Best Chainsaw Bar in 2023- A details Buyer Guide

If you are someone who deals with chainsaws on a regular basis, you already know it’s quite expensive to buy a new one. A much practical and cheaper option would be to repair or replace the faulty parts.

Professionals like Orchardists, Carpenters, and Landscapers have reported the saw bar to be most likely to wear out among all the parts of a chainsaw. This is why buying the best chainsaw bar as a replacement is so crucial.

Without being able to recognize a lasting and functional saw bar, it won’t be long before you run back to the shop for another replacement. So, we created this guide to ensure that such a situation never occurs in your case.

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Top 6 Chainsaw Bars

1. Husqvarna, 12-inch HL280-45 Lo-Pro Chain Saw Bar 531300447

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A heavy weight doesn’t always guarantee quality. Take this product for example.

This 12-inch long bar weighs only 14.4-ounces. However, by using industry-grade steel for construction and an epoxy finish to offer protection against corrosion and blunting, Husqvarna ensures that the product is at its finest in terms of durability.

It offers a sealed bearing on the front sprocket, thus eliminating the need to be greased individually. The bar is also equally functional on each side. That means, when one side gets blunt or burned, you can simply flip the bar and use the other side.

The product has a 3/8-inch pitch and 0.050-inch gauge.

It is an original replacement product from Husqvarna, engineered specifically to be used for the company’s various chainsaw models. For example, it functions with 325P4, 334T, 335XPT, 338XPT, 326P4, and 326P5X models.

This bar doesn’t simply replace your old one but also increases the efficacy of the chainsaw. With the included replacement parts as a cherry on top, it also offers an anti-vibration feature by reducing the amount of kickback volume. This offers you an extended control over the equipment along with safety.

Highlighted Features
  • Apart from being a replacement, also increases the efficacy of the chainsaw.
  • Offers an anti-vibration feature by reducing the amount of kickback volume.
  • Engineered specifically for Husqvarna chainsaw models.
  • Provides a 3/8-inch pitch and 0.050-inch gauge, along with a 12-inch length.
  • A sealed bearing on the front sprocket eliminates the need for greasing.

2. Oregon, 20-Inch Replacement Chainsaw Bar and Chain Combo For Stihl 105671

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This is one of the most versatile 20-inch bar you can find on the market, which offers so many features while not compromising compatibility.

Weighing at 54.08-ounce, it can be used with most Stihl models, starting from 024 to 036, along with MS 260, MS 270, MS 271, etc.

The drive sprocket has pitch of 0.325-inch. The bar offers a gauge of 0.063-inch, making it sufficiently wide for middle range operations. It also provides 81 links for the chain drives.

The product can come in handy for homeowners and gardeners as well as professional woodworkers.

The chain and bar combo sparks an additional appeal. Oregon uses ControlCut chains equipped with Micro and Semi Chisel cutting features for providing a precision cut.

The manufacturer’s patented “Lubritec System” keeps the chain and bar oiled in a fine equilibrium. This decreases scratches and burns on the bar’s edge, caused by friction due to inefficient oil supply.

The ANS and CSA certified low kickback feature keeps the vibration low, allowing you more control and safety over the operation.

Adding all that with reverse usability, an inbuilt tensioning mechanism, and a nose with multiple rivets, we simply can’t overlook the quality, durability, and efficacy delivered by the product.

Highlighted Features
  • Provides a slim and ergonomic bar, along with a weight of only 33.8-pounds.
  • Features an ANSI and CSA certified low kick-back feature.
  • Includes reverse usability and a multiple-rivet nose to maximize durability.
  • Uses a “Lubritec System” to decrease scratches and burns caused by friction.
  • Offers chains with Micro and Semi Chisel cutting features for precision.

3. Forester, 18-inch bar and chain combo for Husqvarna K095

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If you’re looking for a bar and chain combo to remodel a Husqvarna, Forester is probably the best aftermarket chainsaw bar manufacturer in the market right now.

The 18-inch bar weighs 47.2-ounces. So, it is a little heavy. But, this feature also makes the product capable of handling tasks which require a large amount of power.

