8 Best Metal Cutting Band Saw- In-depth Buyer’s Guide

Want to beat the speed and accuracy of a traditional hacksaw?

Get a metal cutting band saw for your workshop that can produce straight, efficient cuts for home repair, hobby and DIY artistic projects!

Circular saw, torch, angle grinder or miter saw, all of these tools can cut through metal, right?

So why would anyone go for band saws that are a bit on the pricier side instead?

Turns out, when it comes to sizing a large number of metals, cutting through thick steel pipe or handling trickier cuts, the precision of a band saw is unparalleled to any other!

Compared to a regular saw, these machines are far more powerful, durable and has the ability to increase productivity in the long run. You can get clean slices, handle irregular/curved shapes and even cut through non-metal materials with this device!

Want to earn clients that need specific cuts by getting your hands on one of these fighting saws?

Let’s give you some ideas to explore!

Best Metal Cutting Band Saw Reviews

1. KAKA BS-712N, 7-inch Metal Cutting Horizontal Band Saw


Clean and accurate.

These are the two features KAKA BS-712N provides its users with pride!

Whether you are an occasional DIYer or full-time warrior, you are gonna LOVE this metal cutting band saw for its great cutting capabilities. The 7-inch machine is suitable for both professional metalworking craft and frequent home use.

Have trouble holding your material in place?

KAKA band saw comes with quick clamps that rotates from 0 to 45-Degree with ease and gives a near-perfection finish in each project! To help you work in a convenient position, this device is built in a way to use both in horizontal and vertical positions.

With a powerful 1.5 H.P. motor, the BS-712N model comes pre-wired for connecting it with a 115-volt power source. However, it can also be rewired to a 230-volt if necessary.

The device weighs about 356 pounds. It’s pretty heavy, right?


With movable wheels on the bottom, you can easily transfer the machine from one place to another within a second!

To help you cut more material per minute, the machine comes with a hydraulic feed that creates a perfect feed-rate for your convenience. Since the belt gear offers 4 different types of cutting speeds, you will be able to choose the one that works best for your project accordingly.

Highlighted Features

  • The machine comes with a power brake protection system.
  • The cooling features help prolong the lifespan of the device.
  • The clamp of the saw rotates from 0 to 45-Degree.
  • It’s equipped with movable wheels for easy transportation.
  • You can use it both horizontally and vertically.
  • It’s suitable for home and professional services.

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2. WEN 3970T Metal-Cutting Band Saw With Stand

WEN 3970T

The market is oversaturated with good-quality band saws.

And we must say, most of them are pretty much rock-stars!

But what if your budget isn’t that much high? Will you still get that many options available?

This where the WEN 3970T Metal-Cutting Band Saw decides to step in!

Built for people with a low budget, this model performs good enough to impress you, especially for doing the basic tasks. From cutting pipes up to a diameter of 4-1/2 inches to sizing rectangular materials sized up to 4 x 6 inches, this unit is well-capable of handling pressure.

So, what’s the selling point that attracts the buyers in the case of this model?

Turns out, the magic lies in its versatility!

The machine can cut through aluminum, copper, brass, steel etc. in different sizes and shapes with P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N. Thanks to its beveling vise feature that cuts materials at any angle from 0- to 60-Degree, you can have angled cuts according to your preference!

WEN is designed to suit your work style.

Want proof?

Have a look at its 4.6-amp motor that makes sure the appliance works as smoothly as possible!

With 3 different adjustable blade speeds, you also get the opportunity to cut materials at 80, 120 or 200 feet per minute to suit your project style accordingly. Once a cut is completed, the machine’s auto shut-off feature stops operating and helps save the unit from additional wear and tear.

Highlighted Features

  • The device can be used both in horizontal and vertical positions.
  • The automatic shut-off feature helps prolong the device’s lifespan.
  • It comes with adjustable blade speed options.
  • The device includes a durable stand with a collapsible handle.
  • It can cut through various materials.

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3. JET 414559 Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw

JET 414559

Looking for a good-quality band saw within a reasonable price range?

