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You probably know that pin nailer is used for doing delicate household works that involve lightweight and thin objects. And, when you deal with lightweight and things with less thickness, you have to be very careful to protect the form and beauty of the objects.

Being careful towards any job means doing that with full of care and with the best tool available in the market.

As webmasters, we cannot join with you to help you get your job done with full of care, but the thing we can do is, suggest you some nailers that are constantly receiving positive feedback from the people around the world.

Frankly, as a means of suggestion, we have started writing this content. Throughout the content, we have reviewed 5 best pin nailers from the nailing gun industry, and also written a descriptive buying guide. Finally, we have answered some of the questions that are asked again and again by the pin nail-gun users.

So, whether you are a first-time buyer or already has profound knowledge about the pin nailing tool, you will find our words helpful to make the right buying decision.

Want to know about the best pin nailers, and how to find the best from the rest right now!? Keep scrolling.

Top 5 Pin Nailers(At a Glance)


  • Power Source: air-powered
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  • Power Source: Air-powered
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  • Gauge: 23
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  • Power Source: Pnuematic
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  • Power Source: Battery
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Pin nailing guns made our life easier. They reduced the chance of injuries that occur when users work with a hammer or other tools, and at the same time, brought precision and accuracy to the household works.

However, in response to the enormous demand of the individuals’, manufacturers also produced a large number of nailers, but all they made are not good enough to consider for buying.

After analyzing a good number of pin guns, here we have picked 5 best pin nailers for our readers. Among these 5, you will get both air compressions-powered device as well as battery enabled cordless gun to choose.

1. BOSTITCH HP118K 23-Gauge 16-Inch Pin Nailer

BOSTITCH HP118K 23-Gauge 16-Inch Pin Nailer

HP118K 23-Gauge 1/2-Inch to 1-3/16-Inch headless pin nailer is the product of a reputed American brand named Bostitch. The manufacturer is well known for designing and manufacturing innovative fastening tools for the household around the globe. As a regular member of your toolbox, this pneumatic action based pin nailer will deliver you accurate yet comfortable pinning experience all the time.

For the perfection of your work, you have to pin into the object according to its sturdiness and depth. With this pin nailer, you can simply control the depth of each pin operating the adjustable High/Lower power switch. Also, the operation of the switch doesn’t require any prior experience too.

The outer body of this pin nailer is made of aluminum; this material gives the nailer a durable outlook without increasing its overall weight. With just 2.5 found of weight, this Bostitch nailer is one of the most lightweight pin nailers in the market too. Because of this lightweight design, it will be easy for you to control and move with your machine.

When you receive this pin nailing machine after placing the order, you will get some bonus accessories along with the nailer itself. This whole package from the producer Bostitch includes nailer, 1/4″ air fitting for compression, oil, nail selection and belt hook for smooth use, and finally a carrying case for safe storing and transportation of the nailer.

Highlighted Features

  • The lightweight structure of the pin nailing gun will let you carry and control it for better user experience all the way.
  • Operating the adjustable switch, you can easily get your desired depth of every pin.
  • Durable aluminum housing around the gun protects your device for longer use.
  • With 7-Year restricted warranty, you will get some other bonus fittings with your pin nailing gun.

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2. Grex P650L 23-Gauge 2-Inch Headless Pinner

Grex P650L 23-Gauge 2-Inch Headless Pinner

Grex, known for its commitment to providing quality products that are well designed and professionally engineered, is the manufacturer of this pin nailer. The nailer features Grex’s patented self-adjusting magazine design that accommodates 12 different lengths fasteners. This lightweight tool is ideal for intricate finishing and trims works that are done with a nearly invisible hole – no splitting or puttying.

The nailer is integrated with a powerful motor that produces excellent power to enable the machine to penetrate fasteners through the hardest materials. As a result, with your pin, you can do your fastening jobs on a wide range of materials that normally we found around us. Additionally, because of this powerful motor, you will reach the right depth with each firing.

