Step by Step Guide on How to Use an Orbital Sander like an Expert

I think you know how much beneficiary tool an orbital sander is! According to the power toll experts, an orbital sander is the grandfather of all kinds of sanding tools. Yes, it is.

You also know you can get the best sanding result from this tool. But, to get the result, it is very essential to have a complete idea about how to use an orbital sander. If you cannot use the tool properly, you won’t realize how effective the tool is!

Don’t worry; an orbital sander is not like the tool that is very difficult to run, rather it is very easy to use. What is needed, you just have to know how to use it and what is the best way of using the tool. Nothing else. If you just follow this guide and go to use the tool according to our direction, you will definitely how easy the using procedure is! Let’s move forward without wasting time.

How to Use an Orbital Sander

It is the most used and most popular sanding tool because of its ultra-smoothening capability. But it is needed to know the proper way of using the tool. And the ways are described below.

Prepare the Sander First of All

You have to ensure the sander works fine, and most importantly, you have to attach the proper sandpaper. The working surface determines what kind of sandpaper you have to use. So, understand the surface first and then select the right sandpaper to attach with the orbital sander.

You also need to make sure the sandpaper has enough grit to remove the splinters and other things on the working surface. If the sandpaper is too used, replace it with a new and fresh one.

Secondly, Prepare the Material and Place It Perfectly

At this time, you have to prepare the material you are going to sanding. You should keep clean the working surface as the sander can work better. Before that, you should be confirmed you have placed the material in a vice. Or, you can use anything to fix the material, just confirm it will not move while sanding.

Thirdly, Go for Sanding

Now your orbital sander is ready and the working material also. So, don’t waste time and go for sanding according to the following steps.

  • Turn on the orbital sander and wait for the time until it goes to full speed. Don’t place the sander on the material before reaching the spin up to its full speed.
  • Don’t force the sander to move against its natural direction. It has its own natural direction. Let it move naturally.
  • Hold the sander downside. Somebody holds the upper part, which may lead to uneven sanding. So, hold the lower part and let it move freely.
  • Abstain from pressurizing the sander. The sander has its own weight, and the weight of your arm combined is enough. Don’t apply pressure to get the job done perfectly.
  • Cover all the surfaces and ensure the sander has done the job perfectly. You also can understand whether the job is completed or not.
  • Now pull off the orbital sander and then turn it off. Don’t turn off the sander before leaving the material you were sanding.
  • The job is done.

Then, Go for Cleaning

Now, remove the plug from the energy source and put it where it was. Then clean the area properly.

Keep These Things in Mind While Sanding

If you can use the tool properly for a single time, it may seem very easy to you. In fact, it is easy too. But you shouldn’t forget the following lines for getting the job properly done and for your highest level of safety.

  • Don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s guide.
  • Before staring sanding, understand the task well; material, specification, drawings, and so on.
  • Never go for doing the job before ensuring the working material securely placed.
  • Keep your hands on the place where your hands are safe.
  • Wear protective equipment and ensure your safety.


There are many reasons for selecting the orbital sander over other kinds of sanding tools. I hope you know that. However, it is an excellent option for experts who are going to finish large sanding projects. Besides, it doesn’t require much effort like the other sanding tools. And most importantly, it provides a better and final smooth finish, which is really exceptional compared to the sanding tools.

All these opportunities and benefits are waiting for you, and you will get all of those, definitely. Just ensure you can use it properly. Just follow this how to use an orbital sander guide to ensure the proper way of use. Follow this guide and go for sanding.

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