Best Miter Saw for Furniture Making 2023- Ideal Tips for Buyers

Accuracy means satisfaction, the joy of the mind. It converts the result of a job or project to perfect or close to perfect. Every business person wants this satisfaction although they fail sometimes. Similarly, in the furniture industry, accuracy is the first and foremost thing. A carpenter or woodworker always desire to cut, design, and shape an ordinary piece of wood to any extraordinary furniture. In this case, a miter saw can play a splendid role to bring success in furniture making.

You may get a considerable variation of saws for wood carving. These can be the back saw, bow saw, chainsaw, chop saw, hacksaw, rotary saw, etc. and many more. All these saws are used for cutting woods in different ways. But miter saw is unique and more efficient than these saws. Even this saw has two significant variations, like compound and sliding miter saws.

In this organized review, you will learn about the best miter saw for furniture making. Our expert observation over the market as well the products is always on. These below products are the current best miter saws available at the market for shaping your dreams.


You should know something more!

The best miter saw must contain the below features or specifications:

  • The blades: Miter saw blades are uniquely designed. They can move in both directions (up and down). They are also able to give you precise crosscuts and miter cuts. If the miter saw is right, you can also create bevel cuts too.
  • Miter and bevel stops: These stops are essential for the miter saw blades. You can place the blade at any position for these stops. Carpenters use them to get the expected cut like miter or bevel cuts.
  • Death stops: These stops can help you adjust the height of the miter saw blade. You can make deep or shallow cuts by adjusting the heights.
  • Positive stops: Positive stops are there for setting the blades without any redundancy. You can measure the cuts while costing the least time for these stops.
  • Fence: It can support wood stock to stay in place. When you cut the wood, it may move from its place. But the fence holds the wood securely.

Types of Miter Saws

1. Compound miter saw: You may have heard it as the bench miter saw. This type of saw is set and fixed at a base so that it can enable less movement compared with a sliding saw. You can tile the blade to give an angle cut to the wood through the saw’s pivot handle. Unlike other saws, you can use the compound miter saw for versatile cutting. However, you may find it tough to cut thicker wood as the saw has a limitation of thickness to cut.

2. Sliding miter saw: It generates more cutting power for the unique design of the blade. The blades can glide through the rails so that they can produce more power. With this massive cutting power, you can cut thicker wood, which compounds miter saw cannot do. But it would be hard to cut the molds of wood accurately.

Best Miter Saw for Furniture Making Reviews

Let us see what the best miter saws for building furniture are. We have studied the current market as well as the users’ feedback to accumulate data for organizing the lists. These select miter saws are superior than other ordinary miter saws.

1. DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw

DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw

We have heard “Dewalt” a lot of times and looked for it. They are the leading maker of top-class sliding saws. The DWS779 miter saw is a great example of their expert manufacturing. You can consider it as the overall best compound miter saw.

It comes with back fence design to make the precise cut at a 90° angle of the wood piece up to 2×16” in size. Even you can make on 2×12” wood at 45° angle. Whatever angle you use, this efficient saw can generate up to 3800 RPM with a powerful motor. You can move the set miter angle up to 60° to the right and 50° to the left side.

The handle of the saw is effortless to push down. You will find the 15-amp motor placed right above the hinge. It appears with a V belt drive to the saw blade. The accuracy of the blade is more than magic. You can cut the board at the right shape with proper smoothness. The depth stops, bevel angle stops are very much friendly to the users. Besides, the tall double fence keeps the sliding compound miter saw at the right place.

While running the device, there will be lots of dust. But you do not need to worry. The dust collection system is just mind-blowing. We have found that it can capture more than 75% dust. After all, this machine is suitable for DIYers and professionals. You can safely use this 12-inch compound miter saw.

Features to Note:

  • The powerful saw can cut board up to 2×16”
  • Handgrip is rotative to 180°
  • The 15-amp motor can produce up to 3800 RPM
  • Comes with 45° bevel capacity on both sides
  • Collects 75% dust that it produces
  • Provides topmost accuracy of miter and bevel cuts
  • Weighs 67 pounds (heavier but helpful)
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2. Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw

Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw

Bosch CM10GD is one of the finest miter saws for bevel cuts. It is well-designed with Axial-Glide™ system to provide you flawless cutting experience. You can use this sliding glide saw to save up to 10” workspace more than other saws. So, the accuracy of cuts is always substantial.

