Best Heat Gun in 2023: Our Unbiased Opinion Based on Research

When you need to heat something, nothing is better than a heat gun. The automotive heat gun is the Swiss-army knife for a wide variety of heat applications from science labs to home improvements and industrial projects.

Are you worried about the shrink pipe or thawing plastic plastics? Or are you fantasized to build a creative dream world but can’t bend the small materials?

The heat guns come with several heat temperature settings for handling specific tasks.

However, many people think of doing the same tasks by using a hairdryer. Though heat guns work like hair dryers, they are not the same for steaming hot air. A heat gun is a handy tool in the shape of a weapon.

Here, we have compiled a list of the best heat guns based on required features such as power, temperature, safety features, nozzles and obviously the price. Our expert team has spent hundreds of hours in researching, using and experiencing various models to bring out the best one to the users.

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What Is A Heat Gun?

A heat gun is a powerful and handy tool that produces hot air. Though a hair dryer resembles the heat gun, it’s not the all in all for this power tool. It is a useful tool to accomplish all sorts of home repairs such as softening old paints, removing colors, shrinking tubes, tinting windows or removing adhesives.

So, why is heat gun ahead of any other hot air producer? We think the best advantage is that the heat gun never produces any flame, but you get the desired amount of heat. Also, it is very safe to use. In fact, the heat gun is perfect for you unless you want a flame-producing gun. Even, you can’t deny that almost everyone hates flame because of the danger it may cause. By the way, the guns are available both in corded and cordless.

A heat gun has many uses, and most of them are the daily basis. So, a handy tool like this at your hand may make your tasks easy and comfortable. Here are some ways you can use a heat gun:

Packaging: Wrapping shrink and removing old labeling are two much-needed tasks in the industry. Here, an industrial heat gun can play a pivotal role in the tasks.

Aerospace: Constructing an airplane wing is a complicated job. So, using a master appliance heat gun can easily use MonoKate materials efficiently.

Creative works: If you’re a creative artist and want to build your dream world, this heat gun will make it easier. By using this handy tool, you can blow the ice layers of the deep freezers, brew a cup of coffee or prepare grilled cheese, crème Brule or other tasty foods. In fact, you can bend plastics, iron rods or jewelry to fulfill prepare your creative crafts.

Automotive: In the automotive industry, a heat gun is an essential tool. It works well for removing wrinkles, repairing tears, softening adhesive or removing decals. Also, you can apply or remove window tint and to restore faded plastics with the help of this stunning tool.

Service Industry: The extreme heat produced by the heat gun can be a great tool for sanitizing or hating liquids and gases. The precise and controlled temperature helps to bend PVC, heating gases, and many other household chores.

Best Heat Guns Reviews

As heat gun is a necessary tool that provides heat and helps you to accomplish your tasks, regulating such tool needs lenient safety regulations that you can’t get from cheap, normal and unauthorized products. Here, we have compiled a list of the best automotive heat gun that comes with all necessary features within an affordable price.

1. DEWALT D26960K Heavy Duty Heat Gun with LCD Display

DEWALT D26960K Heavy Duty Heat Gun with LCD Display

Dewalt is considered as the market king of the power tools for many astonishing features. It is a heavy duty heat gun with an LCD that allows users to see the temperature and adjust it. Also, you can set the temperature to 50°F increments from 150° to 1100°F. So, it can be a handy tool to accomplish all sorts of jobs such as welding plastic, stripping of paint, thawing frozen pipes or reworking circuitry.

The ergonomic design and comfortable grip make it cozy for long time use. It also comes with built-inch overload protection that keeps the heating element under control. It also prevents the inner elements from burning up. Along with the heat protection, the built-inch ring provides convenient storage. In addition to the built-inch ring, it has an innovative kickstand that provides stability.

Moreover, this heat gun comes with two heat settings for professional uses as well as for home uses. As it is also used as a home device, it has many salient safety features to protect the novice from any unwanted incident.

By now you’ll be wondering to know the durability of the heat gun. As it is lightweight, you can take it anywhere where you need it. No matter it is for professional uses or an enthusiastic task. Especially, the trigger is designed ergonomically so that it can handle any heavy or light job.

