Best Lightweight Chainsaw ( 2023 ) Details Guide

“Lightweight” is not the first word that comes to mind when we think about chainsaws. After all, they are mostly used to execute heavyweight jobs.

However, with the evolution of technology the words have now started to become synonymous and many such saws are flooding the market.

But that creates a dilemma. How’d you know which one to pick?

Go through this guide to find out the exact answer to that question.

Best Lightweight Chainsaws Review

1. Greenworks, G-MAX Cordless Chainsaw 20262

The 20262 is highly praised for its ability to provide a well-rounded functionality without carrying a massive weight.

The 6-pound saw is equipped with a complete frame fore-handle. It helps you to achieve additional balance while cutting and makes both vertical as well as horizontal positioned sawing easily executable. In front of it is the chain-brake, which prevents the chain from being tangled with the bar and reduces the intensity of kickback.

The product is powered by a 40-volt motor and equipped with an electronic start. It’s able to execute 75 full cuts on a single charge.

It uses a 40-volt G-Max 2.0 AH Lithium-Ion Battery. But it’s also compatible with G-Max’s 4.0 Ah battery (model 29472). The 2.0 AH battery and the charger are both included in this package. Unlike a NiMH battery, this lithium-ion battery can hold power steadily without any gradual loss.

It’s also equipped with a ‘zero memory loss” feature that prevents issues like deep discharge. The slide-in battery has a touch start and holds 4 L.E.D indicators on the external body to always keep you up to date about battery life.

The chainsaw uses a stainless steel chain with a 0.375-inch pitch. It’s equipped with an automatic tensioner knob for a tool-free and easy chain adjustment. Even the oiling supply is automated and uses a see-through fuel tank.

The automation senses and supplies needed lubricant without any active involvement while the transparent tank tells you beforehand when you’re about to run out of fuel.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 40-volt motor can execute 75 full cuts on a single charge.
  • Transparent fuel tank tells you beforehand when you’re about to run out.
  • The oiling system supplies needed lubricant in an automated way.
  • The battery can hold power steadily without any gradual loss.
  • A “zero memory loss” feature prevents issues like deep discharge.
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2. BLACK+DECKER, Cordless Chainsaw LCS1020

Black + Decker brings to market one of the lightest chainsaw with no wire to hold you back and all the power to let you saw through anything you want.

The 7.2 pound saw comes with a patterned, ergonomically angled front handle. This all enclosed front handle provides great control and balance. The chain brake is sturdy yet flexible. Thus, it increases comfort and eliminates excessive kickback.

The rear handle/holder has an expanded base for increased palm support. It offers smooth access to the dual-finger trigger and safety button. The top is rubber padded, using a combination of patterns and smooth surface for better grip.

The saw has a fuel tank, secured by a ridged and multi-layered seal-cap. Underneath you’ll find a transparent window to help you check the fuel amount with ease.

The saw is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. It can be used to perform medium weight jobs around the house, shape gardens, clean parts of a forest, sawing small to medium sized dried branches, etc. It’s also effective at performing quick execution during wood crafting sessions.

Powered by a 20-volt motor, running on a single 2.0-Ah MAX lithium-ion battery, the saw rarely fails to impress. It uses a 10-inch long bar, equipped with a kickback reduction feature. The chain has a 1/8-inch pitch and can be adjusted easily using the lockable, 2-part tensioner knob.

It’s also pretty quiet for a chainsaw, maxing out at an 80-decibel noise level.

Highlighted Features:

  • The fuel tank is secured by a ridged and multi-layered seal-cap.
  • Creates minimal noise, maxing out at an 80-decibel noise level.
  • An expanded base equipped rear handle provides increased palm support.
  • The front handle is patterned and ergonomically angled for superior control.
  • The chain adjuster knob is self-functional, lockable, and easy to use.
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3. Oregon, Corded Electric Chainsaw CS1500

Famous for being a uniquely futuristic saw, this 12.6-Pound beast is full of necessary features.

