Best Sander for Removing Paint in 2020

If you are trying to know something about the right sander for your upcoming project (many of you look for the specific task), you’re fortunately at the right place. I’m going to share my knowledge to help you out.

I know some craziest sanders for removing paint – professional and hobbyists trust for their heavy and light enterprises.

That’d be helpful if you target a specific mission. It makes it easier to find the right one – because all sanders are not fit-in-all types, but some of them really are.

Being a professional, your demands might be different from those of a DIYer, so should your removing tool be.

Regardless of the work-type, I made a list of best sander for removing paint from the current market. It is helpful and comprehensive. I hope you’ll find it worth sharing too.

Top Sander for Removing Paint Reviews

In general, some factors are vital for all – professional or DIYer. When you step forward to finalize your sander, you shouldn’t compromise with them. To know them elaborately, read the reviews of the best sanders for removing paint.

1. Bosch 1250DEVS for Woodworking, Polishing, Carpentry

Bosch 1250DEVS for Woodworking, Polishing, Carpentry

Do you want to use it for mainly commercial purposes? Bosch invented something for you!

A professional woodworker never goes for a tool that is made for hobbyists. While a hobbyist random orbital sander might be simpler on your wallet, it won’t offer the power and adaptability that you need to give your customers quality work.

A committed tradesperson should buy his tools from a loyal maker, for example, Bosch, which is seemingly the main name in the business. Its 1250DEVS is one that makes you the best use of money by purchasing it. Let me spend two minutes on it.

This tool features dual-mode that lets you travel from standard to aggressive stock finishing with a single tool. Besides, you can lead your power tool to normal or high removal action.

Convenience becomes uncompromising when getting serious about perfection and precision in the task. Bosch 1250DEVS comes with the assurance of fast, smooth finishing on a variety of levels.

It has a dust cylinder to remove the wretchedness from the cleaning procedure. You’ll also get a 5mm cushion wrench that can be conveniently put away on the instrument, so you won’t need to stress over where to put it when not utilizing it.

Perfect finishing with the aesthetic look will remind you of the right decision you took.

Highlighted Features
  • The powerful 6.5-Amp motor which provides heavy sanding and extended tool life.
  • It provides two distinct sanding modes – normal and aggressive.
  • Eradicates stock and finishing material quickly, leaving no scratch at all.
  • Dual-mode allows you to undertake normal and aggressive finishing.

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2. Hitachi SB8V2 Variable Speed Belt Sander

Hitachi SB8V2 Variable Speed Belt Sander

This made in Japan product is a trusted sander name among the professional for good reasons. It is indispensable in the workshop. Let me tell you how it worth your investment in brief.

In power tool selection, the motor draws the maximum attention. It is not the most ground-breaking motor, but a mentionable one. Its 9.0-amp motor is fairly perfect for getting the job done with perfection.

The Hitachi SB8V2 is a 3-by-21-inch variable speed belt sander that incorporates a wear-safe belt for longer life. It is both ground-breaking and tough.

The variable speed control enables you to switch between various velocities depending on the task effortlessly. The delicate grip handles on the unit give included solace and decrease vibration during sanding.

This machine is worked with the stable following, decreasing the danger of the sanding belt meandering. This sander has a push switch that makes it simpler to supplant the sanding belts than it is with some different models.

The brushes in this unit are additionally simple to replace. By and large, regular maintenance on this belt sander is simple.

It is a decent belt sander for anybody searching for an incredible, proficient evaluation machine that will keep going for a long-lasting.

Highlighted Features
  • The powerful motor makes it fit for long-time performance.
  • Features variable speed control that allows you to adapt to the material surface.
  • The front handle allows you to hold this belt sander very ergonomically.
  • Includes a cloth dust collection bag that traps debris. It can be easily cleaned.

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3. Festool 571903 ETS 1503 EQ Random Orbital Finish Sander

Festool 571903 ETS 1503 EQ Random Orbital Finish Sander

For removing paint, two significant things come in my priority. One is a dust collector, and another is a forceful sander. The ETS 150/3 EQ model has all these with other additional advantages.