And here is the most important part. Make no mistake about the cord. As the body is crafted with solid plastic, it protects the cord from being detached while in use. Do you want it more versatile? If so, stick with me here. The package includes 12 pieces of accessories so that an as DIY enthusiast, you can never pay additional bucks for little home chores.

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2. Wagner 0503059 Furno 300 Heat Gun

Wagner 0503059 Furno 300 Heat Gun

If you want a heat gun that can withstand for years, the Wagner Furno 0503059 will be the best. It is newly redesigned for the best of both at homes and at the workshops. The 1200 watts heat gun is the best regarding the money in the value for some projects like bending plastics, removing paint and flooring, loosening rusted bolts, thawing pipes and many more.

The versatile heat gun comes with two heat settings such as 750°F and 1000°F. The temperature is easily switchable, and you can access any desired temperature that is easy to handle. Remember that you can’t accomplish all your works by setting a static temperature as different things require a different temperature.

For instances, the 750° Fahrenheit temperature works efficiently for thawing pipes or defrosting deep freezers. On the contrary, the 1000° Fahrenheit is the best setting for shaping plastic pipe, stripping paint or loosening rusty bolts. By the way, you can’t use this heat gun for arts and crafts projects as it provides high hot air.

It’s pretty obvious once you think about the weight of the heat gun. As it weighs only 1.9 pounds, it is extremely lightweight and portable to carry around with you. You can take it in your kit bag both for workshops or home projects. Moreover, the sturdy plastic body is free from rust and corrosion. Also, it protects the inner parts from premature wear and tears. Hence, it is durable for years and saves your bucks.

This is the part where almost everyone pays a deep look, and it is the value for the money. This versatile heat gun is designed ergonomically not only to provide comfort and balance but also to reduce fatigue. So, you can work for a long time precisely without losing your concentration. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the heat gun integrates a stand that helps to operate safe and secured hands-free operation.

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3. DEWALT D26950 Heat Gun

DEWALT D26950 Heat Gun

If you want a compact and lightweight heat gun with a large amount of heat, DEWALT D26950 is designed to meet your demands. The corded tool offers a wide variety of applications with the safe and powerful operation. It also features overload temperature protection to control unexpected accidents. Hence, the professionals, as well as DIY enthusiasts, like it for the convenient uses.

The D26950 Heat Gun is ergonomically designed and comfortable to use for its comfort grip. It never makes you feel fatigue because of the easy user manual. Also, the body is crafted from solid plastic that protects the elements inside the gun. In addition to that, it comes with 10 feet power cord with a sturdy protector that protects you and your materials.

Featuring an innovative kickstand, the heat gun ensures durability for convenient uses. It also allows the users to control variable temperature settings. Besides, you can prevent the tip over of the gun for the additional feature of the innovative kickstand. Moreover, the heat gun comes with a built-in hang ring that makes for convenient storage.

As the D26950 is a 1550 watts powered heat gun, it can easily heat up to 120° Fahrenheit to 1100° Fahrenheit. The special temperature control unit controls a large amount of heat. But the control unit is placed in the rear of the gun which is not easily operated. The built-in overload protection that comes with the heat gun controls the excessive heat by shutting down the heating elements. By this way, it prevents anything to burn up.

Though it is a premium grade heat gun, don’t get confused by assuming it a higher priced home tool. Instead, it is an affordable cost home tool that is designed superbly for home tasks as well as other outdoor projects. Ultimately, it is a must-have tool for DIY enthusiasts to accomplish the inner creative thoughts.

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4. Porter-Cable PC1500hg 1500-Watt Heat Gun

Porter-Cable PC1500hg 1500-Watt Heat Gun

Are you looking for a high-powered Heat gun at a budget-friendly price? The Porter-Cable works exactly the same way you want. It comes with dual fan speed selector with variable temperature control. The selector delivers both high and low fan speed settings while the variable temperature control adjusts the temperature for a wide of varieties.

As this is a powerful 1500 watts tool, you can get a high temperature with a concentrated power to complete your task precisely. As we have mentioned above that the gun has a dual fan speed selector, you can control the heat settings and the fan speed separately. So, when you need quick cooling, the higher speed will help you in this case.

On, the contrary, low speed helps to concentrate high temperature to get the work done quickly. Hence, the fan speed settings and temperature settings make the gun useful for a wide variety of applications.

