10 Best Keyhole Saw- Unlimited Buying Guide for 2023

You definitely know, nothing can be silly than getting all relevant tools before going to start any project. Similarly, a keyhole saw is such an essential item to have in drywall projects. Different types of drywall are there, and you will need the saw to work with all of them.

Just bear in mind, it is a must-have item for the drywall project. We are sure you want to get such a saw that gives you superior performance and eases your job. But getting a better quality saw might not an easy task for you always as there are countless options for you. It is an important reason for publishing this guide as you can have higher functioning and a better quality keyhole saw.

What Is Keyhole Saw?

A keyhole saw is also known to the drywall professionals as a jab saw, Aligator saw, and also padsaw. Usually, the saw has a long narrow blade and handle. The handle is mostly made of either plastic or wood. And the blade contains sharp teeth. The saw is available in two types; fixed blade and replaceable blade.

It is used to cut through the drywall, softer wood, and even cement board. It also works on plastic, rubber, carpet, or other thin materials. Usually, it is used for making holes for pipes, wires, electric switches, and other openings.

Reviews of The 10 Best Keyhole Saws

The saws are available in various qualities. Naturally, all are not the same in terms of strength, durability, and functionality. But do you expect the low-quality item that may become useless? Not only you, nobody wants to get such an item never. Let’s have a look at below and find out the saw for you, which offers superior quality and better function.

1. Milwaukee 48-22-0304 6 Inch Drywall and Plaster Rasping Jab Saw

Milwaukee 48-22-0304

This Milwaukee Jab Saw is an excellent tool for renovation or demolition jobs in drywall or plaster projects. It can also be used in masonry projects and smoothening harder surfaces like metal or rock.

The dual teeth blade of this saw is designed for fast sawing. You can cut the workpiece with this saw faster than other typical cutting tools. But remember it is not made for introducing through the thick materials. Ensure the workpiece is thin and not so harder.

The handle rubber padded, and it has a notched tip. The rubber grip gives you complete control over the handle even in slippery conditions.  The handle also has a thick and elevated portion at the blade end, which prevents your hand from going to the blade side. Thus, it gives you grip and safety.

Rasping holes are the special features of this unique item. The holes are built into the side of the flat pommel, which makes the knife easier to handle. It lets you expand holes easier and faster.


  • It doesn’t slip even in a slippery condition.
  • The blade is insanely sharp.
  • The rasping holes are useful in expanding holes.


  • The price tag is not affordable.

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2. 6″ Precision Jab Saw w/Soft Grip Handle

6 Precision Jab Saw

It is a professional grade jab saw that is premium quality built and provides superior performance. It is designed such a way to give longer service to the users. After knowing the features and characteristics, you also understand how good it is!

The blade material is heavy-duty, high rigid carbon steel that will not blend during operation. At the same time, it is tempered and hardened to stay the blade sharp for longer service life. The cross ground teeth are also designed for cutting faster in both pull and push direction. Besides, the deep gullets between the teeth also eliminate all the material.

How comfortably you can use the tool is greatly depends on the handle. That is why the handle is made ergonomic, lightweight, and impact resistant. It also has a soft grip that minimizes fatigue and lets you use for all day long. It also has a large handle guard that gives your better safety. A large hole is made on the handle for hanging the tool.

It is the saw that is made by the professional, and it is also made for the professionals. And it is made to exceed your expectations. Now check the advantages and disadvantages then decide.


  • The tempered and hardened carbon steel blade will not blend.
  • Lightweight, soft-grip, and impact resistant ergonomic handle is designed for all day long use.
  • A large handguard provides safety.


  • The tip may break in case of a penetrating though sheet.

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3. Stanley 15-556 Jab Saw

Stanley 15-556 Jab Saw

Stanley is widely known for producing quality products. And this Stanley keyhole saw is one of them. The tool has everything to give you excellent results in cutting drywall or other similar projects.

The teeth of the blade are designed to acquire quicker and easier cut. Many particles come from the material you cut. They block the blade and make the blade harder to move. But the particles don’t accumulate in this blade because of the teeth structure. That is the reason we recommend this for you.

The handle is made ergonomically, and it is cushioned. It is made such in this way to give you better comfort so that you can work comfortably.

Now, look at the tip. It is sharp and pointed, which makes plunge cuts easily. But you shouldn’t try to plunge the tip through any thick or hardened materials; otherwise, it may break. However, it might be a great choice for you if you want to acquire precision cuts every time.


  • Sharp pointed end makes plunge cut easily.
  • The blade is sharp enough for a faster cut.
  • Easy to handle and comfortable to use.


  • The blade can be affected by corrosion.