The JET 414559 Saw has all the answers you are searching for!

With 48x17x40 inches of dimension, the machine is a solid-build product from the manufacturer. You can throw the toughest job at this beast and receive the finest result while getting an upgrade on your productivity as well!

The 414559 model comes with a cutting capacity of 7×12-inch and can go through a stainless-steel tube as smoothly as butter. The manufacturer has improved the width and height of the chip tray and built-in storage cabinet for your convenience.

Weighing around 286 pounds, JET saw might seem a bit too heavy to be considered as portable, right?

Well, there’s good news for you!

The manufacturer has included four 8-inch rubber wheels on the bottom that makes transportation a breeze!

The wheels are designed to be moved around on a flat surface when you put some effort into pushing the device. Otherwise, the weight of the product will keep it grounded in place and help you finish your project without any unnecessary movement.

With the ¾-inch bi-metal blade, you get to choose from 4 different blade speeds: 86, 132, 178 and 260 surface feet per minute (Sfpm). To help prolong the lifespan of the blade wheels, they are made from flanged cast iron material that increases the device’s durability.

Highlighted Features

  • The device is CSA/CUS certified.
  • It comes with movable wheels for easy transportation.
  • It features a built-in storage cabinet and chip tray.
  • The blade wheels of the machine are made from cast-iron material.
  • The device shuts off automatically after each cut.

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4. SHOP FOX W1715 3/4 HP Metal Cutting Bandsaw


When it comes to making clean and consistent cuts, nothing beats the SHOP FOX W1715 model by any chance!

At the very first glance, the saw machine gives off a heavy-duty feeling due to its appearance. Which means, you will get straight and smooth cuts while the table saw holds the product nicely on the surface.

Do your projects require you to work with a variety of metals?

We bet they do!

To help you with that, SHOP FOX comes with 3 cutting speeds that allow the machine to operate at 78, 108 and 180 FPM. You can alter the speed settings just by changing the V-belt placement quite easily.

One thing that bugs a lot of crafters is to decide whether he/she should set up the device horizontally or vertically.

For instance, if you want cuts that aren’t straight e.g. curved/patterned, then you need the vertical settings which are not available in a lot of machines!

Fortunately, the W1715 model from SHOP FOX comes with a vertical cutting operation to help you out in this case. In addition, the saw features a cast-iron stop to make your horizontal cutting experience a lot more enjoyable by performing repeat cuts at a constant rate as well.

The ¾ H.P. motor runs smoothly while offering you 3 different blade speed options to choose from. With a handle and wheels on the bottom, you can transport the machine to another place to work more conveniently.

Highlighted Features

  • The device can cut through metal, plastic and wood.
  • It’s suitable for horizontal as well as vertical operations.
  • The machine offers you 3 different cutting speed options to choose from.
  • It includes a handle and wheels for easy transportation.
  • It has an automatic shutoff feature for your convenience.

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5. Jet HBS-916W 1-1/2 HP 115-Volt/230Volt 9-Inch by 16-Inch Capacity Horizontal Band Saw

Jet HBS-916W

Want something that’s quiet, powerful and fast at the same time?

Here’s the Jet HBS-916W to give you everything you asked for!

Built with a 1.5 H.P. motor that runs efficiently, this machine is well-capable of cutting stock down to proper sizes. The quick positioning vise of the device comes fully equipped with adjustable jaws that swivel to a 45-Degree angle and work like a pro for every cut!

Are you a professional machinist who need to work for long periods of time at a stretch?

To help professional crafters like you, the Jet Saw HBS-916W model comes with a coolant system that helps drive the heat away from the immediate cutting surface. Ergo, your favorite instrument gets to live longer and see happier days to serve you well!

The 9-inch horizontal band saw has many more things to offer which makes it a good choice even for the beginners.

For starters, the whole setup is a breeze compared to others. The fit and finish of the device are designed in a way to impress even the pickiest choosers! To give more control to its users, the device comes with an adjustable hydraulic down feed that has separate on/off value for convenience.