Most of the time, you need a hands free use of the heat gun, and here the Porter-Cable PC1500hg knows you well. So, it integrates an integrated hand that allows you for hands-free use while working with other materials. Moreover, the built-in ring clip included with the cord is easy to peg after when the project is done. You can store the materials in the integrated hanging hook.

As the gun weighs only 2 pounds, it offers a fatigue-free holding while working. Moreover, the 6 feet cord integrated with the lightweight heat gun makes it portable and flexible for different projects. So, we ensure that it is a perfect tool for a wide variety of applications such as welding plastics, bending plastic pipes, removing adhesive tiles as well as paints, shrinking plastic tubes and so on.

But that’s not all. Don’t forget the primary and foremost specification of a heat gun. The temperature range of the gun is from 110° to 1100° Fahrenheit. So, you can get a maximum of 1100° Fahrenheit temperature which is quite great for such a budget-friendly heat gun.

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5. Astro 9425 Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit

Astro 9425 Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit

If you want a heat gun with all necessary accessories in a package, the Astro Pneumatic Dual Temperature Heat Gun is designed for you. It comes with everything required so that you needn’t buy any additional things. As it is a complete heat gun, it is very handy to accomplish all kinds of projects at home or work.

This heat gun works perfectly for which it is made. It comes with two heat settings, and the temperature range is 572° to 932° Fahrenheit. So, the low temperature works sufficiently for the home improvements while the high temperature is very effective for concentrated projects at work. Moreover, the double insulation ensures the safety while using the gun.

Made from solid and sturdy plastic, this heat gun ensures stability and durability with a long lifespan. It is rust-resistant and corrosion-free which can withstand for frequent use. Also, the package comes with several accessories such as small and large deflector nozzle, reflector and reduction nozzle. The units help to accomplish all projects for DIY enthusiasts and part time contractors.

Or even better, the gun comes with a 6 feet power cord that can be easily moved. So, you can easily weld floor tiles or strip paint without adding a socket or power source. Though it works with huge power, it makes a little noise and vibration. Finally, you are ensured with the safety because the heat gun meets all necessary safety certificates.

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6. Tacklife HGP70AC Heavy Duty Heat Gun

Tacklife HGP70AC Heavy Duty Heat Gun

Tacklife is one of the leading manufacturers who leads the power tools industry with such innovative products. Like other innovations, Tacklife HGP70AC is a versatile heavy duty heat gun that meets your heating needs precisely. In fact, it is a perfect and qualitative home tool to improve the life.

The heat gun comes with three temperature settings that are ideal to accomplish all three purposes such as low (defrosting deep freezers), medium (saturating the shrink tubes) and high (removing paint from walls and floor). Manufacturing with high-quality ABS materials makes it stable and durable.

The professional power tool has 1500 watts to provide strong power while steaming hot air. It can work up to 500 hours at a stretch which is a much-needed feature for the construction or industrial projects. Also, it can heat up to 1022° Fahrenheit within seconds. Not only higher temperature, but it also has two other temperature settings such as 122°F for low and 752°F for medium temperature. For this, this heat gun can meet most of the heating applications, probably all of your projects.

Furthermore, the built-in overload protection can protect the heating machine from being destroyed while it is misused or wrongly operated. So, we can surely say that it is safer and reliable even for the novice and unskilled users.

Moreover, it comes with all necessary accessories, i.e., four different nozzles such as spoon reflector nozzle, cone nozzle, fishtail nozzle and BBQ lighter. It abstains you from buying additional tools for welding, drying, thawing, shrinking heat, and blending plastics and so on. Also, the heat gun is designed in such a way that heat dissipation can cool down the motor quickly and efficiently.

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7. Pit Bull CHIGH0014UL 1200W Electric Heat Gun and Paint Stripper

Pit Bull CHIGH0014UL 1200W Electric Heat Gun and Paint Stripper

If you are light-duty user for an affordable price heat gun, the Pit Bull CHIGH0014UL will perfectly suit you. Before going into the deep, we must ensure you that this one is not designed and made for heavy-duty use. So, don’t waste your money by purchasing it for heavy-duty use.

By the way, the heat gun is constructed from sturdy materials that give stability. Also, this model is designed in such a way that can provide enough ventilation. As a result, you needn’t touch it while operating. The operating switch is positioned in a good place that is easy to use.

