How to Make Money by Woodworking and Become Millionaire

It’s safe to say that you’re into DIY projects if you’re reading this article.

You might be trying to find ways on how to make money woodworking if you should actually start a small woodworking business of your own.

With online shopping on the rise now, you can easily take orders and earn through your woodworking hobbies. A big market is being developed to cater to the rise in demand for crafts and homemade items. Now is the time to cash in on your masterful woodworking skills!

Aspects of Selling Your Woodwork

Woodworking might have been something you do in your free time, but appreciation from your friends or relatives has caused you to consider taking it up as a business. I assure you, you can make it work.

There are mainly three aspects that you need to consider before you begin your business. These are marketing, pricing, and manufacturing.


To actually begin selling your woodwork, you need to spread the word that you build beautiful things out of wood which is functional as well as being a beautiful addition to people’s homes.

As I’ve mentioned before, online shopping is on the rise. So, you can take pictures of your woodwork in different settings and post it on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

You will find several pages on Facebook and buy and sell groups in your local community where you can share images of your work.

If you wish to go one step further, then you can also make a sneak peek videos of how you actually built the woodwork and post it on YouTube after creating your own channel.

Garage sales are a great way to utilize the open space in your own home, where you can openly display your creations and also exhibit your tools and machinery.


To earn a fair amount from this business you need to able to price your products properly. It is not necessary to earn a ton of money from each piece. You should consider and make sure you cover all the costs of materials and labor.

Majority of beginners in this business forget to take into consideration the price of their labor and completely under price their products. You might feel that since there is no cost of paying someone else for making the product, you shouldn’t include that cost while pricing.

But you do need to think of the time you put into doing your work and hence price your work accordingly.


If you have a sizable garage at your disposal, you can utilize to make it your woodworking space. You can make it well equipped and make all sorts of furniture and cabinetry.

If you have adequate space for assembly, creating small pieces or gift items should be easy.

Remember, do not take on more than you can build. Consider how much work you can put in in a day and take orders accordingly.

Ideas for Your Woodworking Business

Wooden Toys– These are a good way to begin because they are easier to build and do not take much time. You may choose from various games such as Jenga, chess or tic tac toe. Kids love these games, and for as long as there are kid and adults who are kids at heart, you’ll always have customers.

Plant Boxes- An awareness for a green planet and clean environment is rising. For this reason, planting plants in households are becoming more popular. You can build beautiful wooden plant boxes to provide a house for trees encouraging people to place more plants in their homes.

Photo Frames- There are no homes without photo frames. Wooden photo frames have a certain vintage charm, which brings out the beauty of images more.

Jewelry Box- If you’re a female, then you’ll definitely understand the need for proper storage space for jewelry. This item will add a product to your business, which will always be in demand due to their effectiveness in storing jewelry as well as watches.

Bookshelves– You’ll be able to attract bookworm customers looking for a place to safely store their precious books if you add this item to your business. You will also be able to add local libraries or schools to your customer list as they too require bookshelves.


Making a business out of your woodworking hobby is a great venture. You’ll find a demand for homemade products and people interested in supporting small local businesses.

If you believe you have a good idea of woodworking strategies, use of different tools and have a grasp of running a business, you can definitely become a successful entrepreneur.

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