Other than working around an open space, we also have to do nailing in a limited or narrow area. With this Grex P650L nailer, you can reach there comfortably too. The pin opening of this nailing device is designed with a narrow nose. For this effective design, the machine takes small spaces to be placed and start working.

Dry firing affects the smooth performance of the pin nailing machine. Nevertheless, the user of this machine can easily prevent the possibility of dry firing. There is a Lock-out mechanism in the device, operating this switch, you can lock the machine after the use and unlock it when you are ready for the firing.

Highlighted Features

  • You can shoot 12 types of fasteners that range from 1/2-Inch to 2-Inch with this single pin nailer.
  • Narrow nose design let you reach to limited spaces to do your work with perfection.
  • Operating the lock switch, you can stop any free or dry firing of pins.
  • Patented magazine design automatically adjusts fastener with different lengths in the machine.

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3. ReconPIN138R Pin Nailer

ReconPIN138R Pin Nailer

This nailer is different than all others. How? It is from a manufacturer who has started its journey more than 100 years ago! Over the years, they have been making quality tools for the households.

ReconPIN138R Pin Nailer is super lightweight even if it is made of aluminum, and yet ensures extraordinary performance for years.

ReconPIN138R Pin Nailer uses 23-Gauge headless and slight head pin nails. You can use this nailer for almost any type of big or small clamping tasks such as small or big trims and decorative moldings, cabinet crown moldings, window moldings, stair moldings, and wood joining.

Like the previous one from Grex, this nailer is also designed with a space-saving narrow nose. Thanks to this feature with ReconPIN138R Pin Nailer you can work on some points where you can’t work with a normal nailer. This design also helps you do your task with perfection without burning extra calories.

Additionally, the nailer comes with a removable non-marring nose tip, so when you feel the need for removing of the nose, you can do it.

What about filling up the magazine? Well, it’s Porter Cable integrated side-load magazine structure makes the process much easier. But the best thing is this magazine can hold 130 micro pin nails! So, hassle free nailing experience is guaranteed with ReconPIN138R.

Apart from the technical and performance features, here in this nailer manufacturer also cares about the comfort of the user. There is an integrated rubber grip on the machine where the user places their palm to control the nailer. This grip not only makes room for coziness of the user’s palm, but it also helps to nail with proper precision.

Highlighted Features

  • The magazine of this gun features spacious space for 130 nails at a time with easy side-loading facility.
  • A long-life maintenance-free motor will take care of your performance over the years.
  • Dry-fire lockout feature alerts the user to re-load pins and eliminates empty nail holes.
  • Integrated rubber grip always ensures comfortable positioning of users’ hands.

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4. Arrow Fastener PT23G Pin Nailer

Arrow Fastener PT23G Pin Nailer

This pin nailer is from Arrow Fastener. Arrow Fastener is a Chinese brand, and is quite popular and well-celebrated in the industry for manufacturing quality tools.

Arrow’s PT23G pneumatic pin nailer gives you a stress-free nailing experience ensuring comfortable relaxed gripping to pin accurately for hours. You don’t have to put much pressure on the machine to operate it.

Also, the nailer weighs only 2.8 pounds. Thanks to its lightweight and compacted design you can use it for a long period without being exhausted and getting pain.

Furthermore, it will be easy for you to carry the tool for remote use for having this lightweight feature.

It features unique small-in-size headless pin nails, and that makes any kind of pin nailing job hassle-free.

You may ask “what about filling the magazine and clearing the jam?” as they are the most boring tasks when it comes to pin nailer.

Well, this Arrow Fastener pin nailer makes sure you can easily load the magazine and clear any jam. At the end of the day, these two will reduce your project frustration and downtime.

Highlighted Features

  • This lightweight pin nailing tool can be a perfect choice for your any DIY project.
  • After nailing for some times when you will be out of pins, here you can reload it quickly without losing your spirit.
  • Accidently, if the pins get jammed inside the magazine, you can also remove it easily.
  • Comfy holding handle lets the users pinning for a long period at straight.

