Best Garage Ceiling Overhead Storage Racks in 2023 The Latest List

The sanctity of the garage is a holy grail. Especially for those who love to hold a tool and being overwhelmed by the feeling of accomplishing something with their own blood, sweat, and tears.

Sometimes, you even find yourself visiting the garage for reasons completely contrary to fixing or building things.

Maybe it is an oversized storage unit for you. Those confusing electrical units, cans of paint thinners, a tub of bulbs – you don’t know why you have them but it seems like such a waste to throw them all away. Who knows, you might need them later.

But having all that stuff lying around on the floor – is that how you want to live?

Why expose yourself to the risk of accidentally stubbing your toe on a heavy toolbox when you can easily store it away on an overhead shelf that allows you easy access?

This is why you need to invest in the best garage ceiling storage rack to stow all your troubles away.

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Short Reviews of Garage Ceiling Storage Racks

1. FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Piece-Best Overhead Garage Storage Rack

FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Piece-Best Overhead Garage Storage Rack

The reason why the FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Piece is always a favorite among first-timers is the fact that it is pretty much premade. You don’t have to spend hours finding the perfect wooden planks and spend another few cautious hours measuring out each section and positioning them perfectly level.

This rack comes with designated bolt cut out areas so that you can fit the nuts at any length you want depending on your preference. No need to exhaust yourself in the measuring and cutting aspect of the task. The instruction manual that comes with it is easy to grasp and simple to install completely hassle-free.

However, you have to make sure that you place the bolts on the plank at exactly the correct positions. You have to ensure they are perfectly at right angles to whatever you are attaching it against. Otherwise, wonky placements could weaken the integral structure of the rack and could lead to poor support system.

The modifiable 14-gauge steel frame has a load index rating of a whopping 600lbs. The sturdy build is unnerved by weighty objects and comes with premium nuts and screws that fit within the gauges like a piece of a puzzle. All of this comes in a single convenient pack.

Highlighted Features
  • It comes with premade sections to be attached together.
  • It has designated areas where you can fit a screw.
  • It is adjustable to your exact needs, in terms of placement.
  • It is compatible with a range of joists.
  • Hooks can be used to hang bicycles and other things.

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2. NewAge Products Best 8-Feet Ceiling Mount Garage Storage Rack

Best-8-Feet Ceiling Mount Garage Storage Rack

Now, if you are seeking a cheaper alternative to FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Piece, NewAge Products VersaRac should be your go-to. The thing is, while sturdy high quality racks are appreciated, not everyone would jump at the thought of such a steep price tag. It’s almost natural to look for some worthy yet cheaper options.

VersaRac is, as the name suggests, a versatile storage system. It comes in two sleek colors – hammertone grey and high-gloss white.

The finishing is achieved via electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) which ultimately exudes a rather shiny appearance. Moreover, the feel of the rack itself has a robust yet highly professional vibe to it.

The 13-gauge tenacious construction comes with features that allow you to utilize the rack any way you want. It has an adjustable length, which means you can attach screws at any point and don’t have to worry about drilling the perfect position for the screws. It’s ready-made, just screw in the tighteners!

You get the option to splurge in a multitude of additional accessories to pair with the storage rack. Frankly, they are all quite helpful. You get your traditional hanging bars to hang bicycles or fishing rods, and there are two different kinds of hooks for small and bulky items.

Highlighted Features
  • It comes in two high-sheen color options to go with your decor.
  • It works with wooden joists only, which makes it ideal for most homes.
  • It can be stretched out from 6ft to 8ft to accommodate bulkier items.
  • It comes with additional kits that hold more weight off the ground.

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3. FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Piece Best 3x8ft Overhead  Storage Rack

Best 3x8 ft Overhead Garage Storage Rack Set Ceiling Storage Racks

For those who instantly fell in love with the FLEXIMOUNTS like yours truly, we have news for you. If you were seeking a smaller version of the previously mentioned mammoth form, FLEXIMOUNTS has heard you loud and clear and has come up with a more compact solution.

While it is not exactly compromising on the length (which is a good thing), it has snagged off a few inches from the width and a few bucks off the price tag. This is ideal for those who do not have a lot to load on to the storage racks. It can hold up to 550lbs off the ground, which is honestly not a noticeable difference.

What makes this a worldwide favorite pick is the fact that it can be installed on both wooden and ceiling joists. These are the common structures most homes are built on. Hence, it makes for a perfect kit for those who want to utilize more of that floor space.

Installation is only a matter of assembling each part together. The pieces are like puzzles and fit in as a whole with adjacent components. The step-by-step guidelines make it even easier to understand and you can actually go on to assembling it by yourself WITHOUT the help of the manual.