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4. Shark 10-2206 Rockeater Drywall Saw

Shark 10-2206 Rockeater Drywall Saw

The quality of this kind of saw primarily depends on the blade. Also, the handle plays an important role. We’ve reviewed these two important facts and also considered some other features; then, we place the saw here. Let’s talk about all of that.

It contains a high-quality carbon steel blade. And the blade contains diamond ground teeth, which are insanely sharp. Not done yet, the top of the blade is also very sharp for plunge cutting. After all, you will get a smooth and comfortable cutting experience from this tool.

Besides, the teeth have two cutting edges that ensure cutting in both push and pull direction. This feature ensures fast and smooth cutting than the other saws.

Now, look at the handle design. It is curved, and it has one more groove for the finger to place. This prevents slip. The blade side end of the handle has a large handguard that provides safety. And the other end contains a hole containing hanging lace. After all, it provides you ultimate cutting experience and maximum comfort. You can definitely get this tool for drywall work or remodeling purposes.


  • Anti-slip handle and handguard provide safety.
  • The carbon steel construction blade remains sharp even after long use.
  • Ideal for cutting circles.


  • The blade is thick and not good for a precise cut.

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5. LENOX Tools Jab Saw, Folding

LENOX Tools Jab Saw, Folding

All the previous saws are the same category in terms of the fixity of the blade. Their blades are fixed with the handle. But it is different from all the previous items. Let’s know all about this folding item.

A high-quality steel blade is the cutting tool of this saw. All the teeth of the blade are not equally made for a better cutting result. And the blade can also cut the drywall and other similar items faster and smoother than the ordinary saw.

The handle is made of cast aluminum and has a groove for sealing the blade into it. It also has a locking mechanism that eliminates the chance of moving the blade during cutting. Compared to the other saws, it is safer for you because you can keep safe the blade into the handle.

It gives you the opportunity to cut drywall and also some other materials such as wood, plaster, plastic, and metal also. So, if you want to get a keyhole saw for wood cutting, you can get it. Besides, it also fulfills the requirements of the metal cutting keyhole saw. We think you should not avoid it if you need such a saw that can be used in cutting various types of materials.


  • The aluminum locking mechanism holds the blade fixed while cutting.
  • Ideal for cutting drywall, plastic, plaster, and even metal.
  • It can be used instead of a hacksaw.


  • Difficult to change the blade.

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6. DEWALT DWHT20123 2-in-1 Folding Jab Saw

DEWALT DWHT20123 2-in-1 Folding Jab Saw

Ask anyone who has used this saw; he can say the saw is how durable, efficient, and convenient. It is something like the highest quality tool for the drywall or other cutting materials.

We’ve given places for many saws in this list, but it is exceptional from them regarding some features. The blade contains triple ground teeth that deliver rapid cutting performance, and at the same time, the rasp blade removes the particles while cutting. The stainless steel edge of the blade is also rust-resistant.

Just look, the design of the saw is not typically similar to the other items. It is structured to have two blades. Ne blade cuts plane edge, and the other one is used for cutting drywall. This is designed because of getting perfection in different cuttings. Doesn’t it get you benefitted?

The tool also has a small room for the blades to fold. Just fold the blades into the handle, and then you can keep it in your pocket also. The locking mechanism locks the blade, which prevents uncontrolled injuries. So, as a convenient, durable, and efficient tool, it is really a remarkable tool for drywall projects.


  • Triple ground teeth ensure faster cuts.
  • It contains two blades for different cuts with precision.
  • The locking mechanism locks the blades and keeps the blades safe.


  • A bit expensive.

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7. GreatNeck 4932 Double Edge Wallboard Saw, 6 Inch

GreatNeck 4932 Double Edge Wallboard Saw

Before going to the other details, let’s talk about the information contained in the title. Look at the neck of the saw; it is circular in shape and large. The neck also prevents your hands from going near to the blade. That means it is a safety feature for you also.

Besides, it is a double edge saw. The blade is made of hardened and tempered steel, which stays sharper for a longer time. As both edges contain sharp teeth, it can make a plunge cut easier, and you can use both sides to cut.

Now come to the other features. The handle contains an oversized rubber grip. That is why the handle stays in your hand, even in a slippery condition. At the same time, the oversize rubber grip also reduces fatigue and stiffness of your hand even on long use. Not done yet, the handle also has got a hole for the easy storing purpose of this equipment.

The tool is ideal for making fine finishing hole, and at the same time, it gives you exceptional cutting performance. Anybody can use this, but it is highly recommended for you if you are a DIY professional.


  • Hardened and tempered steel blade cuts any material easily.
  • Rust-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Compared to the other similar quality saws, its price is very cheap.


  • Nothing significant.

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8. Klein Tools 31737 Drywall Saw

Klein Tools 31737

Klein Tools 31737 is another example of a good quality keyhole saw. There are many reasons for placing this item on this list, and the notable causes are given below.