The product comes pre-installed and offers an “instant start” feature, saving you the whole array of preparation procedures before use. It allows you to start the saw without tugging on a pull-cord and doesn’t produce any harmful emissions. It also eliminates pre-fuel mixing and doesn’t need to be warmed up before application.

The saw doesn’t require any active sharpening due to a self-sharpening feature. The minimal-vibrating tool is impressively quiet (ranging below 95-dB) and requires minimum care for smooth functioning.

Run by a 15-ampere, 60-hertz motor, the saw includes: a dual-material front handle, sturdy chain brake, and sloped rear handle equipped with a rubber top-grip. The rear handle is manufactured using an injecting method (over molding) to provide you a durable yet flexible design and comfortable grip.

An 18-inch chain with a 0.325-inch pitch and 0.50-inch gauge runs at 2888 FPM (feet per minute) to provide you a powerful sawing experience. With the integrated “PowerSharp Chain Sharpening System”, you can sharpen the chain without taking it off the bar.

The “Lubri-Tec Oiling System” efficiently lubes the chain down to its basic components (e.g. drive links, rivets, etc.) and, therefore, increases speed and cutting power by reducing surface related friction. The fuel tank with a viewing strip provides you a superior oversight ability.

The chain and bar installment is also equipped with noise reductive features that provide you a quieter workspace. A dual-part and lockable chain adjuster knob, secured by an elevated plastic seal, makes tightening or loosening the chain easy and intuitive.

Highlighted Features:

  • “PowerSharp Chain Sharpening System” allows sharpening right on the device.
  • “Lubri-Tec Oiling System” reduces friction to increase speed and prevent wear.
  • The noise reductive feature provides you a quieter workspace.
  • The motor runs the chain at 2888 FPM, enhancing smoothness of operation.
  • The saw can sharpen itself and comes with an “instant start” feature.
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4. DEWALT, XR Chainsaw Kit DCCS620P1

The DCCS620P1 is as stylish as it’s effective.

Weighing a mere 8.8-Pounds, it provides a chain speed of 25.2 FPS to make 90 cuts through a (4 x 4)-inch surface on a single charge. It’s run by a 20-volt motor, which is designed in a brushless style for maximized performance.

The motor uses a lithium-ion 5-Ah battery. That means, the battery can pump out 5-amperage of power per hour. It’s manufactured with a “slide-in and lock” feature for ease of use. The saw also provides compatibility for using Flexvolt batteries.

It has a well-built, all-around front handle with patterned rubber padding. Thus, you’ll have dual position sawing facility, increased balance, and enhanced grip strength while using the saw.

In front of it is an industry-grade manual chain brake. It uses a 3-D square cage pattern and bellowed base to provide an exceptional amount of kickback reduction. The cage pattern makes the brake more effective at blocking backward chain-flip. There’s also an electronic brake system for extra protection.

The rear handle has a multi-level rubber grip with different combined patterns to provide you an effective hold during any operation. It’s also equipped with an easy access design to the trigger (single speed) and safety button.

The 12-inch chain has 2 chain tensioner knobs. There’s one standard knob at the back and another foldable knob near the blade. The tool-less adjustment system reduces clutter, increases workflow speed, and provides enhanced clamping force through the bar.

The saw’s equipped with an automated oiling system and designed with a level 10 see-through fuel gauge. It also comes with a sturdy chain case and uses high-strength plastic made bumper spikes. They provide balance on uneven surfaces during difficult cuts (e.g. a buck cut).

Highlighted Features:

  • The chain speed is 25.2 FPS.
  • Can make 90 cuts through a (4 x 4)-inch surface on a single charge.
  • The saw’s equipped with a level 10 see-through fuel gauge.
  • It uses high-strength bumper spikes for low-kickback during buck cuts.
  • Uses a cage patterned chain brake with bellowed base for kickback reduction.
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5. Husqvarna, Gas Chainsaw 440e II

The 440e II is widely regarded as one of those chainsaws that can create a perfect combination of speed and effective features.

