Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Reviews 2023

If you own a small to medium property, you would want a small chainsaw gas-powered to prune, buck or shape tree branches and shrubs to keep the yard and garden loveable and beautiful. While a fully pledged gas or electricity-powered chainsaw is ideal for commercial landscaping, the best small gas-powered chainsaw is suitable for residential and medium-duty professional usage.

What’s more, the small chainsaws are lightweight and yet have the power to tackle most pruning, bucking, tree felling, limbing, and cutting firebreaks.

So, we have tested over 40+ small, lightweight, and gas-powered chainsaws, taken opinions from landscaping and forestry specialists, and finally, picked eight trustworthy and dependable products for homeowners’ and professionals’ convenience.

These days, the small gas-powered and lightweight chainsaw goes hand in hand. So, this review guide actually covers two topics simultaneously. Plus, the added buying guide comes as a useful bonus.

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Reviews

A gas-powered chainsaw is perhaps the most versatile lumbering, lawn, and garden tool available in your shed. While some homeowners opt for a professional landscaper to keep the trees in good condition or feel them when necessary, it is costlier than purchasing a small chainsaw with gas power.

1. Husqvarna 120 Mark II 16” Gas Chainsaws

The Husqvarna 120 Mark II with a 38.2 cc engine and 1.8HP output, is the homeowner’s dream. What’s more, it comes with a 16″ bar.

The adequate bar length and powerful motor incorporate brilliantly to tackle most light to medium-duty tree felling and landscaping jobs at most residents. Additionally, the chainsaw has an easy start-up with a quiet engine that supports lasting service.

The chainsaw enjoys Husqvarna’s legendary X-Torq engine. So, it needs less fuel consumption and lowers gas emissions significantly. So, it is eco-friendly and cost-effective too.

There’s an automatic oiler in the chainsaw. It delivers constant lubrication for the blade ensuring safe and smooth usage. The 2-cycle oil pack comes as a bonus with the chainsaw as a bonus.

Apart from the durable and cost-cutting construction, the chainsaw also offers pleasant safety and comfort features. Firstly, it equips with low-kickback and low-vib technology. So, it has less vibration during pruning and cutting jobs.

The low-kickback design, on the other side, prevents accidents and reduces operational risks. On top of these, the chainsaw features a lightweight and compact design for superior ergonomics. In fact, its 10.7 lbs weight is easily carried and requires less hand fatigue.

So, you will love working with the chainsaw and performing some landscaping jobs on your own.

Key Features:

Engine: 38.2 cc

Horsepower: 1.8 HP

Bar Length: 16″

Weight: 10.7 lbs


  • Lightweight yet powerful motor
  • Compact design supports easy maneuverability
  • You can perform climbing jobs efficiently with the chainsaw
  • The pricing is affordable


  • Sometimes the motor is difficult to start
  • The blade wears off quickly

2. ECHO CS-271T 12 In. Chainsaw

If you frequently work in tight corners and require climbing in tree branches for landscaping tasks, this Echo CS-271T chainsaw definitely is your go for option.

The chainsaw has a maximum 26.9 cc engine displacement with a 1.64 HP, which easily matches the professional-grade chainsaw requirement. But there’s a twist.

Guess what?

While the professional and commercial chainsaw is heavyweight and requires skilled knowledge, the CS-271T weighs only 6.6 at dry conditions. When fully oiled, it has a minimal 10.65 lbs weight, which doesn’t ask you to be a weightlifter to carry the saw.

Besides, the chainsaw comes with 12″ manual bar to handle most landscaping jobs, including those at the tightest corners.

The chainsaw has a clutch-driven automatic oiler. So, it requires less oil consumption. Also, the lubrication system is quite fluent and so, cutting jobs gets smoother with the chainsaw. Additionally, the G-Force patented Pre-Cleaner™ screening lessens your work of maintaining the air filter.

The state-of-the-art chainsaw also provides a chain tensioner sideways. It is useful for easy and quick chain adjustment. Furthermore, the start system boasts of an i-30TM technology for a flawless and smooth start.

In short, the compact device offers every safety and ergonomics features you would love in a lightweight gas-powered chainsaw.