Moreover, the heat gun comes with enough accessories such as two deflectors and two reducers. So, in most cases, you can do your home improvements without pay for anything else. Furthermore, if you need a higher temperature along with faster airflow, this will make an excellent choice for its greater power.

This is the point where everybody wants the desired feature. The heat gun can provide up to 580° Fahrenheit temperature that is sufficient for all medium-sized jobs. With this gun, you can set adhesives, form plastics, bend plastic pipes, shrink films and many more things. The faster airflow will make your job done earlier and save time.

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8. Wagner 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun

Wagner 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun

Do you need a high-powered and high-temperature heat gun? Wagner 0503008 fits perfectly as your demands as it is a 1200 watts high-temperature heat gun. It comes with two temperature settings such as 750-degree and 1000-degree Fahrenheit. Both temperature settings are easily accessible and controllable through the ergonomically designed handle.

The heat gun can sustain for years for its robust materials and 4100 BTU power capacity. As it has different temperature settings, it can be a handy tool for home improvements as well as projects at work. It will be useful for thawing frozen pipes, removing paints and old floors on the walls, loosening rusty bolts or bending plastic materials.

Sometimes all you need to carry the heat gun around for different places for different projects. As it weighs only 1.9 pounds, you can carry it around comfortably. Yet, the weight is light, and the design is handy to make it durable and stable. Also, the sturdy materials made nozzle resists corrosion and rust for smooth operation.

Furthermore, the heat gun possesses 2 fan speeds along with the two temperature settings. Hence, it can concentrate on the center of the project and accomplish it precisely. The ergonomically designed handle grip is comfortable to hold in versatile positions that relieve from fatigue. Moreover, it integrates a hanging hook that is easy to control and peg. It also ensures safety to the users from unwanted incidents.

And do you want to know the best part? We think you must like the lowest noise and the smallest vibration that the heat gun produces. Even the first-time users can operate the handy tool effectively without any fear and engineering skill.

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9. Mini Hot Air Gun, ZeopoCase Portable Mini Heat Gun

Mini Hot Air Gun, ZeopoCase Portable Mini Heat Gun

If you want a precise finish in your work with comparatively lower power heat gun, the ZeopoCase is designed considering in the sense of you. It is a 300 watts multi-functional tool that is easy to use. Also, the heat gun can produce up to 200° Fahrenheit temperature so quickly that is incomparable with the available other competitors. Though the temperature setting is static and you can’t adjust the temperature, this 200-degree ensures a precise finish.

So, how should you use this mini hot air gun to get your works done? Stay with us here. You should heat the project at a 45-degree angle until the task is completed by standing at least 5-6 inch away from the project. It ensures safety as well as completes the works precisely.

By contrast of low power, the electrical heat tool is made of high-quality ABS plastic outside of the body while stainless steel is used to build the inside. So, it is lightweight and simple to use. Also, the handing part requires small energizing that causes safe hand holding.

As it is a 300 watts low power heat gun, you can’t use it for hefty projects. Instead, it is best for using on home improvements such as heating shrinkable film, wrapping and drying paint, embossing powder and rubber stamp. Also, you can replace your oven or toaster with this handy mini hot air gun as it also makes the polymer clay bright and hard. Ultimately, it is an affordable tool to replace your oven, in addition, to complete other DIY projects with the same tool.

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10. ProTect 1500W 9-Piece Heat Gun Kit in Carry Case

ProTect 1500W 9-Piece Heat Gun Kit in Carry Case

ProTect 1500W heat gun is a basic designed tool to accomplish your tasks properly. It is an ideal and general purpose handy tool that performs for numerous projects from home to workshop. As it provides 1500 watts power, you can do any heating related task quickly and effectively with this hot air gun. Besides, the ultra-heating power produced by the heat gun apply focus on removing paint, bending plastics, thawing pipes or loosening rusted bolts.

In addition to the power, the heat gun comes with two heat settings and two fan speed selector settings. So, this combination works simultaneously for any heating needed projects. Moreover, you can apply the settings separately for a wide variety of applications.

Most importantly, the 1500 watts powered heat gun provides both 750° Fahrenheit and 1000° Fahrenheit temperature. If you need a lower temperature for thawing frozen pipes or defrosting freezers, this 750° Fahrenheit setting works perfectly. On the contrary, 1000° Fahrenheit temperature setting is the perfect fit for stripping paint from walls, floors or furniture, loosening rusted bolts and nuts, and bending plastic pipes to any shape.