The bar is compatible with a variety of Husqvarna models, such as the XP (e.g. 254XP, 262XP), XPG (e.g. 560XPG, 357XPG), E-Tech (e.g. 359E-Tech), E Rancher, and Rancher series (455 Rancher, 460 Rancher). It is also compatible with a few models of other brands like Echo, Remington, Pioneer, etc.

The product delivers a sprocket-tip bar with a 0.050-inch gauge, providing you a standard width of the groove preferred by professional. The chain has a pitch of 0.050-inches and is constructed with 68 drive links.

Reviewing a large number of user feedbacks, we’ve found the product to be most efficient at accomplishing heavyweight tasks such as cutting down trees (felling) and thick branches, shaping hardwood materials, etc.

The bar uses a K095 tail mount, which means the mount has a width of 0.322-inches.

Highlighted Features
  • Offers compatibility with a variety of Husqvarna models.
  • Includes a sprocket-tip bar with a 0.050-inch gauge.
  • Also includes a chain with a pitch of 0.050-inches and 68 drive links.
  • Uses a K095 tail mount with a width of 0.322-inches.
  • Offers efficacy at heavyweight tasks such as felling, bucking, etc.

4. Husqvarna, OEM 20-Inch Chainsaw Bar 596007572

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We’ve previously covered the original, 12-inch Husqvarna replacement saw bar in this list.  However, if you require the same bar with more power and a higher reach, this 20-inch version will serve you well.

The product weighs 46.4-ounce. It is specifically designed to replace the HT388-72 bar. But, you can also use it with other Husqvarna chainsaws like the XP (e.g. 390XP, 395XP, etc.) and regular (e.g. 268, 372, etc.) series.

The bar has a 0.058-inch gauge. It uses a sprocket tip, equipped with a greasing hole. The sprocket has a 0.375-inch pitch and can be easily replaced.

You can use a chain with 72 drive links with this product.

The bar is perfect for professionals as well as hobbyists who are looking to cut through some serious weight. You can perform tasks like felling as well as dividing hardwoods (Oak, beech, etc.) using a chainsaw equipped with this product.

It also uses a kickback reduction feature, which turns down the vibration while operating. Since this is an OEM part, it allows you to make a confident purchase for the compatible models.

Highlighted Features
  • Offers a replaceable sprocket tip with a pitch of 0.375-inches.
  • Produced by the original manufacturer (Husqvarna) as a replacement part.
  • Features a greasing hole on the sprocket tip for a smooth operation.
  • Compatible with most Husqvarna chainsaws like the XP and regular series.
  • Provides a 0.058-inch gauge and a kickback reduction feature.

5. Echo, Replacement Bar 12A0CD3745C

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Most of us love our desserts in a particular way: short and sweet. Well, same can be said about this product.

The 12-inch bar is designed primarily to be compatible with CS-271T, CS-310, CS-352, and CS-303T. However, it can also be used with older Echo chainsaws such as, CS-360T.

The bar is compatible with chains that have 45 drive links, and more specifically the 91PXL45CQ and 91PX45CQ models.

The laminated bar has a standard gauge of 0.050-inches. It is created using a sprocket tip design with a greasing hole. The drive sprocket offers a 0.375-inch, low profile pitch.

Despite being a cheap chainsaw bar (in terms of price), it provides a reversible use feature, which means you can flip the bar when one side gets worn out and use the opposite side. This increases the durability of the bar by roughly 52 to 55-percent.

The bar tip is designed with a small radius, which provides the bar with a kickback reduction feature. It offers a tail mount that is compatible with A041, W041, and K041 types.

Highlighted Features
  • Compatible with a variety of recent as well as older Echo chainsaws.
  • Includes a reversible use feature to extend durability.
  • Bar tip is designed with a small radius to minimize kickback and vibration.
  • Offers a laminated bar to reduce weight and improve flexibility.
  • Features an oiling hole on the sprocket tip for a smooth nose-spin.

