Best Sanders for Kitchen Cabinets: Top 5 Picks and Reviews [Updated 2020]

Can you imagine that your kitchen cabinet where you keep food and other important things for stockpiling is not safe enough? If so, you’re in danger.

Many homeowners live with such dangerous arrangements, and surprisingly they can’t even realize it. And some of them ask experts to make the cabinet safe.

Maybe, you’re one of them who is concerned with and trying to explore the best sanders for kitchen cabinets.

A kitchen cabinet needs to be air-tight for keeping it free from all kinds of bug that, in the long run, ensures better stockpiling anything inside. In this way, an improper sander can spoil the safety process that you’re supposed to prioritize.

We’re, in this writing, introducing sanders for kitchen cabinets. So, you should start digesting the entire review with full concentration in it with the hope that you’re going to find yours.

Top Sanders for Kitchen Cabinets Review

A sander for kitchen cabinet is made with some special features that are not available in common sanders. Because the requirements are different. Let’s see what the special qualities they should have. We predominantly focused on them.

Let’s start touring with them.

1. BLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail Sander, Compact Detail (BDEMS600)

Presenting the first sander from the house of Black+Decker with the model no. BDEMS600. It brings some amazing features that make you believe that you made the right decision by purchasing the BDEMS600.

It is compact that doesn’t make you tired during the sanding process. But don’t let the size distract you. The small-in-size tool has a 1.2-amp motor that means the size is not the barrier to sand the wide range of areas in the kitchen. And being compact lets, you sand the complex areas.

The striking feature of this machine is the holding position. It has 3 holding positions that make it so convenient and gives the user full control. You can fully concentrate on the deck as you don’t need to worry if the sander is loose on hand.

On top of that, it includes 3 sanding pads that come for various assignments. It means you can get various type of job done flawlessly with it. Another appreciating feature of the tool is the dust management system. It maintains a dust procedure with micro-filtration for a clean workspace.

Sanding with Black+Decker BDEMS600 would be such an easy task as it just weighs 2.8 lbs. that makes it easy to hold for a long time.

What We Like Most

  • Compact size that doesn’t make you tired even after sanding a long time.
  • Three holding positions increase the comfortability and control over the machine.
  • Crystal dust container that reminds you when to remove the dust at the right time.
  • 1.2-amp motor that gets your job done effortlessly.

2. PORTER-CABLE Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (382) 44

Though the manufacture tells it ideal for the DIYers, we find it good enough for professional purposes too. Its 1.9-amp motor that enables to 12,000 orbits per minute for maximum sanding speed gives you satisfaction over the sanding job – be it little or big.

Unlike another sander in our list, it features a soft-starting. So, don’t expect to get a quick starting after pressing the switch. The sander has a reputation of being decent in a sanding job.

Porter-Cable is a famous corded and cordless power tool manufacturer for more than a century. Now, it presents a sander that gives you professional experience with the tool that mainly made for the DIYer.

It features a dual-plane counterbalanced fan that mainly protects the user from getting tired of the weight of the tool. So, you can sand for a long time. Fine.

Putting in the 5th has a meaning at the 5 positions. Let me say. You might have a terrible experience with the handle. And the combination of vibration can make you tired in no time.

But the price tag is pleasant. Consider it if you want to get a sander within a small budget that gives you satisfaction too.

What We Like Most

  • Dual-plane counter-balanced fan that protects the user from getting tired.
  • Cheaper than others that can be affordable for a beginner.
  • 100% ball-bearing construction that makes no vibration at all.
  • A compact and lightweight sander that is easy to transport and ideal for DIYer.

3. Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander

Along with the perfect sanding and finishing, dust collection and release system is an important issue for the best sanders for the kitchen cabinets. Dust is harmful to the food you keep in the kitchen. Bosch comes to take care of this issue. And what about comfortability?

Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander makes it possible with a microfilter system. It can extract dust of up to ½ micron in size, leaving the area fully clean. As the container is the crystal, so you can realize how much dust stored and when you need to remove them.

