Best Log Splitter For Home Use

The task chopping wood is definitely a big deal when you do the work in the ancient method. Once a time, all woodworkers used an axe for wood splitting. But now the time has changed. Meanwhile, if your project is very small, you may use the axe or hammer and wedges. But remember chopping the wood with an axe is a very hardworking job. No matter whether the wood cutting project is so large or too small!

Just tell us a simple thing, you have two options in hand, one is pretty easy, requires less energy, and is quickly done. On the other hand, another one is a tough job, requires a lot of energy, and takes a longer time. What will you choose? As far as we think you definitely choose the first option. Right?

If so, why do you not get the best log splitter for home use yet? It follows an easy mechanism, saves much energy and time, and at the same time, it splits wood within just a while effectively. Excited? Let’s move on.

Reviews of The 5 Best Log Splitter for Home Use

Just notice the title and the subheading just above this line you will get here the best log splitter that is suitable for home use. The features themselves will tell you whether the splitters can be used for commercial or other use! But it is guaranteed that all they are superior for home use.

1.      Sun Joe LJ10M 10-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

Are you searching for such a powerful log splitter that does its duty efficiently at the same time best for the money? If you are waiting for such a splitter, you should not skip it. Let’s know what are the key features it has got.

The driving force of the hydraulic RAM is 10 tons of horsepower. We think you can imagine the power of it. And you should also think about the matter that the splitter itself should be strong enough to bear the force. The manufacturer uses high-quality steel to make the frame which gives it strength.

It also has a large space to place the large log to split. It allows a maximum length of 18 inches. And the diameter should not be more than 8 inches. For home use, the size is very much perfect.

Safety is a definitely great issue for any product. Don’t worry it doesn’t need any oil, gas, or cord to run the splitter. It is used by operating the operating handle. Don’t need to check the other option if you want to have an excellent manual log splitter. Just get it.

You may need to use it in different places around your house, right? So, you may have to move it often. The wheels also ensure easy portability.


  • Compact design and heavy-duty steel frame construction.
  • Powerful hydraulic RAM delivers 10 tons of driving force.
  • Large capacity.
  • Portable.


  • Nothing significant.

2.      WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter

Somebody wants to do a log-splitting job easier than the manual option. This electric-powered option can be the best for you. It lets you chop the log easier and more quickly, no doubt.

It is equipped with a 15A motor. The motor generates pressure while working with it. It can generate up to 13,000 pounds of driving force which is enough for cracking the logs. The only thing is electricity you will need to have. There is no need for any oil, gasoline, or other energy sources.

Without having the knowledge about the space for logs, you shouldn’t go for buying a splitter. The machine can split the logs that measure a maximum of 20.5 inches in length, and 10 inches long. Will you go for a splitting log larger than this measurement for home use?

The machine has a special feature that everybody loves. It is equipped with an auto-return cylinder which returns automatically after the split has been completed. It saves your time significantly.

You can use the 34 inches stand which is definitely an advantageous option for anybody. Meanwhile, pull handle and never-flat wheels make it easy for transportation. Are you ready to get this heavy-duty electric log splitter?


  • Powerful 13,000 pounds of log chopping pressure.
  • Able to split large log.
  • Portable.
  • Saves time a lot.


  • Nothing to mention.

3.      Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

The former item was an excellent electric splitter, no doubt. But it is also a perfect example of another best electric log splitter. Here we will compare these two to find out the best-using purposes of it. Let’s start.

Its motor power is 3.5 HP which can generate 7 tons of driving force. Compared to the former electric item, it is slightly more powerful. You can see the difference is not so high.

It receives the log with the maximum measurement is 20.5’’ in length and 12’’ in diameter. If you compare, it accepts comparatively larger than the previous item. That means if you need long cutting capacity, definitely you should choose it.

Usually thins kind of machines are heavy-weighted but they need to move frequently. That is why the machine which is equipped with wheels is always a better option. Yes, it has wheels and the wheels make it portable.

We personally love the safety feature of it. The design of the machine was made keeping the safety matter in mind. And the design is made such a way, your hands stay away from the splitter and long during operation. Thanks, POWERHOUSE for such safety features.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Powerful hydraulic RAM ensures log splitting in a controlled manner.
  • Compact design and lightweight.
  • Large log cutting capacity.


  • A bit pricey.

4.      Prince Log Splitter Detent Valve

It is not completely a log splitter itself as the name indicates. Rather, it is an excellent detent valve that can be used both on new and old log splitters. It is made of high-quality material for making it last longer.

