5 Best Veneer Saws 2023: Reviewed With Buying Guide

Veneer saws are what they say- they cut veneers. If you are wondering why you need a separate saw for this purpose, it is because of how veneers are constructed and shaped.

These saws come with delicate teeth that help to give smooth cuts without leaving any kerf, thanks to its curved edges.

When buying a veneer saw a lot of thoughts might be crossing your mind. Is it worth the money? What do you need to consider? Which ones should you go for? And so much more. We are here to help you out with these questions and guide you on your next purchase.

Granted, the internet has made lives easier, but with so much variety it also confuses buyers with overwhelming options. But fret not. This article covers some of the finest veneer saws in the market today.

Therefore, to have all your questions answered and all confusions cleared, keep on reading and hopefully you will be able to find your ideal veneer saw.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites


  • Material: Steel Wood
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  • Manufacturer: Rockler
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  • Manufacturer: Tresselt GmbH
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  • Material: BEECH
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  • Material: Brass, Steel, and Wood
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Best Veneer Saws Reviews, Below-

1. Robert Larson Two Cherries 520-2200 Veneer Saw

Robert Larson Two Cherries 520-2200 Veneer Saw

The Two Cherries 520-2200 is a tool designed just for cutting veneers. It comes with all the features you need in a good veneer saw, making it one of the most popular models amongst professionals.

You get precise and perfect edges. Simply place the blade and pull to cut. A pull stroke makes it easier to work, and gives you more control over your cuts, not to mention lets you have a clear view of how your work is going.

Because the edges of the blade are curved, you can in fact start midway if you need it. Sometimes, you can leave off halfway and come back to finish a piece. A straight edge does not help in these cases, but a curved one surely does. And not just that, it also makes cutting easier no matter where you start from.

Professionals usually have to deal with more than one sheet at a time. Well, now you can! If you are not too concerned about the cut, or you want a rough cut, go for multiple sheets at once. It will take less time overall. But if you want really fine cuts, opt for one at a time for better results.

The TPI on this tool is 18, and they are fine and unset. So you know that your work is going to be fast and efficient, while you enjoy some smooth cuts.

Most importantly, it is easy to use. Often times we find tools that claim to work great, but are a hassle to work with. That will not happen here, and absolutely anyone can use this, professionals or not.

Highlighted Features

  • The saw is designed to cut on a pull stroke
  • Curved blade lets you start from the middle of your piece
  • The blade features 18 fine TPI
  • Can cut through one or multiple sheets at once
  • The blade is designed to give you a 90-degree cut

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2. Rockler Veneer Saw

Rockler Veneer Saw

This veneer saw from Rockler is one that homeowners mostly prefer. It comes in a simple design, constructed to help you out with lightweight home projects.

The handle is slightly cranked to the side. This lets you have more control over how you use the saw. For the straightest cuts, you want to be able to maneuver the saw in your own ways, and this lets you do that. Not to mention the ergonomic shape also gives you a better grip.

And then you have the oval-shaped blade, it helps you cut from anywhere you want, and you do not always have to start from the top. If you have left the task in the middle, this shape lets you pick up from there without being a hassle.

So if you think about it, even though this is not designed for professional use, it surely packs a lot of attractive features nonetheless, making it a great addition to your home toolbox.

If you are looking for a simple veneer saw that gets the job done and is a no-fuss tool, check out this one from Rockler.

Highlighted Features

  • This saw comes with a double-edged blade
  • It has a compound offset handle
  • Blades can be replaced when needed
  • It can facilitate cross-grain cuts

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3. Kunz Veneer Saw

Kunz Veneer Saw

This German veneer saw from Kunz is a functional saw at a great price. One of the first things we noticed about this is its handle. The handle is cranked. And while this might look odd, this is what makes the tool so easy to work with.

As you hold it at an angle, thanks to the different shapes, you get much better control over your sawing. Your cuts become more precise, and your chances of making mistakes significantly go down. This also helps to cut better against straight edges.

We would like to mention though, that is made for right-handed people. Since the handle is cranked, only right-handed users can properly hold it.

Here you get 16 teeth per inch, with zero set, so the final results are the finest cuts with narrow kerfs; specifically- 0.020 inches. Precision is always important when it comes to these cuts, and with these features you surely get it.

The blade is also curved around the corners. Thus, you can start from pretty much anywhere on your wood, and keep cutting without a mess. A straight edge blade on the other hand would make this harder to do.

The length of the blade is 3 inches, and the length of the entire saw is 7 ¾ inches. If you are looking for a saw that gives you good control, or if you are new to this and seek more control over your work, this one would be a good choice.

Highlighted Features

  • The handle is cranked for easier use on straight edges
  • It has a TPI of 16 for narrow kerf
  • The blade is curved so you can start from anywhere
  • Length of the saw and blade is 7 ¾ inches and 3 inches respectively

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4. Crown 187V Veneer Saw

Crown 187V Veneer Saw

The Crown 187V Veneer Saw is considered one of the top-performing in its league. And once you see the variety of features it comes with, you will surely agree too.

For both professionals or DIY-ers, this is more than just a saw, but a fine investment. The handle on this is made of beech, giving it strength and sturdiness. It also sports an ergonomic design which helps you to get a good grip while working.

And of course, being a little cranked, your control increases further when working, since now you can conveniently hold the blade at an angle, without having to twist your arms.

It comes with 15 TPI. That means it will give you a very smooth finish after the cut, but at the same time make the job faster and efficient as well. With teeth on both sides of the blade, this can be used by both left and right-handed users equally, without any discomfort.