It features a powerful 2. 5 AMP motor that can manage a good speed to get any job accomplished with high efficiency and ultra-smooth finishing. Its pad dampening system guards the swirl marks to return on the surface.

When it comes to power control, it’s smarter with the variable speed control. Now, you are managing any project by customizing the speed.

Its micro-cellular backing pad makes your all job easy with covering any area – be it hardwood or laminate floor in the kitchen.

Last but not least, this tool accompanies some supplementary tools, including a vacuum adapter and carrying case along with others.

What We Like Most

  • pad dampening system to protect the swirl marks from returning on the surface.
  • Variable speed management that renders speed as per the demand.
  • Micro-cellular backing pad for touring the rounded area for smooth finishing.
  • A powerful 2. 5 AMP motor that can manage to get any job accomplished with efficiency and the ultra-smooth finishing.

4. Festool 574993 Random Orbital Sander ETS 125 REQ-Plus

This is really disgusting when we see swirl marks start to accumulate again just after fine sanding. Festool 574993 knows how to prevent it. Swirl-free sanding is the motto of this sander. Thanks to its initiative. Let’s trust it.

With the help of 5/64" (2.0 mm) sanding stroke, Festool offers swirl-free sanding results with the model ETS 125 REQ-Plus. If you are stuck with such a problem, we’re happy to introduce it to you.

This ergonomically designed sander promises to give you a better experience with the right application of it. It’s compact that makes fit for any hands. On top of that, its 2.4 lbs. weight lets you sand your kitchen cabinet for a long time without feeling any pain on the wrist.

And what about the dust removal system? Festool takes the best initiative to manage the dust with a dust extractor. With this, dust will be stored precisely, and you can release them letting no sanding dust in the cloud.

The Festool products are comparatively pricy, but we believe you’re going to forget it if you start sanding with it.

What We Like Most

  • 5/64" (2.0 mm) sanding stroke that leaves no swirl marks behind.
  • Weighing just 2.4 lbs. makes it highly portable.
  • Step-less variable speed delivers speed as per the projects.
  • A powerful motor that undertakes the heavy task.

5. Makita BO4556 2 Amp Finishing Sander

Makita is such a brand that earned huge names out there in the commercial center that guarantees quality-filled items. With the 2.0 motor, it masters the sanding job with high responsibility rendering 14,000 orbits per minute.

Right off the bat, it has an on/off switch that is situated at a helpful situation of the structure. It empowers you to have simple access to do work in one hand.

Notwithstanding that, the switches are totally elastic fixed. That implies dust particles won't go into the machine and pollute it offering it more extended life for the tool.

Makita surprisingly comes at a relatively low price. But it doesn’t mean it is not good at sanding. You’ll be amazed by the precision and smooth finishing that it gives. Hopefully, you’re going to have your sander.

Vibration is disgusting. For this issue, Makita has added an all-metal ball development. This element is critical concerning carpentry definitely. Additionally, gigantic vibrations after some time could prompt hand weakness.

What We Like Most

  • Rubberized handle that makes the sander easy to operate.
  • All-ball-construction for protecting vibration and sound.
  • Crystal dust container for easy-to-see dust collection and release quickly.
  • Convenient placement of the on/off switch to access easily.

Sander for Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide

Let’s see how this buying guide can help you get kitchen cabinet sanders. The sander you’ll use for the kitchen cabinet is not like the one you use for other jobs. We recommend you to focus on the task you’ll do with the sander.

Why do you need to find the perfect sander for the kitchen cabinet? 

An imperfect sander can spoil your dedication and even the piece you’re sanding. The kitchen cabinet is somewhat different from those of others around the house.

These are made sealed to keep secured everything inside for the extensive stockpiling. Ill-advised sanding can bring about improper or fragmented sanding or can destroy its hermetically sealed attributes or leave territories deficient.

To dodge that, read out the things you have to check before utilizing a sander for outfitting kitchen cabinet.