It weighs 9.8 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest chainsaws with a 2900-RPM (idle speed) motor. The 40.9-cc motor can smoothly function as a two-cycle engine due to the high RPM. It’s also equipped with “X-Torq” technology, which reduces fuel usage and harmful emissions without sacrificing performance.

The product comes with a 16-inch chain (X-Cut series), designed with a 0.325-inch-pitch and 0.050-inch gauge. It has a chain brake that uses the principle of the force of inertia to prevent strong kickbacks. It’s also equipped with a chain tensioner knob, which helps to keep up the workflow momentum.

The chain is exclusively manufactured in Husqvarna’s assembly center based in Sweden. It’s designed to prevent bluntness created by prolonged use, equipped with an anti-stress feature, and saws 10-percent faster than regular chainsaws.

The x-force bar offers an upgraded design, which includes: a sturdier nose, high-strength and precision engineered bearing system, and a completely refreshed take on the center plate layout. It can be easily started with a minimal force applied pull. The upgraded design also includes a thinner body for aerodynamic advantage and tank cups with a flip-up style opening.

The blower is equipped with an “air injection” part that blocks large residues from reaching the air filter. Thus, it avoids jamming and makes cleaning easier. It has a fast-release air filtration system that comes with a replacement part. You’ll also get an orange chain guard and 2.6-ounces of fuel.

There are a smart start and auto return feature for ease of use. The patented “LowVib” tech significantly reduces trembling, offering you precise sawing with less effort and more safety.

Highlighted Features:

  • The “air injection” blocks residues to avoid a messy filter and jamming.
  • A smart start and an auto return installed stop switch enhances ease of use.
  • The product provides an orange chain guard and 2.6-ounces of fuel.
  • The “LowVib” feature reduces trembling for precise and safe sawing.
  • “X-Torq” equipped motor reduces fuel usage and harmful emissions.
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6. Earthwise, Corded Electric Chainsaw CS33014

The CS33014 is what you get when genius engineering meets an eye-catching design.

The 7.3-Pounds saw’s rear handle is created by injecting premium grade rubber into high-strength plastic to deliver a strong grip. It has an extended base equipped with a retention hook. The extension offers palm support to increase balance while the hook is used to wrap up the power cord, providing you a clutter free operation. It also provides easy access to the safety start trigger.

The saw is powered by a 9-Ampere motor. It has a standard 14-inch chain with a 0.325-inch pitch and a 0.050-inch gauge, which spins at an 11 MPS (meter per second) speed. It also provides you a cover guard for the chain to safely store the saw.

The product is equipped with a noise reductive feature to offer a quiet operation and doesn’t produce toxic fumes or other chemical emissions like regular gas saws. It also includes a tool-less chain adjuster knob, which can come in handy if you forget to bring your wrench on an outdoor worksite and allows you to do multiple activities at once.

It has an automated oiling system. The fuel tank is designed with a display strip, which uses line markers to show the level of fuel. The cord has dual insulation to ensure that no injuries happen.

You won’t need to go through issues like pre-fuel mixing and tiresome cleaning with this product. However, you’d still get superior convenience, sawing power, and features compared to a gas saw.

The saw can be used to accomplish small to medium weight sawing such as clearing forest parts, shaping a garden, and making quick cuts on a professional woodshop.

Highlighted Features:

  • The extended base offers superior palm support.
  • The container hook wraps up the cord to provide a clutter free operation.
  • The fuel tank comes with a display strip with markers to show fuel amount.
  • The power cord has dual insulation to prevent injuries like electrification.
  • A 9-Ampere motor spins the chain at an 11 MPS (meter per second) speed.
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7. EGO Power+, Cordless Chainsaw CS1400

The CS1400 can be considered among the rare cordless saws which provide power and convenience while avoiding giving you a sore arm.

It has a mass of 8.3-pounds and projects a modern outlook with a sober yet exciting color composition. The entire design is geared towards reducing kickback without sacrificing power or speed. It is then paired with vibration reductive features.

