Best Welders Reviews for Beginners and Buying Guide Year 2023

I was confused!

I was unable to reach a decision when I wanted to weld some little tasks for my home and garden at the very first time.

I thought that all welders are same to fulfill my demand. So, I wanted to get the best welder for beginners like me.

And, I wanted to have little experience before purchasing one. But I was astonished when I came to know the different sorts of welders for different jobs.

What I knew from visiting workshops, friends’ garden, and even from the reliable sources from the internet and journals, I wanted to share here to help you save your time by choosing the best welder.

The following list is completed with welders for weekend enthusiasts, starters, and professionals. I have sorted the welders based on installation mode, duty cycle, required power, and of course, the materials used to manufacture them.

Top welders for the beginners to start welding

Choosing the best welder to satisfy your need is quite hassle among thousands of available products in the market. But you can pick up the best one to suit your demand from the list below I have reviewed. Hope, it’ll help to get the accurate welder.

1. Everlast SuperUltra 206si – Multi-process welder

Everlast SuperUltra 206si is a perfect entry-level welder for the enthusiasts. It is a budget-friendly plasma cutter with the multi-purpose unit. However, the essential tool for home, garage, or shop is easy to use. Designing with necessary MOSFET inverter, Everlast SuperUltra 206si is a must-have tool for cutting metal up to 3/8″-1/2″.

Highlighted Features
  • Basic MOSFET inverter design inside the welder
  • Plasma cutting features with TIG welding.
  • Water Trap and Pressure Regulator for Plasma
  • Includes 10 feet cable with Dinse Connector
  • Easy repairing to stainless steel and chrome Moly
  • Quick reversion for different torches as TIG to Plasma and Vice Versa
  • All essential features in a single package
  • Affordable, reliable and portable to carry to any place
  • Dual Voltage facilities 110v/220v with DC TIG and Plasma Cutter

Benefits of Everlast SuperUltra 206si

Everlast SuperUltra 206si is a versatile operating mode welder which allows welding both in TIG and Plasma cutter. It has a DC output entry level unit to ensure no harm to the users even who do not know about operating the multi-process welder.

The welder is lightweight enough compared to the available TIG welders in the market, and the light weight gives it much portability. The compact in size is perfect for zipping all the equipment in a place.

As if that’s not enough.

The setup is so easy that anyone with zero knowledge can operate the welder hassle free. Also, the transfers from TIG to Plasma Cutter and Plasma Cutter to TIG can be done effortlessly.

The low consumption technology used in this welder requires fewer powers but provide equal capacity. So, by using SuperUltra, you can save power consumption.

I can’t but say here the most excellent feature that other welder will give you high-quality weld, but Everlast 206i ensures high quality along with clean weld. So. After welding, you needn’t further anything to do to look it fresh.

The fast, accurate welding will also save you time. And nothing is here to say more about the price. Everlast multi-process welder is the most affordable compared to the same capacity welders available in the market. It won’t cost you a leg and a hand to get the most efficient Everlast multi-purpose welder.


  • Portability and lightweight make it unique for up-to-mark work.
  • Dual voltage ensures workability even voltage is too low.
  • Transformation for different torches is easy.
  • Compact design for all-in-one equipment
  • High-end MOSFET ensures a quality weld.
  • Highly affordable for minimal work.


  • The foot pedal isn’t hooked up to maximum amps.


Designing for entry-level users, Everlast is a more than a welder for hobby task or minimal work. It is highly affordable as well as portable. Now make it happen you welding too easy if you’re beginner or hobbyist.

2. Amico Power- Best Arc/Stick Welder

Consistent wielding is a professional feature which you can’t get from all the welders. If you want a professional welder to work for a long time, then Amico Power is the best choice to enhance your performance. It’ll provide you a 160 amps output with the excellent working ability for welding ¼ inches materials.

Highlighted Features
  • Workable at 115V/230V with 60Hz whereas output 20 Amp
  • 60% duty cycle with ETL listed
  • 10 feet long cable Electrode Holder available
  • Package includes Input Power cable & Cable with a Work clamp
  • Advanced TIG welder for professional uses
  • excellent work with 1/16- 5/32 inches materials
  • extremely lightweight at 16 pounds with 17 x 6.5 x 10 inches dimensions

Benefits of Amico Power

At first, I can’t but say about the price of Amico Power. Though it came to the market in 2016, it has owned the heart of the professionals with extended and superior service.

