Best Knife Grinder for Beginners Reviews

The art of knife making asks for the highest quality craftsmanship and most importantly, a set of the right gear.

While you can use a file to sharpen, remove stock and flatten the metal knife, it is often a perilous task. So, if you plan to enter into the metal chiseling sector, it is high time you invest in the best knife grinder for beginners.

First off, it can sharpen and flatten knife-edge better than the file, and secondly, a beginner knife grinder comes at a relatively low price.

However, finding the most appropriate knife grinder for newbies isn’t a walk in the park.

So, we have tested multiple products and finally, decided to review these eight top-class, reasonably priced easy-to-use knife grinders for serious hobbyists and beginners.

These knife grinders will help you make new knives at ease or give the older ones a new and fresh look in no time.

Review of the Eight Best Knife Grinder for Beginners

Knife-making artistry is challenging without the right tools. So, it is a must to invest in a proper knife grinder for better results with the least effort. These knife grinders will help you with such causes.

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

First on our list is a versatile knife sharpener that will solve the mysteries of sharpening and grinding like a professional detective. Yes, you can use the Work Sharp Sharpener to grind, sharpen or filing a myriad of tools including knives, blades, shovels, scrappers, pruners and what not!

The grit belt successfully meets three sharpening requirements of medium, coarse and fine grinding. Also, the grit belt is made of abrasive material that won’t damage the steel as you sharpen it. The abrasive material further means it won’t wear out sooner.

What’s more, the grit belt is super easy to replace when gets damaged or worn out.

Next, you can perform the filing or sharpening in just no time with the precision sharpening guide of the tool. It enables you to perform quick, repeatable, accurate and consistent sharpening.

The sharpening guide facilitates 40° interior sharpening while the outdoor guide supports up to 50° bevel sharpening. The guide is quickly interchangeable, which is a huge bonus. Additionally, its capacity to work on scissors and kitchen knives makes the grinder tool ideal for home usage too.

Key Specifications:

  • 20° and 25° sharpening angle
  • 1/2X12″ abrasive size.
  • 20 minutes/hour duty cycle
  • 0.14AMP motor


  • The abrasive belt is premium quality and won’t damage the knife steel.
  • You will get accurate and consistent sharpening with the precision guide.
  • It is an ideal sharpener tool for household, kitchen, lawn and garden tools.
  • It works with standard 110V household power output.


  • Not  a suitable option for long blades
  • The belt is thin and may wear out soon

Work Sharp WSSAKO81112 Blade Grinder Attachment

If you want the sharpest blade and knife edges with the least effort and soon, we recommend you to look at the WSSAK081112 Blade Grinder. This grinder attachment is made for performance and durability.

So, you can expect some pretty heavy-duty sharpening jobs with this Work Sharp-made tool. For instance, the attachment is made from top-class material. Also, it is easily installable on the base and is easy to operate. So, you can quickly finish sharpening any household knife to make it a new one.

The blade grinder attachment works on scissors, kitchen knives, and saw blades. Therefore, you actually look at a versatile sharpener tool.

Besides the versatility and easiness at work, the tool features five different abrasive belts from the finest to the extra coarse. So, you are at liberty to choose the sharpening level to meet every requirement. You can quickly adjust the variable speed and belt change for a more controlled and accurate result, thanks to the tool’s precision-based operation.

Key Specifications:

  • 10° to 35° sharpening angle
  • 1X18″ abrasive size
  • Five different abrasiveness
  • 1200-2800 SFM adjustable speed


  • Quick belt speed and bevel adjustment for superior honing and sharpening result.
  • Cast metal engineering and polymer built for enduring heavy-duty usage.
  • The honing angle is fully adjustable with a precise 1° increment.
  • It has detailed guidelines for easy use and operations to support professional-quality sharpening.


  • It won’t work with larger blades and knives.

Kalamazoo Industries 2FSM 2″ X 48″ Abrasive Belt Sander

This is an entry-level knife grinder with powerful motor and impressive built quality. You can use the belt sander to grind and sharpen knife edges with a blazing fast quickness.

The belt sander equips with a powerful 1/2HP motor. Then, there is the 3450RPM speed rating. These two features combine perfectly for a smooth, sharpening experience. In fact, its engine is one of the most powerful in the industry.

Apart from quick sharpening, the unit also boasts off pretty impressive beveled edges. So, you will love its versatility to work with various edged angles. What’s more, it is usable with both vertical and horizontal tilts. So, you can easily accomplish sharpening in tricky angles with the tilting of the table. You can even move the platen if necessary.

Another right of the bat impression about the unit is its 2″ X48″ sander belt. While it offers a durable and abrasive grinding result, you can quickly replace it if need be.