The saw’s built with weatherproofing features. So, you can use it outdoors under extreme weather conditions.

The aerodynamically curved rear handle has smooth rubber padding both at the top and base. The downward sloped base has a wide surface for optimized palm-balance. It also provides intuitive access to the trigger and push-start button.

The machine’s equipped with a padded, wraparound front handle. The lockable and ergonomically patterned chain brake offers safety from sudden chain flips.

The fuel tank is placed conveniently. It’s secured by a ridged plastic cap for easy access. It also sports a viewing window to allow constant monitoring of the fuel amount.

It’s run by a 6800 RPM motor with a brushless construction. Thus, it provides great sawing power and runs with superior smoothness. It is built from extensively researched data to offer you a longer-lasting saw that performs well on a regular basis.

This cordless saw uses a 56-volt 2.5-Ah lithium-ion battery. It’s designed using Ego Power+’s “Lithium ARC” technology. The technology uses specialized multilevel brackets (3P design), where the cells are arranged in 3 parallel rows.

Thus, it ensures equal power distribution and can manage extreme power demands.  Every battery cell is wrapped around by phase-changing materials to reflect away heat. It also has a chain tensioner knob for tool-less chain adjusting.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 6800 RPM motor has a brushless construction for smoothness and power.
  • The saw is built with weatherproofing features to allow use in rough weather.
  • It has a kickback lowering design paired with vibration-reductive features.
  • The battery is made using “Lithium ARC” tech to offer multiple benefits.
  • The impact-resistant Battery can manage over-heating and power issuance.
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8. Poulan Pro, Gas Chainsaw PR4016

If you thought the era of gas chainsaws were over, think again.

This saw weighs only 13-Pounds. With improved features, it functions far better than older generation models.

It has an ergonomic rear handle, a wraparound top handle, and a chain brake. The rear handle is sturdy and offers a nice grip. However, the absence of a rubber padding may be problematic for some users.

The machine has a 40-cc, 2-cycle engine.

The saw’s equipped with “OxyPower” technology, which acts as an accessory to the automated lubrication system. This ensures maximized effectiveness of lube distribution throughout the bar and chain. Tests show that this feature cuts emission production by 70-percent (which is a big win for a gas saw) and decreases fuel usage by 20-percent.

The fuel mix ratio is 50 to 1. For example, if you have 2.6-Pounds of 2-stroke oil (must be completely synthetic) then you’d require 3.7-liter of gasoline to achieve the right ratio.

The 16-inch chain can be easily adjusted by unlocking the snap-lock cover, which provides access to the chain adjustment tool. It can also be used as a storage unit.

The product uses “SuperClean Air Filter System” to provide superior air filtration through the blower, resulting in less pollution and improvement of your health.

To eliminate the common issue of a troublesome pull-start, it uses the “EPS” (Effortless Pull Start) feature. The pull cord is also equipped with an assistant spring tool, making it less effortful to start the saw.

The anti-vibration feature equipped saw includes a purge bulb that can be squeezed to let in extra lubrication if needed and offers an onboard storage for a Scrench to make quick fixes.

Highlighted Features:

  • The “SuperClean Air Filter System” lessens pollution and improves your health.
  • The purge bulb can be squeezed to let in extra lubrication if needed.
  • It’s equipped with an external Scrench storage to make quick fixes on the go.
  • “OxyPower” technology ensures maximized effectiveness of lube distribution.
  • The pull cord is equipped with an “EPS” feature and assistant spring tool.
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Lightweight Chainsaw Buying Guide

Power, Speed, And Features

Owning a light chainsaw to do medium range sawing jobs is a privilege no crafter want to miss.

However, our first recommendation would be to ensure this fascination mustn’t make you compromise the power, speed, and highly effective features that you personally require.

So, don’t jump to make a purchase just because it’s light on the hands. Check out in detail other additive factors. Then make a rationalized and calculated decision.