Standing for Insulated-gate Bipolar Transistor, IGBT was an old invention which is used for saving energy. Nowadays, IGBT is used almost all electronics like freeze, washing machine, microwave oven and much more to save energy. The semiconductor device in the Amico lets it fast switching and pulsing for automatic spot welding.

Amico is efficient to use in both high and low voltage. Converting utility power to high voltage Amico Power uses a capacitor bank. However, it can use the secondary converter to go for higher voltage required.

OK, I know what are you thinking about Amico.

Application on various ranges like home projects, professionals, garages and metal fabrications, Amico is highly recommendable for its versatility and stick welder. The LED display will show the power it consumes the required power to operate the welder.

Amico Power DC-160A is more adjustable than any other similar capacity stick welder. The power controlling technology gives it the unthinkable uses for starting function to a large extent.

But the most praiseworthy feature is yet to tell which amuse me most. It has automatic voltage protection to save the welder from over-voltage or lower-voltage. However, it can dispute up to with it’s up to 60% duty cycle.


  • All-in-package to welding starting function to a large extent
  • Lightweight and portable to carry anywhere
  • Easy set up requires no skilled-knowledge
  • Versatility gives uses for different purposes
  • Highly recommended for North America to maintain the safety


  • Seems heavy for unbalancing setup


Undoubtedly, Amico is super flexible and affordable compared to the similar Stick welder. It is a combined package with all of your requirements in one place. Moreover, you needn’t be hours of training to operate the best arc welder. So, why don’t you give yourself an exceptional experience?

3. Lincoln Electric K1170- Best Stick Welder

Need a welder to weld mild steel with a single pass? Lincoln Electric K1170 is an electric based welder to weld smooth, stable and up to ½ inch mild steel with a single pass. The AC225S model features long insulated electrode holder and cable along with heavy duty work. Moreover, it is replaceable, which will save more bucks by purchasing a new one.

Highlighted Features
  • Versatile uses as welding stainless steel, cast iron, and many more.
  • Welding for 16-gauge metals or even heavier and thicker
  • Input range and output range 40-225 Amps AC
  • Smooth AC arc and Powerful Welder to ensure the best welding
  • Easy Installation for a novice caster
  • Perfect work on 1/8″ 1/4″ 1/2″ and 3/4″ steel
  • Pre-wired with 6 feet long cord along with 3 welder plug
  • Two cables: one is 10 feet long cabinet cable, and another is 12 feet long electrode cable

Benefits of Lincoln Electric K1170

AC225 is well known for its versatile uses for different welding types of steels and electrodes. The steeper learning curve is enough to stick weld as well as for the most elegant output.

The smooth arc has the best uses for continuous welding of mild steels, hard-facing electrodes, low hydrogen, and stainless steel and of course cast iron.

However, by using 225 Amp AC output, Lincoln electric K1170 can weld up to 3/16 inch diameter mild steel along with 5/32 inch other electrodes.

Featuring NEMA 6-50 plus with input power cable, Lincoln K1170 AC 225 is easy to install even for a novice.  The 40-225 AMP selector switch ensures a quick setup for uniform welding for each time welding.

Moreover, the pair of 10 feet cabinet cable and 12 feet electrode cable are installed with the welder when being purchased. So, you haven’t pay extra bucks for installing cords for extended range use.

Does this sound familiar?

AC255 is a complete package of everything you need for smooth welding. It comes with pre-installed cable and welder itself, electrode clamps, the ground and of course some paperwork. It allows you no further excuses for having smooth welding even for all sorts of cords and steel.


  • Easy installation with 40-225 Amp selector switch
  • Full range switch ensures quick setup for smooth welding
  • Versatile uses let you welding almost everything from thin to thick
  • Enough for welding 3/16-inch diameter to 5/32-inch other electrodes
  • CSA approved, and NEMA rated and highly recommended


  • Price is comparatively higher


Best get started with the investment on Lincoln K1170 AC 225 will return with sufficient value. However, I won’t recommend it for the hobbyist instead of a must-have tool for the professionals. And, I firmly believe, it’ll provide the best value for the professionals by serving with its versatile uses for welding all sorts of electrodes and steel.

