How To Cut Porcelain Tile Without Breaking It?

Porcelain tile is an excellent choice of giving an amazing aesthetic look to your bathroom and kitchen. This tile is commonly used on the floor and wall also. Many people have some misconceptions between ceramic tile and porcelain tile. Do you have any idea?

Anyway, the composition of the porcelain tile is clay, where the ceramic tile contains some natural constituents more. In reality, the porcelain tile is harder than the ceramic tile as it is made under pressure, and it is burned.

For this reason, the porcelain tile is harder, and it is also a bit hard to cut perfectly. If you don’t know the proper way of how to cut porcelain tile without breaking it, you won’t work perfectly with the porcelain tile.

But I say something else.

What I say, cutting the porcelain tile is difficult until you know the proper way and the tile cutting tricks. Just follow any of the following methods and see how nice cut the porcelain tile.

Different Methods of Cutting Porcelain Tile

Different people follow different ways to cut the porcelain tile. If you summarize all the methods, you see a long list. You don’t follow all of them, but you also don’t want to skip the most effective way. Right? Yes, here I highlight only the most effective and commonly used methods. Let’s move on.

Cutting Porcelain Tile with a Wet Saw

It is such a method of cutting porcelain tile that is mostly used. Where you need to cut the porcelain tiles in a bulk amount, nothing can be better for you without using a wet say. This option is not only good for a large project but also cuts the tile more accurately. Yes, for precise cutting, a wet saw should be your first choice.

The steps are presented below.

  • You should confirm you have taken a good functioning machine and you have installed a sharp blade. Don’t forget to fill the reservoir as it can supply the water properly.
  • Before going to place the tile under the saw, it is necessary to mark the cutting line for precise cutting. Then place the saw perfectly and be prepared for the next step.
  • Now place the tile in a proper position and push forward the tile. Be careful as the blade doesn’t run on otherwhere except the demarcated line.
  • Cut slowly to avoid chipping, and don’t rush.
  • Sometimes the cutting part doesn’t be removed from the angle of the cutting portion. At that time, don’t apply pressure to remove it, rather upturn the tile and cut the remaining portion. The job is perfectly done.

How To Cut Tiles With A Grinder

Different types of grinders are available, but as a porcelain tile cutting tool, we use an angle grinder. Different types of cuts you can do by the tool, but this angle grinder is generally used for a circular and curvy cut. Just remember, there is nothing better than an angle grinder for the curvy cut.

Now let me tell you how the cut is done.

  • Arrange an angle grinder and place the tile fixed as it doesn’t move while cutting.
  • Mark the points that need to be cut.
  • Hold the angle grinder gently and start cutting the tile from the small portion.
  • Don’t apply much pressure while cutting. Slowly cut the tile and move forward.
  • After finishing the cutting operation, smooth the edges of the tile.

How To Cut Porcelain Tile Without A Tile Cutter

A tile cutter is one of the most useful and commonly used tools among the woodworkers. Do you know why? It is the fastest cutting tool among all the cutting tools. It is mainly used to cut the ceramic tile but very much effective in cutting certain porcelain tiles. I hope you love the tool and love this method.

You are just a few steps away. The steps are.

  • Just take a good quality and tile cutter tool and lock the glide of it.
  • Then mark the tile and place it is a good position where smooth sliding is possible.
  • Now, start pushing down the porcelain tile and slide forward across the demarcated line.
  • Stop sliding the tile if the tile cutter touches the last point of the demarcated line. Now get back the tile.
  • The tile will be a break, and after that, just smooth the edges and reduce the sharpness for reducing the chance of an accident.

Cutting the Porcelain Tile with a Tile Nipper

I’ve received a common query from many people that is how to cut porcelain tile by hand. I hope you also want to know about this process. However, a tile nipper is a tool that is used in this project. But remember, it is used to cut small pieces of porcelain tile. It can cut the tile more precisely, no doubt, but it is not such a tool that is used for cutting a large piece of a large project.

The steps

  • Use a non-permanent marker, pencil, wax, or other to mark the areas you want to cut.
  • Hold the nipper and check there is no dirt on the teeth.
  • Place the teeth of the nipper just over the marked line that you mark for cutting it.
  • Gently pressure the nipper, and the will be a break.
  • After braking, rub the edges to make smooth.

Safety Tips

When I’m talking about the safety issue, you just need to keep in mind that any tool may become an accidental tool. That is why I always advise using protective gear. Just remember, you should always handle the electrical tools with more care. I also recommend here some electrically powered tools. So, I advise the following lines for your safety issue.

  • Work with care, care, and care. And don’t lose your concentration while working.
  • Wear protective gear, right shoes, and safety clothes.
  • You must work after wearing gloves and goggles.
  • Take the ear protection if the tool produces too much sound.
  • Lubricate the blades regularly.


I told the ways are available, but I give you the best and most effective ways. If I summarize the entire content, use the wet saw in a large project, and for curvy cut, use the angle grinder. Besides, the tile nipper provides a small cut, and people use the tile cutter for fast and accurate cutting. All are described here within a few lines for your better understand. Don’t forget about safety tips. I advise taking the safety tips before starting the porcelain tile to cut. Hope, you understand well how to cut porcelain tile without breaking it.

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