Constructed with robust and sturdy materials, the ProTect Heat Gun has a long lifespan with amazing and cool features. It is stable in service as long as you can handle it carefully. Moreover, the handle of the gun is gripped well so that it can fit in any hand. It also ensures safety while using it on heating on any project.

Not only the dual fan with selection facility but also overheating protection control makes it a safe and sound tool for the novice and DIY enthusiasts. You are free from worried about burning your projects and materials up by using this heat gun. This safety feature makes it the best-rated heat gun in the market.

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Tips: How To Choose a Heat Gun

Heat guns are handy home or industrial tool to accomplish heat-related projects. They serve for different purposes from removing paint from roasting coffee. So, all sorts of heat guns won’t be the same. As dozens of hot air guns are available in the market, finding the best one to meet your purpose is quite laborious and time-consuming. Also, if you are a skilled person on this issue, you may be fooled by getting wrecked equipment.

Hence, we recommend you to have a deep look at the following things before buying your heat gun.


Watt denotes the power of the motor. Most of the heat guns are electric powered and come with a cord. The corded heat guns have several feet extension wires. But, cordless models are available for portability to the remote project. However, always keep in mind that the higher the watt is, the more power the motor is.

By the way, you will find four types of heat guns such as gas powered, infrared powered, industrial and electrical hot air guns.

Gas: Among them, the gas power is a perfect tool where electricity is not available. Instead, it operates on a fuel cell such as butane cartridge. However, the gas-powered airguns come with different models and sizes with temperature capabilities. In fact, as they are small in size, they are perfect for using home improvements.

Infrared: Instead of emitting hot air, the infrared heat gun emits infrared to get the projects done. It requires comparatively lower power as it provides lower temperature than other types of heat guns. Usually, the infrared heat gun provides a temperature range from 400° to 600° Fahrenheit. By the way, it is an astounding tool for those who don’t like toxic fume. Also, this type of heat gun is relatively affordable in price.

Electric: This is the widely used heat guns. They come with cord or cordless. They have several temperatures ranges from 150° Fahrenheit to 1200° Fahrenheit. In fact, you can find several models, sizes, temperature capacity and many more of this electric powered heat guns. However, they are not only cheap but also sturdy.

Industrial: Industrial heat guns are not the distinctive powered heat guns instead they are either gas powered or electric powered. Among all the heat guns, those which are made for big projects in the industry, they are popularly known as industrial heat guns. They are robust, sturdy, large and of course expensive. In fact, these guns are mainly used in heavy industrial or construction projects. But, you must be ensured about the heat delivery control and self-calibration while using such big machines.


The temperature range varies for different sizes and power. It depends on the making capacity of the heat guns. While most of the heat guns stream heat from 200° Fahrenheit to 1200° Fahrenheit, the industrial heat guns provide even much more temperature. So, decide the temperature you need first before purchasing your desired heat gun.


Different types of nozzles are available, and you have to make sure which nozzle you want. There are six nozzles such as a cone, built-in scraper, glass protector, spoon reflector, fishtail and flat nozzle. Among them, the cone nozzle is used to concentrate on a particular area while fishtail covers a wide area of heating.

On the other hand, glass protector prevents window glass while doing removal projects. Also, the spoon reflector assists in bending or thawing pipes along with heating in small areas.

Besides, the flat or surface nozzle comes to concentrate or extend heat for precise measurement. But, remember that nozzle plays the vital job for getting the project done accurately and effectively.


Accessories are the additional tools which are essential to complete various projects. Some of the models come with additional accessories while some come with only the heat gun. In this situation, you may need to buy additional accessories. Here is the problem you may face. The accessories you’ll buy additionally may not fit with yours one. So, it is better to buy a complete heat gun with required accessories.

Safety Features

Safety should be the main concern while you decide to purchase a home improvement tool. A heat gun can be dangerous as well as hazardous if you fail to choose the best heat gun. Safety features include the automatic sensor that is used for automatically shutting down when the temperature reaches to the dangerous level.

Along with the automatic sensor, some models come with auto-calibration and hands-free stand to make it cool. However, never compromise with the safety features while working with fire, water, and electricity.