4. Hobart 500559- Best MIG Welder

Are you looking for a welder which can be useful for both hobbyists as well as professionals? Literally, professionals need a high-end whereas hobbyists always look for the as-usual welder. So, most of the manufacturers make welder either for the hobbyists or the professionals.

Here, Hobart has created a dimension of welding by brining welder to satisfy both types of users.  Hobart 500559 Handler 140 is a MIG welder which is perfect for not only for hobbyists but also professionals.

Highlighted Features
  • MIG welder for welding 24 gauge up to ¼ inch mild steel
  • Easy set up requires no expert knowledge.
  • Excellent operating with 115V home electricity power
  • 25-140 output with 20% duty @ 90 Amp
  • 5 heat settings ensure smooth and stable arc welding
  • Manufacturing guarantee for up to 5 years
  • Lightweight and versatile to use and carry it anywhere for any purpose

Benefits of Hobart 500559 MIG Welder

Working smoothly and efficiently, Hobart 500559 comes with heavy duty feed head and dual-groove with a quick-change drive roll. The highly durable industrial cast aluminum-wire-drive-system ensures fast-release drive roll. So, the welder is free from rust but works too fast and smooth.

And another thing, Hobart is excellent equipment which requires nothing else setup as all kits are available in the package. Moreover, you need not be an expert to set up to work with it. You just need to plug and play the device to complete your welding.

However, the handler welder helps to produce a fresh product, which seems to be an industry-finished product. It will give you a great experience of quality work. The 65 pounds weight is comparatively lightweight to the similar MIG welders. So, you can easily carry the handler to any place you want to work.

Hobart 500559 Wire Welder is a versatile tool to complete your every project from garage to garden. It has a huge range of amp capabilities, mostly 25-140 amps which are relatively absence for other welders. By the way, the combination of flux core and gas welding will give you great support in robust welding equipment.

Once again, I have to say another great feature of Hobart 500559 welder. The 5 in 1 heating capacities allow you to choose the best one for perfect welding. Maybe you better know that different materials need different heat to be welded well.


  • Easy set up requires no expert knowledge
  •  Manufacturing of high-grade materials
  • Versatile uses along with lightweight for easy portable
  • 5 in 1 heat settings to choose the best one
  • Industry-finished welding from the novice welder
  • Massive range in amp allows welding in any amount of power either low or over


  • Price is too costly for the first-time user. But sufficient enough for a top-notch welder.
  • Only 20% of duty seems less for professionals.


Hobart 500559 is a high-end, versatile, and durable welder for all users. Though the price is a little high, I think it’s perfect for a top-notch welder which will value every buck you pay.

5. AHP Alpha- Best Tig Welder

Think of doing more than welding from a welder, AHP AlphaTIG 200X is that kind of welder which you want. In fact, it is one of the highly recommended TIG and IGBT inverted welder, which allows you to weld not only steel but also other kinds of materials. If you are a passionate welder or use for occasional purposes, AHP Alpha can be a great companion for you.

Highlighted Features
  • Quality TIG welder for versatile use
  • Usable on aluminum, stainless steel or other materials
  • Capable of weld on ¼ inch aluminum and ¾ inch mild steel
  • 110-220V ensures welding on any power capacity
  • Advanced IGBT enabled AC and DC welder
  • -5 to +5 pulse frequency range
  • 10-90% pulse cycle for quality welding
  • Including a foot pedal to control TIG welding
  • Square-wave inverter four aluminum welding to setup and operate

Benefits of AHP Alpha

Not only for thicker aluminum or steel gauge welding, AHP AlphaTIG 200X works exceptionally well for thinner plates also.

As I told before that, the welder is good enough to weld ¼ inch aluminum as well as ¾ inch steel efficiently. It has stunned me as very few can do this.

The solid construction of the AHP TIG welder seems itself robust. It has been manufactured from high-quality materials which are quite unavailable from the similar price range.