6. Greenworks, Replacement Pole Saw Bar 29062

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Do you remember a time when you were looking at your backyard, thinking, “Those unruly branches are really messing up the symmetry of my garden.” ?

We all have those moments.

However, a regular chainsaw is difficult as well as risky to operate at those heights. But, a pole saw isn’t.

Which is why we’ve included a replacement bar for a pole saw in this list.

The 8-inch product weighs only 8.8 ounce, making it one of the best lightweight chainsaw bar replacements you can find. Since this is an OEM replacement part, it is accurately compatible with the majority of Greenworks’ pole saw models, such as 20192, 20672, 20302, etc.

You can use chains constructed of 33 drive links with this bar. However, make sure that the pitch and gauge (width of the drive link) of the chain matches with the pitch and gauge of the bar. According to the company website, the product is functional with certain chain models produced by the manufacturer (e.g. 29072).

The product offers a 0.375-inch pitch for the drive sprocket. It can be mounted on pole saws that use 40 to 80-volt machines.

Highlighted Features
  • Offers a replacement part produced by the original manufacturer.
  • Designed to function with the majority of Greenworks’ pole saw models.
  • Provides a 0.375-inch pitch for the drive sprocket.
  • Compatible with certain chain models produced by the manufacturer.
  • Can be mounted on 40 to 80-volt pole saws.

How To Choose The Right Chainsaw Bar

Model Compatibility

A chainsaw contains multiple important measurements that must be synced with the saw bar you intend to purchase.

However, the easiest way to ensure that the bar is compatible with your chainsaw, is simply to look through the product description, as it enlists all eligible models for that particular bar.

Gauge Of The Bar

Gauge measures the width of the groove of a particular bar.

If you are replacing the bar of your chainsaw for a pre-existing chain and machine, ensure that the bar gauge aligns with the chain gauge (width of the chain’s drive link). Otherwise, the bar won’t sync with the remaining mechanism, causing an imbalance in the tensioning of the chain.

Length And Weight Of The Bar

This may seem like an obvious matter. However, these 2 factors greatly influence the efficacy of the bar’s performance for your intended purpose.

If you plan to do low to middleweight sawing, an 8 to 14-inch bar will suffice. But, for heavyweight sawing like felling or bucking, you should use a bar at least 16 to 20-inches long.

Longer bars naturally tend to be heavier, which makes them a bit tricky to operate for beginners.

We recommend comparing between bars of similar length and picking the lighter one, if your priority is flexibility and ease of use. Though lighter bars may break if you assign them to jobs above their weight level.

Kickback Reduction Feature

The devil is always in the details and chainsaw bars are no exception. One detail you can look for to recognize the best chainsaw bar is a kickback reduction feature.

This feature lowers the amount of kickback and vibration while you operate the chainsaw. As a result, it’ll allow you more control and safety throughout all sawing jobs.

Tensioning Mechanism

Some bars have an inbuilt tensioning mechanism, which prevents the chain from being too lose or tight from the bar’s edge. For example, the “Oregon 20-Inch Replacement Bar” uses the “Intenz Tensioning Mechanism” for this purpose.

This feature can effectively prevent accidents caused by a loose chain being flung at you or a tightened one pulling you towards a brigade of sharp, running blades.

Oiling Hole

If you intend to buy a saw bar with sprocket tip, make sure it has an oiling hole. This will let you grease the bar tip, allowing a smooth nose-spin while operating the machine.

Pitch Of The Drive Sprocket

Ensure that the pitch of drive sprocket matches the pitch of your chainsaw’s chain.

Final Words

A chainsaw is a phenomenal tool when it comes to usability and functionality. It lets you accomplish a variety of tasks, ranging from grooming your backyard to felling a tree.

However, this multi-functional feature also makes parts of the tool (primarily the saw bar) a victim to erosion from repeated use. As a result, replacing parts can become a common occurrence.

Which is why you need to choose from the best chainsaw bars available in the market. This way you’ll be able to purchase a replacement bar which won’t need to be replaced soon.

And we are confident that this guide will be a big help to you in making that right purchase.