Best Heat Gun for Removing Paint In 2023: Reviewed with Buying Guide

A heat gun is a versatile DIY home improvement tool that works in thermally processing projects. It delivers precise temperature on the surface to be stripped without producing an open flame. As it has a wide range of applications, the best heat gun for removing paint works great here.

It is a basic heating unit that can produce temperature from 100-degree to 1000-degree Fahrenheit. Even, the power unit can produce up to 1400-degree Fahrenheit temperature.

Our Quick View of the heat gun


  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Power Source: Corded-electric
  • Color: Black
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  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Power Source: Corded-Electric
  • Color: Yellow
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  • Voltage: 110 volts
  • Power Source: AC
  • Color: White
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  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Power Source: AC
  • Color: Yellow
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  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Power Source: AC
  • Color: Yellow
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Our Review of  Heat Guns for Removing Paint

A heat gun is a great thermal working unit, but all units don’t work at the same arena. With the differences of features like operating temperature, weight, safety features, settings, and materials, the quality also differs for models and brands. So, sit back here and enjoy the review of the 5 best heat guns available in the market that worth your money.


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If you are looking for a powerful hand tool of releasing high temperature, Porter-cable heat gun is here. It comes with a 1500W motor to deliver high temperature. So, you can use this heat gun to remove paint, to bend plastic pipe, to weld plastics, to shrink plastic tubing or to remove adhesive tiles. It’s not so noisy as the hairdryer.

Porter-Cable has got much popularity because of variable temperature control and dual fan speed settings. The low fan speed goes from 120 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the higher on works well on 130 to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you can use this tool for all sorts to tasks from heavy-duty to light works. It also comes with a variable temperature control dial to get the temperature adjustment easily. It has also come with a stand that allows you for hands-free operation. You can also store it easily in a compact space because of the hook.

The long heat gun also allows you to work in the distance with full capacity. It has a 6-feet long cord that gives you much flexibility. So, operating with the gun is comfortable. As it weighs only 2 pounds, you won’t get fatigued because of the hours-long operation. It also reduces the risk of getting an injury from hand and arm fatigue. Ultimately, it is a perfect choice for both professional and amateur uses.

Moreover, the Porter-Cable heat gun never produces any smoke in spite of delivering high temperature. In fact, it’s a steal of getting such performance from the fraction of cost of other heat guns. Interestingly, you can use an extension cord with the 6-feet cord to operate the gun in long distance. Also, as the gun gives a wide range of heat and blows at the right amount, fix the temperature before using the gun.

Highlighted Features
  • Includes a 1500W motor to deliver high temperature.
  • Integrates a stand to allow hands-free operation.
  • Comes with dual fan speed settings to provide both high as well as low speed.
  • Exceptional 6-feet long high-grade cord allows operating in the long distance.
  • Variable temperature control unit dial allows setting the right amount of temperature.

2. DEWALT D26960K Heat Gun for Removing paint

DEWALT D26960K Heat Gun for Removing paint
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A heavy-duty heat gun helps you a lot in removing paint and bending plastic pipes. DEWALT D26960K is an advanced heat gun that comes with an LCD display. So, it allows you to adjust temperature settings within 50-degree increments. You can set the temperature from 150-degree to 1100-degree Fahrenheit. The adjustable thermostat allows you to fix a cool-down setting. By the way, it is specially made for plastic. So never try to use it on human body or wood.

DEWALT heat gun comes with built-inch overload protection. So, it can shut the heating element down at once to prevents any burn-up or other firing accident.  It also includes a three-position toggle switch, i.e., off, low and high. So, you can set the switch depending on your requirements. Here, the heat gun is certified to use with 110V USA standard voltage and frequency. You don’t need to use any additional stabilizer or power control to use this tool.

Moreover, you can hold the gun with the ergonomic comfort grip. It is also lightweight enough to use for long hours with greater comfortability. Surprisingly, the package includes 12 common and versatile accessories and a kit box for easy storage. So, you can take it anywhere you need and store it in a compact space. In fact, it is absolutely safe for any indoor uses but requires precaution when you want to use it outdoors. Excessive wind-flow or messy area isn’t suitable enough to remove paints or to bend plastic pipes.

Though it is used for removing paints from plastic or bending plastic pipes, it can be used on EVA foam. It can burn normal foam and carpet. Also, it abstains you from wearing dust musk. It keeps dust and other large particles out of your airway and making smells jobs more comfortable. Also, you can keep the gun stand on the nozzle facing up. However, you can use the heat gun with high temperature all day long. No problem here is at all. It remains powerful throughout the day.