Key Features:

Engine: 26.9 cc

Horsepower: 1.64 HP

Bar Length: 12″

Weight: 10.65 lbs


  • Quick and effortless motor start-up
  • Easy accessibility to air filters and chain adjustments
  • The handle is ergonomic with anti-vibrating technology
  • Five years of consumer warranty


  • Slightly underpowered for medium to heavy-duty jobs

3. Husqvarna 16 Inch 130 Gas Chainsaw

You can blindfold trust in the build quality and durability of the chainsaw since it comes from Husqvarna, which is a leading chainsaw manufacturer in the industry. The Husqvarna 130 gas chainsaw offers a 38.00 cc engine with a powerful 2.00HP output that is perfect for homeowners.

The most attractive feature of the chainsaw is its lightweight and compact design. To be frank, it weighs only 5.67 lbs, which is one of the lightest in the market. So, you can handle the chainsaw at ease.

The chainsaw is super-efficient thanks to its X-Torque technology to reduce fuel consumption. Moreover, the saw has the least fume emission making it ideal for the eco-system. On the other side, the chainsaw is equipped with an automatic oiler for continuous lubrication for long working hours.

You will also ardently appreciate the durability of the chainsaw and motor. The engine life is boosted with the centrifugal-based air injection filtering system. Hence, it keeps large particles and debris at bay. Also, the blade won’t wear off quickly.

Last but not least, it has easy access to chain adjustments and anti-vibration for comfortable and ergonomic usage. So, it comes with a smooth user experience for homeowners and professionals.

Key Features:

Engine: 38.00 cc

Horsepower: 2.00 HP

Bar Length: 16″

Weight: 5.67 lbs


  • Durable construction and prolonged engine life
  • Feather lightweight design and ergonomic handle for smooth application
  • It has a larger bar to tackle heavier tree branches and pruning jobs
  • Superior lubrication and air filtration for lasting usage


  • It is a bit noisy
  • The gas emission needs slight improvement

4. Remington 41AY4214983 RM4214CS 42cc Chainsaw

Crank up some pretty quick tree felling, pruning, and lumbering jobs with the powerful Remington RM4214CSchainsaw with its 42cc engine. Also, it is a relatively inexpensive model compared to other models.

The chainsaw has a perfect balance between user-friendliness and power to make your most landscaping jobs a breeze.

It has a 14″ bar to handle larger lumber and branches effortlessly. What’s more, the chainsaw provides a low-kickback design with an anti-vibration feature for convenient use. The chainsaw also has a poly chassis handle for lasting use without much fatigue.

The polymer chassis also ensures a reliable performance. It is crucial since most homeowners, these days, are concerned about the chainsaw’s durability.

Thankfully, the chainsaw comes with a remarkable Quickstart Technology™. It makes sure you won’t have to weight to kick off the landscaping jobs in the home and yard. Also, the start-up is pretty fast and requires the least effort.

You can also quickly adjust the auto-chain oiler mechanism for smooth and steady lubrication. It keeps the engine and blade cooler for an extended period. So, you won’t have to stop frequently and wait to cool down the device; instead, you can finish maximum jobs with a single go.

Finally, the 3-points anti-vibration feature means less fatigue and ergonomic application.

Key Features:

Engine: 42.00 cc

Horsepower: Undefined

Bar Length: 14″

Weight: 13.87 lbs


  • Quick and convenient oiler and chain adjustments are possible.
  • 3-point anti-vibration feature for risk-free and comfortable use
  • Its polymer chassis construction ensures a lasting and consistent service life
  • The chainsaw is affordable and surprisingly powerful


  • It may not be an ardently suitable option for climbing operations
  • Slightly overweight compared to other models

5. Remington RM4218 Rebel Chainsaw

This is our second pick from Remington for our best small gas-powered chainsaw review list, and it is not for any easy buff. Likewise, our previous Remington selection, it comes with a powerful 42cc motor. So, it is stealthy enough to tackle most heavy-duty landscaping jobs.

Additionally, the 18″ bar it comes with is one of the longest in the market. So, you can use it to cut medium trees and branches with the easiest of efforts.

