Best Wheel Locks On The Market [ 2023 Details Guide]

In the last couple of decades, the demands of alloy made wheels is increasing. Along with the materials, the price is also thriving. Even, the factory replacement of the wheel also cost hundreds of dollars per wheel. Driving the car is exciting. However, it is also risky as theft is a massive risk for car wheels, especially for expensive cars.

Thankfully, the best wheel locks are available to secure the car wheels from being stolen. The locks make it quite difficult to remove the wheels from the car. The anti-theft mechanism in the lock has helped to decrease the rate of stolen cars. Even, a heavy-duty, high-performance wheel lock can save your thousands of bucks by keeping the wheels safe.

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Top 10 Best Wheel Locks Review

Wheel locks are the crucial part of the automobiles. So, our expert team has researched thousands of locks to get the best ones to ensure your cars’ safety. Pay a look on the following locks to get the best ones.

1. Zone Tech Best Vehicle Wheel Lock

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Zone Tech has fame of manufacturing premium quality products since the origin of the company. So, when it matters for security, Zone Tech leaves no single space of sacrificing the quality. It comes with a heavy-duty wheel lock to ensure your vehicle from theft. It ensures no theft for your car, no matter whenever and wherever you park it.

The top security lock is practical, convenient, and easy to use. The tire clamp wraps the wheel all around securely to vandalize all the attempts. Also, the protector works well with cars, vans, motorcycles, or even with the trucks. So, you are completely free from all worried.

Made of premium quality ABS, the frame and the body of the tire clamp offer the strongest protection for the vehicles. The sturdy and heavy materials have made the wheel lock durable and long lasting.  Also, the PVC coating on the body resists scratches and indentations.

To top it off the materials, the handle is covered with rubber coatings which feel you comfortable to carry. Also, the bright and striking red and yellow colors on the wheel lock makes it highly visible from a long. However, it means that the car highly secured and the thief shouldn’t even try to steal the car.

Now, it’s time to install the lock on the wheel. The tire clamp requires no installation to set up but has a lock to allow the key to goes in. So, when it’s time to use the lock, simply attach it to the wheel and walk away with the key. You don’t need the key to lock in the wheel. But, when it ‘s time to unlock the clamp, don’t forget the key. You’ll have two keys. So, don’t worry if you misplace, lose or break anyone of that. A certain back up is ready for your convenience.

Highlighted Features
  • Premium quality materials are used to manufactured the wheel lock.
  • Bright and striking yellow and red colors to ensure high visibility.
  • Soft coated and rubber handle to make you feel comfortable to carry around.
  • Convenient with all sorts of vehicles, regardless of size and power.
  • Simple and convenient to set up with no installation required.

2. McGard 24538 Best Locking Lug Nuts

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With decades of experience, McGard has manufactured thousands of locks for a lot of vehicles. It uses a computerized program to generate the design of the key patterns. Only a particular pattern is assigned to unlock the wheel lock. No other removal tools work for the pattern. As a result, it is quite impossible to break the lock and to steal the car.

McGard is a big player in the automobile industry by supplying OEM to more than thirty different carlines around the world. So, it knows a lot about the ins and outs of the locking system. Since 1964, McGard manufactures wheel locks in the USA by following the OEM standards. The locks are equipped with high-quality materials such as through-hardened steel. So, the locks are completely solid and durable.

Featuring with triple-nickel plating, the lock has three layers along with super finish. So, the wheel lock is completely free from rust and corrosion. Furthermore, the chrome cone seat lock features like a traditional lock system to accustomed you. Though it looks like a traditional system, it requires a key for both locks get installed and removed.

Moreover, the McGard wheel lock comes with a chrome cone seat to make the installation easy. It also offers spare keys to make you free from worried, in case of misplacing the key. Finally, the wheel lock comes with 8 different sizes of hex. So, it’ll be convenient to use any sort of vehicle.

Highlighted Features
  • A computer program generated key patterns to make each lock unique.
  • Manufactured in the USA by following OEM standards to ensure safety and durability.
  • Through-hardened steel makes the wheel lock sturdy and solid.
  • Triple-nickel plating features three layers to resist the lock from rust and corrosion.
  • A chrome cone seat to make the installation easy for all sort of vehicles.

