8 Best Hand Saw For Cutting Logs 2023: Top Reviews

Also known as panel saws, hand saws are one of the oldest tools of its kind. Function wise, handsaws come in two categories- one for cutting wood, and another for every other kind of material. We will be focusing on handsaws that are intended for cutting logs!

Used for various cutting techniques, it is said that one’s saw collection is never complete until you have a hand saw.

This is because handsaws are usually an inexpensive tool, plus they are easy to work with. And since you use them with your hands, they are also smaller in size and easier to store.

So whether you are a beginner or a professional, you do not need to worry too much about how they function. All of this and more make them an irreplaceable tool.

Even though the market is saturated with numerous kinds, we have made sure to gather some of the finest out there to create this list. If you are someone who is looking for the perfect tool for cutting logs, do check out these hand saws.

Best Hand Saw For Cutting Logs Reviews

1. WilFiks, Heavy Duty Curved Hand Saw WGT620314

WilFiks, Heavy Duty Curved Hand Saw WGT620314

If you’re in the market for a handsaw that does its job as well as it looks, then you’ve come across the right product.

The saw weighs only 14.4-ounces. It has a curved 13-inch blade, constructed from high-strength carbon steel. WilFiks employs a surface strengthening process known as “induction hardening”, to produce the teeth. Induction hardening is particularly effective of steel and its alloys. So, you get a blade that can outrun 5 regular blades in terms of longevity.

The space between each tooth (known as a gullet) is deepened, which allows the saw to cut faster by increasing its residue removal speed. The saw blade follows the traditional “push and pull” technique. It is able to pull off tri-surface cutting and cuts 50-percent faster than its competitors.

The blade uses a rectangular plastic block, secured by a double-screw assembly, as a medium to connect to the handle. The handle is coated with an anti-slip latex to protect your palms from rashes, blisters, etc.

A hole at the blade’s tip is used for in-house storage. The saw also comes with a cover, which acts as a portable storage. It’s equipped with an extension, which can be used to attach the product to your tool-belt for quick access.

The saw specifically excels at cutting wood. For example: clearing parts of the forest, grooming an orchard, etc. It’s equally effective on a variety of woods, such as: mahogany, walnut, oak, wooden wallboard, plywood, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provides a saw cover for safely carrying the saw.
  • Designed with a tip-hole for in-house storage.
  • The handgun style handle improves the aerodynamics of the saw.
  • Uses a surface strengthening process to increase the teeth’s durability.
  • Enhances depth of the gullets to achieve quick removal of residues.

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2. Coher, Folding Hand Saw With Plastic Case

Coher, Folding Hand Saw With Plastic Case

Coher distinguishes itself from the crowd by creating a product that perfectly balances effective features and a truly eye-catching design.

The 9.6-ounce folding saw feels light and cuts as smooth as a feather. It uses a 7.9-inch blade, produced from a combination of spring steel and a special form of synthetic rubber. Thus, the blade achieves strong impact and flexural-fatigue resistance.

The .05-inch thick blade has dual angle adjustability, seven teeth per inch, and a user friendly operating style. The folding mechanism used in the saw offers an unmatched flexibility and functions as a protective sheath to cover the blade.

The 9.5-inch handle is coated with skid-resistant rubber, which holds a mirrored style pattern to lessen hand-fatigue caused by long working sessions. It’s created by joining the patterned rubber with a durable plastic mold.

The handle connects to the blade using two heavy-weight, rust-resistant screws with hexagonal cover guard. It also has a hole at its bottom, which can be used to hang the saw on your workshop’s wall or to attach it with your tool belt, backpack etc. The leather-strap support to the handle further enhances the saw’s endurance and ease of use.

The 17.3-inch survival tool is loved by a large margin of users, such as: veteran hunters and wild-life enthusiasts. It can be used to do both light wood cutting (e.g. shaping shrubs on the garden) as well as heavyweight jobs (e.g. sawing thick logs and crafting bones).

Using the pull-stroke for preliminary cutting, the saw allows you great control and helps to get heavy jobs done without exerting too much force.

Highlighted Features:

  • Combines spring steel (65Mn-grade) and TPR to create a flexible blade.
  • Uses two rust-resistant screws with guards for the handle-to-blade connection.
  • Applies skid-resistant rubber coating with mirrored pattern for a better grip.
  • Includes a folding mechanism for ease of use and to act as a blade cover.
  • Integrates a dual angle adjustability feature to enhance the saw’s versatility.

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3. BLACK+DECKER, Electric Hand Saw with Storage Bag PHS550B

BLACK+DECKER, Electric Hand Saw with Storage Bag PHS550B

If you are considering to purchase an electric hand saw, the PHS550B is worth taking a look at.