Along with all these facilities, the manufacturer has not forgotten the most important thing.

Can you guess what it is?

Your safety!

To ensure your safety while working, the blade of the Jet HBS-916W model is fully guarded regardless of what position you put it in!

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a coolant system to prolong the device’s lifespan.
  • The blade of the saw is fully guarded for your safety.
  • The hydraulic down feed gives the user more freedom to work comfortably.
  • It features an automatic shut-off after every cut.

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6. Grizzly Industrial G0613-7″ x 8-1/4″ 1 HP Swivel Metal-Cutting Bandsaw

Grizzly Industrial G0613

Boosting your productivity all of a sudden isn’t a cakewalk.

Unless you have the mighty Grizzly Industrial Metal Cutting Bandsaw to help you out!

Whereas traditional saws come with a cutting range of 0- to 45-Degree, this beauty (Or beast!) stands out with its 0- to 60-Degree range capacity.

You know what that means, right?

There will be no wasted time in between the cuts for sure!

Thanks to its lever-controlled blade guide lock system, the device allows you to make adjustments according to your project’s requirements. For straight cuts, the machine’s adjustable ball bearings come in handy as well.

Done with working on your current piece?

Use the quick-release lever and stock length stop to move onto the next one instantly! It’s that much simple and easy to use even for newbies!

With a powerful 1 H.P. motor, the Grizzly saw is capable of working on different types of materials. The heavy-duty all-steel machine comes with a blade size of 82×3/4-inch that has a speed of 314 feet per minute.

The saw is built with accuracy in mind. However, the manufacturer cares about your safety as well! With a blade guide lock on the machine, it prevents any mishaps that might happen if you aren’t careful.

Highlighted Features

  • The miter cutting capacity of this device ranges from 0- to 60-Degree.
  • The adjustable hydraulic downfeed allows you to control the feed rate.
  • It features a quick-release system to get on with the next cut quickly.
  • The 1 H.P. motor allows you to work on different materials.
  • It has a built-in coolant system to prolong its lifespan.
  • The blade guide locks help keep you safe while working.

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7. DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Band Saw, Deep Cut, Tool Only (DCS374B)


When it comes to a DEWALT product, there are 2 things you can be sure of: Quality and Long-time service!

The 20V MAX Portable Band Saw doesn’t fall short of our expectations in this case either! With a 5-inch cutting capacity, the saw goes through metal pipes, brackets like butter and makes you want to walk around the workshop to find more stuff to cut!

The machine looks quite stylish with its black and yellow color contrast (DEWALT’s iconic color, of course!). With a 20-volt brushless motor that comes with the power tool, you get to enjoy reduced noise, longer lifespan and increased reliability all at the same time!

Having trouble seeing what you are doing on the job site?

That’s actually one of the most common problems crafters complain about while working.

To solve this issue, the DCS374B model comes with a 20-second delay LED work light that illuminates the area for a more accurate cutting experience.

DEWALT likes to give its users the complete authority over its products and this saw machine demonstrates that as well! It features a variable speed trigger and dial that give you the option to control the unit with ease.

Done with your project for the day?

Before you leave your workshop, dangle the saw by its integrated hanging hook and call it a day well spent!

Highlighted Features

  • The saw comes with 5-inch cutting capacity.
  • It has a LED work light to illuminate your workspace and help you see clearly.
  • The variable speed trigger allows you to work with different materials.
  • The integrated hanging hook helps store the saw in a secure way.
  • The built-in brushless motor increases the device’s efficiency.

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8. WEN 3975T Benchtop Band Saw

WEN 3975T

Want to cut through 5-inch metal pipes in a single pass?

The WEN 3975T makes it seem like a piece of cake, to be honest!

With a powerful 4.5-amp motor and a pre-installed 56.5×0.5-inch blade, the saw machine has the capability of cutting up to 5-inch diameter pipes or up to 5×4-7/8 inches sized rectangular materials.

Copper, brass, aluminum or steel, which one you would like to cut?

Apparently, the WEN Band Saw can size them up all!

