Best Folding Pruning Saws in 2023 – Our Unbiased Insights & Guide

Trees are one of the most beautiful things about nature, all those who have a compound full of greenery would surely agree. And besides all the natural functions that they carry out, they also help to beautify your surroundings.

But, no matter how picturesque a scenery looks, a lot of work has to be put in to make them look healthy and good. This is where pruning saws come in.

Pruning saws are a key requirement for anyone who has trees, no matter what kind. They will help you reach those unreachable branches, cut through the thick ones that you could not before, and help to overall groom your trees to look sharp and tall.

But, like most saws, folding pruning saw too has various types which makes it a little tricky to buy one. If you are a professional, you probably know most of these, and if you are not, read on to find out.

But regardless, it is always helpful to find the top tools in the market condensed in one place, which is what this article will give you.

Being confused from too many options is not new, but our collection here only has six saws, all of which you will most certainly like.

Top 5 Folding Pruning Saws Reviews

1. Home Planet Gear Folding Hand Saw

Home Planet Gear Folding Hand Saw

One of the top-performing pruning saws in the market, this is a folding hand saw by Home Planet Gear.

Made of premium materials for a solid performance, this has been heavily tested before release to make sure it can meet your needs and beyond. And it surely lives up to all its claims with so many attractive features.

The material of a blade is very important to how it performs in the long run. This one is made of SK5 carbon steel, which is one of the finest materials for saw blades out there.

It helps the saw cut through not just your branches, but other forms of wood, bone and plastic that have a diameter of 4 inches. If you have ever struggled with cutting, this will surely solve it, and not just for your trees.

A lot of saws have pop buttons today to lock your blade when working. However, this kind can often result in mishaps where they unexpectedly snap, becoming a safety hazard.

This saw features a gear lock instead, which is stronger and more dependable. Your blade will firmly fit into the handle, with no teeth exposed, making it safe to carry.

When buying a saw for branches, you will find a lot that have dull blades since you do not need a lot of precision with trees. This one, however, is not like that. So whether you use it for your branches or other materials, it will perform nonetheless.

Coming with a triple cut razor tooth, this features a Japanese-style sawing technique, which is deemed the finest of its kind. The blades are hardened to make them stay sharp for much longer. Cutting also becomes smoother and faster.

The handle is just as thoughtful as the rest of the tool. With a ribbed rubber handle, you do not have to think about slips ever again. Hold onto it comfortably, enjoy the ergonomic design, and work without worry.

Even though we are talking about pruning saws, this one cuts a lot more than just branches. From doubling as a camping saw to a snow saw or a backpacking saw, this is fit for many of your outdoor activities.

The extended length on this is 17 inches, and 9 ½ inches when closed, making it just the right size for carrying outdoors as well. Not to mention it comes with a convenient portable toolbox for your convenience.

Highlighted Features

  • The adjustable blade is made of SK5 carbon steel
  • Handle is made of no-slip thermoplastic rubber
  • The saw comes with triple-cut medium razor teeth
  • Gear style lock increases security during use

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2. FLORA GUARD Hand Pruning Saw

FLORA GUARD Hand Pruning Saw

This might seem like a simple garden tool to you, but it has been made with an in-depth research as to what truly makes a good pruning saw. In other words, this is a result of years of expertise, making it a fine choice for your garden.

Blade quality is one of the first things we see. This one is made of premium high carbon steel SK5. What you’d experience are super aggressive and fast cuts, boosting your efficiency during work.

When using blades outdoors, rust is another factor we tend to worry about. Thanks to the antirust paint that coats the blade, your saw will not suffer even after coming in constant contact with plant fluids during work. The anticorrosive ability also makes this highly durable.

Lock mechanisms are a common trait in all good saws, and this one is no different. For extra protection, you need to press and hold down the gear lock to either open or close your saw. If you do not press and hold it, you cannot proceed to open or close the saw.

This might seem like an extra step, but it is provided to ensure that no mishaps occur during use. Accidentally opening the saw can result in a lot of problems like scratches, cuts, and even injuries.

The handle comes with an ergonomic curve. What might seem simple is actually a very well-thought-out design to help you have a comfortable, yet functional grip.

The handle is soft to touch and comes with a non-slip surface that prevents it from falling from your hands. Overall, your hands will barely feel any fatigue thanks to the design.

Its use is not limited to pruning due to all the great qualities it possesses. Suited to a variety of jobs, you can use this FLORA GUARD Hand Pruning Saw for your fences, during camping, hiking, and cutting all sorts of wood.

