8 Best Hacksaw for Cutting Metal 2020- Guide & Reviews

Hacksaws are famous amongst both professionals and occasional workers. This tool can help you cut metal, as well as other materials like wood and plastic, making it a multi-purpose tool.

The tool itself is usually made from a metal frame itself as well, and features fine-toothed blades that help you to cut metal objects.

If you are a professional, you probably already know about the different kinds of hacksaws out there.

But for those who don’t- there are full-frame hacksaws which come with a 10- or 12-inch blade, and there are junior hacksaws that come with smaller blades. The latter is more suited to cutting metal pipes or places where you need precision and a neat outcome.

Regardless of which kind you need, the key is to always buy one that is durable, features a strong grip, and is made of top-quality materials. Take these features into account and you will be able to find your perfect hacksaw.

In this article, we have listed eight hacksaws which we think are worth your time. All come with attractive features that make them a good investment. Keep on reading to know more.

Best Hacksaw for Cutting Metal Reviews

1. DEWALT Hack Saw for Cutting Metal


The DEWALT Hack Saw is a 5-in-1 hacksaw that is widely loved by professionals and is a common item in their tool bags.

If you need to cut metals in small and tight spaces, this will surely come in handy there as well, thanks to its low profile.

Since it has a high tension, you can rest assured that your blade will be secure for weights up to 330 pounds!

On top of that, you also get adjustable blade angles. It can be used at both 45- and 90-degree angles so you get to experience both standard and flush cuts, giving you more from one product.

If you look to the front of your hacksaw, you will see that there is scope for blade attachment. This lets you have a longer reach while working, which you will want for a flexible metal cutting job.

The handle on the front can be used as a jab saw, further increasing your ways of using this one tool.

When you look at the grip, you will find it has a rubber covering. So you know it is comfortable to use, regardless of whether you are wearing gloves or not.

It is also spacious enough to accommodate large hands without them having to touch the blade. Being easy to grip and hold on to makes this a safe and convenient choice.

Weight is not that big of a factor, but this one does lie on the slightly heavier side. However, because you get a unique design where you can change angles for flush cuts, the weight does not pose any problem.

With a sleek design with a bright color, this is visible from afar, which is good to have in a construction site. Although this might not mean much if you use it at home, it surely is a highlight for professional settings.

The main idea of this tool is to be a multifunctional hacksaw, and as you can see it surely lives up to what it claims. As one of the most versatile hacksaws in the market that can handle various types of cutting jobs, DeWALT surely never disappoints.

Highlighted Features

  • Front of the handle can be transformed into a jab saw
  • The saw utilizes both 90- and 45-degree angles
  • You can attach the blade to the front frame for extended reach
  • It has a high-tension mechanism holding up to 330 pounds
  • The saw is low profile to reach small spaces

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2. Klein Tools 702-12 Hacksaw for Cutting Metal

Klein Tools 702-12

This hacksaw from Klein Tools have been made with professionals in mind. Sporting quality features, this rugged saw is well suited for heavy-duty construction sites.

From the looks of it, you might mistake this for a simple hacksaw, but it is anything but. The frame is made to be very durable so it can withstand the atmosphere in a construction site without getting damaged.

The blade tension on this can be adjusted up to a whopping 30,000 PSI, so you know you’ll get the most accurate and quickest cuts.

When it comes to the tension, you’d always want an adjustable one. This one is adjustable, so now you can make fast cuts without having to compromise in accuracy or quality.

Blade wise, you get two separate ones. Firstly, you get a 12-inch blade made of bi-metal. Secondly, you get a 6-inch reciprocating blade, also made of bi-metal. They both have a 24 TPI count, which makes them both super-efficient at their work, and faster than most blades in the market today.

You can quite easily perform different cutting techniques using the same tool. When you are using one blade, simply tuck away the other in the handle compartment so you can reach for it whenever you want. Interchanging is made easy for convenience.

Lots of skill and premium materials went into making this tool, but surprisingly it is still pretty affordable. This is one of the prime reasons why professionals love this piece.

You can use this through winter and rain without it getting damaged. The rubber grip makes it easy to hold on to for long work hours without feeling the fatigue, so there is no fear of slips and accidents.