The blade of this cutting tool is made of good quality carbon steel. The strength of the blade is enough sturdy, similar to the fixed blade. And the triple ground teeth are designed for faster cuts. The teeth are designed in a way as it can cut in both directions; push and pull. It’s a good feature, undoubtedly.

Furthermore, the blade is foldable that you know. The foldable design is much safer than fixed. If you fold the blade into the handle, it is quite safe as there is no chance of uncontrolled fold out. Besides, you can use the blade at 125 degrees and the full flexed position 180 degrees. It is also a great option for you.

And finally, let’s talk about the handle design and its grip. The handle of this saw is non-slip and cushioned, which offers better control. In the end, you can make precise and finest cuts every time using this excellent tool.


  • Compact design and doesn’t take much space.
  • The blade opens at two different angles.
  • Easy to use and durable.


  • The tip may break on much pressure.

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9. 6-Inch Jab Saw for Wallboard, Drywall, Plywood, and Plastic

6-Inch Jab Saw

Do you want to get such a tool that is simply designed and made for giving fast and smooth cutting performance? If so, you should read this review very carefully.

Just look at the saw, your eyes will get the pint at first that is simplicity. Ye, its design is very simple. The blade contains triple ground teeth at one edge, and the other edge is plain. You can also tap on the plain end of the tool while cutting. You can also tap with the hammer for digging through the materials.

Durability mainly depends on blade quality. And the manufacturer used a hardened carbon steel blade that ensures better durability. The blade also has a sharp pointed end, which is ideal for plunge cut or scoring.

Some saws only recommended for the drywall project, but it gives you other options also. It is equally effective for cutting plywood, plastic, wallboard, and other similar material as effective to cut drywall.


  • Cuts in the push and pull both directions.
  • Hardened carbon steel blade ensures durability.
  • Ideal for plastic, plywood, wallboard, and drywall.


  • The handle doesn’t provide much grip.

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10. TAJIMA Jab-Saw


It is our last listed product, but this one is the strong competitor of all others. Don’t think; it cannot give you expected performance as it is the last item. We are sure you will be surprised after knowing its quality and amazing features.

The Japanese tempered steel is used to make the blade. And the blade is chrome plated, which makes it rust-resistance. 1.2 mm thick blade also tells how strong it is, and the strength also indicates how durable it would be!

There are many saws in the market which has a small handle. And you know handling becomes very difficult when it has a small handle. This saw contains an oversized handle with a thick grip. The large size gives you enough space, and the grip gives you good control. It also has a hole for use in storage purposes. Do you expect any more?

Some saws also come without the blade changing option. But it gives you the option to change the blade. That means after getting the blade blunt, you can also use the saw with just changing the blade. What a great opportunity is this!


  • The hardened steel blade is rust resistance.
  • An oversized handle provides enough space.
  • Super light and insanely sharp.


  • Nothing significant.

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What Things To Looks While Buying A Keyhole Saw

The saw has only two parts; blade and handle. And you need to pay more and more attention to these two things mainly. There are some important things in these two parts, and you should consider all the things carefully. They are listed below.

Blade Material And The Tooth

The blade quality depends on the material it is constructed. Steel and carbon steel both are good for blade construction but don’t buy the saw that may get damaged by rust and corrosion.

You may have noticed we have given common information about all the saws is the type of the tooth grind. Some blade contains double-ground teeth, and some contain triple ground. Double ground teeth contain dual cutting surface, and triple contains three. Remember, the more ground blade, the better the cutting result.

Length of The Blade

The blade is available in different lengths. But what is the standard size?

Well, do you have an idea about the thickness of the drywall? Most of the cases, the thickness of the drywall is less than 1 inch. Now, you say how long blade do you need to cut this thickness. We recommend 6 inches blade for regular use such as making a hole for pipe, electric switch, or others. But if you often need to make the large straight cut for removing purpose, then you may choose a long blade which I about 12 inches.

Folding Type

Many saws come with a folding blade. It is definitely a good feature, especially for storing purposes. Remember, it is always an advantageous feature, not like a must-have thing.

The Handle

The handle is mostly made by either wood or plastic/plastic. It is not an important matter of what the handle is made. What matters, the design, and the grip! The handle should design ergonomically and should have a grip that provides complete control combined over the handle. That is the perfect handle that doesn’t slip even after applying some external pressure. Beal all of these in mind and then go for a keyhole saw.

Final Words

Can you think of the purposes where the saw can be used for? We told one more time that it is often used in remodeling and renovation. But do you know it can be used in even many outdoor purposes such as camping and hiking? You may think you will use other tools if the jab saw is not available there. But you should know, perfection will never come until you use the perfect tool there.

Before ending the content, we are telling you that don’t forget to look at lest the handle, tooth type, and the blade material while buying a keyhole saw.

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