08 Essential Gardening Tools for a Beginner – Must Read

Are you overwhelmed by the variety of tools for gardening? Though all of them have particular uses, some of them are essential to start a garden. Even, a gardener can’t think a garden without the tools.

As the right tools make gardening easy and exciting, finding the right tools for the specific job is similarly tricky. So, we have compiled a list of essential gardening tools so that you can know the uses of them.

We think every greener and adept gardener should have a set of these tools.

Essential Gardening Tools And Their Uses

No matter you are a professional or a novice gardener, you must have the following tools. More important than owning a tool, knowing the right use of a tool will make the job easy for the gardener.


A vegetable cart or a wheelbarrow is one of those essential tools without them you can’t go a long way. It helps you to trend traditional shrub to tree foundation plantings. The two wheel wheelbarrow has still the same appeal of carrying things as from the invention. Usually, the tube of the wheel is made of polyethylene which can resists rust.

Additionally, think about the wheeled cart while purchasing a wheelbarrow. The wider the wheel cart, the more the capacity. In fact, you need to carry a lot of things such as soils amendments, water, tools, pruning, and harvest during start gardening.


The tool without which you can’t think of gardening is the gardening hoe. It’s one of the most helpful tools that are used for easy gardening. Gardening hoe helps to cultivate the soil and remove the weeds. It is made is such a way a first-time gardener can enjoy weeding out. However, you can use it for chopping and breaking a weed layer and then removing it. Even, it helps you to pull or pry a deeply rooted weed without applying much effort.


The more you dig into the soil, the easier the seedlings can tuck into the soil. It is called the heart of gardening. SO, garden trowel plays a vital role in planting seedlings or sowing seeds. An ergonomically designed hand trowel makes it easy to dig soil as well as to lessen the wrist fatigue. However, trowel blades determine its ability to reach the deep of the soil. The blade won’t break or fall apart.


Work consciously in the garden but never get worried. Even continuous garden work may lead your hand leaving cuts, blisters or bruises. So to make yourself safe and sound while working in the garden, always use a pair of garden gloves. The professionals think them as one of the most important tools for gardening. The pairs help you to grip the hand of the tools firmly as well as to prevent your hands from sharp objects or thrones.

However, always consider the top quality nitrile gloves which help you feel stems in the fingertips. More than that, a pair of leather gloves help you work smoothly in the cold or wet-weather. Don’t forget to clean the gloves every time after completing the garden job.

Pruning Shears

Knowing how to cut precisely increases the probability of being successful in gardening. So, take pruning shears with sharp edges which can stem up over ¾ inches thick. You also need the handy tool for pruning perennials, trimming new growth shrubs, trees, roses, or snipping squash stems and thick pepper plants. However, choose a bypass blade design instead of avail design as the bypass can give you much versatility and cuts in the garden.

Also, it comes with at least three times stronger than the normal shears. In addition to that, have a deep look at the handles of the shears. The more the handle can reach, the more useful it’ll be. An expanded handle will help you to reach out-of-reach limbs. Finally, don’t forget to sharpen the blades regularly. In fact, regularly sharpen on the cutting blades help them keep in tiptop shape and last longer.

Watering Gear

A garden hose is not only an essential but also an inevitable tool for gardening. As plants and shrubs need water regularly, you can’t escape watering. In fact, it is a day-to-day task for tackling garden. No matter you grow plants and vegetables in a container or a yard garden, watering is a daily event depending on the season and the nature of the plants. Invest in a top quality garden hose which has a good supply of water, guaranteed for life and most importantly easy to store.

However, a watering hose comes with several parts including watering hand, multiple patterns nozzle, and a detachable rose. The detachable rose is used to turn the water stream into a shower. Also, invest for a sprinkler for deep irrigation in the garden in summer. And of course, don’t forget to buy several washers that can fit your hose. Change the washers at the beginning of the season and save water from being wasted.

Garden Forks

The importance of having a gardening fork depends on the necessity of the gardeners. Many gardeners suggest it as a must-have tool for digging a shorter but thicker straight line. It helps you to loosen the soil while digging things like potato, garlic, yams, rhizomes, and tubers. You can also use it for moving a bulk delivery of shredded bark mulch.

More than that, the garden fork helps you to scrap the debris from the garden. It also helps to fluff up and aerate the soil. No other tools can be useful like it to mix fertilizers, compost or other ingredients with soil. Last but not the least, garden forks help you a lot for lifting the root crops like potatoes, beetroot, carrots, radish, and kohlrabi, etc.


You may find two types of rakes in the departmental store. One is leaf rakes and the other one it gardens rakes. As an ideal gardener, you must collect both rakes for doing different jobs. Leaf rakes are used to collect and clear the leaves and other small debris while the garden rakes help to remove sticks and stones from the garden.

However, consider the ergonomic design of the rake which make the task easy to clean the areas. Also, look on the wide head with springy tines to complete the work quickly.

Shovels And Spades

Though it seems shovels and spades look alike, they are quite different in nature and uses. But, both of them are must-have tools for any professional or novice gardener. They are handy for digging soil, planting the seedlings, sowing seeds and moving stones and other debris. In fact, the duos are all in all for gardening.

Technically, a shovel is used for a scoop or move the soil while a spade is used for digging soil. However, as the tools are inevitable for gardening, invest in the rust-resistant (stainless or carbon steel) tools which last a long time. Also, consider the wood handles instead of fiberglass handles as wood can absorb more vibration than fiberglass. Moreover, the height of the handle should reach your shoulder. It helps to prevent back pain as it requires you not to bend while digging.

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