If you aren’t still satisfied and want something more, take the Quickstart technology for a quick and convenient start. It ensures a lasting and smooth application. Moreover, the die-cast chassis design provides a durable and consistent service without compromising with quality.

The durable chassis incorporates premium engineering to cut the most stringent and extensive woods. On top of these, the chainsaw also has a durable blade that won’t wear out soon. All these features will account for a reasonably priced chainsaw that homeowners and professionals love alike.

It has a 5-point anti-vibration technology and easy access to blade adjustment, spark plug, and filters. So, users generally love working with the utmost comfort it offers. The only drawback of the power saw is its heavy weight.

Key Features:

Engine: 42.00 cc

Horsepower: Undefined

Bar Length: 18″

Weight: 22.00 lbs


  • Die-cast chassis for durable and consistent service life.
  • It has a 5-point anti-vibration feature for risk-free and comfortable use.
  • It is a surprisingly powerful and larger bar for heavy-duty tasks.
  • It has enhanced maneuverability and control suitable for all users.


  • It is heavyweight and limits portability.

6. Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

Effortless, eco-friendly, and efficient- that’s what describes the Poulan Pro chainsaw. This chainsaw is a true all-rounder when it comes to performing multitasking. 

We can brag about the many stunning features of the gas-powered chainsaw. But, let us start with its Oxy-Power patented technology for the engine.  While the technology supports a powerful cutting and pruning operation, it also has 20% less fuel consumption.

So, you will ardently need to spend less on fuel. Also, Oxy-Power technology supports an incredible 70% less fume emission. It is eco-friendly and healthier too.

Also, the pull starting technology used to start the chainsaw requires 30% less force. So, you will enjoy starting the machine. It further prevents quick wear out of the engine. Additionally, the choke or stop control reduces engine flooding for durability.

You can also adjust the chain, bar, and filtering mechanism with easy access and convenience. So, the adjustments will be easier for you. Another fascinating benefit of the Poulan chainsaw is its convenient maintenance without any professional help.

In short, the chainsaw comes with a pretty straightforward and cost-cutting operation.

Key Features:

Engine: 51 cc

Bar Length: 20″

Cutting diameter: 40″

Weight: 17 lbs


  • It comes with professional-grade bar length and engine displacement.
  • The chainsaw has less fuel consumption and fume emission.
  • The soft start of the motor prevents wearing of and supports a quick start.
  • It is suitable for firewood cutting and managing residential landscaping.


  • The Poulan chainsaw is slightly expensive.
  • The handle may have slightly improved ergonomics.

7. Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw

We recommend the chainsaw for those who need a powerful machine to tackle larger cutting and lumbering jobs. The chainsaw effectively represents the reliable construction quality of Husqvarna for durability and ergonomic use.

The chainsaw comes with an updated X-force bar and an X-cut chain. Both technologies come forward to provide you with one of the easiest chainsaw applications presently available. Also, with 40.9 cc displacement and 2.4 HP output, this is a real workhorse in the industry.

The machine comes with a standard 16″ bar that can tackle most landscaping and firewood cutting jobs with ease and coziness. Also, it has a 9000RPM speed, which is one of the leading you will get. So, it cuts faster and smoother.

Besides the fast cutting capacity, the chainsaw also offers an easy-to-use feature. The easiness includes a soft start, an easy blade, and bar adjustment, and finally, the accessible position of the filter.

Naturally, homeowners and professional landscapers love working with the chainsaw.

Oh, yes, did I ardently forget to mention that the chainsaw has a steady flow of lubrication for an extended period of usage?

Key Features:

Engine: 40.9 cc

Horsepower: 2.4 HP

Bar Length: 16″

Weight: 9.8 lbs


  • The chainsaw serves both as a professional and residential landscaping device.
  • The lightweight design has easy maneuverability and easy handling.
  • It is easy to use thanks to the quick bar and filter adjustments.
  • The handle has low vibration for comfortable holding and smooth cuts.


  • The cutting precision is sometimes a bit tricky.