The highlight of the product would be the dual blade option. It provides a coarse-toothed blade, which is ideal for cutting materials like tree logs and branches. It also provides a fine-toothed blade (meaning the blade has a higher TPI) that can be used to saw through metal objects, PVC pipes, and plastic surfaces.

Black+Decker boasts a patented blade-changing mechanism that doesn’t require any additional tools. This feature saves time and money while improving your workflow speed.

The product uses a D-shaped handle, set horizontally to the saw motor. The ergonomic design enables an intuitive access to the trigger button and offers a high quality grip made of black leather strips.

The handle also has a plastic bump at its top, which works with the grip pad to provide a safer and more accurate positioning of your hand while operating.

It is powered by a 4,600 SPM (Surface Permanent Magnet) motor. By using an SPM motor the saw is able to leverage the motor’s powerful magnetism to improve motor-torque linearity and, thereby, offers a superior power management.

The saw is manufactured with weatherproofing features, making it equally usable in both indoor and outdoor applications. Its blade uses crosscut style teeth. That means you can use the product to cut across a wooden surface, not along with it.

The saw comes with a storage bag, which can conveniently store all of its parts (e.g. dual blades, power cord, the main body of the saw, etc.).

Highlighted Features:

  • Provides a dual blade option.
  • Uses a 4,600 SPM motor to provide a superior power management system.
  • Features a patented blade-changing mechanism that doesn’t require any tools.
  • Includes a coarse-toothed, crosscut blade to smoothly saw wooden materials.
  • An inclusive storage bag makes the saw conveniently portable.

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4. IRWIN Tools, Blue Universal Handsaw 1773465

IRWIN Tools, Blue Universal Handsaw 1773465

This product is Irwin’s futuristic take on the classic handsaw model we all know and love.

The saw uses a 15-inch long blade, manufactured from pure steel. Each tooth of the blade is constructed using the triple ground method. That means, each tooth has 3 angular surfaces, which allows them to make a wholesome bite with every chop, making the sawing process 30-percent quicker compared to regular handsaws.

The company also uses their patented “Universal Tooth Grind” on this blade, which brings the finest of both worlds by combining a fine-teethed saw’s finish with a coarse-teethed saw’s speed. This feature, added with the triple grind structure of the teeth, delivers a sawing speed that’s unmatched by any other manual handsaw on the market.

The blade has integrated gaps for 90-degree and 45-degree angle markings. Thus, you can use the saw as a measuring tool too.

The nose of the blade’s cutting edge is squared, allowing the saw to cut through materials with a faster speed. This feature also balances out the exerted force on every stroke, allowing you more control over the sawing process.

The blade is coated with aqua-based lacquer, which improves the speed of the cut while providing the user with enhanced navigational abilities.

The handle’s angular placement transforms the input force into an amplified energy of a full stroke, allowing you to get more work done with less effort. The anti-fatigue grip, made from highly dense resin, prevents your palms from developing rashes or callouses.

The manufacturer claims that these features completely eliminate the issue of binding, making it one of the most flexible handsaws in the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • Each teeth of the blade have 3 angular surfaces to make faster cuts.
  • Unique angular placement of the handle gets more work done with less effort.
  • Offers a binding-proof handsaw with an “Universal Tooth Grind” blade.
  • Features an anti-fatigue grip, made from highly dense resin.
  • Showcases a blade surface with integrated 90 & 45-degree angle markings.

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5. GreatNeck, Cross Cut Hand Saw N2610

GreatNeck, Cross Cut Hand Saw N2610

This is a product where tradition meets innovation.

The handle is made from original hardwood, which goes through a dark staining process to give the saw an antique look. It also features handcrafted carvings that imbues the product with a sense of nobility.

However, the it doesn’t step back in terms of technology either. Creating a beautiful harmony between wood and steel, the N2610 gives you the classic handsaw with all the latest features. Take the grip hole for example, which offers an ergonomic shape, providing you a secure yet comfy grasp over the sawing process.

Sporting a 26-inch long blade, this saw showcases one of the highest reach in this list. Thus, it becomes much easier and free flowing to cut limbs and branches off tall trees like Pine and Cedar. You can also shape, trim, and prune small and medium sized shrubs and bushes, proving the saw’s versatility.

The 12 TPI blade is made from higher carbon steel. Thus, it’s able to withstand high temperatures due to having a 0.6 to 1.00-percent carbon content. The blade has a fleam-cut style teeth. That means, this saw slices through the surface, offering a much cleaner cut.