Caution: The heating element of the heat gun is not available as a replacement part.

Highlighted Features
  • Ergonomic comfort grip helps you hold the gun with greater comfortability and stability.
  • Innovative built-in kickstand support provides stability and prevents tip over.
  • Built-in overload protection shuts the heating element down and prevents burn up.
  • LCD Display allows a user to adjust the temperature within 50-Degree increments.
  • Cord Protector keeps the cord from tearing away from the housing.

3. GreatRich Mini Heat Gun for shrink wrap and Drying Paint

GreatRich Mini Heat Gun for shrink wrap and Drying Paint
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If you are looking for a compact hot air gun to shrink-wrap or removing and drying paint, the GreatRich mini heat gun works great. It is also used in automotive electrical shrink wrap. It comes with an eventually short 3-feet cord. But you can use an extension cable with the cord to reach the outdoor workplace. The arts and crafts gun is made out of high-quality stainless steel inside and ABS plastic outside. So, both durability and efficiency are ensured through the materials used in the mini heat gun.

The GreatRich heat gun comes not only for bending plastic pipes or removing plastic paints, but also for embossing heat tool and shrinking tube. Also, you can use the gun for molding EVA foam and for removing excess glue gun in crafting. As the gun comes with different heat settings, you can set the desired one to accomplish your task. For instances, using the heat gun for repairing cell phone is risky, but you can use GreatRich with low heat setting. The high heat setting emits too hot temperature, and that can damage your phone.

Moreover, the mini heat gun vents on both sides at the tail. Hence, it can reduce the internal temperature that results in extending product durability. Also, it remains cool if you use the gun for hours. In addition, it has a built-in safety shield to protect the skin and flesh from burns. So, if it mistakenly touches the skin, the skin or flesh won’t burn anymore.

Furthermore, GreatRich mini heat gun is a great tool for small heating projects. The temperature of the nozzle could reach up to 200-degree Fahrenheit. However, it can reach up to 300-degree Fahrenheit. Isn’t it enough to accomplish your projects? The gun also comes with a self-supporting bracket that makes it safe while staying on the tabletop. But, the most amazing feature of the gun is its working efficiency. It heats up as well as cools down too quickly.

Highlighted Features
  • The mini heat gun is fully made of high-quality stainless steel inside and ABS plastic outside.
  • 200-degree F is the continuous temperature but can reach up to 300-degree F.
  • Heat gun tail vents to reduce internal temperature to extend product lifetime.
  • Built-in safety shield protects your skin and flesh from burns if nozzle touches mistakenly.
  • Usable for all kinds of small heating projects.

4. Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun for removal, shrink wrap

Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000
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Wagner is a renowned name in the heating tools industry. It has brought so many high-quality and innovative tools to complete your countless DIY projects. Wagner Spraytech is such an excellent heating gun that comes with dual temperature settings. Both are high-temperature heat outputs, i.e., 750-degree Fahrenheit and 1000-degree Fahrenheit. So, you can complete thousands of projects such as loosening rusted bolts, removing flooring, thawing frozen pipes, etc. in no time.

The heat gun uses 1200 watts of power to deliver high temperature to complete the heating and home improvement projects as soon as possible. Though it is extremely lightweight, don’t get wrong of thinking it as a momentary tool. The lightweight tool helps a lot to concentrate on the project needs. Also, it reduces fatigue created from heavy tool operating in one hand.

However, the most concerning matter of using a heat gun is the skin or flesh burns. So, for the sake of the tool, it comes with an integrated stand to provide safe and hands-free operation. But, for the great caution, never put your hands within the inches in front of the nozzles of the heat gun. Even if it possible, always try to use low heat setting to complete the heating projects (if it is possible).

Precaution: Wagner heat gun releases extreme heat on different plastic and steel home improvement projects. So, never try to use it on the wood or to kill bed bugs. Ultimately, there will be no more bed bugs, but your home will turn into wastage. Furthermore, the nozzle of the gun resists corrosion. So, Wagner HT1000 ensures efficient performance for years.

Highlighted Features
  • The high temperature helps to accomplish household projects quickly.
  • It comes with adjustable settings to customize to your project needs.
  • It offers dual temperature settings 750-degree and 1000-degree Fahrenheit.
  • Extremely lightweight to concentrate on the projects without creating any fatigue.
  • Corrosion-resistant nozzle ensures long-lasting and integrated hook helps to store in a compact space.