The shield cover on the belt is there to protect you from any mishaps. But, you can remove the cover for even a more comfortable belt replacement. While it is all set to deliver you some premium-grade sharpening facility, the only drawback is its incapability to make hollow grinds.

Key Specifications:

  • ½ HP powerful motor.
  • Vertical and horizontal tilting capacity.
  • 3450 RPM belt speed
  • 2″ X48″ belt size.


  • The powerful motor quickly finishes off all grinding tasks.
  • The table tilts in both vertical and horizontal direction.
  • The belt has a shield cover to prevent any accidents.
  • It facilitates quick operation with the easy belt change.


  • The platen adjustment is time-consuming.
  • The unit is expensive.

Shop Fox W1843 Knife Belt Sander

This belt sander is a professional’s dream with extensive belt size and a monster motor. In all regards, this is a belt sander to serve the professional requirements with a pretty impressive sharpening and honing result.

Although built primarily for working on wood, you can actually use it for metal honing with a few minor and easy adjustments. So, we did not doubt placing it in the list of our best knife grinders for beginners.

The sanding tool comes with a 1HP motor and 1750 RPM speed. While the pace may seem a bit lacking, know that it facilitates an impressive 4500FPM rating. So, it works faster than anyone can anticipate in reality.

The faster sharpening is well cooperated by the smooth finish that won’t damage anytime soon. Its extended FPM rating is suitable for honing but may be a bit on the downside for forming and granulating jobs. But it’s understandable since it is built for grinding primarily.

It also comes with a practical and advantageous flexible tool holder. It lets you attach a sanding arm to work with increased movement. The unit even has a 10″ driver wheel with a rubber face. So, you will enjoy holding the unit, thanks to the ergonomic grip.

Key Specifications:

  • 1HP motor with 110V output.
  • 72″-76″ belt size.
  • 4500FPM sander belt speed
  • 14AMP single phase unit.


  • The belt changing is made quick and comfortable.
  • Its larger driver wheel supports convenient honing.
  • The motor is highly power efficient for economical use.
  • Cast iron construction ensures sturdiness and durability.


  • At over 54 pounds it is a heavyweight tool.
  • The power button is made of plastic.

Bucktool Combo 2″ x 42″ Belt Sander

Bucktool is a reliable belt sander manufacturer that efficiently creates some affordable sharpening tool to meet everyone’s budget. The continued their reputation of making such cheap yet uncompromising grinder with the 2″ X42″ belt sander.

The belt sander facilitates a tool-free belt change and adjustments. So, you get more time to focus on the work instead of wasting unnecessary time in the adjustments and replacements.

The belt track is sized 2″ X42″ for working on the large pieces of metal blades and knives. The 6″ grinding stone brings easiness in every honing job with this belt sander. On top of this, the 3.5AMP motor and 60 grit sanding offer quick and finest sharpening tasks.

You can even perform contour sanding thanks to its removable belt platen. Finally, you can position the belt action both vertically and horizontally for working on both small and large workpieces.

Bucktool has used cast iron to make the table. So, it is sturdy and stable for smooth sharpening with enhanced base support.

Key Specifications:

  • 1/3HP motor with 3.5AMP output.
  • 60 grit 6″ wheel driver
  • 2″ X42″ belt size
  • 3450RPM speed


  • It is a combination of grindstone and sand belt capacity.
  • Tools-free belt replacement and adjustment save times.
  • The cast iron construction is stable and durable.
  • The unit is suitable for working on metal, wood, and plastics even.


  • The table sometimes vibrates unless appropriately bolted.

Grizzly G1015 Knife Belt Sander

If you are a beginner in knife making artistry, you can consider using the G1-15 Knife Belt Sander from Grizzly. The belt sander is equipped with the compulsory items for a beginner level yet comfy metal chiseling job.

The unit uses a long 2″ X72″ belt sander which ensures a satisfactory and professional scale performance. And the best part is that the impressive performance comes at a fraction of the cost compared to some top picks in our list.

The tool has an all ball-bearing construction and cast iron base. Although it is more suitable for knife shaping, it can also perform other types of sanding work as well.

Additionally, the sander equips with a 1HP motor and a single-phase 110V power outlet connection. So, it runs at full capacity at a 1725RPM speed. It features 3600FPM belt speed that combines with the stealthy motor to finish off all sanding jobs quickly.

The belt sander features a quick belt release mechanism. So, it lets you focus on the actual sanding work more than in the changes and replacements. So, it is a beginner-friendly knife sanding tool. Finally, its pack comes with all the essential disks, drums, and wheel adjustments that make it, even more, cost-efficient and convenient at work.

Key Specifications:

  • 1HP motor with 110V power outlet.
  • 1725RPM speed
  • 2″ X72″ -76″ belt size
  • 8″ sanding wheel


  • The G1015 is an affordable belt sander for beginners.
  • The quick-release mechanism supports easy and comfortable belt replacement.
  • The cast iron construction ensures acceptable durability.
  • It comes with all essential equipment.