3. Gorilla Automotive 61631-Best Gorilla Guard Locks

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No wonder Gorilla has an immense impact on the automotive industry for safety and security. It has a lot of security products to keep your car safe from the thieves. Like other security devices, Gorilla 61631 Acorn is a remarkable inclusion to the lists. Gorilla uses a unique pattern to manufacture the wheel lock, which is impossible to remove without the matching key.

Gorilla has always maintained the complete line of wheel locks for incomparable quality. It also maintains OEM standards in every step of manufacturing to deliver the lug nuts and locks. Also, the hardened steel made locks are designed for unsurpassed security. Even, the chrome plated lock will last long by keeping the beauty and efficiency.

Now, it’s time for installation. As it requires no hassle to install the lock on the wheel, you need not spend hours to figure it out. The lock is durable and can withstand any weather, no matter how hot or cold it is. However, the Acorn Wheel Lock comes with an exceptional rotating outer sleeve to prevent any unwanted tools from entering into the keyholes. Thieves used to jam the socket over the lock and steal the cars. The rotating outer sleeves will prevent the thieves from stealing the car.

Unlike many other locks, the key of the Gorilla Acorn works differently. When it’s time to install or to remove the lock, you have to rotate the key a little bit until the pattern match. When the pattern matches, the lock will be attached or removed. Moreover, the lock has come with different sizes. You can choose the desired size for your car, van, trucks, or other vehicles. However, the manufacturer sells a spare key to the clients who are prone to forget the key. Thus, it saves your time and money to remove the lock by applying any specialized and risky procedure.

Highlighted Features
  • Unique designed and patterns to make the lock really anti-theft.
  • Robust and sturdy materials are used to manufactured the lock.
  • Chrome plating on the lock to ensure durability, effectiveness, and rust-resistant.
  • Compatible with any vehicles regardless of sizes and power.
  • A spare key is available to save you from applying a risky method to remove the lock.

4. TOYOTA 00276-00900 Best TOYOTA Lug Nut

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The world-famous Toyota is still considered one of the best automobile companies in the world. Like the vehicles, the parts are also in the best conditions comparing to similar products. Toyota 00276-00900 is a genuine wheel lock which is an integral part of the Toyota or Lexus. It is a welcome addition to the rims which will keep your vehicle safe from theft. Though it seems to be small, it can match the depth of the lugs.

Manufacturing from high quality and heavy-duty steel, the Toyota Genuine ensures optimal security and protection to your car. Also, the robust materials keep the lock suitable for any harsh weathers and conditions. The hardened steel used in making the lock makes it unbreakable and unbeatable. So, if the thief wants to break the lock after failing to unlock it, he once again surely fails to break the wheel lock. Thus, the Toyota Genuine lock will ensure your safety in hands and gloves.

Moreover, the lockset comes with a special key, which makes the installation easier. It helps you mount the lock on the wheel without any hassle. However, you may ignore the balance of the wheel as it requires no rebalance at all. The lug nut comes from high-precision machinery, which ensures durability. Furthermore, the sturdy triple -nickel plating makes the wheel lock resistant to rust and corrosion.

Though it seems that the price is quite high compared to similar products, Toyota ensures top-notch quality. Toyota always believes in quality, and the locking wheel parts are nowhere out of the quality. The genuine parts will match with your Toyota or Lexus car. So, the small investment on the wheel lock is worth of alloy wheels and premium tires.

Highlighted Features
  • Triple-nickel plating layers resist rust and corrosion to ensure durability and effectiveness.
  • Hardened steel made body to make the lock unbreakable and unbeatable.
  • Compatible with all excellent and harsh weathers to withstand the test of time.
  • Well-balanced lock requires no rebalance to fit with any car and vehicle.
  • Constructed each part from precise machinery and hardened steel.

5. BQYPOWER 7235089131-Best Anti-Theft Car Wheel Locks

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If you want to expense a little but never compromise in quality, then BQYPOWER is here. It has brought a substantial wheel clamp lock which never compromises with the quality but price. So, it can be a great addition to your car alarm if you feel insecure. The heavy-duty clamp lock requires much more time to be cut even with the substantial cutter.

