Best Planer Molder in 2023 With Latest Expert Insights

Think about a machine that can do both planing and molding, is easily portable, and doesn’t require you to break the bank for making a purchase.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t.

In this guide, we will deliver everything you need to know for picking out the best planer molder out of the market. You deserve the finest and we’re determined to get you there.

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Top 5 Planer Molders

1. Grizzly G0815 Industrial Heavy-Duty Planer

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The planer molder by Grizzly gets the job done effortlessly, along with speed and safety.

It can cut materials up to 38-centimeters wide. In terms of thickness the range is 2.54 to 20.32-centimeters. The planing table is made from cast-iron, therefore it is able to handle strong impacts.

The cutter head runs at an impressive 5000 RPM, powered by a 3 HP, phase-1 motor. It’s installed with 3 knives along with a chip smasher. The High Speed Steel knives are stronger than Carbide blades.

The machine offers an adjustable feed rate. You can either go with 16 or 30 FPM depending on the material being processed.

In terms of ease of operation, the product has a lot to offer. For example, elevation handles that can be pulled back, Gas springs to lift the headboard, etc. The headboard has a support structure made of quadrupole cast-iron beams, along with a mechanism to keep the beams locked in a fixed position.

Now, to the matter of safety.

The planer offers an anti-kickback feature, headlock latches for a steady position while plaining, and a magnetic switch with overcharge protection to keep electric hazards away.

The dust port is 4-inches wide. Along with a dust collector, this will create a residue free operation.

Highlighted Features
  • Offers cast-iron planing table and beams.
  • Uses anti-kickback fingers to prevent the blade from spitting out materials.
  • Offers a magnetic switch with overcharge protection.
  • 2 lifting handles on each side makes transporting the planer convenient.
  • Latches on the headlock offers a steady position while you are planing.

2. Shop Fox, Planer Molder W1812

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When do you know that you have the best planer molder in hand?

When you acquire a product that offers both power and functionality, duh!

The square cutter head lets you change blades spontaneously without interrupting the workflow. It runs on a speed of 7000 RPM. Constructed with Double, HSS knives, the cutter head ensures a serious amount of strength and sharpness.

The molder uses a separate 1/4 HP, DC motor for powering the feeding function. It uses a chain drive power transmission system to let you choose the feed speed from a range of 0 to 18 FPM. The main motor is completely enclosed with a fan cooling system to ensure safety against explosions and fire hazards.

You also get a box stand that can safely carry the load of the machine.

The control buttons are superimposed on a separate stand, along with an advanced chip collecting mechanism. A dedicated window to observe the cutter head in motion increases your ability to control the planing and molding process while the unconfined structure allows you space for precise cuts.

The table has 2 gaps on both ends to move the guide rails with ease. The removable rails can be adjusted and locked. The planer also has a feature to counteract vibration damping for releasing the machine of excessive energy.

Highlighted Features
  • The cutter head offers an easy blade changing design.
  • Includes a box style stand to increase balance and handle impact.
  • Features superimposed control buttons on a separate stand.
  • The unconfined structure allows you space for precise cuts.
  • Decreases vibration damping for releasing the machine of excessive energy.

3. JET, JPM-13CS Planer/Molder 708524

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JET has an unbreakable determination when it comes to delivering a product that ensures quality in all areas. We are glad to say, the 708524 is constructed from that same spirit.

The cast-iron table is 48.26-centimeters long and 35.56-centimeters wide. The planer uses a quadruple beam support structure to hold the table. The precision ground beams are made of steel, which allows the molder to handle vibration and impacts.

The molder offers a maximal planning width of 33-centimeteres and a maximal planning depth of 15.25-centimeteres. The maximal planning length is 35.5-centimeteres.

The cutterhead with a diameter of 5.08-centimeter runs on a speed of 4,500 RPM. It can make 13,500 cuts every 60 seconds by using a triple blade design. The power transmission system uses double V belts, powered by a single phase motor, to keep the cutterhead running.

The manufacturer uses a TEFC motor to improve the level of safety. It is completely sealed and uses a controlled airflow system to prevent overheating. The motor is cleverly set at the base of the molder, inside a metal case, which protects it from various residues caused by the woodwork.

The adjustable outfeed and infeed rollers are fully padded to avoid staining the material’s profile. You can also mold materials with less than 5-centimeters of depth without changing the planing blades.

Highlighted Features
  • Offers padded and movable outfeed and infeed rollers.
  • Features an adjustable feed rate, ranging from 20 to 10 FPM.
  • Includes gibs for inserting knives without removing the planing blades.
  • Offers an integrated dust output for connecting to a dust collector.
  • Includes a stand with 4 casters that can be locked to increase portability.

4. Shop Fox, Planer/Molder W1842

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Another popular product from Shop Fox that offers consistent high performance along with durability. Lots of ecstatic planer molder reviews spread across the internet must have some truth, you know.

The Shop Fox W1842 Planer Molder has a maximal planing width of 33.02-centimeters and molding width of 10.16-centimeters. The machine is thermoplastic coated, which offers a tougher surface than a regular paint finish.

The cutter head, designed with a quick access feature, uses plain indexing with a bolted design to allow fast and convenient knife changing. It can be used with a variety of custom profiles, to let you experiment and do detailed molding jobs. Constructed with 3 HSS knives, it runs on a 5000 RPM speed.