Choosing The Proper Type Of Chainsaw

When it comes to being lightweight, there exists a whole variety of chainsaws that you can purchase. These are-

  1. a) Cordless: If you want a cordless one, the G-Max 20262 can be a great choice.
  2. b) Corded: If battery produced power is an issue because you want a limitless power supply for uninterrupted, long working sessions, then a corded chainsaw would be a more optimal choice.
  3. c) Gas Chainsaw: Some prefer gas chainsaws for a variety of reasons (previous familiarity, preferred mechanism, etc.). Thus, they should aim for a modern gas saw that’s not only light but also surpasses the limitations of older generation models. In such a case, Husqvarna’s 440e II is a recommended choice.

Lubrication Management

This factor is important regardless of the saw type. We recommend buying a chainsaw that offers multiple features to optimize the lubrication system. This way, you’ll increase the lifeline of the saw while reaping the maximized amount of benefit. These features include-

  1. a) Automated Lubrication System: This will keep your bar and chain constantly and efficiently oiled without your active involvement.
  2. b) Easy Access Fuel Tank: We mean, it has a properly designed access method like an ergonomic cap that provides proper sealing and ease of use. will significantly help your workflow.
  3. c) Display Window/Fuel gauge: It’s usually designed as a transparent strip or outline on the external surface of the fuel tank. This feature helps you to quickly determine the amount of fuel left. We recommend choosing fuel gauges with level indicators for a more precise and easy reading.
  4. d) Patented Technologies: Many manufacturers use self-developed technologies to make this department more efficient. For example, you can purchase the Oregon CS1500 which uses the “Lubri-Tec Oiling System”. Or, Poulan Pro’s PR4016 with the “OxyPower” technology is also a great choice.

Chain Speed

We recommend buying a chainsaw with a high chain speed. Chain speed simply describes a measurement that can help you guess how fast the chain spins at a particular given time. Thus, it’ll help you to determine the sawing speed.

Look in the product description or ask the shop assistant for the FPM (feet per minute) or MPS (meter per second) of the chain speed. You should purchase a saw with a minimum of 2800 FPM or 11 MPS chain speed.

Tool-Less Chain Tensioner/Adjuster Knob

Make sure to grab yourself an adjuster knob equipped chainsaw. This will save you the trouble of manually opening up the machine and using extra tools to adjust the chain’s attachment with the bar.

As a result, you’ll achieve faster workflow. And, in case of an outdoor worksite where you forgot to bring on the tool-bag, you can still use and maintain the saw.

Kickback Prevention Features

Purchase a chainsaw with multiple kickback preventive features. Kickbacks are the prime reason for chainsaw related injuries. And, with a light chainsaw, the issue becomes more severe.

So, buy a chain brake equipped saw that’ll reduce kickback and save you from chain flips (where the chain gets tangled with the bar).  Ensure that-

  • The chain brake has a sturdy construction
  • Uses specially engineered patterns
  • Can be locked and adjusted

Front and Rear Handle

Make sure that the saw has a wraparound and aerodynamically angled front handle for additional balance.

In terms of a rear handle/holder, look for these qualities-

  • Rubber padded grip on both the top surface and base
  • Patterned grip for enhanced grip strength
  • Easy access to the trigger and safety button

Motor Quality

Purchase a saw with a high quality, powerful and safe motor. Ensure that it can tackle issues like overload and over-heating.

For example, the Husqvarna 440e II uses “X-Torq” equipped motor, which provides high torque, protection against malfunctioning issues, lowered fuel consumption and toxic emission, etc.

Final Word

Chainsaws are not a new invention. Though, they are a useful one. But when you factor in the matter of lightweight, the usefulness jumps up a couple of degrees higher.

Of course, there are jobs that require heavy saws. But it’s equally true that for medium to small sawing jobs like: household repair, detail wood crafting, clearing branches and twigs, shaping gardens and orchards, a light saw is just what you need.

That’s why we created this guide to help you reap the full benefit of this amazing line of tools. We hope reading this will help you to make a purchase you’ll cherish.

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