How to Cut a Hole in Tile- 7 Easy Steps

Tiles are like delicate clothes. We need to be ardently careful when we are dealing with tile. When a tile installation is successfully done, you know how tough it went. They need to handle safely while cutting and sizing them.

Similarly, making a hole or drilling a tile can be an interesting task if you do it correctly. Drilling a hole is nothing less than art. You should follow proper methods to cut a hole in the tile. We are here to discuss:


Before you take the drill, you should know some essential things. If the drill slips or move accidentally, it may break the whole tile. In fact, the entire project may become unsuccessful. Again, cleaning the damaged tile may become a tough task if it is an old tile. So, you should hold the drilling machine with firm hands.

Let’s start the drilling job for making a hole in tile:

How to make a hole in tile – is a DIY task. You don’t need to worry even if you are a beginner, not an expert. It will take several minutes only. Relax and start! Here is a review of the tile saw that will essential for your project.


Most of the time, we forget to know the materials that we are working with. If we know the tile’s types, characteristics- things will be easier. It gives us an effective and probable idea about the duration and length of the project.

Usually, porcelain and ceramic are the popular choices for tiling your house. Ceramic tiles have a lesser density than porcelain tiles. They have a higher chance of breaking than the other one. If it’s porcelain or stone, you will need to do more work. You will need prominently the correct drill bit to penetrate through these tiles surface.

So, you should have the correct mindsets to cut holes in tiles. Take the right drill and start working.


This time you are going to choose the right drill bit for the amazing task. If you are new to the task, avoid using old and worn out the drill bit. They are not as good as the new ones. Again, they may break the artwork. It’s because the old drill bit usually has less efficiency and low capacity.

We are not significantly asking you to use your regular drill bits. They are similar performers like work out drill bits. We suggest you choose any of these drill bits: bit with a diamond tip or with masonry carbide-tip. Diamond tip bit can be a bit costly. But it can last longer and have the ability to penetrate the most robust tile surface. It is also suitable for porcelain tiles.

Carbide tip bits may burn out faster than previous one. However, it’s very common type of drill bit that many professionals use. This can be satisfactory in making holes in glazed and stone tiles.

You may find my high-quality drills with appropriate bits at the market. Choose the right one for your tiles.


You can measure and mark the area, as you know, the tile type and right drill bit. You should keep in mind drill bits tend to slip around the tiles. Eventually, the task becomes complicated. You are not welcoming any scratches, stains, or cracks on the tile, right?

Now, you need to create some tension in the targeted spot with masking tape. Then mark the spot with an X after measuring it. When you mask the area, measure again to makes sure you marked the right spot for hole.

This step will help you getting sufficient surface traction for gripping the drill. If you need more than one hole in the tile, do more things. You can create a woodblock template. Now, drill a hole through the wood. Then, place the wood block over the main spot for hole on the tile. You should hold the block with your free hand carefully.


When you have the marked spot or woodblock, you can start learning hole to cut a hole through the tile. You should keep in mind that tiles may have such build quality to resist drilling. So, you need to do the whole task with patience.

First, start making the hole slowly. Keep your pace lower. It may ardently take a bit of more time to work on hard porcelain tiles. If you think doing a rush is good, you are wrong. Drilling a tile produces heats and heavy vibrations. Unnecessary rush can overheat the spot as well as wear out the drill bit. Over vibrations may break the tiles. We suggest you apply pressure constantly with a limit.


When the drill is getting hot after while making holes, take time to make it cool. Also, the drilled spot should be cool. You can wipe the drill bit with a tiny wet sponge. It will lower down the overheat.

When you need to keep both hands busy, you may take rest for moments. During this time, the drilling temperature would be reduced. You may sprinkle water on the drill bit to make it cool. But be careful while sprinkling water. It shouldn’t enter the motor part of the drill.

You can follow another way to cool down the grill. Keep the hot drill on a wet sponge. It will help in two ways: cool off the drill and cleaning dust produced by ceramic or porcelain tiles. Carbide-tip drill bits stop working when they are overheated. So, you cool down them every time. Diamond tip bits require less maintenance.


You should change the bit after hitting the wall. To hit the wall, you need to cut through the tiles first without any damages.

Be sure you are not crashing into the wall surface. The anchor may not hold when the drill is overheated. If the bit isn’t working, change it to bore a hole.


Once you have successfully and ardently completed all the above tasks, you are almost ready to have a hole. But we suggest you clean the tile surfaces. There may be dust or other dirty elements in the area. Clean them with cleaning wipes.

Now you have learned how to cut a hole in the tile. Don’t spend time worrying about how to do it. Just keep patience when you are up to getting an exact hole in the wall.

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