The product is equipped with features for precision cutting as well. So, you can use it for small, detailed cuts and crafting jobs. The blade comes pre-sharpened, allowing you to put it to use right out of the package.

The saw is weatherproof, which means it’s fit to be used in outdoor worksites and under extreme weather conditions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Handle with handcrafted carvings that adds character to the product.
  • Uses a dark staining process to give the saw an antique look.
  • Provides a fleam-cut teethed blade to produce superior clean cuts.
  • Helps make detailed cuts for crafting jobs through precision cutting features.
  • Equipped with weatherproofing features like rust and discoloration resistance.

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6. WilFiks, Pro Hand Saw

WilFiks, Pro Hand Saw

If any of your friends or family told you that handsaws can’t be stylish, just get the WilFiks Pro to prove them wrong.

The black-green exterior of the saw is sure to add a splash of charm to your workstation. The 16-inch long blade is made from high carbon steel. The element contains up to 1.0-percent of carbon content, making it superior in terms of impact resistance, hardness, and chemical stability to regular metal.

The blade has 9 teeth per inch. Each tooth is manufactured through a surface strengthening process known as induction-hardening. Thus, they are able to retain their sharpness for much longer (5x more than regular sawteeth in terms of longevity). The manufacturer has also increased the gullet depth to enhance the residue clearance rate.

The saw is equipped to perform using three cutting surfaces (e.g. crosscut, rip-cut, and fleam cut), which speeds up the sawing process up to 50-percent in comparison with classic handsaws.

Using the push-pull cutting style, the product can saw through both organic and manmade wooden materials. It can also be used to do precision sawing, required for complex angle cuts such as: tenon, miter, and dovetail.

The handle offers an aerodynamic design, which can help you to make tricky angle cuts. With a slip-resistant latex grip and an intuitive grip-hole, it is manufactured to provide you precise control and fatigue elimination over the entire cutting experience.

From conducting a survey prior to writing this review, users have reported deep satisfaction with the saw’s ability to handle a variety of wooden materials and surfaces, such as: cutting plywood and flywood logs, sawing wooden wallboards, trimming branches and twigs to shape up gardens and orchards, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers a vibrant and futuristic style.
  • Features a 9 TPI blade with induction-hardened teeth.
  • Provides a highly aerodynamic handle to make tricky cuts with ease.
  • A slip-resistant latex grip and an intuitive grip-hole ensures fatigue elimination.

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7. BAHCO, Professional Cut Timber Saw PC-24-TIM

BAHCO, Professional Cut Timber Saw PC-24-TIM

If you’re a professional who’s looking for an effective handsaw with a straight-cut design, the PC-24-TIM will serve you well.

The saw has a long reach, priding itself as the only other saw with a 24-inch long blade, besides the GreatNeck N2610 in the list.

The blade’s TPI count is minimal, halting itself at 3 and a half teeth per inch. However, the “triple ground method” used in manufacturing the teeth (which gives each tooth 3 surfaces to operate on) and an intelligent distribution style makes up for it. This feature also makes the saw an ideal tool which can operate on all types of wooden materials and surfaces.

The handle is not your usual D-shaped model. Though it shares a few similarities with that style, the prolonged top corners of the handle are what set this product apart. Along with the slip-resistant rubber grip, the elongated corners allow further grip support, providing you with more control.

Another exclusive and practical feature of the saw is a patented “tooth protector”, which is made of plastic and can be reused. Most handsaws do a decent job at chopping down twigs, branches, and logs. However, this saw is praised by many professional woodworkers and crafters to be one of the most useful saws for cutting timber and lumber.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers a long reach by providing a saw blade with a length of 26-inches.
  • Comes with a reusable tooth protector, made from premium grade plastic.
  • Features a clever handle design to provide more control to the user.
  • Uses a 3D teethed blade with crosscut, making it perfect for wood cutting.

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8. Vaughan, Silver Metallic Pull Stroke Handsaw BS240P

Vaughan, Silver Metallic Pull Stroke Handsaw BS240P

This product puts a spin on pretty much every common feature found in a traditional handsaw.

With a weight of only 8.2-ounces, this Japanese saw is one of the lightest handsaw in this list.

The blade is 9.5-inches long, has a thickness of .022-inches, and the kerf measure is .033-inches. It also has a high TPI, providing 17 teeth per inch, which can be enough to give you an idea about the sparkling sharpness of the product.

The first spin, in our opinion, is the cutting technique. The saw cuts away material on the pull stroke, not the push. Vaughan claims that this reverse technique is what allows the blade to be so thin and yet highly affective. This way, the blade removes less material but with a higher accuracy, making it a perfect tool for executing subtle, detailed, and complex cuts.

