Best Push Block For Table Saw 2023: The Definitive Guide

When working with tools, one of the things we often tend to overlook is the safety. Even if we have the finest tools at hand, not considering how to keep ourselves safe can make us pay any time.

That being said, not all tools come with safety protection, and we have to step in ourselves in such cases.

Today we will be discussing about push blocks for table saws. When it comes to woodworking, a lot of injuries are reported, and this can help you to prevent that from happening.

Buying a push block, however, can take a little longer than what you expect, but we are here to help you reduce that. Here you will find a collection of some of the top push blocks in the market today, along with their details, their highlights, and finally a buying guide on what to look for before buying your push table.

Top 5 Push Block For Table Saw (At a Glance)


  • Material: Plastic and Foam Rubber
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  • Material: Plastic and Foam
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  • Power Source: Plastic and Foam Rubber
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  • Material: Plastic
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  • Material: Plastic
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Best Push Blocks For Table Saw Reviews

1. Peachtree Woodworking Supply Safety Woodworking Push Block

Peachtree Woodworking Supply Safety Woodworking Push Block

This push block set from Peachtree Woodworking comes in a set of five and is designed to provide you with safety and ease as you work with table saws. It is affordable while giving you all the qualities you seek.

The orange color named SAFETY ORANGE, might seem redundant, but is actually put so you can clearly see every edge and where your hands are placed. It helps to increase visibility, even if there is low light, and makes it easy to find. Since these are all small pieces of tools, this really helps to never lose any.

Since it comes with everything you need, starting from your v-style push stick all the way to your beefy long push blocks, you can easily put this to use with any woodworking application.

On the large push block and two small push blocks, you will find rubber foam pads. These are receptive and soft which helps to make your pushes easier, and controlling your stock simpler, much safer than doing it by hand, and more efficient too.

After a time, the soles will get filthy, but you can wash them with warm water and leave them to dry for a day, and they will be as good as new.

In this set, you get two small blocks, one with an angled handle and another with an offset handle, for the times you need to work differently. You also get one large push block, one standard width push stick, and finally one narrow width safety-v push stick.

Altogether, this is one of the finest and most affordable block sets out there. If you are a beginner and want to get your hands on a functional block that does not break the bank, do check this one out.

It will work with absolutely any blade on the shaper, router table, table saw, jointer, or band saw.

Highlighted Features

  • They come with receptive rubber foam pads
  • Soles are soft and washable
  • Comes in a safety orange color for higher visibility
  • Features a narrow v-style push stick
  • Well suited for various woodworking applications

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2. POWERTEC 71009 Safety Push Block and Stick Set

POWERTEC 71009 Safety Push Block and Stick Set

A simple and easy to use push block set, this one is from POWERTEC. The set comes with a total of three push blocks where you have one that is long, and two short ones, followed by a straight push stick, and a v stick.

You can use the straight push stick when you are working with a stock that is narrow or if you have limited space.

The V-shaped stick on the other hand is useful when you need to get close to your blade or have more control over your piece. This one lets you push your wood pieces through the blades.

However, both the sticks are narrow to some degree, allowing them to work with smaller pieces of wood. The push pads that come along are for use on table saws, jointers, and routers.

With this block, you can safely work on your table saw as it will guide you through your work. You can maintain a steady pressure when pushing down on the workpiece without the fear of it jumping up at you.

Make sure you check the handles before purchase, because this is from where you will be controlling your block. It comes with easy-grip handles that have ergonomic designs, so you can comfortably wrap your hands around them and have maximum control.

Material wise, the push block and every part of the set is well constructed to last you a good while. A lot of engineering and processes took place to make this small set, giving you the assurance of complete safety with woodworking.

Highlighted Features

  • V-shaped push stick helps to provide detailed control
  • Plastic is long-lasting and durable
  • Helps to prevent kickback to protect fingers
  • It has an easy grip that feels natural

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3. MLCS 9167 Safety Push Block

MLCS 9167 Safety Push Block

Deemed a must-have accessory for professionals, this is a five-piece set from MCLS. You get rubber pads on this push block much like most good models out there. And this enables you to have just the right grip, so you can conveniently work on the table without losing control.