8. ECHO 20 in. Timber Wolf 59.8 cc Gas Chainsaw

This is by far the strongest chainsaw on our list with an extraordinary 59.8 cc engine displacement for heavy-duty cutting jobs. In fact, professionals like the Echo Timber Wolf chainsaw for its brute power that dashes through every tree branch and lumber at ease.

What’s more surprising is that the chainsaw comes with a large 20″ bar for cutting through larger trees and limbs without much fuss. It even has a 12,500RPM speed rating, which means you can perform the landscaping and firewood cutting jobs in the shortest possible time.

The chainsaw has a patented Pre-Cleaner™ G-Force filter. It prevents debris and large particles from passing through the motor. So, it prolongs the motor lifespan and makes the working experience buttery smooth.

Additionally, the filtration and chain adjustment are positioned in an accessible location so you can adjust them at ease. There’s even a removable Bumper Spike that improves the control during cuts.

Last but not least, you can always observe the fuel level, thanks to the transparent fuel tank. So, there’s no worrying about the fuel running out during any landscaping task.

Key Features:

Engine: 59.8 cc

Horsepower: 2.00 HP

Bar Length: 20″

Weight: 13.2 lbs


  • The chainsaw is surprisingly lightweight and helps easy maneuvering.
  • Dual chain brake stops kickback and extends the engine’s lifetime.
  • It has 12,500 RPM speeds to make every cutting job a breeze.
  • The chainsaw comes with long 5-years of consumer warranty against defects.


  • It is by far the most expensive chainsaw on our list.
  • The handle ergonomics could have been improved.

Buying Guide for the Best Small Gas-Powered Chainsaw

We have already reviewed eight top-class and super-performing small and lightweight chainsaw that runs on gas. However, if you are still ardently confused about which one to pick for your landscaping and firewood cutting jobs, help yourself with our buying guide on the chainsaw.

Motor power:

Although many experts suggest that motor output has little to do with chainsaw performance, that’s not true always. A powerful engine means it will cut through the larger tree and lumbers easier than the less potent engines.

Also, the motor output will determine your cutting smoothness with the chainsaw.

Bar length:

The bar length of the chainsaw means the blade length and how large or small chain it can accommodate. The ideal bar length for the gas-powered chainsaw is 16″ inches, which can tackle small to medium trees at ease.

However, if you work with larger tree and branches as well as perform some heavy-duty landscaping jobs, we suggest you opt for the bar length above 16″ and going up to 22″. The smallest bars are around 8″ to 12″ and suitable for small pruning tasks.

Chain tuning:

The easiness of the chain tuning is vital since it largely determines your landscaping difficulty or easiness with the chainsaw. The proper tension of the chain helps the device in achieving satisfactory and smooth performance.

A tool-free adjustment of the chain tension and bar with easy accessibility is beneficial for comfortable use.


You would want easy access to the chainsaw filter and spark plug. It is useful to check for any imperfections and correct them whenever necessary. Additionally, easy access to the chain bar and tension is helpful for a better user experience.

Build quality:

The constructional design and build quality are responsible for the durability of the chainsaw. So, you may want to invest in higher build quality for these power tools.

While the metallic construction is, of course, the most durable, it also adds a hefty cost in your budget. The polycarbonate design is less durable but costs lesser too. Also, if you want uncompromising features, you may opt for the polycarbonate construction instead of essential safety and cutting technologies.


When you seek for a small gas-powered chainsaw, maneuverability remains at the forefront of your considerations. So, we sincerely advise you to opt for a lightweight chainsaw. For instance, most chainsaws in our list weigh roughly around 10 lbs, easy to transport.

However, if you need lengthier bar such as 20″ or 22″, the chainsaw weight will also increase considerably. So, keep these dilemmas in mind.


A small chainsaw is almost an essential tool for homeowners and professional landscapers. It can accomplish a myriad of cutting, trimming, lumbering, and pruning jobs at ease.

If you want effortless landscaping and pruning experience, these best small gas-powered chainsaws will, therefore, come beneficial for you. However, we urge you to maintain the chainsaws properly for effective functioning. Always check for the filters and lubrication system, so you get a satisfactory result every time.

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