Moreover, the welder itself comes with a 3-year manufacturing warranty to ensure you worried-free welding.

Coming with advanced inverter technology, AHP uses pulse width modulation technology, which helps to regulate the system’s uptime.

It ensures less power loss as well as the longest lasting. Moreover, the machine delivers smoother welding for consistent arc and weld.

From the real experiment, I can say that the output of the machine is 150A at 110V. Also, it results in maximum for 220V with ensuring all features.

Nonetheless, to say, it’s one of the few welders across all the available in the market to give the consistent performance for any power either low or over. Even, it works well for the possible lowest power 10A.


  • Perfect weight to move though looks bulky
  • Reliable and long-lasting welding
  • High-quality metal foot pedal to control TIG welding
  • Consistent performance for both low or over voltage
  • Advanced Inverter technology along with IGBT inside to work flawlessly


  • Metal foot pedal scoots while walking on the floor. Instead of using rubber would be comfortable.
  • Instructions should be elaborated for the beginners. However, you can follow the video guide available on the product description on the manufacturer’s website or Amazon. I highly recommend it to follow the video guide.


If you want a highly efficient TIG welder, I would recommend you to have it. It is a great choice for beginners as well as for professionals. Also, it’s the best choice at a very budget-oriented price with all features.

6. Forney Easy Weld 299- Best Flux Welder

Are you a starter welder? No need to look more. Forney Easy Weld is correctly an excellent MIG welder to start your welding. Though the welder isn’t perfect enough for professional welding, it will help starters for smooth and stable welding. However, this article will help you to make the best decision whether you should buy it or not.

Highlighted Features
  • Requires no gas for continuous core welding
  • Incredibly well for welding 24 gauge up to a ¼ inch
  • Input capacity 120 volts and output 125 Amp
  • 2 pound and 10-pound spools accepted
  • MIG welder for flux core welding
  • 6 months manufacturing warranty
  • Just plug and play hives easy installation
  • Lightweight, portable and durable
  • Manufacturing from high-quality materials

Benefits of Forney Easy Weld 299

Some unique features keep Forney 299 125FC Flux Core Welder apart from the other top-level competitors in the market. Even, it’s one of the most trustworthy welders available in the market.

However, the easy installation with no prior knowledge makes it affordable to the beginners and home users. You have just to plug and play to weld. Even, an experienced one will be more benefited from the welders for its distinctive features of using a long time.

In my experience, it created no single issue for transporting from my garage to my home. Also, the handle is durable, and the whole body is lightweight for easy portability. You can use it welding for any project from home improvements to car maintenance.

Not like others, Forney 299 welder has exceptional storage to keep wires weighing 2 pounds to 10 pounds.

Better to mention here that, a 2 pound of cable will be included with the package when you purchase the welder. So, you needn’t buy additional wires to reach a far away for welding from your socket.

Or even better, Horney is a great tool to weld gauge up to ¼ inch metal as well as required no gas for core welding.

The 120V input power enhances to deliver 125 Amp, which is above standard for smooth finishing. And, I can’t but say here that, it’s one the best MIG welder with affordable price.

The most praiseworthy feature from the manufacturers is that you’ll get up to 6 months of manufacturing guarantee from the date you purchase. In the meantime, repairing or replacing is completely free of any defecting materials. I am quite sure; you’ll like this promise.


  • Competitively low price compared to the similar features
  • Works well with standard 120V voltage
  • Minimum maintenance for easy to go
  • High-quality materials for long service
  • Lightweight and portable
  • An additional stage to keep wires
  • A bonus 2lb cables totally free of cost


  • Only two power settings can bother the professionals.


If you want a versatile, lightweight and durable welder, I would recommend you to pick up Forney 299 125FC Flux Core Welder. It ensures smooth welding even for beginners. Your every penny for purchasing the welder will be worthy off, Guaranteed.

7. Pitbull Ultra-Portable- Best Portable Arc Welder

For both beginners and Professionals to get compact and stable welding, Pitbull Ultra-portable is one of the best welders in the market. The ultra-portable design and weight give Pitbull far better features to get the users real experience. Also, it works precisely according to whatever you want in welding to get your job done.

