How To Use A successfully Heat Gun For Shrink Wrap?

A plastic film of polymer is the main ingredient of shrink wrap. This thing is also known as shrink film. It is a primary packaging solution in manufacturing industries.

An item that you want to wrap with shrink band or shrink wrap can be done automatically by using a heat gun. And it is a very quick method.

It will not only add an extra value to your product but also give a vibe of freshness, security and an airtight look! Today’s article is all about learning the use of a heat gun for shrink wrap.

Read heat gun safety tips for all user.

Using Heat Gun for Shrink Wrap

A heat gun is used for applying heat on the shrink wrap. Shrink band or wrap is sensitive to heat. So, when they come in touch with heat, it shrinks over or around the intended object tightly, and covers the object. Both electric and gas handheld heat gun can be used for shrinking wrap.

Different Types of Shrink Wrap for Different Products

Wrapping can be of different types. You may either want to wrap a container, bottle, jar, or you may even want to wrap a lip gloss or lipstick, a gift hamper, a bucket of fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.

If your wrapping object is a bottle cap or container head, use shrink band for wrapping. But if it is to cover the whole object (i.e., lipstick or basket of fruits) shrink wrapping should be your preferred choice.

There is another type of shrink wrapping called industrial shrink wrap. But it is more used in industries or manufacturing farms rather than in the household.

Steps for Using Heat Gun while Wrapping (For Shrink Band)

Step 1: Assemble the shrink band into the container or bottle or wherever you want to fit it

Step 2: Open up the band in the center. be careful not to tear the tamper evidence seal

Step 3: Slide the shrink band over the outside of the container enclosure

Step 4: Plug the heat gun

Step 5: Select the setting for shrink band application that matches the requirements of your intended product

Step 6: Slowly wave the tip of the heat gun all around the container head or bottle cap

Final Step: Generally, there are either option ‘one’ or ‘two’ for the setting. One is the lower setting and the other one being the higher one. You have to adjust the setting depending on the container you are going to apply the shrink band too.

For example, a barbeque sauce bottle, that has a flat cap, doesn’t need much heat for shrink wrap. Hence, choose ‘one’ and apply heat.

It is very important to be careful and not to apply too much heat on the shrink band. Otherwise, it may cause holes in the seal.

Using Heat Gun with Shrink Wrap

For shrink wrap, you just have to stretch the wrap from the roll and cover the object thoroughly and then follow the steps mention above.

Some people also try hair dryer for shrink wrapping. Especially, when not using shrink band.

The dryer may also help you to wrap your desired object, but it is really time-consuming.

And also, the appearance of the product will not look as good as it could have looked if heat gun were used.

Why Use Shrink Wrap?

Wrapping adds extra value to each product that your company sells. And the appearance of your finished product will look fully fresh and airtight.

But, apart from value adding and fresh-looking, shrink wrap has numerous applications in the packaging industry. Including-

  • Box securing
  • Keeping items secure and protecting from the weather (wrap the entire pallet)
  • Keep canned beverage, fruits, vegetables fresh and unitized
  • Providing extra security
  • Allowing seal with tamper-evident

Shrink wrapping also has a wide range of uses for safety and security.

Moreover, due to the availability of different thickness, transparency, and strength, sometimes in car manufacturing industries, wrapping is also done by using a heat gun.


Now, you know how to use heat gun for shrink wrapping.

Follow all the steps and you should have no problem with the wrapping process.

However, if you do, shoot in the comments section. I’ll be more than happy to help.

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