Highlighted Features

  • The blade has a tension of up to 30,000 PSI
  • Comes with a 45-degree mounting allows for flush cuts
  • Front mount is featured for reciprocating saw blades
  • The Handle comes with a convenient blade storage
  • The package includes a hack saw and reciprocating saw blade

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3. LENOX Tools High-Tension Hacksaw for Cutting Metal

LENOX Tools High-Tension Hacksaw

This hacksaw from LENOX stands out from the rest in many ways, but its I-bean construction is without a doubt one of the first points.

Because of this, the blade tension on this can go up to an incredible 50,000 PSI. One of the highest in its class, this lets you make precise and clear cuts with confidence. Not just that, the blade tension is also adjustable to let you create professional-quality straight cuts.

It might be a powerful tool, but do not get intimidated because the rubber grips make it very easy to handle. You can confidently hold and keep working, without worrying about accidental slips. Being covered in rubber, it also protects from damages induced by rain or cold.

One feature we really love is that this hacksaw also doubles as a jab saw. All you have to do is change into the reciprocating blade. And since this is compatible with any reciprocating blade from the same brand, it is not hard finding one.

This feature lets you use the same tool for various applications, which is always appreciated in fast-moving construction environments.

Since you get the I-beam construction, you can also store a maximum of 5 blades for work convenience, and switch on-site whenever needed. It simply makes your work faster.

So if accuracy and speed are your priority, this one might be a good option. The high PSI, followed by its unique construction gives this hacksaw an edge over many of its competitors.

Highlighted Features

  • The blade has a tension of up to 50,000 PSI
  • Handles are rubberized for comfort in all weathers
  • The saw can store up to five 12-inch blades in I-beam
  • The hacksaw features an I-beam construction
  • Any reciprocating saw blade from LENOX can double as jab saw

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4. Stanley Hacksaw for Cutting Metal

Stanley Hacksaw

One of the most chosen hacksaws to keep at home, this one is from Stanley. Stanley Hacksaw comes in a robust metal frame that makes it strong and sturdy. So even if you use it at home, know that it can tackle heavy-duty projects too.

The blade itself is fixed and 12-inches in length. Featuring an adjustable 90- and 180- degree angle, you can easily perform flush cuts with this. The depth of cutting is 4.375 inches. You can replace the blade with any 12-inch blade, nothing specific is required.

The big tension knob on this is easy to grip and offers a maximum tension of up to 225 pounds. Since this is adjustable, it lets you do both straight and flush cuts, all the while ensuring your blade’s longevity stays intact.

The full-grip handle lets you have complete control. It is comfortable to use and your knuckles are protected too. This is especially important because accidents and mishaps are a common fear with such tools, so having your hands covered ensures safety and lets you use the tool with confidence.

What makes people love this tool is mostly its practicality. This is an affordable buy, which is loved by occasional users. But at the same time, you get a highly efficient tool that is durable and packs a heap of attractive features. Altogether, it does form a pretty good package.

Highlighted Features

  • The hacksaw has a blade tension of up to 225 pounds
  • It can cut at 90- and 180-degrees for flush cuts
  • The handle is made of rubber for better grip
  • The hacksaw comes in a compact and durable frame

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5. Stanley 15-113 High Tension Hacksaw for Cutting Metal

Stanley 15-113 High Tension Hacksaw

Another fine buy from Stanley, this is a 12-inch hacksaw that is loved by users for its speed, quality built, and affordability.

Coming in a rugged design, this is perfect for all your heavy-duty hacksaw works. It does not matter if you wish to use this at home for backyard projects, or in a professional setting, it will deliver equally nonetheless.

This hacksaw has a tension which holds the blade up to 32,000 PSI. On top of that, the tension is also completely adjustable, providing you with a lot of flexibility on how you work, and letting you achieve high speeds and clean cuts at the same time. This also helps to increase your blade’s life by keeping it sturdy and strong.

Coming to the frame, this one has a square one. It is very well-built and hence gives you stability while working. Even if you are not a professional, you will surely appreciate this because handling such tools can be hard at certain times, and a solid structure as such makes that easier.

Featuring one of the finest blades out there, this can cut through strong metals like steel easily. The quick-release mechanism, which is located in the handle, makes changing blades a breeze.