Weight and Size

To cover every hook and corner, a smaller sanding machine would be a good selection. Be that as it may, a too little sander can make the sanding procedure delayed down.

In addition, the lighter the sander is, the better for cabinet sanding. Since you should hold it vertically for quite a while, heavier sanders can cause exhaustion and make the activity distressing for you.

Utilize the Right Sand Paper 

Along with sander, you need to use sandpaper. Experts have already experimented enough to realize when and how to utilize the correct grit of sandpaper in which speed. My recommendation is predominantly for learners. To expel old paints from the cabinet surface, first, utilize coarse sandpaper with the most reduced speed of the sander. Along these lines, the paint will expel keeping the safe wood underneath.

If the edge stays immaculate, in that case, utilize sandpaper physically to complete what the sander couldn't do. At that point, utilize a better coarseness to get a smooth completion. Presently, your cabinet is prepared for additional touch-ups.

Search for Variable Speed 

Although variable speed isn't compulsory for cabinet sanding, it makes a difference in bringing finer polishing. A sander that features variable speed later helps you eliminate the use of sandpaper frequently. And also, you can use it various project dealing.  

Get a Shop-vac 

No worry, I’m talking about a good dust collection system. If you have, that’s good. It helps to keep the sand piece clean along with the area where you’re sanding. Otherwise, you have to think for another one that comes with a good dust management system.

The sanders we’ve already talked of come with a good dust management framework. Have another thought, and try to own any of them.

Look at the Accessories, Warranty and Noise Level 

Every one of them lands with heaps of extra tools. A novice user will require adornments like sandpaper, tool kit, dust canister, and many more. Earplug, eye defender and nightfall cover are the obligatory defensive instruments you should have. Ask your seller if they provide these.

Commotion level is significant if you need to utilize the sander regularly in your neighborhood. We investigated that as well. All my main five sanders have a low clamor and vibration level except PORTER-CABLE 382 Random Orbit Sander, so you can pick one that incorporates with your budget.

Utilize Good Quality Paint Afterwards 

Wrap up your sanding process with painting. You can master your sanding process using decent quality paint. After painting, give a couple of days to the cabinet to dye completely.

FAQ about Sander for Kitchen Cabinet 

You might have lots of queries regarding the sanders that are made for sanding kitchen cabinets, which might not be below. But the common queries on sanders for kitchen cabinets have been put together here. Browse them to get yours.

Is an orbital sander superior to a sheet sander?

Ans. While it is random, the example made utilizing 100-coarseness paper plainly shows that additional consideration is as yet required when sanding over the grain. The orbital sander is the more established, less difficult, and more affordable of these two instruments. It, by and large, has a square foot that acknowledges a fourth of a 9×11 sheet of sandpaper.

What is the quickest method of sand cupboards?

Ans. First of all, sand the cabinet entryways utilizing an electric sander and 100-coarseness sandpaper for the causal sanding. Then sand corners and furrows with sandpaper or a sanding wipe. Wrap up by sanding with 150-or 180-coarseness sandpaper or a medium-fine sanding wipe, by hand, sanding along the grain of the wood. Clear off the residue.

Do you suggest me to use a brush or roller to paint cupboards?

Ans. After your preliminary has dried, utilize a calculated brush and a smaller than normal froth roller to apply your paint. A latex glossy silk finish functions admirably on the kitchen cabinet, and it isn't as difficult to work with as oil paint. Start working in areas with your calculated brush and go over your work with the roller for an ideal completion.

Do I have to prime cabinet before painting? 

Ans. Naming your entrances, cleaning, and preparing the wood, priming, and sanding in the middle of layers of paint are totally vital for an incredible completed item. You don't have to sand your cabinet before painting them.

What’s Now?

The sanders we reviewed above, all are ergonomically designed. That’s the most important metric we kept in our minds while we finalized them for review.

So, if you purchase any of them, you’re going to have sander for kitchen cabinet. They are designed keeping the ease of use, safety measures and security in the minds.

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