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-use tool for various works
  • Comes with a gear lock for extended safety
  • The saw blade has a triple teeth design for fast cuts
  • The handle is curved for comfort during use
  • Folding clamp makes this safe and easy to carry

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3. REXBETI Folding Saw

REXBETI Folding Saw

This saw comes with a blade that is 11 inches in length, but when extended, it can go up to 22 inches. Being so large in size, this is well suited to cut through materials like plastic, all sorts of wood, and even bone.

Cuts are made easy and do not require a lot of added force either. For further ease, the blade cuts in both push and pull directions, making your work faster.

The teeth per inch or TPI on this is 7. So you not only get fast cuts, but smooth as well, making this ideal for any outdoor activities that require cutting wood.

On top of this, the teeth are hardened. This makes them sharper than your average blade and the sharpness stays for much longer as well. The teeth are also triple cut, which really just goes to add on top of these qualities.

A rubbery coated, anti-slip polymer handle is provided with the saw. What makes this so good is the fact that it is weather resistant. Since this is to be used outdoors, you want something that you can use in the scorching heat, rain and snow.

The handle size is just as well planned. It can very well accommodate small and large hands, catering to left and right-handed people alike. This is very rare since most are made for right-handed people only, while this one works for all.

REXBETI is very popular for producing superior quality tools, and this folding saw is one of them. So whether you want this for pruning, or other stuff like camping, it will prove to be of good use to you outdoors. You get longevity, sharpness, and fast cuts!

Highlighted Features

  • The blade is made of SK5 Steel
  • The blade has a triple cut design
  • Comes with an anti-slip polymer handle for safety
  • Has a TPI of 7 for fast and rough cuts
  • The blade cuts in both pull and push directions

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4. Silky GomBoy Professional Folding Saw

Silky GomBoy Professional Folding Saw

This is a pruning saw that features top-notch Japanese cutting technology and is suitable for a variety of cutting works and not just limited to branches.

What makes this stand out from the rest is its build quality, ergonomic design, and the sheer number of features it can pack in that size.

Tooth design is one of the first things we like to check before deciding on a saw. This one has teeth manufactured using precision ground that deliver high accuracy during work. A rare quality in such blades, this helps your work come out clean, even if it’s on a branch.

It is also impulse-hardened, which is done by using high frequencies to heat the blade. Impulse hardening simply makes your blades a lot sharper than other regular blades, all the while helping it retain the sharpness for longer as well.

The process also makes the teeth of your blade much harder. But the rest of the blade retains its own flexibility to be able to swerve and move during cuts. It is a perfect combination where the teeth are hard enough to cut through, while the blades are easy to maneuver.

The Teeth per inch or TPI of this is 8. So you get fast cuts. They are also very well made and smooth, which make it suitable for other applications where you might want a little more accuracy.

The saw come with customized carrying case with its 210- and 240-mm versions. If you need to move with this saw, you do not need a separate carrier. This might seem a bit redundant, but we are focusing on it because carrying saws is challenging and often a hazard too. Having a dedicated case makes it simpler.

If you need an outdoor saw, be it for pruning or any other work like landscaping, building, camping, or any form of woodworking, check this out.  Being so versatile, it is suitable for all sorts of outdoor projects.

Highlighted Features

  • The blade features precision-ground impulse hardened teeth
  • Comes with a carrying case which makes travel safe
  • Can be used for various outdoor applications
  • It has a TPI of 8 for fast cuts

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5. Felco Folding Saw (F 600)

Felco Folding Saw

Considered an indispensable tool, the Felco Folding Saw F 600 is designed with professionals in mind. From horticulture to arboriculture to landscaping, this saw will help you out in all these departments. If you are a keen outdoor worker, this is a must-have in your tool collection.

Construction is imperative to performance, and this saw from Felco is crafted in a manner that makes it versatile.

Made from high-quality steel and rust-resistant chrome blades, you get a tool that will last you ages without needing repairs or breaking down.

The teeth are also impulse heated, which makes them a lot stronger than ones that have not gone through this treatment. The teeth are stronger, and they stay that way for long, while making sure the rest of the blade remain flexible to work with. Thus, it delivers the cleanest and most precise cuts you can want.

The blade is also resistant to corrosion and require less maintenance. It is thinner at the top and becomes thicker as you go down. On top of that, the teeth also have a conical blade with a unique teeth geometry.

These features ensure that while you are working through the branches, there is no residue buildup and that you do not get slowed by the tree sap. So even if you have to go through large diameters, you can still speed through without getting stuck.

Handles can literally make or break your tool. While the right handle helps you speed up, the wrong one can cause damage to the work and your wrists.