5. Pit Bull CHIGH0014UL 1200W Electric Heat Gun and Paint Stripper

it Bull CHIGH0014UL
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Pit Bull is another charming home improvement tool for stripping paint and varnish. It also used for removing decals and applying shrink wrap. Not only these tasks, but it is also a great tool to soften the adhesive that holds the glass of the smartphone. But, be careful to use a heat gun on the smartphone. It can be damaged due to excessive heat.

The electric heat gun comes with four heat gun nozzles. So, you can set the right one to customize to your project needs. As it can accomplish different projects with different nozzles, don’t mess with the nozzle and the project. Otherwise, the project will turn into a tarnish in a second. The heat gun releases 160-degree to 200-degree Fahrenheit. It also runs well with USA standard 120V power source.

By the way, Pit Bull electric heat gun isn’t so powerful to burn wood and plastic. So, you can strip paint from an old oak mantle with this heat gun. But, pointing the nozzle at a point for too long may result in disaster on your projects. The heat gun melts plastic too fine for reparations. But concentration is the main issue of concern for welding plastic.

Highlighted Features
  • Made of extremely high-quality particles to ensure long life with great performance.
  • Flexible enough to perform thousands of home improvement DIY projects.
  • Includes four heat gun nozzles to accomplish different projects efficiently.
  • Runs with 120V power source along with 60 Hz to deliver smooth temperature.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a gun for Removing paint

With dozens of models and brands of a heat gun, customers get confused to choose the suitable and perfect heat gun for removal task. So, you should have a checklist of the qualities to help you land the precise heating device in your budget. The heat gun should be manageable weight with solid grip to ensure comfortable use. So, here is a checklist to help you land the best heat gun for removing paint.

Temperature Range

The most important thing about the heat gun is the temperature range. A wide range of temperature helps you to accomplish thousands of DIY projects. You may find many models with two different settings, whereas the modern models come with more settings to a higher degree of control. The modern models also come with a dial for quick switching between a wide range of temperatures or an LCD screen to know exactly what temperature you use now.

Moreover, modern models can release temperature from 100-degree to over 1000-degree Fahrenheit. So, you can complete at lower to higher temperature depending on which temperature you need to complete the project.

Thermal cut-off

Though it seems that thermal cut-off isn’t a concerning feature of the heat gun, it can save your projects from burning out of the fire. So, for the safety and security of the project, modern heat guns come with a feature of thermal cut-off. It is designed to turn off the tool before reach the thresholds. Otherwise, high temperature results in a fire that makes your investment a tarnish.

Though most of the heat gun is built and designed for heat-tolerant, they can still melt and malfunction by getting too hot. Here, thermal cut-off saves your investment by turning off the power source after reaching a certain temperature.

power source

As heat gun releases a high temperature that creates from electricity, you should make sure about the power source of the gun. Most of the gun is certified with the USA standard 110V electricity. However, it’s a concerning issue that most of the guns come with short length cord. So, if you need to work in a distance place, you have to add an extension cord with the gun cord. So, make sure that the cord can be extendable. Moreover, pay attention to the wattage of the gun. The higher the wattage is, the more powerful the gun is.

Adjustable airflow

Many users overlook the feature of airflow as it seems less important. But, it has an impact on the project as the temperature itself. It gives you much control on the project by getting hot air to the surface. It also gives you a safe distance away from the surface you are working on.

Many heat guns come with dual temperature settings, either “Low” or “High.” Both temperatures work great, but it’s not sure to release many airspeeds at either setting. The best way to get high airspeed is to use the gun with high temperature. It is widely recognized that a gun with more than 1000 watts of power has enough airflow to make the working surface safe.

Final Words

A heat gun is an electrical device that works for delivering temperature to complete DIY home improvement projects. So, price and quality are highly interconnected for the gun. A top-notch heat gun serves for years if it is managed precisely.

Though operating a heat gun requires no special skill, you can use the gun skillfully from the very first usage. Always hold the gun at an angle of 45-degree but never too close to the working point or surface area. However, if you see the bubbles on the surface, you are working for removing paint, turn off the gun and use a scraper to finish the task. However, if it is possible, always use a professional heat gun to adjust the heat output that will enhance the versatility.

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