So, it’s all right that you don’t have any excellent dust gatherer to get all the wreckage you have done while taking layers of paints from your workpieces.

The default dust collector is great to remove paint dust and other overly fine dust. This guarantees its dust assortment to be effective to the degree that the abrasives you are going to utilize will have a 30% longer life contrasted with different models.

Although I am discussing sander for expelling paints, nobody buys sander for this sole reason. So, what makes people buy it? It features variable speed to allow you to do nearly anything with it.

Festool keeps its convention of conveying world-class quality machines with the ETS 150. With a yield of 10,000 RPMs on the enormous 6″ sanding pad, it’s a quick one, and the dust assortment is top-notch.

With superb build-quality, modern features, and advanced design, the ETS 150 is a truly splendid sander that will impress even professionals.

The tool is designed to handle conveniently with two hands or no matter if you want to operate it with a single hand — an amazing one for removing paint.

Highlighted Features
  • 6” sanding pad for covering a significant area.
  • Very fast and potent.
  • Vibration control with a balanced design.
  • Fit for dealing with one or two hands with an elastic handle.

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4. Dynabrade, 56815 Best Air Random Orbital Sander

Dynabrade, 56815 Best Air Random Orbital Sander

Dynabrade particularly centered around giving additional help to the hand of the client. Comfortable Platform is fused in the machine, which gives additional help to the hand and wrist of the user.

Thus, you can utilize the Dynorbital Supreme Random Orbital Sander for quite a long time without harming your hands. This stage gives expanded assurance against the cold air exhausts of the machine, which builds its capacity.

The sander is non-vacuum, yet you can change over it to vacuum by including self-produced vacuum gadgets.

The Dynabrade 56815 Orbital Sander is solid and dependable. There are five sharp edges in the rotor of the machine, which expands the general intensity of the machine.

The machine comprises a composite rotor, which makes it simple for you to grease up the engine.

A twofold column balancer bearing is included in the front of the machine. The dust pack gathers a large portion of the dust and keeps the body and the parts of the sander harmless from it.

The sander doesn’t require much support, and it is anything but difficult to replace the circle of the machine when required.

Highlighted Features
  • The rotor utilizes five blades and produces more useable power.
  • Optional vacuum conversion kits convert non-vacuum tool to self-generated vacuum tool.

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5. Makita GV7000C Sander

Makita, GV7000C, Sander, Disc

Don’t think putting it on number five is the sign of being inferior to others.

Makita is a typical name in the power tool industry. Although it’s not as flexible as its circular cousin, the orbital sander, it’s not made to be mistreated by the professional. Its motivation is to annihilate unpleasant old stock and paint effortlessly, and it does so perfectly.

The design and single-handed grip handle make it delight in utilizing, and the consequences represent themselves, an incredible decision.

The majority of the paint evacuating sanders I have reviewed here are of 5 inches size. To accelerate your project here is unified with 7 inches cushion size, and it is the GV7000C model from Makita.

The machine is all around adjusted, something you require for a day-long activity. The engine is put directly over the headrest so that it will carry out its responsibility effortlessly with its weight. Without putting extra pressure, you can make it happen.

The speed go is constrained. However, it is variable. Besides, this unit incorporates significant adornments with it. Thus, the value is sensible in compared to other models.

Highlighted Features
  • Featuring variable Speed (2,500 – 4,700 RPM) for optimum use.
  • Electric Speed Control Maintains Speed Under Load.
  • Soft Start Feature Gradually Brings Tool to Speed.
  • Motor-Over-Pad design for better balance and control.

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What’s New?

I promised to introduce some worth of investing sanders for removing paint. I shortlisted only five sander for removing paint from the market. It was a herculean task, but I tried to narrow it down with keen observation and having quality time with them.

You’ll hardly find a tool that is perfect for your project. Only a good mentor can make it happen with a good suggestion.

To master your profession, you need the best tool, talent, and a little bit of luck.

Any of the above five sanders can meet the need for the right tool with a guarantee. Just focus on the type of your project and find the best tool.

It’s your turn to take the decision and click the button. Happy sanding!

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