With an adjustable feeding rate, you can either use 24 FPM for planing or 12 FPM for molding operations. The guide rails can also be moved and adjusted using polygonal handles.

The machine is run by a 1.5 HP, single phase motor that can be rewired up to 220-volt. The motor is capable of handling a current load of 7.5 to 15-ampere. The manufacturer also offers a safety paddle that can be instantly flipped to shut off the system in the case of an emergency.

Highlighted Features
  • Offers thermoplastic coating to resist scratches and stains on the paint.
  • Includes a safety paddle to instantly turn off the system in an emergency.
  • Can multifunction as a planer by removing rails and replacing cutter head.
  • Offers 24 FPM for planing and 12 FPM for molding in terms of feeding rate.
  • Includes a stand and rubber feets to offer balance while operating.

5. Grizzly, Planer/Molder G1037Z

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This product performs just as well in terms of molding as it does with planing.

For planing, the maximal cutting width is 33.02-centimeters and depth is 0.31-centimeters. For molding, the maximal profiling width is 10.16-centimeters and depth is 1.9-centimeters.

The molder uses a 1-1/2 HP motor that can be rewired up to 220-volts. It is set at the base, which allows you to change knives quickly. It can withstand a current load of 7.5 to 15-ampere.

The cutterhead uses a triple HSS knife design. It is constructed to be easily used with both planing blades and molding knives. A double v belt, connected to the motor, runs the cutterhead at a 5000 RPM speed.

The product offers multiple feed rates. For example, you can use 24 FPM from planing and 12 FPM for molding operations.

The machine has movable fences with hexagonal handles. It also includes a 10.16-centimeter wide dust channel to manage residue. The metal feed rollers have rubber padding to avoid harming the material’s surface.

The molder is set on a surface, supported by 4 metal stands to provide balance. It also offers a chip breaker, an anti-kickback feature, and a scale for increasing efficacy and safety.

Highlighted Features
  1. Includes a chip breaker and padded, metal rollers to increase efficacy.
  2. Offers an anti-kickback feature for additional safety.
  3. Features a 5000 RPM cutterhead with depth adjustment facility.
  4. Provides an adjustable feed rate, ranging from 12 to 24 FPM.
  5. Offers a 1-1/2 HP motor that you can rewire up to 220-volts.

How To Choose The Right Planer Molder?


We recommend choosing a cutterhead that has at least 3 functionalities: a strong and durable material for the blades (e.g. High Speed Steel), a speed of 2000 to 5000 RPM, and a design that facilitates changing between planing and molding knives quick and easy.

Feed Rate

In order to accomplish both planing and molding, it is important to check whether the product offers effective feed rates for those purposes. Molding usually requires less feed rate than planing. Thus, with a planer molder with low feed rates, it may be hard for you to do planing jobs.

We recommend choosing a machine that offers multiple feed rates, ranging from 10 to 30 CFM. This way, you’ll be able to do a variety of woodwork operations with ease.

Integrated Dust Channel

You should always go for a planer molder that has a dedicated dust channel/chute. Planing and molding create a ton of wood dust, which can get into your lungs from inhaling without a proper residue management system.

In order to get rid of wood dust, you must have a dust collector attached to the machine. Without an integrated dust port, you won’t be able to properly connect the machine to a collector.

System And Motor Safety

The best planer molders don’t keep safety at bay. They come with sufficient features to ensure system and motor safety.

For example, you can opt for a molder that has an emergency button to instantly shutoff the system in case of an emergency.

In terms of motors, look for fully enclosed ones with an effective cooling system. This will give you better protection against fire and explosion hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Get A Planer Molder?

Answer: A planer molder is capable of both planing and molding stock materials. Thus, you won’t need to buy separate machines for these purposes, saving you time, energy, and money.

They are also comparatively portable than heavy-duty planers. As a result, you’ll save up on workspace as well.

How Much Feeding Rate Should I Look For?

Answer: You should choose a planer molder with an adjustable feeding rate. Planing requires more feeding power than molding. Thus, without a wide range of feed rate you may not be able to use the machine as a multifunctional tool.

A planer molder which offers a feed rate up to 30 CFM should be enough to use it conveniently for both planing and molding.

How Portable Is A Planer Molder?

Answer: Most planer molders are quite lightweight and portable. They often come with stands and wheels to increase the feature of mobility. Compared to a standard planer, these machines will take less space and are easier to travel with.

How Well Does It Handle Wood Dust?

Answer: Planer Molders come with integrated dust ports that can be up to 12-centimeters wide. If you connect the port to a dust collector, it can create an effective system to conveniently get rid of harmful residues.

What Type Of Motor Should I Look For?

Answer: That largely depends on your personal needs. If you are dealing with larger stocks than it is recommended to get at least a 1/5 HP motor. On the contrary, if you intend to use it for DIY purposes and small household builds then lesser HP motors can work as well.

However, make sure that the motor has an overload protection, is completely enclosed, and offers an effective cooling system to avoid accidents.

Final Words

Planer molders can make life really easy for you whether you’re a professional woodworker or a passionate DIY builder. However, failing to buy the right product may decrease your workflow instead of increasing it.

This is why, along with our picks for the best planer molder, we also included various essential facts you need to know to make the perfect purchase.

May your passion for building never cease!

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