed for plunge cuts
  • The handle comes with an oversized rubber grip

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7. Klein Tools 725 Jab Saw

Klein Tools 725 Jab Saw

The perfect companion for renovations, this jab saw from Klein Tools is a great addition to your toolkit if you are looking to make some changes in your drywall.

This saw is 6 inches in length and comes with triple ground teeth. This will help you work much faster than most other options, not to mention gives you cleaner cuts too.

If you are a construction worker who has to work with similar jobs all day, this is a fine choice for you. Because the teeth are triple ground, it also allows the saw to cut through plastics and plywoods, without wearing itself out.

You can also use this to cut in both ways, that is forward and backward instead of just one way. This further speeds up your work.

For work that requires so much strength and precision, you need to be able to easily maneuver the saw, and the rubber-coated handle lets you do that.

From cutting both ways, to doing straight and curved cuts in your drywall, this handle has a great grip that lets you manipulate your moves. The little groove on the handle, followed by the beveled tip simply increase your control.

The blade is hardened and made of carbon steel. The carbon steel makes it strong and durable, while the hardening makes it thicker and stiffer, letting you have cleaner cuts. It also means that the sharpness is retained for much longer.

The handle is made of plastic. Although it is well constructed, do not use a hammer or similar tool to jab from the back. It might end up damaging the plastic. Use your palms and continue with palming technique, or use any other tool that is not as strong as a hammer.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for wallboards, plastic and plywood
  • The teeth are triple ground for faster cuts
  • The blade is designed to cut in both push and pull
  • Blade is made of hardened carbon steel for longevity
  • Tip of the blade is pointed to enable easy plunge cuts

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8. Walboard Tool 04-030 Drywall Utility Saw

Walboard Tool 04-030 Drywall Utility Saw

Our last saw in the list, this one is the Walboard Tool 04-030 which is a utility saw for drywalls. This is mostly used and loved by homeowners who buy it for their projects or renovations.

Being an affordable yet high quality saw, it is the perfect combination for new users. But even though this can be used by beginners, it features some great qualities that professionals would love as well.

The material of the blade for instance is one. You get a high carbon steel, which is one of the finest kinds in terms of blade material. It makes the saw long-lasting and gives it strength.

The blade is 6 inches in length and has a thickness of 0.07 inches. It comes with a chisel point that can be used to push into the drywall before the rest of the work begins. While doing this, we recommend you start off easily instead of pushing in too hard which can damage both your wall and your blade if not done properly.

How the blade performs depends a lot on the tooth. This one has tempered teeth that make it much longer-lasting than regular ones. It stays sharp for longer and lets you have clear and clean cuts in your wall.

The blade can cut in both ways, push and pull. This too helps to speed up your work and bring down your cutting time by almost half.

You get a soft grip rubber handle that lets you control your movements properly while using the blade. You’ll feel comfortable using it.

This versatile saw can be used for other purposes around the home as well. Including but not limited to plywoods, Masonite, electric boxes, and even recessed lighting.

Highlighted Features

  • The blade is made of high carbon steel for durability
  • Tip of the blade is chiseled to cut into drywall
  • The teeth come with an aggressive design for fast and smooth cuts
  • The handle is made of soft grip rubber for comfort during use

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Drywall Saws Buying Guide


As you will notice from our selection of saws, and from the internet too, drywall saws are not that long. As they are used for drywalls, which are around 3/8-inch-thick, a long blade is not needed to cut it.

You usually jab into the wall and pull, so little length is required. That being said, do not opt for one that is too small or knife-like.

The longer your blade on the saw, the faster you can cut through a wall. So, if you are a professional who has to do this all day long, opt for one that is just long enough to be convenient.

With long blades do make sure you are careful, since they are a bit harder to control and create holes larger than you would normally expect. If you are looking for a drywall saw for occasional jobs, or working at home, a smaller one will suffice.

For small work like cutting holes for outlets, go for a 6-inch long blade. If you are looking to break into walls, on the other hand, the 12-inch blade will be good and efficient.

If, and only if you have work that requires an even smaller incision in the wall, go for one that is even smaller.

Blade Point

Not all saws come with a point at their ends, some come with a straight edge. The latter are not ideal for drywalls. If you want to make a hole, your saw should end at a point that makes it easy to do.

For a small hole, you have to place the pointy end on the wall, and gently push the handle to create an opening. Make sure the saw has a sharp tip, otherwise you’ll risk cracking your drywall.

Blade tooth

When buying a saw for drywalls, you will see that the teeth have grinds. Some are double grind, others are triple. Grind refers to the number of cutting surfaces the blade has.

A double-ground has two, while a triple has three. The higher the teeth grind, the faster your work will be done because there is more surface area in contact.

For professional work, we recommend you go for a triple ground which will help your work speed up by around 50%. A good quality triple cut blade will cost you more as well, so if you want one for your home and do not like the price, you can opt for a double ground.

How densely the teeth are packed also matters in such cases. This is measured by the Tooth per Inch or TPI. The higher your TPI, the faster your blade will work to cut through. For professional work, do try to go for the highest TPI you can, since it will lessen your overall work hours by a lot.

Blade Thickness

Thick blades have more power than thinner alternatives. Thicker blades are also easier to maneuver. As you have more control over your work, the end result is usually a better and more accurate cut.

While thin blades are good for thin cuts, they will not be an ideal option when it comes to drywalls, which are thicker themselves.


Handles are usually overlooked because they do not do the cutting. However, this is where the control comes from. If you do not have a proper handle, you cannot control your cuts and it will take you longer to finish as well.

A flimsy handle will sway your blade and might even end up creating cracks in your wall. For accurate cuts, look for a handle with good grip.

Some can be folded into a pocketknife which makes them a lot easier to carry. Folding option also prevents the blade from rust, all the while protecting surfaces it is against as you travel.


It can be quite overwhelming buying a drywall saw amongst the hundreds that flood the market. Regardless of whether you are new to this or a professional, so many options can hinder finding the right option.

However, the ones listed here are without a doubt some of the finest in the market today. And while they all are great at their jobs, they come with little differences here and there. These simply cater to different needs, hence they are a plus, not limitations.

Once you do a little reading, you will find it is not really that complicated to buy or understand drywall saws. From the handle to the blade, it will take you a few minutes to really recognize them, and finally buy one.

We hope this guide has helped you to know drywall saws better, and the options you have as of now in the market.

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