It also helps to maintain the hacksaw’s tension. The tension guide, being on the lever handle, simply makes work more convenient.

This hacksaw requires minimum maintenance to keep it going, so that is definitely another plus. Overall, this blade is well suited to cutting steel, features good qualities and a great speed, and enough flexibility to let you work at home or outdoors.

Highlighted Features

  • It has an adjustable tension of up to 32,000 PSI
  • Comes with a fast blade changing mechanism
  • Well suited to cutting steel
  • Easy-to-access tension guide present in handle
  • The hacksaw has a rugged design for heavy-duty usage

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6. Klein Tools 701-S Hacksaw for Cutting Metal

Klein Tools 701-S

This is a multipurpose hacksaw. The Klein Tools 701-S comes with a heap of attractive features and some top notch qualities that make it one of the finest in the market today.

The saw has three different teeth sizes which make it very versatile, and well suited to cutting various metals. You will like this if you are someone who works with different metals. The blade can also be used for both standard and flush cuts, thanks to the 90- and 45- degree angles to which you can convert it.

Pivot locks are a great addition to any hacksaw, and this one comes with one. It lets you adjust your blade’s tension so you can create straight cuts all the while making sure your blade has a long life. This makes sure that your blade does not get damaged and need replacement anytime soon.

You can use this as a jab saw too. Sometimes you have one tool, but different works pop up, and a flexible tool like this can help. Since there is ample storage for extra blades in the set screw, you can change them and turn this hacksaw into a jab saw when needed.

You should always aim for robust blades. This one has a blade made of steel with a high-quality finish.

On the back and front of the hacksaw, you will find an aluminum finger grip handle. It has got ample space, so if you want extra accuracy or if you are dealing with large projects, bring both hands to work for a clean cut.

Klein Tools is well known for their premium-quality tools, and this hacksaw is simply another one of their brilliant models. You get performance, precision, and durability, and all of it without breaking the bank.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a blade with three teeth sizes
  • Can convert blade into 45- and 90-degree angles
  • The hacksaw has a pivot-lock for blade tension adjusting
  • Thumb guard is provided for sawing with two hands
  • The set screw lets you store extra blades

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7. Greenlee 333A Hacksaw for Cutting Metal

Greenlee 333A

If you are someone who has to work with a lot of pipes and aluminum, this is the optimal choice for you. While pipes are not the only thing this hacksaw can cut, that is where it specializes.

The Greenlee 333A itself is a die-cast aluminum hacksaw. It comes with a large throat, so you can achieve deep cuts with this. So not only will it help with pipes, but other metal structures too.

This construction design makes this tool easy to handle, and comfortable to use. The handle is made of strong heavy-duty aluminum, which prevents any accidents from occurring, and makes it break-proof.

The tubular back lets you conveniently store all the blades. Overall, the frame is constructed in a way that lets you keep your blade in a proper position while working. This is important because if your blades are not positioned well, the end results will vary from time to time, and that is not something you will want.

Blade tensioning is a key factor to consider when it comes to hacksaws. This one comes with an adjustment lever which lets you make tweaks as you need them.

The blade in turn becomes easy to maintain and lasts longer. Usually, pipe cutting blades need more frequent changes compared to others, but thanks to the adjustment lever, blade changes will not be required as frequently.

So if you are someone who is in the PVC business or has to work with pipe cuttings, we recommend you check this hacksaw out, you won’t be disappointed.

Highlighted Features

  • Tubular back facilitates blade storage.
  • The 4-1/2-inch throat allows for deep cuts
  • The handle is made of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum
  • Adjustment lever is provided for blade tensioning
  • The blade has a bi-metal design for flexibility

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8. CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw for Cutting Metal


Mostly chosen by occasional users, this CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw can be used on various materials, be it metal or plastic or wood. And this is exactly what makes this hacksaw a good buy!

Users love it because they can use it in different places around the house, without having to store a tool for each task. But just because it is suited to home works, do not underestimate its power.

You will want maximum control and no slippage when working with a saw. The hacksaw comes in a solid metal frame that gives it strength and sturdiness. Alongside this, you also get a full-grip handle to further solidify your work. It is spacious, slip-proof and helps to prevent mishaps during work.