Size matters in everything and for the heat gun, it matters the most. The industrial heat gun is the more powerful and large than any other guns. It is used for large industrial and construction projects. Not only hefty in size, but also high in price. The gun comes with high temperature and power.

On the other hand, the smaller heat gun comes with moderate temperature and power, so as the price. It is mostly used for home improvements. Materially, the size matters for the power and the speed of the heat gun.

1. What Is The Difference Between A Heat Gun And A Hair Dryer?

Ans. Both the hair dryers and the heat guns are electric devices which emit hot air. The hair dryer is used to blow hot air to dry wet hair while the heat gun streams much more temperature for home improvements to commercial purposes. So, they are not the same in the contexts of uses though sometimes one is used for the absence of another. For instances, hair dryers are mostly used in, drying hair and sometimes used in roasting coffee if there is not a heat gun available. On the contrary, the heat gun should never be used in drying make hair as it can burn the hair out completely.

A heat gun is mostly an electric device that streams hot air. Though it resembles a hair dryer, the trigger at the button gives it gun-like shape with a nozzle on the top. Normally a heat gun emits air with a temperature range of 150° Fahrenheit to 1000° Fahrenheit. But, the commercial ones can emit air at 1400° Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, a hair dryer is an electromechanical device that can stream both hot and cool air. It is mostly used in drying hair after a shower. It is designed in such a way that helps to accelerate the evaporation of water and make the hair dry. Mostly the temperature is below than 100° Fahrenheit.

In fact, the main difference between a heat gun and a hairdryer is the air temperature they emit.

2. How Hot Is The Heat Gun?

Ans. A heat gun is a powerful tool that is used for home improvements and commercial projects. The normal heat gun has about 150° Fahrenheit to 750°. It is used for personal projects such as building creative things, bending pipes, thawing plastics, etc. Also, it is powerful yet inexpensive.

On the contrary, the industrial or commercial version is more powerful and expensive that streams a high-temperature hot air. The peak temperature it emits with the air is around 1100° Fahrenheit and even hotter. It is used mainly for big commercial projects in the industrial area.

But for the most cases. An average temperature of the air that heat gun emits is 750° Fahrenheit. It is set in such a moderate temperature so that the novice or unskilled user needn’t set it manually.

3. How Does A Hot Air Gun Work?

Ans. Though a heat gun looks like a hairdryer, the inner particles, and manufacturing way isn’t the same way. Even some particles used in the heat gun never be used in the hair dryer. However, the way a heat gun works is similar to the hair dryer, a fan(s) pulls air inside the heat gun and emits it through the nozzle after driving the air across the electric heating element. So, the emitted air is quite hot as the temperature is set.

4. How Doable Is Replacing The Battery With A Heat Gun?

Ans. Though you can replace the battery by using a microwavable heating pad, it may require more time. Instead of using a heat gun can be easy and time-efficient. When you want to replace it, apply heat to the phone. When it is extremely hot, then press the battery to the phone. The whole process takes a few minutes to get completed. Also, you are free from worried about wasting the new battery.

5. How Much Cord Should I Buy To Use With The Heat Gun?

Ans. At first, let me clear about this fact. Every heat gun comes with sufficient cord to accomplish your goals. It may be 6 feet to 20 feet. If you want a longer cord, you may not be able to add to the heat gun.

Instead, you can use the cord to bring the power source near to your project, and from the socket, you can connect the heat gun. By the way, always remember that the heat gun usually requires more power. So, you should buy cords with low impedance.

6. Does The Heat Gun Produce Much Noise?

Ans. When you work with the power, it is obvious to produce noise. You can’t avoid it but applying some features can lessen the noise. Expectedly some models come with salient features to reduce the noise without compromising the power and temperature. So, find the best automotive heat gun when you decide to purchase the gun.

Final Words

The heat gun is a versatile home improvement tool yet inexpensive that help you in any DIY projects from bending the pipes to fixing industrial material. Heat gun will be the best in use while it is used properly.

Though all the heat guns look similar, the best ones are apart from others in quality.

Please keep in mind it can be dangerous to the human as well as the animals if it is wrongly operated. It is advised to know how to use it safely.

Maintaining an electrically powered tool is quite hard, you should follow the manual first and be skilled in operating it.

So, buy the best heat gun, operate and maintain it correctly and BE CREATIVE.

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