The set itself is made of plastic which is durable and long-lasting. That makes it lightweight enough for you to be able to work with, but just heavy enough so it can work as a push block.

It is also considered one of the more versatile push blocks out there, because a wide collection of different pieces in the set make sure you can use this with multiple stocks.

On the handles, you will get a rubber grip. This further helps you gain control as you proceed to push your woodwork through the saws. Remember, you want to have maximum control without endangering your hands, and a strong grip will give you that.

Not to mention, this also makes sure that the woodwork moves in a proper line and does not deviate, which too can cause kickbacks.

This set is compatible with every piece of equipment you will be working with, from the table saw to the shaper to the jointer and even the router table. Hence, you get a complete solution in one place instead of having to look elsewhere.

Even though this is marketed towards professionals, beginners too should check it out since it is so easy to use!

Highlighted Features

  • Rubber pads provide a strong and secure grip
  • Set includes five pieces for versatility
  • Constructed with plastic for durability
  • Can hold down stock strongly

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4. MICROJIG GRR-RIP BLOCK Smart Hook Pushblock


The MICROJIG GRR-RIP BLOCK is one of the most unique push blocks out there, thanks to its heel hooks. Being the only block to come with this feature, you will find this is a staple for most professionals out there who have to work with heavy woods.

These gravity-powered hooks aid in grabbing the end of your board, so you can confidently hold it as it cuts. Since these are smart hooks, you can release them when needed, even if it is mid-board. If you want further security, simply lock it in its retracted position.

The main idea is to ensure stability, and to be easy to remove when you need to concentrate on other places. Hence, even though there is a hook, it is not hard to remove when required.

One of the prime reasons we buy push blocks is for safety, after that comes ease of use. However, if you have one that breaks down or ends up slipping mid-way, there really isn’t a point to it.

To prevent such occurrences and give you a truly strong block, you get the Podular Green-GRIP. This comes with immense gripping power and lasts a lot longer than its competitors too. It is called a podular design because it comes with pods. These compress to give you the traction that you need, which is absent in your everyday blocks.

Another unique feature it has is stability when it comes to vertical work. You can make use of the 90-degree flip guide when working with special profiles on the router table.

This can include anything from veneers to beaded face frames to band saws. Whichever way you decide to flip this, the smart hooks will automatically fall into its place and help you get your work done safely. It can also work with face jointing or freehand and edge routing.

On top of that, the groove is placed nicely so that all the debris that occurs during work can escape without clogging your view. This further improves your vision and helps to reduce accidents.

Of course, you have to clean this from time to time, since the tasks will make the push block filthy. To do that, all you have to do is get some denatured rubbing alcohol, and it will be as good as new.

Highlighted Features

  • The block comes with an auto-retracting heel
  • Features Proprietary Green GRR-RIP for secured hold
  • The handle has an ergonomic design for the right directional pressure
  • Optional mounts are provided for additional protection
  • Comes with a 90-degree flip guide

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5. Big Horn 10228 Push Block Set

Big Horn 10228 Push Block Set

The Big Horn 10228 is affordable and well-loved by beginners who are just starting out with table saws. Regardless of who this is made for, it surely has a solid quality anyone would appreciate.

This set comes with a long push block, two short push blocks, and finally a v-stick and a push stick. The push stick is provided because this one helps you to work when you do not have a lot of space, or when you are working with narrow stocks.

With the v-shaped push stick, on the other hand, you get more control. This is more suitable when you have to work on a wood piece that really gets close to the blade.

You can make sure it goes in the line it is supposed to, while keeping your hands at bay. It helps to prevent kickbacks, and gives you an efficient outcome. All the pieces together make it a perfect, highly versatile set that you can use with many different projects.