Made of hardened steel, the anti-theft clamp lock is secured to keep the car safe. The grip portion of the device attaches with the clamp lock. So, the locking system works well when it is required. Even, if you are in drive and put pressure on the accelerator, the lock may bend the hollow steel arm but won’t break at all.

The lock is easy to use and install. It comes with rubber caps which protect the frame and the body from scratches. Also, the layer of deterrence enhances security by making the car less appealing to the thieves.

Moreover, the red or yellow powder coated finish makes the lock durable. The soft coated clamp makes you feel cozy when it’s time to carry. Also, it is sturdy but light weighted. So, you can easily take it to need anywhere.

Highlighted Features
  • Made of high-quality weather-resistant steel.
  • Lightweight body and frame make it portable and easy to store.
  • Compatible with all sorts of wheels and vehicles.
  • Substantial sizes require much more time and heavy-duty instrument to be cut.
  • Yellow or red powder coated finish to make the wheel lock durable and effective.

6. TMS Best Anti-Theft Truck Wheel Lock Clamp

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A car enthusiast like you can never let the burglars or thieves steal your car. Hence, TMS wheel lock clamp boot is the best choice to protect your car from stealing. It is not only an anti-theft device but also a deterrent which ensures security. The soft design will match all the sizes and brands of the car. Its installation requires no hassle, which makes it easy to use.

The red and yellow bright color makes it highly visible both for the users and the thieves. So, the thieves dare not to steal the car when the car owners feel safety to see the locked wheel. Again, the weather resistant steel made body and framework well with all weathers and conditions regardless of how it is bad or good.

The top-notch wheel lock comes with a set of 3 keys. So, if you misplace or lose any key, don’t worry. Even don’t apply any risky procedure to remove the wheel lock. Instead, you use the alternative keys to remove the locks. The keys are also available with the package.

Moreover, the adjustable wheel lock matches for the wheels from 6 ¾ inches to 10 ½ inches. The size covers all types of vehicle such as car, van, truck, or even SUVs. So, you need not buy an additional wheel to lock the vehicles if you want to go out. As you take a single car at a time, a piece of wheel lock is enough to secure your safety.

Highlighted Features
  • Soft coated clamp to resist scratch and damage on wheels and rims.
  • Body and frame are made of hardened steel to make sturdy and powerful.
  • Unbreakable wheel lock prevents turning and rotating.
  • A bright combination of yellow and red striking color makes the lock highly visible.
  • Universal fit to use the lock for all sorts of tires and wheels regardless of sizes and rims.

7. Zento Best Anti- Theft Trailer Wheel Lock

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The wheel lock is a must-have device for the park trailers, and Zento has been doing an excellent job here. The heavy-duty anti-theft device from Zento works excellent since the day it comes to the market. It is a small device which comes with the valuable enclosure to secure your car or vehicle.

The Zento tire clamp wraps around the wheel and prevents it from towing and turning. So, the thieves can’t make a good case to steal the car. However, the device is compatible with all sorts of vehicles such as cars, SUVs, ATV, RV, and even trucks. It works both for small as well as large vehicles. The heavy-duty wheel lock ensures long term usage.

Like Zone Tech wheel lock, the Zento tire clamp is also made of premium quality ABS. So, the device comes with the strongest feature to ensure durability, consistency, and effectiveness. The soft coated handle makes you feel comfortable when you carry the clamp. Again, the tire clamp is lightweight enough to make it portable.

To top it off, the tire clamp comes with a PVC coating which protects the clamp from scratch and damage. The appears of the lock is great, and its high visibility changes the situation around it. So, the thieves are not to pass out the clamp. Also, the kit comes with 2 keys in the package. Don’t worry if you misplace, lose or break one. The alternative key will help you with convenience.

Finally, it’s time for installation which requires no prerequisite. Instead, it’s easy to use to set up. Even, you need not put the key in the hole to attach the lock. Simply attach the lock and walk away. When you need to remove the lock, put the key into the hole, and turn around until the pattern matches.