This miter saw comes with 10” blade with 60 teeth. You can get different cuts with this sharp blade. It can be 12” in horizontal, 5.5” in vertical and 6” crown capacity against the fence. We have found the 15-amp motor as very suitable for giving a wood piece the right shape. It can generate 4800 RPM of the blade to cut woods at excellent precision. You can have a vast cut capacity like 90° crosscut of board up to 2×12”. You can get miter cut at 45° of board up to 2×8”.

The all-metal bevel lock lever and range selector are there for extreme flexibility and simplicity of application. These features enable blazing-fast and easy-going bevel settings.  You do not need to reach the rear side of the saw. Another thing is 4.25” sliding face that reduces the ado of bevel controls. The crown/chop lock supports to lock the head of the miter saw. It works great to power via molding and nested crown molding.

You can also get the adjustable miter detents with this 10” dual-bevel miter saw. You can set several angles while reading the values on the easy-read markings of the unit. For the comfort of the user, Bosch added big size ambidextrous trigger handle to this saw. The soft grip on the handle, including clear lower guard, lets you work on the space for whole day. The combination of dust chute and vacuum adapter is there to collect 90% of the dust produced by the miter saw.

Features to Note:

  • Axial-Glide™ system with compact design for saving 10” extra space
  • 10” sharp blade with 60 teeth for satisfying cutting exactitude
  • 15-amp motor with the capability of producing 4800 RPM
  • Different cutting angle; especially recommended for bevel cuts
  • All-metal bevel lock lever and range selector
  • User-friendly ambidextrous handle with soft grip
  • 64 pounds weight
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3. Metabo HPT Compound Miter Saw

Metabo HPT Compound Miter Saw

Hitachi Power Tools was renamed as Metabo HPT with the initiatives of the authority. The quality and service of the products from the manufacturer are the same and even improved in some cases. Metabo HPT compound miter saw is just an illustration to them. It is one of the top budget, miter saws. It costs lesser money than other but works efficiently for cutting the wood pieces.

It comes with a sharp, long-lasting 10” miter blade to resize, give cuts like miter and bevel cut. You can get a miter cut from 0° to 52° angle to the right and left side. It increases the ease of application and shortens the time. The thumb actuated positive stops shows how accurately you can cut, resize, or reshape the wood with a miter cut. However, it is a single bevel miter saw with 0°-45° bevel angle. You can get maximum cutting accuracy with the adjustable bevel stops at the left side.

It has a high-quality 15-amp motor producing sufficient but high power to rotate the blade at a good speed. It ensures that you can cut any thick to thicker wood boards. It offers the user a large table space for superior material support. The vice clamping system keeps the wood board in the correct position. Besides, there is a carbon brush access feature to change or replace existing brush for device lifespan.

You can get satisfying longevity of Metabo HPT, but there is a little risk to restrict the lifespan. The weak metal feet are quite fragile, according to some users. So, you need to be a bit careful when using the miter saw.

Features to Note:

  • 10” wide, sharp and long-lasting saw blade
  • 0°-52° miter cut angle on both left and right side
  • Single bevel saw with 0°-45° cutting angle
  • Positive stops and adjustable bevel stops for cutting accuracy
  • Operates with a 15-amp powerful motor
  • Large material support table for worry-free cutting experience
  • Weighs 24.5 pounds (lightweight)
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4. DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Furniture making reaches to higher levels when you have excellent tools with cutting edge finishing. Dewalt never fails to amaze their customers like a person or the big sawmills. DWS780 is the second Dewalt product in our miter saw reviews. It is a 12” double bevel sliding saw for clean cuts.

DWS780 is framed in a proper rough and tough stainless-steel body. It has integrated XPS crosscut alignment system to increase the precision of cutting and shaping the furniture. This system features a high-quality, extra-bright LED light to focus on the working surface. It does not require any repetitive calibration of the blades. However, the device lasts longer even after you use it heavily. Its rugged guards, castings, fences, bevel system make it withstand against any odds.

The sharp blade runs with a beast 15-amp motor delivering 3800 RPM. Like other top-quality saws in our list, it also offers different cutting abilities. It can cut woods at 6.75” vertically, 7.5” nested crown, 13.8” horizontally. The back-fence design allows other ways of cutting. It allows the user to cut boards up to 2×14” at 90° and 2×12” at 45° angle. The rail lock latch is a bonus feature for a more flawless cutting experience. The dust collector can collect almost 75% dust produced in the cutting.