Highlighted Features
  • Manufacturing from high-quality pure metal
  • Input 110V & 6 0 Hz frequency whereas output 100 Amp
  • Arc welder for reliable performance
  • Extremely portable for any project
  • Weld up to ¼ mil steel efficiently
  • 10% duty cycle for perfect welding for the novices

Benefits of Pitbull Portable welder

The tiptop welder requires average 110V for 100 Amp output, which is perfect for marvelous finishing. It also supports 26 Amp current, which is essential for up to ¼ inch metal welding.

The welder comes pre-installed so that you require no time to start using. Just plug and play the cutting and bending tool wherever you need.

The single phase requires 26 Amp power and up to 100 Amp to provide the best value for all sorts of materials. The top-notch equipment will serve you not only for stainless steel but also for wrought iron and many more metals.

The compact design of Pitbull along with ergonomically designed handle looks lucrative for the users. You can carry around the tool wherever you need as it is lightweight and convenient for different purposes.

Moreover, the welding tool is versatile to use for home, garage, and hardens. Even both for the beginners and the professionals, Pitbull ensures finishing touch at the end of the day.


  • Weld ¼ inch thick metal and stainless steel
  • Convenient for both lower and higher voltage
  • Lightweight, and easy to carry around
  • Versatile uses for the home, the garage, and the garden
  • 10% duty cycle enough for novices
  • Nothing additional requirement to operate the welder
  • Comes preinstalled requires no waste of time
  • High-quality materials to ensure durability


  • Limited power isn’t enough for heavy welding
  • Short duty cycle lacks energy for professionals


Pitbull Ultra-portable, by its name, is super portable for the lightweight and handy design. It requires less power to operate along with coming preinstalled for the novice. So, if you’re a first-time user, you can certainly go for Pitbull Arc welder because of worthy of a single penny you expense for it.

8. Lotos LT5000D- Best Plasma Cutter

Though Lotos LT500D Plasma Cutter is tiny, the power it provides is exceptionally massive for final finishing. Along with the lightweight and ergonomic design, the welder is the much lower price for the starters. However, you can also use the welder for multi-purpose tasks.

Highlighted Features
  • Dual voltage capacity
  • Lightweight and portable to carry around
  • Works both 110V and 220V
  • Plasma cutter for the ¼ inch thick metals
  • Requires less power to provide maximum output
  • Considerable cheaper price for the starters
  • 1-year manufacturing defects warranty
  • 65 PSI airflow to clean nozzles occasionally
  • State-of-the-art MOSFET technology to cut thick metal smoothly

Benefits of Lotos Plasma Cutter

Lotos plasma cutter requires 50 Amp to provide maximum output. The tip weighs only 22lbs. So, you can carry around anywhere for any welding purpose.

Ultimately, the cutter is an excellent tool for both home projects or small industrial projects. It can suit any environment at any cost without compromising quality.

To weld painted, perforated and rusted materials, the plasma cutter helps easy cutting and bending.

And the most excellent feature of the Lotos is the operation with both voltages. It can operate at lower voltage 110V as well as higher voltage 220V. So, you are worried free of having standard power to complete your welding tasks. It’ll save your time by all means.

Frequently, you can cut ¼ inch metal of stainless steel, mild steel, wrought iron and so on. But in an emergency, ½ inch metal can be cut quickly, but it’s not a good practice for regular use.

Moreover, the airflow of the cutter remains clean from dirt with 65 PSI. The airflow helps to keep the nozzle stable for operating even for frequent uses.

The cutter is faster and budget-considerable than Oxyhydrogen cutter. It ensures safety for novice and unskilled users.

Not like other welders, state-of-the-art MOSFET technology is a must-have for cutting thick metal smoothly. Even the Pulse Width Modulation helps to operate the welder in DC electric power in the absence of AC electrical power.


  • Comes preinstalled needs no set up
  • Plug and play welder for the starter
  • Dual voltage capacity to ensure continuous welding even in the absence of AC power
  • Cut ¼ inch metal smoothly
  • Frequent uses of cutting ½ inch thick metal
  • Package includes all sorts of necessary equipment
  • 1-year customer satisfaction warranty for manufacturing defects
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Lightweight to carry around to different places for different purposes


  • Missing power plug needs extra bucks


For the DIY home projects, Lotos LT5000D provides more functionality than any other tools. Though it’s designed for diminutive tasks, you can use for heavy welding frequently. Moreover, the lightweight and budget-price welder will be worthy of for consumable use.