Highlighted Features
  • Bright and Striking red and Yellow color combination makes it highly visible.
  • Made out of premium quality ABS to ensure durability, strength, and efficiency.
  • The soft coated handle makes it feel comfortable to carry
  • PVC coating clamp resists scratch and damages the wheel rims.
  • Light-weight, versatile, and convenient makes it extremely portable.

8. COOCHEER Anti-Theft Tire Lock Clamp Boot Wheel Lock

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If you are looking for a wheel lock with a combination of price and precise, COOCHEER tire lock will meet you all the ways. It is the perfect partner of your car while you are away. The added security will make you comfortable no matter which vehicle you are using. It wraps around the trailer axle and connects to the car axle. So, it requires scrambling around on the pavement.

The COOCHEER comes with an ergonomic and special design. The red PVC cover on it effectively prevents a scratch or any other damage on the wheels or rims. Also, the anti-rolling chock of the clamp lock prevents the car from rolling or turning. So, the thief can’t have any change to jam the lock. Along with red PVC cover, the clamp boot is covered with a premium quality coating to ensure durability. So, it keeps the color for long-lasting and resists shedding or rusting.

Made it of high quality and heavy-duty hardened steel, the wheel lock is unbreakable and unbendable. It is sturdy enough to prevent all sorts of sawing and drilling. Even hydraulic pliers can’t break it. So, you are getting optimum security for your car. It’s not only sturdy but also compatible with a lot of verities and sizes of cars. It fits well with cars, trucks, motorcycles, golf carts. Boat trailers. Scooters and even small aircraft. Ultimately, it is widely adjustable with less than 30-cm tires.

Still, need more security! The COOCHEER comes with a combination of all features of security like lockpicks, anti-sawing, anti-pry open, and any other technical unlock. Also, the high-performance anti-theft brass rocket lock cylinder makes the clamp wheel lock durable, waterproof and anti-rust. Also, the upgraded car wheel lock comes with 9 lock holes to make safer. So, it’s quite impossible to unlock the lock without keys.

Highlighted Features
  • Ergonomic and special design along with PVC coating to prevent scratch and damage
  • High-performance anti-theft brass rocket lock cylinder to prevent the car from various lock picks
  • Made of high-quality hardened and thickened steel to ensure durability and safety.
  • Widely adjustable with different vehicles with less than 30-cm tires
  • Upgraded car wheel lock with 9 holes to ensure the best safety.

9. Winner International Club 491 Best Tire Claw XL Security Device

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Winner International is a remarkable big player in the automobile industry for safety and security. It has brought a unique innovation that works by connecting the steering wheel with the clutch. Even, it can connect to the break paddles for user’s convenience. The Club 491 offers an easy but safe and secure way of protection of all kinds of cars, trailer, ATV or motorcycle. Unlike many other locks, the Club 491 comes with vinyl dipped tips that protect your rims from damage.

The bright red color on the wheel lock comes easily visible so that the thief can forces out his evil thoughts of stealing your car. Also, it is not required to secure your car or trailer to a fixed object. Don’t worry. The high anti-theft performance lock ensures optimal security to protect your car from theft.

Made of hardened steel and Cro-Moly alloy, the tire claw ensures durability and effectiveness. Also, it resists rust and damage on the wheels and the rims. Also, the alloy is super protective of any kind of hammer and saw. Though it comes with premium quality materials, it never crosses your budget. The unique unclogged locking feature is one step away to lock the car. It’s a matter of seconds.

The best part of the Club lock is the convenient use, which is easy to follow. Also, don’t forget the patented self-locking feature of the Club safety devices. The device comes with three layers of encrypted keys which can’t be copied. So, you can secure the car in a campsite just like you keep it in your driveway. However, the Club lock fits well the wheels up to 12 inches in width.

Highlighted Features
  • Made of hardened steel and Cro-Moly alloy to ensure durability and strength.
  • Patented self-locking feature to provide optimum security from theft
  • Bright color on the wheel clamp lock to forces out the evil thought from the thief.
  • Universal fit with all sorts of vehicles especially wheels with 12-inches in width
  • Three laser encrypted keys that are quite impossible to be copied.