The machine features variable speed operations that allow you to choose any option ranging from 125 to 260 rotation feet per minute. Ergo, it’s compatible to work with different materials and a variety of sizes.

Having a powerful and rugged machine at hand is great.

But what if you need to transport to another place for some reason?

Is it up for that?

Luckily, the 3975T model comes in a compact package that makes it portable and quite easy to store! The onboard vise of the machine provides you with a strong grip and lets you carry the device comfortably.

Be it angled cuts or straight ones, WEN lets its users create any sizes they prefer with the help of its beveling blade. This blade helps make cuts anywhere from 0- to 60-Degree angle according to your preference and lasts for a long time with little to no maintenance at all!

Highlighted Features

  1. It has a compact design that’s portable and easy to store.
  2. The blade helps make cuts ranging from 0- to 60-Degree angle.
  3. It gives you the option to alter speed 125 to 260 feet per minute.
  4. It can cut through brass, aluminum, copper, steel and other materials.

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Metal Cutting Band Saw Buying Guide

Motor Speed

How much power the blade has to cut through stuff?

That’s what the motor speed of a band saw machine decides!

The motor speed is measured in FPM (Feet Per Minute). The more compatible the motor of the machine is, the higher the number of the FPM is in this case.

So, before you make a purchase, make sure the FPM rate is high to ensure good performance.

Horizontal Vs. Vertical

Horizontal or vertical?

Which one is your favorite?

Actually, it’s not a question about your preference at all!

Rather you need to make this decision based on what type of work you do for your clients.

Vertical band saw machines are ideal for woodworking projects. Tasks that may require cutting irregular, patterned or curved shapes are typically done using vertical saw machines.

Horizontal band saw devices are perfect for being used in an engineering workshop.

Although these units aren’t nearly as good as vertical ones for performing intricate/detailed cuts, the accuracy of these models is unbeatable. If you own a busy workshop where time is a big concern, a horizontal band saw will be the perfect option for you.


The blade of a band saw machine is a long, sharp one that has a continuous band of toothed metal in it. The finish and the cut quality depend on the blade’s TPI (Teeth Per inch).

Blades with a high TPI score will provide better quality cuts. However, for people who want to cut in a short amount of time and don’t mind the rough texture, low TPI works the best.


Depending on what type of material the band saw is made of, the rigidity of the construction may vary.

Solid steel and cast-iron material, for instance, are two good-quality components for making heavy-duty saws. These types of good construction materials along with some other factors help reduce the vibration noise by withstanding the cutting force put on it more easily.


Do you need to move around a lot to get your projects done?

Or is a standing constant machine good enough to finish the job for you?

Depending on these answers, you need to choose between 2 options metal cutting band saw offers for you: Immobile or Portable.

A standing/immobile device is the one that needs to be kept at one place to do the cutting job. Usually, these types of machines are large in size and have more power than their counterparts.

Portable machines are a great option if you work on job sites that are located in different locations. However, these devices are a bit small in size and may not be suitable for heavy-duty cutting tasks.

Coolant Feature

Larger machines equal to larger cuts, right?

But that also means your saw machine is going to get pretty hot after a certain period of time from overworking!

To solve that issue, look for machines that have a coolant system that can give it a break time instead. The coolant system helps keep the pressure at bay and prolongs the lifespan of the blade at the same time.


Be it horizontal or vertical (Or both!), a band saw machine is a great addition to any workshop.

Before you start working on your first ever project, we ask you to simply take some time and get to know your machine well.


So that you can build a kick-ass project without compromising on your safety at all!

For instance, make sure the blade is well-adjusted and you are using the right one according to the thickness of the material being cut. Set all blade guards in place before the operation and maintain a safe distance between your hand and the blade.

These are the safety tips you should never forget before working on a project to get a good result without any mishaps!

We hope you found this article helpful and got everything you were looking for to improve your craftmanship.

Until we meet again, grind harder, stay motivated and enjoy the sweet taste of victory after completing yet another successful metal cutting project!

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