9. Polyvance 5700HT- Best Airless Plastic Welder

Plastic becomes popular for all walks of life for a lightweight and lucrative design. But the pity is that plastic materials are more breakable than metals. So, would you throw away your favorite plastic tool because of being broken?

Though most people use glue, unfortunately, it doesn’t work well for thick plastic. Hence, Polyvance 5700HT is the perfect solution for welding plastic materials.

Highlighted Features
  • Produce 200 watts to weld high-melting-point plastic
  • Two different tips for easy swapping
  • 8 different rods for versatile uses
  • High-quality materials to provide long time durability
  • Comes with an instructional DVD for the beginners and novices
  • Originally USA product
  • FiberFlex Universal rod to weld TEP, TPO, and other complex materials
  • Ready to use kits come fully installed
  • Plug and Play welder for no waste of time

Benefits of Polyvance Plastic welder

Polyvance is an exceptionally designed welder for repairing broken plastic materials. The welder comes full functionality, which requires nothing additional to work well. You just need to plug and play to weld your materials.

The temperature control kit included the package helps you to control the heat of the welder. It is a must-have as different plastic needs a different temperature. Although the next-generation technology used in the tool, you should manually manage to get the desired finishing.

The package includes 8 different rods which you can use to satisfy almost every welding need. Moreover, the two easy-to-swap tips help easy and quick bending for the amateurs and the hobbyists.

Lastly, I must have to say about the instructional DVD, which helps the starters and the unskilled users to be expert in impressive finishing.


  • Easy and quick welding for all sorts of plastic materials
  • 8 different rods for versatile use
  • Two different easy swapping tips
  • No need to be expert for outstanding welding
  • High-quality materials for greater safety
  • Instructional DVD for starter


  • Welding structural integrity may not be admirable


Polyvance comes to weld for plastic materials. So, it can’t be comparable to the metal welder. However, Polyvance airless plastic welder can be a home assistant and money-saver by repairing your favorite plastic tools. It’ll cost you no arm and leg but stable for a long time.

10. LOTOS TIG200- Best TIG Heavy Duty Welder

Are you worried about welding aluminum as well as stainless steel with the same machine? No way. Lotos technology has brought a solution for dual welding with LOTOS TIG200. It’s a massive duty TIG, and Stick welder operated from AC/DC power. Also, the pedal and mask in the package let you buy nothing additionally.

Highlighted Features
  • Both AC and DC with 110V or 220V
  • Portable to carry around for different projects
  • TIG and Stick mode in a single package
  • Auto Detected technology requires no switching
  • Square-wave inverter for accurate aluminum welding
  • Suitable for all sorts of metals
  • Welding capacity up to 3/8” mild steel and aluminum
  • Hand torch control and foot pedal

Benefits of the Lotos Heavy Duty Welder

Lotos 200TIG is an excellent tool for both home projects or tiny industrial projects. It requires 110V to provide maximum output. The tip weighs only 58 lbs which are lightweight to carry around for different projects. It can suit any environment at any cost without compromising quality.

Coming with advanced inverter technology, Lotos uses pulse width modulation technology, which helps to regulate the system’s uptime. It ensures less power loss as well as the longest lasting. Moreover, the machine delivers smoother welding for consistent arc and weld.

The setup is so easy that anyone with zero knowledge can operate the welder hassle free. Also, the transfers from TIG to Stick and Stick to TIG can be done effortlessly.

The low consumption technology used in this welder requires fewer powers but provide equal capacity. So, by using Lotos, you can save power consumption.

Lotos 200TIG is a complete package of everything you need for smooth welding. It comes with pre-installed cable and welder itself, electrode clamps, the ground and of course some paperwork. It allows you no further excuses for having smooth welding even for all sorts of cords and steel.