The set itself is made of tough plastic, which lets it be durable, but easy to use and maintain. When it comes to such tools, you have to prioritize maintenance since they tend to get filthy. The plastic body lets you clean it after use without much fuss.

Even though the color might not seem like much of a factor, it surely helps. If you have a push block that mixes in with the wood, you can mistakenly start pushing in the wrong directions, or place your hand where there is a hazard.

In this tool, the bright orange color gives the toolset more visibility. This helps you see where the lines end between your hand, the tool and the blade, lessening chances of mishaps. It also makes it easier to find in case you always lose things.

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed with tough plastic for durability
  • The pads provide a strong grip
  • Bright orange color is made for high visibility
  • Comes in a versatile set of 5 push blocks

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Table Saw Push Block Buying Guide


When you are buying a tool to help you with safety, you really have to make sure that the tool itself is of good quality first. The market is crawling with cheap push blocks which might seem attractive at first.

But stray away from these, because they won’t be doing a proper job at protecting your hands while you work. And isn’t that really the point of all this?

The quality depends on a lot of things. How it is made, how sturdy the structure is, how well it is constructed, what the materials are, and how durable is it. These are all the questions you need to ask.

Push blocks are usually made of either plastic or wood. But today, you can find them in many other materials too. As long as they are designed well, they will serve the purpose.


When you are buying a push block, we assume you want to use it in tandem with your saw. If you already own a saw, purchase push blocks that are compatible with it.

If you do not have a table saw yet, opt for versatile blocks like universal push blocks. These are compatible with multiple table saws and machines, and most loved by professionals who have to work with many different tools.

And with these, even if you end up changing your tool, you do not have to change your block.


What type and quality of pads you settle for are important, because the wrong one can damage your tool if they are faulty. When buying an extra block just to make work easier, you surely do not want the opposite, do you?

The pad you go for must be one that is gentle on the surface it works on. You can look at both rubber and foam pads. They are some of the most common ones which you will find in blocks.


When buying your block, do take a moment to consider the design. It should be one that is heavy enough to constrain your stock without having to put in a lot of energy. Also, take a moment to see the handle’s design. You want one that is ergonomic and secure.

Checking to see if it fits your hand is also part of the process. You obviously do not want one that you cannot work with. The right fitting will ensure that you can work your stock through your blades, without fluctuating.

The stronger your grip is, the more control you have, and the better your performance becomes with the tool.


When looking for push blocks you will come across different colors. While some might look sophisticated and unique with their wooden finishes, these are the ones to avoid.

Others which resemble Legos or toys, and come in bright colors like oranges and yellow, are the ones to go with. This is because when you are using a wooden push block, or something of a similar color, you can mistake the edges of the block and your stock.

Doing this can result in pushing the stock in the wrong way, or losing control because you cannot clearly differentiate when the stock is moving.

As a result, you get kickbacks and in a worst-case scenario, even an accident with your hands. Colorful blocks help to prevent just that. They are easier to see, and really highlight the spot where your block ends and the stock starts.

With these, there will be lower chance of accidents. This might feel redundant since it is such a small thing to consider, however, it does make a difference.

Necessary Features

Given the hundreds of models in the market, it is no surprise that they all sport a wide range of unique features. But what you need to be careful about is what features are you settling for.

While a large range might attract you, you will also find that a lot of times, blocks come with unnecessary features. These simply waste your time and money as you try to figure out what they are for. Not to mention they are also a clutter over your core features.

So bottom line, do not get wavered by sparkly features that play no role, instead focus on your core design which will serve you, much like the ones that our list carries.


The main reason we turn to power tools is because they make working easier and simpler, not to mention they lessen the operation time as well.

Push blocks are like the safety addition that helps you get your work done properly, while ensuring that you are not harmed in the process.

Accidents do not come knocking. Even the most professional and experienced workers can fall victim to accidents when working with tools like table saws. You have to ensure your own safety during work, and push blocks are one way to ensure that.

We hope you found this guide to be helpful. The models provided here are some of the top models in the market, find out which one suits your requirements.

Stay productive, stay safe.

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