How to Remove Paint from Wood Furniture

Wood furniture always resembles the elegance of the owner. But a single paint or strip on the furniture makes it looking ungraceful whether the furniture is originally elegant. So, most of the homeowners feel uneasy at the stripping of the paint. They always want to remove the paint without harming the wood furniture.Is it easy to remove the paint without harming the furniture? First of all, using a chemical to remove the paint may be hazardous. All wood can’t tolerate chemicals. Also, chemicals are harmful to health. Still, it is a great concern to find the best and the easiest way to remove the paint.

Here, you are going to know the easiest as well as cost-effective ways to remove the paint from wood furniture. So, let’s start.

Easiest Ways To Remove Paint From Wood Furniture

Though many homeowners apply different methods, they all are concern about original color and the tolerance. However, follow any process of the following and get removed the paint easily.

Heat Gun Method

It is the easiest and most used method of removing paint. However, you should be careful while applying heat gun unless you want to destroy the tolerance of the wood furniture. Accurate temperature can make your task precisely while any overheating may result in danger.

Prepare yourself first

As using a heat gun is dangerous, you have to wear your protective gears first. So, wear your gloves, glasses, and facemask as well as ensure that cold water is near the worksite. Now, take the gun and position it 6 to 8 inches above the wood before switching on the heat gun.

Warm the heat gun slowly

At first, select a small area of the wood up to heat. Then move the heat gun slowly over the surface. Don’t heat at the same place for a long time. Otherwise, it’ll burn and crisp. So, pass the heat gun over the surface it sides to the side and up and down without ceasing. Also, don’t select a large area at a time.

Scrape the paint while wrinkling

At this stage, the paint will wrinkle as it is tender because of heat. So, scrape the paint with a broad paint scraper. Here, the paint will start to bubble as heat applies to it. Scrape the paint into small pieces on and on and work until the last piece is removed.

Turn off the Heat Gun

Hope you successfully complete the whole project. Now, turn off the heat gun and pack up everything.

After scraping successfully, you have to go through into the next step of sanding and polishing.

Make it Smooth Again

After eradicating the paint, the wood may seem to be harsh. So, use sandpaper and scrape it again until it looks smooth. Sandpaper help to remove the debris of the paint which isn’t removed by applying heat gun.

Caution: A small fire can be started. Don’t get scared. They are small flames which can’t be dangerous. However, turn off the switch and remain calm. Also, use water on the fire to extinguish the fire.

Strip the Wooden Furniture by Using Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural solution which can be used to remove the paint. It never harms to the wood or destroys the original color. Also, it’s the most cost-effective method compared to the other ways.

  • Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 1 cup of pure water.
  • Heat the solution on a stove for some time.
  • Pour the heated solution on the selected place on the painted hardware.
  • Let the vinegar sit in the hardware, and the paint softens.
  • Remove the vinegar by cleaning with a soft-bristled brass brush.
  • Rinse the wooden furniture with water and dry.

Remove the Paint with Water

You can easily remove the paint from the wooden furniture by wiping it up by using a soft and water-soaked rag.

  • At first, take a clean, soft and cotton cloth and soak it in warm water.
  • Scrape the painted area with the soaked cloths for a while. Wring some hot water out to prevent the rag from dripping over unaffected areas.
  • Wipe the paint away and rinse the area. Hope it’ll work. However, you may need to continue the whole process several times to get all the paint removed.
  • Wipe the wood with a dry rag to make it dry.

Remove the paint with boiled linseed oil

Linseed oil can be a great substance to remove the paint from dried wood furniture. You can use it to soak the dried paint and rub it away with a clean cloth or scraper. It works relatively faster than using warm water.

  • Get a clean and soft rag and soak it into the boiled linseed oil.
  • Put a little amount of linseed oil on the painted area and keep it untouched for at least 1 minute. In the meantime, the oil will soak into the paint.
  • Wipe the softened area away with the previously soaked clean rag.
  • Dry the area with another soft and clean cloth.

Remove the Paint with Pressure Washer

Water has much power if it is perfectly used. So, you can use the water pressure to remove the paint from wood furniture.

  • At first, connect a water hose and turn it on. Then attach a pressure washer to the power outlet of the hose and turn on the compressor.
  • After turning on the compressor, hold the nozzle 1 feet away from the surface of the wood. Hold the grip of the sprayer firmly as well as keep the finger on the trigger.
  • Hold the nozzle 45-degree angled and worked across the surface of the wood. The paint will be wiped away.
  • However, increase the pressure slowly if previous pressure isn’t enough to wash away the paint.
  • Wipe the surface with a clean and dry water.

Caution: Never apply too much pressure on the wood surface. If it’s necessary, work for longtime to wipe out the debris completely.

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