10. S AFSTAR Safstar Best Tire Wheel Lock

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SAFSTAR has brought some innovative and technological security device to cope up with the ages. The safety device from SAFSTAT helps you reach the car by Bluetooth receiver from a certain distance. So, your car is out of sight but not out of your access. The Bluetooth receiver sends a signal to you for any wanted attempt on your car.

Made out of heavy-duty hardened steel, the wheel lock clamp resists rust and damage on the wheel. The weather-resistant steel makes the lock durable in all weathers and conditions. Also, the soft-coated clamp resists scratch and damage on the wheels or rims. Ultimately, the wheel lock is completely immobilized because of anti-rotating and anti-turning features.

Moreover, the bright red and yellow colors on the wheel lock makes it highly visible to the potential thief. So, the thief is bound to force out the ill thoughts from his mind. The simple but convenient lock clamp is extremely easy to use. Also, it is lightweight enough to make it portable and easy to store.

Although the Winner International wheel lock seems too simple, it has high-performance to secure your car. In fact, it comes with universal fits to the most vehicles such as a car, truck, SUV, ATM, trailer, motorcycle, RV, golf cart, small aircraft, and many more. Wisely, it is adjustable to fit 7-inch to 11-inch width tires.

Highlighted Features
  • Made of hardened steel to ensure durability and effectiveness.
  • Soft coated clamp lock resists scratch and damage on the wheels and rims.
  • Bright red and yellow color to make the lock highly visible
  • Lightweight and easy to store makes it portable and convenient to set up
  • Universal fits with most of the vehicles including 7-inch to 11-inch tires

Wheel Clamp Vs. Wheel Nut Lock

Though it seems that all the wheel locks are same, there are significant differences among them. However, the ultimate purpose is similar, but the way they ensure security is quite different.

Wheel Clamp Lock

A wheel lock is a device which bars the automobile from being moved. It consists of a clamp that surrounds the vehicle wheel to prevent both the wheel and the lock from removal. However, it is widely known as wheel boot, parking boot, etc. but in the USA, it is popularly known as the Denver boot. Many people use the wheel clamp lock as an alternative to steering-wheel lock as it is primarily associated with the law enforcement and parking violations.

Wheel clamp lock, which is also known as auto immobilizer, comes with a great variety of configurations. However, each lock works by preventing 360-degree rotational movement. It won’t seriously damage the wheel but prevent the wheel from being moved. A Y-shape brace along with a central faceplate and a pair of swing arms helps to achieve the target. Moreover, the swing arms ensure the Y-shape lock by sitting both at the end of bottom-front and top-front. It hooks around the tire to form a three-point brace which ensures security to the car.

Wheel Nut Lock

A wheel nut works the same job of a clamp lock but in a different way. It is found largely found on trucks, cars, or other large vehicles’ wires. It comes with a one rounded or conical end which is made f steel or aluminum alloy. But, mostly a set of nuts is used to secure the wheels to threaded the wheel sheds or vehicle’s axles.

However, the lug nut has different shapes and sizes. So, the forged rims and aftermarket alloy requires a specific set and size of lug nuts for mounting hole. If you change the rims, the set of lug nuts may have to be changed. The common lug nuts are cone seat, bulge cone seat, spline drive and under hub cap.

Things to consider before buying a wheel lock

Wheel locks are the most important and crucial part for cars nowadays. A set of quality wheel locks will save you a lot. Also, a potential thief forces out his evil thoughts of stealing the car by seeing the high-quality locks on the wheels. So, most people use at least two locks on the wheels to ensure maximum security. Also, as the wheel locks are relatively inexpensive, people use the wheel lock to increase the security sense for the expensive wheels.

However, our expert team has developed a buying guide to get the optimum security from the wheel locks by expensing the least bucks.


Most of the anti-theft wheel locks are made of Cro-Moly alloy and hardened steel. The materials make the lock unbreakable and unbendable. Some of the locks are anti-sawing and anti-cutting by the hydraulic drill. It ensures maximum security for the car wheels.

By the nature of the steel, hardening process can make the steel brittle and prone to be broken. So, don’t try to install the lock with a wheel gun, an impact wrench, pneumatic gun or a windy gun. Instead, tighten the lock by hand and match the pattern of the locks. When the patterns match, nothing is allowed to remove the wheel except the key.


