Best Drywall Vacuum Sander for 2023-The Ultimate Guide

You can assume how difficult and how messy the drywall sanding by hand. Though you didn’t do the task before, you can assume it. But can you assume the drywall sander can do the same job how easily and conveniently? If you haven’t any past experience, it’s not possible to assume the effectiveness of it.

However, sanding is needed to have a smooth finish on the plaster of your drywall. The sander sucks up most of the dust and debris and gives the surface a plain, even, and smooth finish. Not done yet, the sander can be used to remove paint, wallpaper, things like these, and even extra plaster. And all these jobs are can be done using the tool without spreading dust.

We don’t say that it doesn’t produce any dirt but in the minimal amount. It does the task accurately and faster than any other way. The only thing you just need to make sure, you have got the best drywall vacuum sander. The question comes, you can you get that, right? Don’t worry, keep reading for a dependable guideline.

WEN 6369 Variable Speed 5 Amp Drywall Sander

Goplus 750W Drywall Sander

Best Drywall Vacuum Sander Review

All sanders are not made equally. I want to tell you all that is not the same in quality, size, design, weight, and functional capability also. All these things you need to know before getting any drywall sander otherwise you will never get the best drywall sander. Here, you find the leading and top-performing sanders of the market today. Don’t go outside the following list if you want to confirm the best product.

1. WEN 6369 Variable Speed 5 Amp Drywall Sander

The sander comes in a unique design and wonderful color combination black and yellow. It has a straight long handle with a soft grip for the hand to hold. In fact, it has nothing complicated that may difficult to handle.

A powerful 5 Amp motor is mounted in the head that delivers maximum torque to the sanding disc. The speed adjustment option makes the tool versatile for different kinds of drywall. The speed can be adjusted between 600 to 1500 RPM according to your needs.

You often need to do the sanding job from different angles. That is why the pivoting head is a must-have thing. The 8.5 inches head swivels to all directions that adjust the head with every surface. So, don’t think about the surfaces you are going to sand, its 360 degrees head will let you do the sanding job everywhere.

It is also connected with a 15 feet hose that removes dust automatically. As the hose length is 15 feet, you can easily put the output end outside. If not possible, put the hose in a bucket that is water-filled partially.

Not done yet, it also includes 5 hook and loop 9-inches sanding discs of different grits (60, 80, 120, 150, and 240). The sanding discs are capable of removing imperfections of small to moderate sizes. What’s the condition of the wall you are going to sand?


  • Removes dust with the 15 inches dust hose.
  • 360 degrees pivoting head.
  • Includes 5 different grit hook and loop sanding discs.
  • Variable speed controlling option.
  • Foldable design.


  • Replacement pads are hardly found.
  • Included sanding discs could be the better quality.

2. Goplus 750W Drywall Sander

Goplus 750W gives you an excellent opportunity. Here’s how?

If you go for buying a standard quality drywall sander, you have to invest a decent amount that you know. But with that amount, you hardly find a heavy-duty and extremely durable item but it is. The heavy-duty aluminum frame and polyamide handles are rust and corrosion-resistant. The entire item stays well even after long and heavy use.

A high-quality copper motor is adjusted with it which consumes low electricity but gives higher RPM. The maximum rpm is 2100. It can be operated with variable speed control up to 6 positions from 1000 to 2100rpm. Adjusting speed according to the wall’s condition is always needed.

An extra connection hose is included which minimizes the cleanup time. If the hose is connected to the device while sanding, it improves the working environment by cleaning the produced dust. This is the advantage of a drywall vacuum sander.

There are many other necessary things you need with the device including a sander pad, and sanding disc. These items come with the device along with a hose, carton brush, and screwdriver also. You are ready to sand just after getting the package.


  • High-quality and heavy-duty device.
  • 6 variable speeds.
  • All the necessary things are included.


  • At the lowest speed, it sands a bit more than it should.

3. PORTER-CABLE 7800 4.7 Amp Drywall Sander

Another good quality sanding tool is the PORTER-CABLE 7800 in this list. It is especially recommended for users who need a lightweight device. It weighs about 8.5lbs only which you can handle with ease.

Many important features are needed in a good quality drywall sander and the variable speed option is one of the most important. It also has a variable-speed dial setting that can be controlled between 1400 to 2000rpm. According to the imperfections on the surface you have to set different speeds. So, set your needed setting as needed.

The sanding pad is surrounded by the brush-type skirt which prevents gouging of the wall joints and also helps in collecting dust. How many sanders are there that have gouge preventing and added dust collection feature?