As for the tension, this one can hold up to 225 pounds. The fixed blade is 12 inches in length. The 90- and 180- degree angles enable you to adjust the tension to achieve flush cuts.

The tension knob is large in size which lets you use it even without having to look, perfect for adjustments during work when you cannot focus on too many things at once.

You will get deep cuts with this hacksaw, enabling you to cut through even the thickest pieces of metal, wood, or plastic. Specifically, you get a 4.375-inch cutting depth.

If you are looking for a hacksaw with versatility, this can be a good option for you given the various kinds of work it is suited to!

Highlighted Features

  • The frame is made of solid metal
  • The hacksaw is designed for up to 225 pounds of tension
  • The blade can be adjusted to 90- and 180-degrees for flush cuts
  • It comes with a large tension knob
  • Lightweight saw, easy to maneuver and control

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Metal Cutting Hacksaw Buying Guide

Blade Type

Not all hacksaws are built equal, even though they are designed for cutting metals. When you think about it, metals differ. You have tin, aluminum, steel, and so many more. And each requires a different level of strength.

Raker blades, for example, have teeth in groups of three. These are used for cutting through hard metals like iron and can do so very effectively as well.

You also have wavy blades that are made to cut through metals that are thin, yet very tough at the same time.

So the kind of work you will be doing is very important to the kind of blade you choose. If you buy one that can cut through the harder metals, it will help you cut the thinner ones too.

But these will obviously cost you more. So think about your work first. If you do not require cutting hard metals, maybe you can stick to a blade designed for thin metals instead, and it would cost you less.

Teeth Per Inch

How well a blade performs can also depends on its teeth. The Teeth per Inch or TPI is a measure of the blades teeth density.

When you know the number of teeth present in every inch, you’ll know which work that blade is suited for. This also tells you the minimum thickness of the metal on which you can use this.

The normal calculation usually is that a higher TPI is good since it facilitates faster cut. But with certain thin metals, this can create rough cuts. Take a moment to see what metals you will be cutting, and follow up with the TPI count.


Hacksaws come with a frame, and this is one of the most important factors to check before buying. There are two kinds of frame-fixed and adjustable. The ideal one depends on the kind of work you do.

With a fixed frame, you cannot change blades, and have to stick with one of a specific length. With the adjustable frame, however, you can change blades and use blades of different lengths.

For those buying a saw for their homes, a fixed frame will do just fine, since they probably won’t be getting into too much detailed work.

Professionals on the other hand, should always opt for an adjustable frame. Since they have varying work requirements, it is ideal to have the option.


Handles might not seem very important at first, but this is the part of the tool that lets you control the blade. Since you will be holding onto this part for a long time while working, the level of comfort it provides while being resistant to damage is very important.

The most ideal handles are those made of rubber. Rubber is very popular in such tools, and for good reason. It provides superior grip which prevents slips, is resistant to weather induced damages, and very comfortable to use.

Another thing to look out for is the number of handles. Some have one, others have two (one on each end). The latter is for when you need to use two hands to cut an object.

When buying, check if the handle is spacious enough to work with. If the handle is too small, you might end up cutting your hands while working.


When it comes to cutting metals, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort. Even with the finest hacksaws out there, you will need strength to cut a piece properly.

This is where the tension comes in. A hacksaw that has the right tension lets you use its power to your benefit. You do not have to use as much strength when working and can still get the job done.

Look for hacksaws that have an adjustable tension. This way you can change it as you change your task, or material.

Without it, you will find yourself putting in a lot of extra effort to cut through different metal pieces.


As you can now see, you need to consider a lot before buying a hacksaw. From the design to the adjustability to the blade, it can be quite a struggle to find the right hacksaw for you.

Fortunately for you, we have it all condensed in this one article. Starting off with a list of some of the finest in the market that you will find today, followed by a detailed guide on what to look for when buying, it will surely help you better understand your tool.

It is very important that you know what you are buying. Simply buying one because it is popular will not serve you well in the long run, which is why you need to find the right qualities that suit your work.

Take a few minutes to read this listicle, and hopefully you will be able to find your ideal hacksaw and be happy with the perfromance!

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