This one has a non-slip ergonomically designed handle to provide the utmost comfort during work. Not to mention it’s safe too, since there is no fear of the saw slipping amidst your cutting.

When carrying, you can literally fold this in half, and throw it in your pocket.

Ergonomic design, increased precision, and high-quality materials are what you get with this saw. Therefore, regardless of your needs, be they for the home or work, this will serve you well in the long term.

Highlighted Features

  • Blade geometry allows for wood chip removal during work
  • Ergonomic handle is comfortable to use
  • The blade has a curved design to reduce vibrations when sawing
  • The case has reversible loop for both right and left-handed users
  • Impulse heat treatment has been done to strengthen the blade

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Folding Pruning Saw Buying Guide

Folding Pruning Saw Buying Guide

Blade Length

Blade length is one of the very first things to check before buying your saw. You will find that this differs from saw to saw, and that is mostly due to function.

For pruning saws, long length blades are the ideal ones. Since you are dealing with trees, the more reach you have, the better.

Longer blades let you reach branches that are far away, and because of the length, they also have more cutting capacity. So you do not have to worry about blades being pulled up halfway through a cut. These get the job done at one go, and much faster too.

The longer your blades, the longer your strokes are as well. This simply helps to make your work smoother, leaving lesser rough edges after the cut. Not to mention these are more ergonomically designed to provide comfort during use. However, keep in mind that longer blades, in general, are more expensive as well.

Short blades on the other hand are easy to control and more convenient for storage. They also come in handy when working with short thin branches, where a longer one will simply be a nuisance to use. They are more affordable as well.

Most pruning saws you will see have lengths between 5 and 20 inches. The bottom line, you need to check your preferences and buy accordingly since they both have their own pros and cons.


Handles are usually overlooked, and people tend to focus mostly on the blade, but trust us, this is just as important.

This is where you control your blade from, where you hold the tool. So the size and grip will determine how well you can maneuver the saw.

Handles you will find on the market mostly range from wood to plastic to rubber. All of them can be comfortable to use, it depends on how ergonomically they are made.

Try to go for a rubber handle as they have superior grip which prevents slips, and can absorb shocks relayed from sawing branches. This will help you stay stable.

If you want to go with other options, take into account comfort, grip, size, and material before buying the saw because these will affect your performance.

Blade Tooth

The teeth of the blade do the actual cutting, making it a primary concern when buying a pruning saw. There are a number of things you need to check here.

First is the tooth per inch count, otherwise known as the TPI. This tells you about the density of the tooth and how many you get in your blade. The higher the TPI, the stronger your blade is, and the faster it can cut through branches.

The types of the teeth also differ and determine how the final cuts come out. You have four basic kinds- fine, medium, large and extra-large.

Fine teeth are those with a maximum TPI of 11. These are suitable for fine cuts, mostly on hardwoods.

Medium teeth have a maximum TPI of 8.5 and are well suited for softer woods where they provide clean cuts.

Large teeth are those with a TPI of 6 and most used in pruning since they can cut fast and in an aggressive manner.

Lastly, the Extra-large teeth have 5.5 TPI and mostly present on curved pruning blades. These teeth cut the fastest of all, but also leave a rough finish.


Construction of the pruning saw is what determines how long-lasting it is, and how well it withstands overuse. For pruning saws, we expect a lot of cutting will be done, and probably with trees.

This means you need a tool that is well constructed, heavy-duty, and can take a lot of work. Durability is important for such tools because you do not go buying them every day.

Look for saws that are built using high-quality materials like tempered or high carbon steel. These have better resistivity and can withstand the high force needed when sawing.


Weights can be tricky. Heavy-weight saws are great for thick branches since their weight aids in pushing through when cutting. It makes the job easier and faster. But that also means that you have to be able to carry the weight of the saw while working.

Lightweight saws, on the other hand are easy to handle but will require more force when cutting. Hence, they are well suited to driving through thinner and less tough branches.

You need to weigh your options and see what fits for your work. If you don’t mind the weight, we recommend a heavier one that can work well for thick and thin branches alike.


Finding the ideal pruning saw is not easy. With so many options at hand, it is no surprise that one gets confused.

To prevent all these troubles, we have handpicked some of the top-performing pruning saws available today, and have provided details and highlights for every one of them.

Not just that, for beginners, there is also a buying guide provided. This will help you get an idea of what exactly are you looking for. Take a moment to go through the piece, and we are confident that you will leave with an option in mind.

Buying tools are like an investment that always has your back. So, trust us, it is worth the read.

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