Though you may get several locks that can fit all sizes and types of wheels. However, choosing the wrong thread can cause issues to the wheels unless it fits precisely to the wheel. So, you must measure the length and the width of the wheel before purchasing the set of the wheel locks. Sometimes, you may find the suitable wheel locks fit for the wheel with the recommended features. Grab it by checking all the features available. However, you can take a universal size if you feel insecure about measuring and about choosing the best one. Don’t be a fool to get the bigger or, the smaller size than your wheel size.


Visibility is considered an important feature for the latest wheel locks. Apparently, some users want visible wheel locks to bar the thieves from getting near the car. The thieves think at least twice of stealing by seeing high-quality and heavy-duty locks on the wheels. However, two different locks are available in terms of visibility. One is the visible lock, and the other one is a hidden lock.

On the one hand, the visible lock is used as a sign to the thief as an unapproachable thing. So, the thief dares not to get in touch of the car or even can’t get near the car. Here, visible wheel lock works as a smart way of security.

On the other hand, the hidden lock is used for a different purpose. The user wants the thief to waste his time and catch him by hand. Also, it helps when you have an alarm and want to call the cops.


A thief who can break into the car can definitely break all other locks of the car. So, the strength of the lock plays a vital role in securing your car. The best wheel lock is capable of withstanding all sorts of attacks. The hardened steel and steel alloy can make the lock too strong to break.

However, the lock should be unbreakable and unbendable. It should be proof of rust and scratch. You may find some weather-resistant locks. These locks are durable and last long. However, always prefer the locks which are proof of external pressure like hammering, sawing, etc.

1. What are the reasons your steering wheel won’t lock?

Answer: The possible reasons behind the steering wheel won’t lock are:

The pattern of the wheel lock and the particular key doesn’t match. The detent on the wheel is worn or broken. Also, the actuator from the solenoid can be broken.

2. Where Should I hide the wheel lock?

Answer: The fact is solely depending on you, either you want to make it show or hide. It is thought that the shiny wheel lock helps the thief to force out the ill thoughts of stealing the car. However, if the thief is determined to steal your car, nothing will bar him having a try. However, you can still place the locks inside the glove box, taped to car jack, center sole or armrest, the small box under driver’s seat or in the boot with the spare wheel.

3. How can I remove a locking wheel nut without a key?

Answer: Though it is complicated to lose the key, many a time it happens. So, at first look for the spare key which comes with the package. If you find it, use it to remove the lock. However, if you still lose the spare key, call the manufacturer to get an additional key. Many manufacturers have different offers to sell additional spare keys. If you lose both the opportunities, you may have to follow the following complex method.

At first, put the car in the park and apply the parking brake. Then use the lock removal tool to fit snugly with the lock. Use a rubber mallet to hit the removal tool. Loosen the lock by turning the tool counterclockwise with the help of the nut wrench.  Use your hand at the last stage when you can turn it off the lock. Remove the lock from the tool with your mallet.

4. How does a Wheel lock work?

Answer: A wheel lock works against theft. It is attached to the wheel to prevent the wheel from being moved. Mostly, the wheel lock comes with a specific and unique pattern that matches only the key. So, while attaching or removing the lock, the pattern of both the key and the lock should be matched.

Hence, no thief can be able to remove the lock unless he has the key. Also, some locks are proof of sawing and cutting by a hydraulic drill. So, nothing can harm the lock until key works.

Final Words

The best wheel locks are part and parcel of the automobile. They ensure the security and safety of the car. Even, these inexpensive tools play a pivotal role in securing the expensive million-dollar priced cars. So, don’t forget to pay close and deep attention to choose the best car wheel locks.

The above-mentioned wheel locks are the best ones in the market in terms of security, materials, money, and strength. They have a long tradition and fame to ensure safety to cars and other vehicles. However, if a thief is determined to try to steal the car, nothing can stop him from getting an attempt. So, you can use an alarm to warn you if anything unwanted happens near your car. Also, don’t forget to use the high-quality and heavy-duty wheel locks.

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