How to Build a Table Saw Workstation? Helpful Information for Beginner

Working with jigsaw and circular saw becomes more difficult if you do not have a table saw workstation. Though everyone wishes to have this amazing stuff but it is quite expensive to get a good one. Besides, most of the time buying a ready-made table saw workstation do not have all the requirements you want. And if you order to make one with your own design, it can cost you big.

How about making it your own at home? Sounds impossible? Actually, it’s pretty easy to make a table saw workstation at home. Besides, the good thing is making it your own can save your money and get you all the requirements you want and also let you make the one with your own design.

If you want to know how to build a table saw workstation at home, this article is for you. Here you will get to know the table saw workstation building process. So, stay with us and make your own designed table saw workstation.

Let’s get into the process.

Required Instruments

Before knowing the making process have a look on the instruments you need during the process. Here they are below.

Oak Hardwood

You need to use hardwood to make a strong table saw workstation. We recommend oak made wood.

Circular Saw

Get a circular saw to fix it into your workstation. You must get it before you prepare the table because you need its measurements to fix it in the table.


A jigsaw is also going to take place in your table saw workstation. So, buy a jigsaw or use the one you already have.

Drill Machine

This machine is needed to make holes on the wood to hook up them tightly.


Get mini size screws so that they don’t look awkward after you hook them up.

Multi-Plug Board

You need a multi-plug board to give electric power to the saw machines of your workstation.

Procedure To Make A Table Saw Workstation

For a good start get all the needed elements suggested up and then read the instructions below to make your own table saw workstation.

  • First of all, you have to cut a square shape wood piece to make the top of your workstation. It’s up to you how large or small your table top is going to be. Place the top wood piece you made on floor and measure out the middle point of the wood piece and mark it with a pencil.
  • Now, take the measurements of your circular saw blade and cut out the wood from the top wood piece where you will fix the saw blade. On the left area make a hole for the jigsaw placement as well.
  • Leaving some space on the right and left edge of the top wood piece make four holes each side with a drill machine. Now, cut two long-length and small width rectangular shape wood piece to make the legs of your workstation.
  • Hook up the two legs with the top wood piece you have already made and make a base table. As it’s a base table it may shake and probably isn’t stable yet. To make it stand without rattling measure-out the space between the two legs and put a wood piece there. Hook up the piece of wood between both the legs.
  • Now, fix the circular saw to its place and the jigsaw to its hole attach screws very tightly so that they do not fall or displace while working with them. On the front of the left leg attach the multi-plug board and put the saw plugs in it. Turn on the power switch and cut a wood on the saws to check everything is going perfect.
  • Your table saw workstation is ready.


This is how you can build a table saw workstation at home so easily. Read the instructions given in the article very carefully, be clear about all the steps and then go for it. Hope this article helped you to know how to build a table saw workstation. Thanks for being with us.

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