Dewalt miter saw offers both bevel and miter cuts. You can range your bevel cuts at 0-49° with positive stops. You can adjust the blade at 0°, 22.5°, 33.9°, 45°, and 49° in both right and left directions. For miter cuts, the slicing angle can be 60° and 50° to left and right, respectively. There are 10 positive stops, including an adjustable miter detent plate in this miter saw. After all, there is one thing you should be careful. The slider may get stuck if you do not maintain it properly.

Features to Note:

  • 12” double bevel compound miter saw
  • XPS crosscut alignment system with brighter LED
  • 15-amp motor with 3800 RPM velocity
  • Can cut boards of 2×14” at 90° and 2×12” at 45° angle
  • 0-49° bevel cuts and 60° or 50° miter cuts
  • Collects 75% dust produced during application
  • Weighs 56 pounds
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5. SKIL 3821-01 12-Inch Quick Mount Compound Miter Saw with Laser

SKIL 3821-01 12-Inch Quick Mount Compound Miter Saw with Laser

SKIL 12” compound miter saw is a time-saving, fast mount device. This silver colored miter saw can be a great asset to woodworks. It comes with essential instruments for easy installation. We have listed this one for its accurate cutting and shaping of your furniture.

SKIL miter saw blade is sharp, powerful, and long-lasting. With the help of the 15-amp motor, it can cut through 2×6” lumber easily. The motor can produce 4500 RPM of the saw blade to go smooth on a versatile wood surface. It has integrated HD laser light for a more precise cut. It guides to maintain the alignment of cuts.

The Quick-Mount system allows the carpenter to set up the saw on the SKIL stand. This feature is usually absent in many top-rated miter saws. You may need to arrange a separate base for other saws. But SKIL 12” is undoubtedly the best choice.

Tuning up the angles for cuts is also praiseworthy and straightforward. You can fix the cutting position at 9 different positive stops. So, you can craft any lumber at any shape and size with the saw. We found out he slide-out table extensions very much helpful. It provides extra space when you put a large piece of wood in the saw.

Features to Note:

  • Quick-Mount system with HD laser
  • 15-amp motor with 4500 RPM capacity
  • 9 efficient, positive stops for adjusting cutting angles
  • Lightweight, heavy-duty construction with 12” blade
  • Slide-out table extensions for holding a large piece of lumber
  • Weighs 46.3 pounds only; suitable for DIYers
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6. TACKLIFE PMS03A Sliding Miter Saw

TACKLIFE PMS03A Sliding Miter Saw

Let us talk about one powerful double bevel miter saw. Tacklife PMS03A sliding compound miter saw provides the best service you need in curving the woods. It consists of a 12” tungsten carbide tipped blade that can divide any tough lumbers. This blade has premium grade 40 teeth to pierce the wood well without damaging the edges. The integrated laser guide increases the perfection of cutting any tough objects.

Tacklife saw has a 15-amp motor with 10 feet connecting cable. You can use the high speed of the blade to cut the boards smoothly. Even the blade is so strong that you can cut the plastics, aluminum alloy and metal plates too. It is tough to find an allrounder saw with so much power and strength. Groove or trench, now you can do whatever you like.

The 5 different positive stops are there for cutting angles adjustments. These stops enable other cutting options like square, bevel, compound, etc. cuts. You can easily set the bevel angle at 45° on both left and right sides. This double-bevel design offers 45° cuts of 2.3×13” to left and 1.38×13” to the right side. So, you can see that it fulfills all the bevel cutting needs.

The D-handle design of this saw makes it easy-going to the users. Its double linear sliding rail makes sure you work safely and steadily. You can check and mark out the real-time cutting position precisely like the professionals. For extra support, it offers an extensible table with vice clamping to keep the wood piece into the correct place. The extended handle lever adds better function to the device. While using the device, the dust collection bag will collect the dust for neat and clean operation.

