Most Trusted Power Tools Brands in America

Because of using the latest technology newer ones are taken into older ones. Thus, connectivity has become strong in the last two decades especially at home and abroad in the 21st century. Due to which, power tools are considered in lieu of hand tools in time. 

In addition, this trend has changed in industries and replaced the dynamic strategy, for which a homeowner or professional can do the task in smart ways without hazard. For instance, productivity has grown at double the rate in the USA- stated by economics and also by saying the magic touch will accelerate in globalization as well as industrialization across the glove.

This article refers to the significant use of  power tools and their brands together so that we turn into good solutions among themselves and let’s get started.

A List of power tools brands is given below-

    1. Dawalt     

    2. Milwaukee   

    3. Bosch Tools    

    4. Craftsman   

    5. Black+Decker   

    6. Stanley  

    7. Ridgid 

    8. Kobalt Tools  

    9. Irwin 

   10. IQ Power Tools       

   11. Husky   

Let us know about brands step by step are discussing here:


A worldwide manufacturing brand of power tools construction industries is known as historically that founded in 1923 by Raymond E.Dewalt, and connecting with the sister organization of Stanley Black & Decker as well.

Officially headquarters is in Towson, Maryland, USA. Having a brand image it has now the no-1 u.s company in 2020, according to

The notable parts of power tools are- Cordless platform, grinders, saws, drills, air tools, air compressors, lasers, sanders, routers. Moreover, they also have accessories, hand tools, and outdoor equipment. Their Service and support centers have been doing the best.


2.  Milwaukee:

One of the advanced power tools construction companies began in 1924. Since it has been increasing productivity, and developing innovative solutions, among M12™ and M18™ cordless systems, and M12 and M18 FUEL™ products are considered world class technologies.

 In addition, their corporate office is in Washington, USA , also have different accessories, hand tools, and aim to synthesize  advanced technology.


3. Bosch Tools:

A multinational company that is a market leader for power tools and power tools accessories worldwide. Their best power tools are 12v, 18v, and 36v cordless tools, circular saws, band saws, jig saws, radios, planers, reciprocating saws, and more.

 They are very passionate to launch new products and better service  as well.



A popular brand craftsman has been servicing only across the USA. Stanley Black & Decker owner of the company who introduced it on March 20, 1927.

Being trustworthy, Craftsman fulfilled customer satisfaction reports in 2007. Besides, full time warranty service is available here. New launched products are combo sites, heat guns, impact drivers, impact wrenches, oscillating multi tools, and vacuums.

5. Black+Decker:

The company was started in 1910, but it merged with Stanley works on March 12, 2010. Whose key product is power tools.

Moreover, headquarters is in Towson, Maryland, USA. And its specialty is having category based instruments for example drilling-10, saws-3, grinders-2, and fastening-1, and  within a few years the company’s net revenue, net income has been changed in a diplomatic way.

6. Stanley:

Frederick Trent Stanley is the founder of  Stanley in 1843, mostly known as Stanley works.  Later the company merged with Black+Decker. Yet launched products  thousands of millions around the USA, UK, and Canada through self brand.

Moreover, it is a bolt and hardware manufacturing company and is creating a market in power tools especially for industry. For instance power inverters, jump starters, and power stations. Besides, Its headquarters is in New Britain, Connecticut, USA.

7. Ridgid:

A leading manufacturing company that was founded in North Ridgeville, Ohio, USA  in 1923 by Emerson Electric.

Besides, the company manufactures over 300  different types of tools and the handy power tools are bench and stationary, pneumatics & compressors, Job max™, 3 speed air mover, RP 350 press  tool, and more.

8. Kobalt Tools :

Kobalt tools is the name of the company that has created a stir in the world of power tools. And its owner is Lowe’s who began it in 1998 in the USA. 

Yet, the business trade regions are in North America, Mexico, and Canada. Their power tools specialty is for home supplies and mechanisms.

9. Irwin:

Irwin Manufacturing tools, is also a sister organization of Stanley Black and Decker, founded in Martinsville, Ohio, USA by Charles Irwin. 

Moreover, the company has been giving  lifetime guarantees of any products and so getting  convenient offers customers and clients have become trustworthy.

10. IQ Power tools:

One of the best power tools manufacturing companies that situated in Perris, California, USA.

IQ Power Tools specializes in masonry, concrete, and construction tools such as masonry saws, dry cut tile saws, power cutters with integrated dust collection and more- sourced by


11. Husky:

One of the popular online based power tools companies is Husky, which generally produces a variety of items regarding machinery.

 Being North America’s company providing all accessories in different  parts of the world. The company is also engaged in fuels.


Finally, the above brands have become trustworthy across all the states and we are hoping good use of the product would flourish in terms of time. 

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