Highlighted Features
  • It is a more compact solution to the same fantastic qualities.
  • The frame comes in a unified design, which reduces installation time.
  • It has the best length modifying options – from 22 to 40 inches below.
  • It comes in two different color choices – black and white
  • It has a singular rack option as opposed to the 2-piece availability.

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4. MonsterRax 4×8 Best 600 LB Capacity Adjustable Ceiling Mounted Rack

MonsterRax 4x8 Best 600 LB Capacity Adjustable Ceiling Mounted Rack

This is exciting for us. We’ve searched high and low for an all-rounder when it came to one of the best garage overhead storage racks in the market and this is our eureka moment!

The MonsterRax 4×8 Overhead Rack packs a bunch with 3 adjustable length modes and a wide surface all for an affordable budget.

Installation is a piece of cake. The parts come ready to be assembled so all the tools you will be needing are a step tool, a mallet and a bunch of screws. The integrated design grants easy recognition of which part goes where. Not only is this great for DIY but also a treat for those confused souls.

Like the VersaRac, this has the same color variations. The ESD process ensures an even distribution, providing a superior gloss and maximum protection against abrasion and rust. The heavier items often tend to scratch surfaces during loading and unloading which will be unseen for this, thanks to the 600lbs load capacity,

Of course, the availability of hanging tools makes it a steal. Granted, you have to purchase them separately, it is still within budget which makes it all the more worth it.

Highlighted Features
  • It is able to withstand a load of up to 600lbs with ease.
  • There is a wide range of accessories available for customization.
  • 3 available length modifications are available to preference.
  • It is compatible with wooden and concrete beams.
  • The Grade 8 Case-Hardened Lag screws latch on incredibly tight.

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5. HyLoft 00540-Best inch 45 Ceiling Mount Garage Organization Rack

HyLoft 00540

It’s always such a thrill to string the entire house with decorations. But the formidable thought of trying to store them completely ruins the festive spirits.

Lucky for you, there is now an overhead storage solution to all these big issues that clutter your life. HyLoft 00540 is a 45×45 inches square steel rack that can support up to 250lbs – perfect for storing your art supplies, toolboxes or even Christmas lights.

It comes in the classic hammertone and white colors, the former being slightly less expensive.The length of the construction can be lowered below from 17 to 28 inches allowing you to position the rack to your accessible height.

It is impervious to rust build-up. Cuts and abrasions have no effect on it whatsoever. The powder coating process also gives it a shiny finishing.

If you are looking for a small storage space to get rid of the small pile of things on your garage floor, this is it. If you are looking for a small storage space for your 6’2’’ husband, this is it. If you want something cute hanging from your ceiling, this is it. This is in no way a bad investment.

Highlighted Features
  • This is ideal for small storage systems.
  • It is resistant to corrosion.
  • It can support a load of up to 250lbs.
  • It works with almost all sorts of beams.

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6. SafeRacks 4×8-2 Rack Package-Best Accessory Hooks

SafeRacks 4x8-2 Rack Package-Best Accessory Hooks 

This is another winner for us. The SafeRacks 4×8-2 Rack Package is a fully equipped overhead storage compartment with designated hooks for hanging bicycles, fishing rods, ladders, etc.

It comes with 4 different sets, each set containing similar pairs.The strength you will get from this is nothing short of industrial grade.

The frame is coated by charging the powder particles and spraying it on to the body. This creates an evenly spread-out finish that is not only invulnerable to corrosion but is also unnerved by cuts and scratches.

The rack stretches to about 45 inches from 24 inches, making it easy to access. There are 2 sets of deck hooks that are great for hanging bags or sacks, 1 set of rail hooks to hold bicycles or any other heavy structure and another set of utility hooks for miscellaneous items.

The rack can hold a massive weight of 600 pounds. On top of that, it has a structure that can go strong against 1500 pounds, which advocates its robust nature.

Highlighted Features
  • It comes with 4 sets of hooks that are beneficial in the long run.
  • The powder coating finish does not allow rust build-up.
  • It remains unaffected by cuts and scratches from loading and unloading.
  • It has a breaking strength of about 1,500lbs, making it heavy duty.

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7. MonsterRax -Best 4×4 Adjustable Steel Overhead Storage Rack

MonsterRax -Best 4x4 Adjustable Steel Overhead Storage Rack

MonsterRax 4×8 has no doubts from us, in any form. We absolutely fell head over heels for its functionality and quality filled structure.