It helps to maintain balance as the motor is located just opposite end of the handle from the head. Just remember it is made as you can control the device better than any other item on the market.

The dust makes the environment messy and also makes you feel discomfort. But the dust collection hose sucks the dust and keeps the environment clean. And you also feel good. The length of the hose is 13 feet which are long enough. It means you don’t need to set up the hose repeatedly. You can sand a wide area in one set up. Benefit?


  • The brush-type skirt prevents joint gouging and aid in dust collection.
  • Built-in dust collection hose.
  • Variable speed control from 1400 to 2000rpm.
  • Easy to handle and control.


  • The handle doesn’t hand a good grip.

4. WEN 6377 Variable Speed 5-Amp Dual-Head Drywall Sander

The list has got another sander from the same manufacturer in the past, did you notice that? We are talking about the first one. If you can find out the dissimilarities, you can get the point in which one offers the best performance for which condition.

First of all, check the motor power. Both have the same power motor of 5amp. And the motor is head-mounted for both models. That means, in terms of motor power, and motor position, both are the same.

Secondly, as the former item, it also has a variable speed control dial that lets you run the machine from 600 to 1500rpm. This is also the same feature for these two. And definitely, the feature is very beneficial for any user.

Thirdly, both of them come with dust removing hose which plays a great role in dust cleaning. And the length of the hose is equal. Meanwhile, different sanding discs are also included for both items.

Now, come to the main point. Though they look almost similar, the difference is on the head. This item has 2 heads which are interchangeable without using any extra tool. One is a round shape and another is a triangular shape. If you need to sand a confined area, the triangular head helps you there. So, if you want to sand the corners, and many confined spaces very well, you should choose this one.


  • 5 amp motor power.
  • Variable speed control.
  • Dust cleaning hose included.
  • Round and triangular dual head.


  • Poor dust suction.

5. VIVOHOME 850W Electric Adjustable Variable Speed Drywall Sander

Look at the design of this sander it is different from all the former items. The primary difference is it doesn’t have the long handle that the others have. And it has another removable handle. Is it positive or negative? Keep reading for the ultimate decision.

It is such a sander that can be used by both beginner and professional. 7 levels of speed control system make the sanding tool ideal for different types of imperfect drywall. The speed can be adjusted from 1500 to 1600rpm. Where do you want to use it, household or professional use? It is appropriate for both purposes.

Surrounding LED light is the excellent feature of this tool which visualizes the working area well. Especially, if the working area has low light, this sander can be your best option.

Like the other tools, it also has a dust-suction cleaner. The cleaning system is automatically operated and absorbs almost 80% of the dust from the working environment. It also has a dust bag that eliminates the need for anything for dust management. Just get this tool you will not need to buy a vacuum cleaner separately.

We told you about the additional handle. It is removable and can be mounted either right or left. The handle gives you added control over the machine. It makes the machine suitable for sanding ceiling, interior & exterior wall and removing paint also. But remember, you cannot sand the surface from the distance as the other formers as the handle is short for this. You have to go just near to the working surface.


  • Speed control up to 7 levels from 1500 to 2600rpm.
  • LED light visualizes the working surface even in low light conditions.
  • The self-suction cleaner removes almost 80% dust.
  • A detachable extra handle offers an extra level of control.


  • Imperfect sanding to the corner.

6. Orion Motor Tech 850W Electric Power Drywall Sander

Are you looking for a complete package of sanding tools along with a drywall vacuum sander? We recommend checking all the features and included an item of this package of sanding device. Most probably you were searching a sander just like this.

Reach to the tough angles with 90 degrees pivoting swivel head. Some sanders cannot sand the angles and tough areas because of having a minimal pivoting head. But it is exceptional from those.

The handle is also adjustable from 57.1’’ to 82 inches. Can you guess the advantages of an adjustable handle? The handle itself about seven feet and count your height. That means you can easily sand the surface that is about 12 feet high from you. Benefit?

If you have ever worked in a low light condition or after setting down the sun, you couldn’t work without an external light source. But the time has come to say goodbye to the other light source as the sander comes with 2 built-in LED lights. They illuminate the area such bright where you can conveniently do your job.

And finally, the sander is equipped with a dust collection system. Yes, it has a vacuum attachment to remove dust from the working area. And it gives you a perfect working environment.


  • Fully adjustable; variable 5 speed, adjustable length, and pivoting head.
  • Illuminates the sanding area.
  • Equipped with a dust collection system.
  • Comes with a complete package of sanding needs.


  • Short hose length.