  • The tool rest is relatively small for comfort.

KKMoon Mini Belt Sander

The mini belt sander is an ideal option for homeowners and DIY knife makers to eliminate any dullness from a damaged knife quickly. Also, it works as a light-duty knife shaper. Hence, it is a multipurpose grinding tool.

You can use the belt sander for all types of DIY grinding, sharpening, and smoothening knife and scissors edges. The best thing is that you can convert it from a belt sander to a grinder in just a minute. So, you enjoy more liberty and time in the actual grinding work instead of hovering around the adjustments and conversions.

The working head is quickly changeable. Moreover, the head swivels effectively 180° to offer more chiseling options.

The unit even facilitates 6 variable speed controls for a perfect finish that you cherished for in the chiseling jobs. You will also love its ergonomic grip that provides better control at each task. Last but not least, its aluminum body is lightweight but sturdy enough for a stable performance.

Key Specifications:

  • ½” X18″ belt size
  • 1HP motor
  • 900-1800RPM speed
  • Fine grit type.


  • The mini belt sander works on metal, plastic, wood and so on.
  • Its lightweight design with ergonomic grip offers superior control.
  • You get six variable speeds for multifunctional applications.
  • The motor has high torque and endurance.
  • You can adjust the height and enjoy the anti-vibrating facility.


  • The unit is used only for small DIY projects.

DEWALT DW756 Bench Grinder

The DW756 has built its reputation of being a high-performing yet inexpensive bench grinder in the industry. A bench grinder is a suitable option for beginners and professionals alike.

The 5/8HP motor with 3,450RPM speed is all set to remove materials from the working tool faster than you anticipated. Also, the motor has a soft start to prevent shocks and serve for a long time. Its speed is sufficient for tool sharpening, polishing, and smoothing work.

Next comes the 6″ grinding wheels (2 in numbers) which is pretty much a standard grinder dimension. While it may not be sufficient for the largest tools, it can still work fine with medium tools.

 You also get 36 grit and 60 grit with the wheels which feature multidimensional chiseling jobs. And there are wheel guards on the rear port for a smoother and cleaner work experience. For safety, it has spark deflector and dust removal ports.

Finally, the tool rest is made of aluminum for accurate positioning of the unit. The cast iron construction, on the other side, ensures low-vibration and durable workspace.

Key Specifications:

  • 5/8HP motor.
  • 3,450RPM speed.
  • 6″ grinding wheels
  • 12-1/2″ wheel gap


  • The bench grinder is well-made and durable.
  • The wheel gap suits working with larger tool grindings.
  • Even a beginner can set up the unit at ease.
  • Three years of warranty for the grinder against manufacturing faults.


  • The surface for polishing is somewhat small.
  • At times the base wobbles without bolting.

Buying Guide For the Best Knife Grinder For Beginners

A knife grinder or belt sander is excellent for sharpening a dull knife or making a one of your own. But how do you identify which grinder will serve your purposes, especially if you are a beginner?

Take a look at the following knife grinder factors to pick the appropriate one for you.

Sander and belt size:

The belt size determines how large or small knife you can work on effectively. Ideally, a 2″ X72″ size is suitable for a professional scale sharpening and grinding job. Also, pick the belt type that supports multipurpose use.

The sander size, on the contrary, determines its portability and easy installation. So, keep an eye on the sander size too.

Motor and speed:

Ideally, higher motor power generates higher RPM speed. For small DIY projects, a 1/3HP motor works fine, but for larger ones get a 1HP motor. Also, belt sander speed contributes to the overall work time necessary for the grinding.

Moreover, slow speed may wear out the knife grinder belt soon. The best thing is to get a grinder with variable speed.

Contact point and tiling capacity:

The contact point is like a plate that stops the knife from hanging as you work on it. The plate comes with tilting capacity. The standard plate tilting is about 50° for sharpening jobs.

Easiness to use:

As a beginner, you would want the knife grinder to be easy to use. The easiness comes from tool-free adjustment and replacement of the belt and variable speed. Also, quick adjustments mean the entire sharpening session will be faster.

Dust collection:

Whether you work with wood, metal or stone, the grinder will create a lot of dust. So, you must focus on getting a good-quality porthole for dust collection. We suggest you look for the Shop-Vac system since it is more efficient than others.


The best knife grinder for beginners will be a useful tool for homeowners and hobbyists alike. Our enlisted eight knife grinder supports easiness at work and versatility. So, you can use them for grinding, sharpening or shaping knife, scissors and even power saw blades.

These knife sharpening tools come from a variety of price range to meet everyone’s requirements also. However, if you want the best grinding service for a long time, always maintain the tool with proper user-manual guidance.

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