But one doesn’t always need gigantic storage racks stretching from one end of the room to another. In fact, some people have really small garages to fit mammoth storage units.

This is why a square compact one like the MonsterRax 4×4 is perfect for compact rooms or even when you want to store small things like pots and buckets. The integrated mesh accounts for easy assembly.

The 14-gauge steel structure can stretch over two beams, giving it maximum security and safety.

Thanks to its adjustable length, you can set how far the rack will drop down within a variety of ranges from 12-21 inches, 18-33 inches, 24-45 inches. The availability of these variations gives the opportunity to use a rack that is most suitable for the size of your garage.

Compared to the HyLoft 00540, this can hold up to 300lbs. With a wide surface area, the risk of it breaking is next to none.

Many users have found it especially useful in storing paint buckets. They are generally heavy and pretty bulky, so the same space is freed on the floor and utilized overhead.

Highlighted Features
  • With a 300lbs load capacity, it is perfect for storing spare items.
  • It has three different length variations available for your preference.
  • Instructions are self-explanatory and you can go on without using it.
  • It is compatible with most wooden or concrete joists.

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8. SafeRacks Best 4×8 Overhead Storage Rack

SafeRacks Best 4x8 Overhead Storage Rack

Yes, this is the same beloved SafeRacks 4×8 that we reviewed earlier in this article. Are we biased? Maybe, but for good reason!

SafeRacks 4×8 is such a terrific invention that we keep coming back to it. The various functionalities keep proving to be beneficial in every situation.

Suppose that you want an overhead storage unit with a large surface area. Just large enough to get the job done and not too large that it looks like an obstacle in the garage.

Well, SafeRacks does that for you. It is just enough to clear up that long-awaited pile of equipment so that you can let out a breath of relief.

This set does not come with additional hooks, however. Perhaps this is shown in the price slash of the product. Of course, now you have the option to choose the number of hooks you want and the exact type required which was previously not a choice.

The rack can be shortened or made even taller by adjusting the length within a range of 18-33 inches. It is suggested that you use a standard long bulky item to measure out the length you would need for the rack and then leave a couple more inches free to make sure you don’t inflict damage on the ceiling or the rack.

Highlighted Features
  • 600lbs load capacity allows easy storage of bulky and petite items.
  • The powdered coating gives shielding against rust, cuts, and scraping.
  • The steel is just as strong as those used in manufacturing industries.
  • It can be installed in places other than garages for storage.

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9. FLEXIMOUNTS Best 3×8 Overhead Garage Ceiling Storage

FLEXIMOUNTS Best 3x8 Overhead Garage Ceiling Storage

Okay, so you’ve used the FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Piece 3x8ft and absolutely adore how it has given you unhindered performance and just looks good overall.

But it’s a 2-piece package. You don’t really want all that space. One would have been just perfect. Maybe you have to go for a brand that sells singular frames.

Well, FLEXIMOUNTS does not want you to leave. They’ve brought the singular 3x8ft overhead storage rack for your convenience.

You don’t have to scour through a plethora of brands to find the right fit for your home.  Even better, you can choose to fit it in your bedroom if you want.

As the children grow up, their school books seem to grow in numbers. Sometimes, they need them to brush up on their basics which is why donating old books is not a great idea. But letting them build towers out of these books is only motivating them to be messier.

This rack could actually teach them organization skills.

Why stop at books? Why not toys or collectibles? When your kids are never done with their toys, install this in their rooms so that they can neatly tuck it away once they are done playing. Better than tiptoeing around the toys in the house to get to the kitchen, right?

Highlighted Features
  • It is a great storage unit for bedrooms and garage.
  • A fantastic value for money with superior functionality.
  • Sleek color options give you more range of aesthetics.
  • It is extremely heavy-duty because it has a high breaking strength.

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10. MonsterRax Best 4×8 Overhead Rack Deckless

MonsterRax Best 4x8 Overhead Rack Deckless

Hold on, this one is different. This selection of MonsterRax 4×8 Overhead Rack comes without the wire mesh. It consists of only the metal body.

Now, you might think, “Why would they make one without the wire deck? Is this another money plot?” It’s actually quite the opposite.

You see, the metal wire provides friction, a lot of it. So when you try to slide a heavy object across the deck to the far end, the wire deck snags on the item making it difficult to load it on.

Sometimes, you want to slide a smaller item further in, but it shows no signs of moving.

Most users use a wooden board over it to minimize this rather annoying issue. MonsterRax thought, why do the customers need to throw extra money for something they don’t want? Hence, they created the deckless version that gives you the option to choose your own deck.

You could choose from any wooden board, or even melamine if you like. The aesthetics are completely up to you.