The blade itself has a length of 3 inches 76 mm, and the entire saw has a length of 8 ½ inches. The blade cuts on both push and pull strokes, instead of the traditional pull only. Now you have more options and more versatility. You’ll be able to do different tasks that can use a push cut as well.

Another point worth mentioning is that the blade is made of high carbon steel, which is one of the strongest out there in terms of blade material. Hence your blade remains durable and tough, with no rust to be seen.

If you ever feel like the blades are starting to lose its touch, you can re-sharpen it. You do not need to go for a full-fledged change in blades altogether.

Exceptional quality, finesse, and ease of use, you get it all with the Crown 187V. So if you are on a hunt for the finest veneer saw out there, definitely consider checking this out, and you will not be disappointed.

Highlighted Features

  • The saw cuts on both pull and push strokes
  • The blade is made of high carbon steel for strength
  • User can re-sharpen when required
  • Ergonomic handle made of beech

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5. Pax / Taytools Thomas Flinn Veneer Saw

Pax Taytools Thomas Flinn Veneer Saw

Made by one of the very last traditional saw makers in the United Kingdom, this is a very special veneer saw by Pax / Taytools. It is a professional-grade tool loved by woodworkers everywhere, made for all sorts of veneer slicing and inlaying work.

One of the very first things one notices about this is the unique blade. On one side it is made to create crosscuts, while on the other it is made to rip. This, alongside the reversible blade, gives the user a lot of versatility. For professionals who do various kinds of work, this is a feature worth having.

The saw plate itself if 0.022 inches thick which helps to give you accurate cuts. It is made of high carbon steel, which makes your saw more durable, stronger, and prevents rusts.

The handle is made from Walnut, one of the finest woods out there. It comes with a diameter of 1 ¼ inches, and a length of 5 inches. This makes it pretty long, which is good for both large and small-sized hands. The diameter is just right enough for a solid grip. At the connection, you will also find a solid brass ferrule.

The blade itself is 3 inches in length and 2 inches in width, which gives you ample space to work. It comes with a 15 TPI, making it fast, something you would want in your workshop. At the same time, it also helps to make the cuts smoother.

If you are ever worried about losing sharpness, do not be, for this one can be re-sharpened. The high carbon steel makes the re-sharpening task even easier. You do not have to change the whole blade if it gets dull.

Highlighted Features

  • The saw plate has a thickness of 0.022 inches
  • It comes with a TPI of 15 for precision during cuts
  • The handle is made of solid walnut and solid brass ferrule
  • Long and accommodative handle for all users
  • Durable high carbon steel is used to make the blade

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Buying Guide


Veneer saws, like all other saws, have to be very sharp to perform their job properly. To cut very thin sheets of wood, a lot of sharpness and precision is required.

But besides just the sharpness itself, you need to see how long the sharpness retains. A lot of veneer saws start off pretty sharp, but become dull real quick.

You do not want that. Look for ones that have the highest sharpness, enough to be able to cut through thicker wood as well. This way, even if it does dull a little bit, that will not make a significant difference.

Your other option is to go with blades that can be re-sharpened. While a lot of blades need replacing once they become dull, some are constructed in a manner that lets you re-sharpen them. It is quicker, less expensive and does not end up wasting good blades either.

Teeth Per Inch (TPI)

The teeth per inch or TPI is a measure of the saws tooth density. This is very important when it comes to veneer saws, since the tooth density matters a lot in the functioning. You should check how many teeth are there in a certain space, and you can tell how it will cut.

When working with veneer saws, users usually want a smooth outcome. The higher the TPI you have, the more precise your cuts are. There is less fraying and you get a smoother finish. Naturally, a lower TPI means the finish and cut is a bit more on the rougher side. The ideal TPI for you depends on the finish you want in your work.

Some blades have teeth on one edge, others on both. With teeth on one edge, only right-handed users can conveniently use the tool, while having it on both edges lets everyone use it equally.

Depending on which you are, check out the teeth before purchasing. You will find these information in the specifications of every saw.

Blade Material

When buying a saw, any saw at all, the first thing to look at is the blade and its material. Because this is the part that gets the job done, it is of utmost importance that you get a good one.

The most used and highly recommended blade material is steel. It is lightweight to work with, yet is strong enough to get the job done. IT also has the right amount of toughness to absorb any jerks that might occur.

Many variations of steel are also found today, such as high carbon steel, which is better than just steel. We recommend that you opt for at least steel, if not a better combination of it, in accordance with the rest of the features.


Even though handles do not do any cutting, they are the only part you are in contact with.

This means you get to control your saw using the handle, and when it comes working with veneer saws, you want the most control you can get. This will let you get the straightest lines without putting in much effort.

In veneer saws, most models come with wooden handles, as with the ones in our list. Check how good of a grip it has, so you are comfortable during use.

It is also the shape of it that matters. See if the handles are cranked to a degree that lets you cut in straight lines without having to shift your arm. Otherwise, this can get uncomfortable, not to mention ruin your cuts too.

Finally, check how long and thick the handle is, so you know it can accommodate your hand size, or varying hand sizes in case multiple people need to use it.


Since this is a tool that you have to use by hand, you will want one that is lightweight, and preferably compact too. Even though most of these have wooden handles, it is how they are designed that matters.

Also, a compact shape makes it easy to use. This is not a must-have feature, but is definitely helpful to have, and more convenient when working long hours.


When working with delicate materials like veneer, you need a specialized tool to cut it properly. That’s why getting a veneer saw is important, and a good one will last you for ages as well.

All the saws mentioned in this list are great for cutting veneers, but they each have their own perks and limitations. While some might be more suited for using at home, others are made to cater professionals in busy environments, and some might just be universal.

These differences make them unique, and is also what you should look out for. Find your particular preferences and you will be able to pick out one from our list in no time.

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