Features to Note:

  • Dual bevel sliding miter saw with laser guide
  • 15-amp motor with 10 feet extension cord
  • Tungsten carbide tipped 12” blade with 40 teeth
  • 3800 RPM blade speed with 5 positive stops
  • It can cut different objects like metal, plastic etc.
  • Right choice for bevel, miter, square, and compound cuts
  • Weighs 46 pounds only
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7. DEWALT DWS715 12-Inch Miter Saw

DEWALT DWS715 12-Inch Miter Saw

Dewalt DWS715 12” miter saw maintains the flow of Dewalt’s quality products. This corded electric saw may appear almost the same as other models. But still, we find differences in this model like its blade speed, work performance etc. This lightweight saw is better for molding, crosscuts, miter cuts, frame cuts etc. You would love to sculpt the furniture to the desired designs.

Like other Dewalt miter saws, DWS715 also has robust framing and a superb way of mounting. The design enables the easy installation to the stands. We can see it has a 15-amp motor with 4000 RPM speed. Indeed, this speed is appreciable for working with lumbers. You can get cross cuts of 2×8” at 90° and 2×6” at 45°. Bevel cuts are possible to 48° to left and 3° to the right. You can adjust more cutting angles with positive stops, and 4 hardened steel bevel stops.

Its stainless-steel miter detent plate is adjustable to different 14 positive stops. It means you get a more flexible way of setting cutting angles. There are very few compound miter saws available with so many stops. You do not need to slip the saw into the miter detents as the “override” option allows the user to exceed or override the miter stops.

The tall sliding fences provide extra facilities like holding crown molding up to 5.25” nested. The base molding against the fence is 6.5” vertically. If you are a carpenter or DIYer, you should know these things well. However, the unit comes with several tools like a carbide blade, wrench, clamps, side handles etc. You can collect all the dust in the included dust bag. The only minus point of this saw is it has no laser for cutting precision.

Features to Note:

  • 12” carbide blade with 32 teeth miter saw
  • 15-amp motor with 4000 RPM speed
  • 14 efficient, positive spots for improved cutting experience
  • 2×8” at 90° and 2×6” at 45° at 45 cross cuts
  • 48° to left and 3° to right bevel cuts
  • Manual override of miter detent for overriding miter stops
  • Comes with several accessories
  • Weighs 42.8 pounds only
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8. Genesis GMS1015LC 15-Amp 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

Genesis GMS1015LC 15-Amp 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

Are you looking for the most lightweight but effective miter saw for furniture making? Yes, Genesis GMS1015LC is such kind of saw that weighs only one pound. But it has all the features that can make your woodworking straightforward and mind-blowing. It offers you the ultimate laser guide for the right precision of cutting the boards. The 15-amp motor helps to cut the woods in different motions and shapes.

It runs with direct AC electricity to produce sufficient speed of the 10” blade. This blade has 60 teeth that are friendly for wood sculpting jobs. You can conduct bevel cuts to 45° at the left. It is also suitable for compound miter cuts. Miter cuts are available up to 45° to both the left and right side. Crown molding, shadow boxes, photo frames, etc. tasks are quickly done with this miter saw.

You will get 9 positive detent miter stops to fit the cutting object firmly and accurately. Adjust the blade position or angle with these positive stops. Besides, you can stop the blade by controlling the electric brake instantly. It prevents any accidental cuts of the timber. Arbor lock is also there to change the blade faster for appropriate sculpting.

Genesis has added an exciting feature to this saw. This saw has wheels for carrying from one place to another. The die-cast aluminum base reduces the weight of the saw. It also helps in the transportation of the device. Useful accessories like hold-down clamp, dust bag, double extension wings, wrench and dual AAA batteries, etc. are included in the package. We have the only complaint about this product is it gets hotter after longtime uses.

Features to Note:

  • 15-amp 10” compound miter saw
  • 60T blade offers bevel cuts 45° left side cuts
  • 45° both left and right miter cuts
  • 9 positive detent miter stops and electric brake
  • Arbor lock for changing blade faster
  • Die-cast aluminum base and wheels for excellent maneuverability
  • Weighs only one pound (most lightweight)
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It is unquestionably tough to decide which one should be chosen among lots of miter saws. We have sorted out the problem for your convenience. Each of these mentioned miter saws is different from each other. But they are all perfect and committed to providing excellent service.

You should check blade size, motor power, different stops, and some other features when you will buy one. Bevel or miter, above saws, are suitable for any cuts. Depending on these matters, you should select the best miter saw for making furniture. We wish you would have got the information from a miter saw review like ours.

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