However, do make sure that the board is a little thicker than the deck itself so that objects don’t get caught in the frame boundaries. Despite the unique structure, this rack can hold a total of 600 pounds.

Highlighted Features
  • It comes without the metal mesh that was previously used in the deck.
  • It comes in the same attractive color options to choose from.
  • Each side of the frame can hold up to 300lbs, 600lbs capacity in total.
  • The frame brackets are long enough to go over two beams for safety.

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11. MonsterRax Best 4×8 Overhead Rack 500lbs Capacity

MonsterRax Best 4x8 Overhead Rack 500lbs Capacity

What makes MonsterRax so popular? It’s mainly boiled down to three things that make it a widely held choice among consumers – the size of the frame, load capacity and the price on it.

The 4x8ft dimensions are the standard measurements on the industrial-grade premium mount racks that MonsterRax has previously utilized.

However, being able to incorporate the mammoth surface area that has a smaller load capacity is truly a feat. Perhaps, this is why it is cheaper compared to the 600lbs capacity.

Now, the slash in the load capacity is to cater to those who don’t exactly need to load the heaviest of things. Maybe they just want to put up plant pots for overhead aesthetics, for that matter.

But if that compromises the size of the frame which ultimately leads you to buy two of them, it becomes redundant.

Hence, this mount rack is a perfect balance between size and load capacity. Everything else is otherwise the exact replica of the higher load capacity one.

We keep going back to MonsterRax because it has proved time after time that it is the best overhead storage racks for garage available in the market.

Highlighted Features
  • It is the perfect blend of size and load capacity.
  • It comes with sturdy screws for maximum protection.
  • The ease of installation makes it a hassle-free product.
  • The unique deck architecture makes assembly simple.

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How To Choose Garage Ceiling Storage Racks

Know Your House

Obviously, if your primary concern is overhead storage units, you need to consider the ceiling situation in your garage. Most brackets can easily fit on wooden and concrete ceiling or even beams.

However, if the structure is weak, it could cause serious damage to your entire house. Perform a thorough check-up before the installation.

Number Of Storage Units

There are square shelving units and then there are rectangular ones. There are many racks with multiple sizes that you can install but consider the amount of goods you will store. Because if you install an enormous overhead system and have few things to load, you will be wasting both money and space.

Metal Or Wooden Decks

Some racks have integrated metal mesh designs while others let you choose whether you want to use the separate wire deck or a wooden one. Consider your preference and then decide on a style. If you go for wooden ones, make sure you use a thick plywood.

Additional Accessories

You may need to store things that need to be hung like a golf bag, a racket, a bicycle, a ladder, etc. There are specialized hooks for all your needs. Research on these hooks and ask your distributor what kind you would need for, let’s say, holding a rafter off the floor.

How To Install An Overhead Garage Storage Rack

The good news is you, you will be given detailed instructions on how to set up your very own overhead garage ceiling storage rack. This can be a tricky task if you are a rookie in this matter. Not to fret, you will be given out exact measures on which part to use and in what proportions so that it is easily comprehensible.

Mark The Joist And Hanger Board Positions

This is the very initial step that is ultimately going to be the decider of the final product. An inch or two off the proportion and you will end up with a unit that has a storage cell too big or too small. It is vital that you lay out your joist and hanger boards to exactly map out where you will be nailing things.

Install The Metal Brackets

Most of the racks that you will come across require wooden studs to bite into. However, they also work in concrete ceilings as well. Ask your distributor whether it will be suitable for your housing needs or not.

You can use a stud finder to locate where the wooden bits are. Measure out the deck and mark the bracket separations accordingly. The screws that are included look and feel heavy duty, giving you confidence in its safety and security. Screw on the metal brackets and then use a mallet for one last assurance.

Assemble Each Part

Once the brackets are installed, assembling the rest of them should be easy.

First, screw on the shelf into one piece.

Then, attach the frames to the metal brackets. They are quite strong so you don’t need to worry about them snapping.

Once the frames are placed in position, putting the shelf in place should be no problem at all.

Final Words

Yes, you can always build your own storage rack for your garage but why waste time and energy when you can buy something that is premade, easy to assemble and provides great service?

Investing in a storage rack is never a bad idea. But before you purchase a package, do keep the requirements of your garage in mind.

Check if you have the ideal beams that will support most storage racks. See if the concrete construction in your house is uncompromised and can hold heavy items in place.

The best-rated garage overhead storage racks are out there for you. We’ve outlined a few of the finestones right in this article. We hope this guide helps you choose the ultimate one and declutters the mess out of your garage!

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