The detent valve is manufactured with hydraulic-balanced chrome plated spool. Not done yet, it is also built-in relief valve ports to use with up to 5’’ cylinder.

It is the valve that can release pressure in different ranges. It is capable of releasing 600 to 2000 PSI pressure. Moreover, it can also generate more pressure which ranges from 2250 to 3750 PSI. This pressure can be achieved only when the cylinder flow rate is 25gal/min.

It is equipped with an auto kick-back mechanism that returns the previous position after stroke is completed. This feature saves a lot of time. Its handle also gives you the opportunity to install it up or down.

The interior of the valve is completely debris-free. If a machine’s interior stays debris-free, just think it will run how smooth! And it also performs always in its class which is trouble-free, and smooth.


  • Can be used with 5 inches cylinder.
  • The pressure is adjustable.
  • Top installation handle.
  • Debris-free interior.


  • Nothing found.

5.      10 Ton Horizontal Log Splitter Wood Cutter

We started the list with a good functioning manual log splitter. Then we’ve added some electric items. And in the end, we want to close the list by placing a manual item. If the features suit your needs, you can opt for it. Let’s see the features at first.

It is a manually powered log splitter that is already said. You will have to use the handles to operate it. If you can handle the handles perfectly, it will split the log even and accurately every time.

The hydraulic splitter can release high pressure up to 10 tons of horsepower. This amount of pressure is enough even for splitting high-density wood. That means it will be able to do its duty effectively.

Think you’ve bought such a splitter that can split the small logs. Then, can you split the wood using the item you bought? That is why we advise getting an item that can chop large wood. This wood splitter is perfect for chopping long logs of the maximum length 18 inches and 6.5 inches diameter.

The design of the splitter is very simple and it is also easy to use. Everything about it is simple and it splits logs very simply also. Don’t need to think about the performance, just think is the size perfect for you or not!


  • Simple design.
  • Generates 10 tons of driving force.
  • Suitable for long logs.
  • Good performing.


  • Difficult to transport.

Top Considerations On Selecting The Best Log Splitter

We always check many features before getting any item to ensure its best quality and performance. But if we don’t know what are the factors to consider most important we may consider the less important things. The following factors are the most important and check all to ensure that you are getting the best log splitter for home use.


It is very necessary to have an idea about both mechanisms. The hydraulic pump can be manually powered or it uses gas/electricity. This kind of machine can generate massive power compared to the kinetic model. It is also able to split high density and tough logs. In a word, power is the most significant thing for this. But it cannot work faster. It usually works slower. SO, it is not ideal for a large project.

On the other hand, kinetic splitter cuts with high speed. It has some advantages over the former item. It doesn’t require much maintenance as a hydraulic splitter. For splitting the log large amounts, you should never select the hydraulic option as the kinetic model can complete the task faster. But if you need a highly powerful machine, then go for the hydraulic.

Log Splitter’s Capacity

If you’ve read the review of any splitter in this list, then you come to know different log splitter cuts different sizes wood. Yes, a splitter cannot cut the logs of all sizes. So, it is one of the most important factors to know with what size logs the splitter can deal with. If the machine can accommodate 20 inches long and 12-inch diameter logs, that’s enough. If you require the splitter with larger capacity, that is different. At that time, you don’t forget to check the machine with the largest capacity.


Different log splitters are available in the market with different power ranges. You should get such a splitter that can cut your logs efficiently. Sometimes the machine comes with the capability of cutting specific wood green/seasoned wood. It is also a good job if you consider the matter.

However, we were talking about power. The power is proportional to the diameter of the log. If the long’s diameter is larger, the more power it will require. Generally, the logs having a diameter of 6-12 inches require 4-7 tons of pressure. It will gradually increase with the increase of the diameter and vice-versa.


The splitter is not a lightweight item. But you may need to move the device to the working sites often. And you also have to move it into your garage, shade, or otherwhere for storage. If the device doesn’t have any portable feature, it might be difficult to move. Almost all good quality splitters are equipped with the wheel so that it can be transported into the job sites for working purposes.

Construction Material

A splitter is a heavy-duty device that completes a very tough job. It also generates much pressure to split the logs. And the device has to bear the pressure itself. That is why it needs to be stronger. Meanwhile, quality steel material is also necessary for durability and long-lasting performance. Steel construction is always a better option for such a splitting device.

Wrapping Up

A log splitter can make the wood chopping job easier than you think. Different devices offer different features. But it should have some extra beneficiary features along with the mandatory functional characteristics. All those kinds of features you will find in every the best log splitters for home use those are present in this guide. Get the most perfect one as your need.

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