The material of the blade is industry-grade spring steel, which goes through an electroplating process to protect the blade from rust and corrosion. Instead of “induction hardening”, the company follows a new technology called “impulse hardening”, which uses wave impulses with an extremely high frequency and peak strength for increasing the structural durability of each teeth.

The handle has a curved grip, along with a hook at the bottom for easy storage. The blade is connected to the handle through a sophisticated device, equipped specifically for quick disassembly and interchanging without sacrificing a secure lock.

The product comes with an extra fine cut blade. However, the company offers four blade options, all of which can be mounted using the same handle assembly, making them super convenient to interchange. The package also includes a blade guard.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provides a high TPI count, using 17 teeth for every inch of the blade.
  • Each tooth is hardened through a new technology called “impulse hardening”.
  • Cuts on the pull stroke to get more precision by cutting less material.
  • Offers quick disassembly and interchanging without sacrificing a secure lock.
  • Features an extra fine cut style blade for detailed and complex woodcraft.

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Log Cutting Hand Saws Buying Guide


When buying tools, regardless of what kind, the material is very important to check before purchase. The build of the tool will tell you how long-lasting it will be.

You do not want to search and search and end up with one that breaks easily while working. And when it comes to hand saws, a lot of force is usually applied during work, making it all the more important that you check the build.

Always try to opt for ones that are heavy-duty. These will be the most suited for cutting logs. Although a lot of handsaws might be good for woodworking in general, cutting logs is a different game and requires more power.

You also want them to be durable, which again depends on the build. A bad build would mean your saw will not last many cuts, and you have to get a new one before you know it.


The blade is the main part of the saw. Make it the first thing to check when buying your hand saw.

Material wise, steel is what you will find most. It is strong, while being lightweight enough for use. At the same time, it does not rust either.

Teeth Per Inch (TPI)

The teeth per inch or TPI is like measuring the tooth density of your blade. You will find the TPI of each saw given with their details, so check them out before purchase.

The range you will find will mostly be between 3- to 7-TPI. The higher the TPI of a blade, the smoother your cuts will be, but at the same time, they will not be the fastest. Since there are so many teeth working to give you a smooth finish, expect it to take a little time.

On the other hand, if you have a lower TPI, it means you can storm through your work, but the finish will not be very smooth. So it all depends on your preference, and how you want your logs to come out looking.


Handles are usually overlooked where the blades take the most focus. But handles should be given equal importance, since this is where you control your blade from. Without a well-suited handle, your work efficiency and speed will lag.

Look at the shape of the handle and if it provides a good grip. Some are curved, some have a space for your thumb to rest while you work. There are many more designs are available today that make them ergonomic and easy to use.

The length of the handle matters. The handle should accommodate your hand comfortably. So opt for one that is neither too big nor too small.

The material of the handle is also important. Rubber is the most common one, and most loved as well. They are easy to hold on to, provide a really strong grip, and can absorb shocks from the sawing really well without letting it get to your hands. Rubber is also weather-resistant, so you can use it in the cold or the rain. you would not lose grip and the material will not degrade either.

Hardened Blade

Impulse or Induction hardening is where the ‘teeth’ of the blades are hardened to make them stronger. As heat is used, the teeth become harder as well as sharper. And they can retain this sharpness for much longer than regular blades.

At the same time, the rest of the blade stays the same. That part is not hardened because that would make the whole saw brittle.

So you get a hardened, sharpened and strong teeth, while the rest of the blade stays flexible as before for better performance. Not all blades have this quality, but it is something you can look for if you want extra sharpness in the blades.


Different blades have different lengths, and what you go for depends on the thickness of your logs. If they have a large diameter, a longer blade will help you get through them fast, where a shorter one will take longer.

Since you cannot always know what your logs will be like, we recommend going for something that is neither too long, nor too short, so it can easily be used on most of your logs.

Safety Features

When it comes to using tools like saws, it is of high importance that you look at the safety features they come with. This includes having a case, using which you can carry the sharp tool without damaging your bag.

If the saw is one that folds, make sure it has a proper locking system. Without it, you might fall victim to accidents where it opens and closes with arm movement.


So that was all about handsaws for cutting logs. We hope you found this informative guide helpful!

If you are a beginner, check out the buying guide at the end of the list. Even though all of these listed saws are great at their jobs, one or two models will speak to you and fit your needs more than others.

All you need to do is spend some time researching to find the right fit for you. This includes checking out the frequency of your use, if you plan on using this for other jobs and so on.

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