  • Certified by all regulatory organizations as the safe welder.
  • IP21 housing protection grade protects the unexpected situation
  • Available for welding both aluminum and steel
  • Dual voltage capacity to work anywhere for any purpose
  • Ensures heavy duty for professionals or enthusiasts
  • Automatic dual frequency requires no switching
  • A foot pedal and hand torch to control heat


  • Expensive for the starters.
  • Much time needed to be master of it.


Lotos 200TIG is a complete package for the professionals because of heavy duty. It ensures smooth finishing for welding aluminum and steel. In fact, it leaves you nothing to buy for any welding purpose. However, the durability and guarantee will help you master on welding in the long run.

Advice for starters on buying welders

With so many advanced welders available in the market, I was confused to choose the one which will suit my jobs well.

However, with the research (information from the users and the manufacturers), I have this post to help you, too, to select the best welder for the specific job.

I can’t but here to say that you won’t get all in one. In fact, each welder has a different specification in the area of job it can perform.

TIG Welder

If you want incredibly accurate welding, tig welder will satisfy you with it’s cleanest and aesthetic style. For a thinner metal, tig can finish with absolute accuracy. It never leaves cleaning afterward. However, by using a plasma cutter to fuse the metal, TIG provides you nothing left behind.

On the other hand, to protect from contamination, TIG welder uses Argon, which is an excellent shielding gas.

Like MIG and Stick welder to provide steady and smooth welding, TIG composes with industrial-grade materials. It also helps to increase control and speed instead of reducing warping.

Though the welders provide extensive facilities to the starters and the hobbyists, they are pretty expensive. It is a perfect tool for beginners, but you need much more time to have expertise in this field.

MIG/ Flux-Cored Welder

Coming as Flux-Cored welders, MIG welder uses inert gas for welding and bending. The meaning of MIG is Metal Inert Gas. It uses a wire electrode to ensure ultimate finishing in the ARC. The inverter-based welder provides stable welding with minimal spatter.

Like TIG welder, neutral gas Argon is also used in MIG, which makes the weld-free from the surrounded air.

Additionally, the flux-cored tubular wires are also available, which requires no additional and external gas.

But the attractive feature of the MIG welder is to switch from different welding conditions. It can use both arc length and electrode stick out by changing the shape instantly to serve better and consistent performance.

However, MIG doesn’t need insane technical knowledge but provide noticeable performance for welding stainless steel with the wet out the technology.


The most popular to weld thick metal is the Arc or Stick welder. It produces strong welds and fuses efficiently for stable and proficient performance.

Even the industrial users and professionals make it favorite for the quite few years for continuous improvement.

However, why do professionals like it?

I firmly believe and say from my experience that usability in the robust windy environment makes it so popular among most of the welders.

Another fantastic feature is to fuse the joint and alloy of the metal. You can work it anywhere, inside or outside of the workplace. In fact, the stimulant electrode will protect it from rust and iron.

It has the most convenient way to switch from one metal to another without changing the electrode. The electrode can match the metal to signify the utmost satisfaction.

As it needs no shielding gas, it’s more budget-oriented and cost-effective for long-term uses. But learning to weld for thicker and heavy-duty operations, you must have to spend much more time to be master of it.

Inverter Welder

Apparently, the welder needs a higher power to be operated. So, which would be sufficient for household chores as houses have naturally lower power?

In fact, both traditional and inverter welders need the transformer which multiples the frequencies of voltage for higher output. But inverter welders can convert the frequency itself with the help of the transformer inside it.

So, you needn’t carry extra transformer to increase the voltage when you can work efficiently with the welder. It’ll also save your bucks from buying a transformer.

The high-frequency duty cycle leads less expense and less time to provide a more significant output with less input voltage.

Weight & Portability

Weight was the primary concern before coming inverter welders. In those days, carrying a welder was a challenge for its heavier weight. Moreover, the heavyweight could lead to severe injuries if someone made a mistake in taking it.

Usually, a MIG welder had more than 70 lbs. Along with the transformer, whereas a Stick weight was about 100lbs. Also, you couldn’t think of less than 120 lbs. TIG for those days.

Now, less than 50 lbs. welder is available for all sorts of tools. So, I would recommend you to pick the machine which you feel relaxed and comfortable to carry and work with for satisfaction.

