How to Use Telescopic Ladder

Safety is the prime consideration while working above the ground. The telescopic ladder is compact and easy equipment which gives you the much-needed height. So, you can complete a wide range of jobs by using the telescopic ladder safely. 

As the telescopic ladder is quite exceptional to the traditional ladders, you can extend it to certain heights. However, you have to follow the basic safety rules and regulations to avoid unexpected accidents. Follow the below article to know the precautions and using method of the telescopic ladder.

How to Use Telescopic Ladder

  • If you don’t need the full height, never open the ladder from the top. It can collapse any time to which helps to occur accident.
  • Keep safe your fingers and hands from placing on or between the rugs while closing the ladder.
  • Never carry and use the ladder near the electrical wires or equipment. It can be conducted electrified to turn you severely injured or even died.
  • Always check all the locks and other features before climbing the ladder each time.
  • Never lower the ladder to other interim heights.
  • Avoid using the damaged or broken ladder.
  • Always fix the lean ladder to the top and heavy ladder to the ground. Otherwise, it may become damaged.
  • Never stand or climb the top three sections of the ladder when it is fully extended. You may lose your balance and fall from the above.
  • Always use the specific locking levers to pull or tamper the locking system. Using other locking levers may damage your entire locking mechanism of the ladder.
  • If you need to extend the height while using the ladder, close it first and reopen it to the desired height.
  • When you are on the ladder, don’t try to push or pull the ladder to change its position. It will result in breaking the ladder or yours falling from the ladder.
  • Never put any objects or place any box under the ladder to gain extra height. It's the best exercise to allow the ladder to work at full height.
  • Always keep the ladder neat and clean. Hence, you can use a dry cloth to clean the wipe tubes. Also, never try to paint the ladder or even paint is put on the ladder, immediately clean it off. Otherwise, the paint can impede the telescoping action.
  • Always open and close the ladder safely and slowly.
  • Store the ladder in a dry place such as indoors to avoid any damp conditions.

As the telescopic ladder is portable and lightweight, you can carry it using provided grip. So, when it’s time to open the ladder, place it to a firm level surface. Then use your foot to stabilize the ladder on the bottom rung.

You can open the ladder to any interim height. But, remember that you should never try to open from the top unless you want to open the full extension. Otherwise, the locking mechanism won't work correctly, and you'll be injured.

As there are two ways to open the ladder, follow the below instructions which you need.

Open the Ladder to Interim height extension

As it is previously said that, you must open from the bottom upwards if you want an interim height extension. So, grasp the outside edges of the plastic ring which is directly above the rung. You don’t need any tools except your hands.

Then pull up and extend the section till your desired height. Once you reach your desired part, lock the opened section by raising the section at least 15cm. You'll hear a locking sound when the highest section passes 15 cm which indicates the locking section.

Now check the locking mechanism at all the levels at an angle of approximately 60 degrees. If all the levels are properly engaged, the ladder is now capable of working.

However, if you find the lock doesn’t work or engage at any level, close the ladder and reopen it. Always check the bottom locking levers to lock the position.

Here is a caution. Always check the locking mechanism before using the ladder. Also, never try to pull the ringed locking levers when someone on the ladder.

Open the Ladder to the Full extension

However, if you want to open the ladder to the full extension, follow the below procedure. At first, place the ladder to a firm surface and stabilize with your foot.

Then, open to starting with the top rung to its full section. Don't open the next one until the previous/ top section is fully extended. Open all the sections fully extended.

When all the sections are fully opened and extended, now check the locking levers at an angle of approximately 60 degrees to ensure that the locking mechanisms are working well.

If all the locking mechanisms work properly, now check the locking levers by pulling the rings to ensure whether they're adequately locked or not.

If the locking levers aren’t locked well, close the ladder and reopen it. Also, never try to pull the locking levers while the ladder is in use.

Close the Ladder Properly

As telescopic ladder is entirely different from the traditional ladders, it requires a special while being closed. Though it seems that closing is unlocking, but it needs carefully handled. So, follow the following procedure:

At first, hold the ladder upright firmly and grasp the top and opened vertical tubes with your hand. Then pull down the ringed locking lever with your hand one at a time to release the bottom lock.

Remember: Never pull down both rings simultaneously. Also, keep your body parts, hands, fingers, thumb away from putting in or between the rungs when closing the ladder.

When the bottom locks are released, the ladder will be closed automatically and slowly. Don’t push it forcefully to close the ladder quickly. So, close the ladder by each section by lowering carefully and slowly.

Once the ladder is completely closed, store it indoors in a dry and damp-free environment.

Final Remarks

The telescopic ladder has brought a revolutionary change in reaching heights. It provides safe and efficient access to your loft. But, the new ladder must be used carefully. Otherwise, you may fall in severe injury, or your ladder may be damaged or broken. So, don't hesitate to use to the telescopic ladder to clean your roof and other heights.

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