How to Sharpen A Chainsaw with A Grinder?- Few Easy Step

Imagine, you are cutting a piece of wood with a chainsaw. The chainsaw is taking more than the required time to slice the wood. Again, you are not getting the right cut and right smoothness. This kind of situation happens when the saw isn’t behaving well. You may need to look at the edges of the chain. They might be broken or blunt to cut the objects.

If such situations occur, what will you do?

Well, we have figured out the solution. Sharpening the tool with grinder can bring back the initial efficiency. Do you know how to sharpen a chainsaw with a grinder?

Read the entire content to have a brilliant idea of sharpening a chainsaw bar with a grinder.

Safety Tips:

Before you start using the sharpener, you should cover yourself first. Cover your face with face mask, protect eyes with safety glasses. You are going to work with metal. So, put on gloves to avoid any unwanted issues.

Benefits of Grinder:

A grinder is better than a file guide. Also, most of the grinders are electrically powered. So, they perform excellent and faster than a file guide. They can help you sharpening with an exact angle while sharpening the chainsaw. For increased lifespan, choose grinder to make chainsaw like the newer one.

Steps to Use Grinder:


You should pick the right grinder for the chainsaw. An angle grinder would be a good choice to complete the task. Its portability helps to sharpen the edges with flexibility. You may also find benchtop grinder that gives more stability.


If you are a beginner in this project, you should be careful all the time. Select a place where you can work with peace and fewer risks. It would help if you also were careful when you are holding and moving the grinder. The sharp disc of the tool may harm your fingers.

Usually, the disc turns into an ineffective blunt object. So, it would help if you put it against a stone.


It’s time to check out the specs of the chainsaw chain. Specs like pitch and gauge are very much vital part of using a chainsaw. They can affect the blade for cutting hardwood and green woods. You can learn these specs by looking on the pack of the chainsaw. You can also read the instructions manual for proper knowledge. You may surf the internet to know the model’s specifications. Measuring them can assist you in choosing the right size stone for completing the sharpening task.


Once you have chosen the right chainsaw sharpener, assemble the device correctly. It would help if you were surely using the right sharpening pitch and grinding wheel thickness. You can inspect the manual of the grinder.


As you know the chainsaw pitch and gauge, now you can position the grinder tool. It’s quite common for the grinder to shake when it’s running. So, it would be a helpful idea to place the device on the ground. If it’s benchtop grinder, you don’t need to think of shivering.

This step is quite important to succeed in sharpening a chainsaw. Once you place the grinder properly, you can install the blade of chainsaw on the grinder easily. Moreover, it also shortens the time and increases fine-tuning.


You can use the wheel edge template for sharpening chainsaw as a guide. Contour the wheel edges depending on your need. When you turn the grinder on, press the wheel-dressing brick or sharpening stone gently. Press against the wheel’s two outside edges. Usually, these stones are 3/16″ in width. However, they can be different in size.

Now the wheel is entirely ready to fit in the template. Check the angles, again and again, to be sure everything is set correctly.


Setting up angle ensures you sharpening with proper balance. You can adjust the chainsaw blade’s angle in the grinder. There is a knob available in the blade’s holder. Loosen the knob to get the right angle. You can move the knob to positive or negative directions.

The common angles are between 0-60°. You may increase the angle to more unit like 80°.


If you want to prevent the grinder from cutting deeper or in unusual depth, adjust the depth-first. Adjustments of depth help to maintain the health of the chainsaw. If you fail somehow, you will see metal leftovers between the chainsaw blade teeth. Once you see them, you may have damaged the blade. Depth adjustments also help to reduce the heat while using a grinder.


Once you have come to this step, you are good to go using the grinder. It would help if you were patient while performing the job. Lower the grinder wheel slowly. Please keep it in contact with the chainsaw blade’s first tooth. If the machine is running, there will be sparks. Spend a moment and lift the grinder up. Check if the first tooth is sharpened well and shining or not.

Take your time to move to the rest of the teeth carefully. Reset the grinder when you sharpen a set of teeth. Keep the right angle with both positive and negative sides. After completing all them, turn off the grinder.


Do you still think all the above steps are tough to use a grinder?

If you follow each of these steps, you can successfully sharpen your regularly used chainsaw. Always be careful that you haven’t missed any step.

After all, sharpening a chainsaw using a grinder is the outcome of your patience, skill and experience.

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