Welding Output & Duty Cycle

The most concerning matter of the welder is the output. It is measured by the combination of amps, volts, and duty cycle.

Duty cycle is the amount of time you can operate the welder continuously without cooling or resting. In the meantime, heat can’t damage the tool for the excessive temperature produced by the components.

So, what is the “duty cycle”?

For instances, MIG welders have normally 20% duty cycle @ 180 amps/ 23 volts. It means you can run the MIG for 2 minutes at a stretch and then it needs to be cooled. Otherwise, the heat can damage the inside of the tool by creating fire.

Amperage and Metal Thickness

And now the most asked question on the welder. Try to think first why you need a welder. It varies from man to man and professionals to hobbyists. In fact, you can’t use the same welder for different metals. Different tools have a different effect on the course of the metal. The welding metal always follows the general rules described in the below:

To weld ¼ inch metal, 140 amp. the unit will be effective

To weld ½ inch metal, 250 amp. unit is necessary

To weld ⅜ inch metal, 180 amp. the unit could work well

To weld ⅝ inch metal, 200 amp. unit is the must-have feature

And, how to calculate the amp for welding any metal?

It requires 1 amp for welding every .001 inch. metal, but the amp varies for different metal. For example, you need 10-15% less amp to weld stainless steel whereas 25% more to weld aluminum.


Welders need a higher power to work with heavy duties. Higher voltage makes it easy to weld thicker metals. But, a particular power supply isn’t available in the standard household AC without providing from generators or other power supplies.

Though a 110V-115V can help to work with tiny jobs, you can’t go for heavy metal tasks with the power supply.

However, alternating current (AC) is less expensive but requires regular intervals. On the other hand, Direct Current (DC) ensures steady performance to lead hotter temperature with deeper penetration, but it’s cost you bucks more.

Nowadays, both AC and DC are available with a single welder. AC helps you to use your household electricity line whereas you can use DC for welding purpose where you can’t find an electricity line to plug in the welder.

Moreover, DC helps you to use a wide range of electrodes along with available features like arc striking, control, and better penetration.

However, I must say you can go for the combination of AC and DC to help you in the long run.

What you need to know about welders

Question: MIG vs. TIG vs. Arc welding?

Answer: MIG welding uses a continuous feeding wire, but TIG welding uses long electrodes to feed them slowly into the puddle.

Both welding processes need an electric arc to complete the welding well.

MIG is mainly home uses and tiny jobs whereas TIG is for heavy duty for the professionals or the industrial tasks.

Question: Can MIG welder used for welding aluminum?

Answer: It depends on the capacity of the MIG welder. Usually, the MIG process has the capability of 14 Ga or .074 inch on the aluminum. So, it can be easily welded less than 0.074 inches or thinner aluminum easily with the MIG welder. But, to welding a sturdier metal, you need a specialized welder to work unless it’d be damaged.

Question: Can steel and aluminum be welded together?

Answer: Steel and Aluminum need different requirements to be welded. Though it’s available from the latest designed welder to work for both materials, I’d like to suggest you use different welders.

However, you can use the same tool for both metals, but expert switching is needed. If you can switch the welding mode successfully, it’ll be easy for welding both of them. But, you need time to be mastered on it. Until then you shouldn’t go for it.

Question: How many amps do you need for a welder?

Answer: The amperage ultimately depends on the voltage available and used for the welders. In the household, 220V is available, which lets you require half of the amperage of the 110V.

Though 90-110V is available, you need more amperage. Moreover, higher amperage or air compressor requires less electricity or power, which also saves your money for the electricity bill or producing cost on the generators.

Wrapping up

The best welder will serve you for a long time with smooth finishing along with making you experienced and expert in making things beautiful.

In this article, I have reviewed the products from real experience visiting hours of the time of industries, friends’ workshops, and own house.

In fact, I had to choose the picks from several products to provide the best value. I expect you’ll have good experience in welding from the best welders among several sorts from the list.

Here, I recommend you to find the jobs you want to do first. Then, pick the welder to satisfy the specific task. But, I highly suggest getting the lightweight, portable, dual voltage, and dual capacity welders.

Hope, you enjoy joining or bending metal.

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