7. Drywall Sander, Ginour 6A Electric Sander

The functional capability greatly depends on the head design and its rotating capability. We welcome you to check the head’s features at the first of this device. Let’s start.

Its head is 9 inches and can rotate up to 360 degrees. Not done yet, the head can rotate almost in all directions. It also has a removable bottom for grinding perpendicular walls and edges. The swinging feature of the head allows swing side to side and up and down. It is automated and included for making it suitable for an uneven wall.

Different kinds of applications need different sanding speed. That is why it is equipped with 7 variable speed settings. Meanwhile, it offers efficient and dynamic motor power for sanding different types of surfaces like interior, exterior, ceiling, and clearing floor residue.

You know, a sander produces a lot of dust and you need a vacuum cleaner to remove them. But if you have this one, you won’t need that because it has a self-cleaning system. Its automatic dust removal system can remove up to 98% dust. Would you believe this? But it is really capable if you can use it perfectly.

Besides, the base pad has a lighting system around which illuminates the dark workplace. So, work with this device even in dark places.


  • 360 degrees pivoting head.
  • Suitable for uneven walls also.
  • The motor can run at 7 variable speeds and has great power.
  • LED lighting for the dark workplace.


  • Nothing significant.

8. ALEKO DP-30002 Lightweight Drywall Sander with Vacuum

The people know what quality product we select for the last one who follows us regular basis. If you don’t have any idea, we are telling you. We always choose the last product which is the strong competitor of all formers in terms of quality and performance. And it is also such a drywall vacuum sander.

Like the other items, it is not only a drywall sander rather it’s a drywall vacuum sander. That means, it has a cleaning system itself that absorbs most dust those are produced while sanding. And its cleaning management is better than other typical drywall vacuum sander, no doubt.

Though the LED light is not related to sanding directly, it helps in dark light or low light. It has 2 strips of 7W LED light which provides enough lights. And you don’t face any trouble while sanding in a darker environment.

In the end, we just want to let you know what the things you are going to get with the device. It includes an iron washer, carbon brush, hex key, sandpaper disc, hose, connector, LED light, and manual also. Nothing has left.


  • Speed adjusting option from 800 to 1700rpm.
  • Dust removing system.
  • 360 degrees LED lights.
  • Variable speed for different applications.


  • The suction doesn’t work fine in a low setting.

Top Considerations on Buying The Best Drywall Vacuum Sander

The most important features are discussed in every product review respectively. But the features may not match sanders with each other. So, how do you understand that the sander is best in its class? Look for the following factors while buying drywall vacuum sander every time.

Motor Power

Among the most important factors, the motor power rating is a notable one. Electricity is the power source of the drywall sander and an electric motor is the powerhouse of the unit. How better performance will you get that depends on motor power.

However, you will see most of the sanders come with either 5 amps or 7 amps motor. The power in this range is also ideal for such a tool. A 5 amps motor can give you better performance but more power will definitely give you much better. But remember, more power will consume more electricity.

Motor Speed and Variable Controlling Option

The motor speed is expressed in rpm. Usually, this kind of tool has motor speed ranges from 600 to 2000. It varies model to model. The lower speed motor offers you sanding slowly but the higher speed obviously offers much better performance.

A variable speed control setting is a must-have thing as different applications need different speeds. If the tool has the option you can set the speed as your working object require.


Weight is also an important matter but most of the time we skip this from the consideration. You have to hold the machine up and have to keep the position until you finish sanding. So, before going ahead, you should think are you capable to hold the sanders for a long time? Usually, the sander’s weight ranges from 8 to 20lbs. But can you work with the heavy item near about 20lbs? We recommend around 10lbs that can be handled easily.

Hose Length

Most models come with a vacuum hose that is also an important part. The sander makes a lot of dust while sanding and the production of dust cannot be minimized. That is why most sanders come with a self-dust cleaning option. The hose sucks up the dust and keeps the environment clean. If the hose length is short you will have to set up repeatedly but the longer hose is free from that problem as it can cover a wide area. Choose the sander which has long length hose for easy and convenient use.


A drywall sander doesn’t sand the drywall only it can be also used on floor cleaning, removing paint, and some other multi-tasking jobs. It is definitely a great idea if you choose a drywall sander that has multi-tasking capability.


A lot of options you will see if you go on the market and that will be confusing for you definitely. Here, we’ve reviewed some good functioning drywall vacuum sanders which can be your right pick. At the same time, you also get a complete buying here that also helps you to take the right product for you. We’re very hopeful you can find the best drywall vacuum sander here and you can also judge its quality with the help of a buying guide.

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