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5. Makita XTP02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Pin Nailer

Makita XTP02Z 18V

This one is the only cordless pin nailer in our list of best pin nailer. Where all of our previous picks were powered with pneumatic power, this nailing tool is engineered with a Lithium-Ion battery. So, apart from enjoying benefits like a wide range of nail using facility, dry-lock and tool-less depth adjustment, you will feel the freedom of moving and positioning for ensuring the quality of your work.

This single nailer can fire pins with 6 different lengths, the lengths are, 5/8-inch, 11/16-inch, 3/4-inch, 1-inch, 1-3/16-inch, and 1-3/8-inch. Because of the various lengths’ pin compatibility, with this one nailer, you can do nailing in a wide range of surfaces around us.

Dry firing harms both the performance of the machine as well as the smoothness of the surface. To prevent dry firing, here the producer installed Anti-Dry Fire mechanism system in this tool. Now it will be a simple task for you to maintain your tool preventing dry firing for longer usage. Additionally, the Reversible tool hook also allows the tool to remain closed when it is not in use.

Moving to the outer design of this Makita pin nailer, it has ergonomically designed handle with rubberized soft grip. This gripping helps you to do your pinning job on different surfaces with accuracy and comfort. Also, it features built-in L.E.D. light for the accurate nailing experience even in low light condition.

Highlighted Features

  • This battery assembled tool eliminates the need for an extra tool like compressor and increases the convenience.
  • This Makita’s tool features a spacious magazine where you can store up to 120 pin nails at a time.
  • 3 stage LED gauge indicates the battery level so that the user gets an idea about how much time he can do nailing.
  • Tool-less depth adjustment facility allows users for precise flush and countersink finish.

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Buying Guide

As a prospective buyer, if you know about your product well, it will be an easy task for you to choose the best one for your needs.

Throughout this buying guide, we have discussed about the key factors that significantly affect the performance of a pin nailer. The focal point of our discussion was to inform our readers how a particular feature will benefit them when they own pin nailers for themselves.

However, as a buyer during your buying, you are free to priorities or overlook any of the mentioned considering factors according to your needs.

Most Important Considering Factors

Power System

Whether it is brad nailer, finish nailer, or pin nailer, in most cases it is either powered with pneumatic power system or has integrated battery inside it. The nailers that are powered with pneumatic power system require an extra air compressor to operate them. The nailer is connected with the compressor with the help of a cord, and throughout the nailing time, the user needs to maintain an uninterrupted connection between both.

On the other hand, battery enabled nailers don’t have any cord; they are also called cordless nailer. Here, with this type of nailer, before every use, users need to charge the battery for the operation. How long you can do pinning with your nailer depends on the power of the battery. However, we featured both types in this review content. You should choose one that you think will be your work’s friendly.


Gripping around the handle of the nailer helps the operator to operate the machine with full of control and comfort. To ensure good gripping, manufacturers cover the surrounding of the handle with a doted coating.

If you need hours of constant nailing, you should choose a pin nailer with cozy coating. It will reduce the chance of your muscles’ fatigue. Also, a nailer featuring comfy handle helps the users to control their tools comfortably who sweat too much.

Dry-Fire Lock

Dry fire means fire without nail inside the magazine. Dry firing is harmful to both the health of the device and the surface. To prevent this damaging incident, some manufacturers enable anti-dry firing feature in their pin nailers.

If your nailer has this feature, you can’t make any fire even intentionally if there is no pin inside your pin nailing machine. This is one of the must-have features of a pin nailer, so you should pay special attention to it.


The battery can be your matter of concern if you prefer the cordless pin nailer over the pneumatic one. The manufacturers who manufacturer this type of battery-enabled tool assemble batteries with different power range with their tools. In general, a battery with more mAh can deliver service for a longer period with a single full charge condition.

Additionally, some producer also built an LED battery status indicator with their devices to make them user-friendly. Having this facility, you can assume the run time of your nailer as well as charge it at the right moment.

Weight Of The Nailer

Weight is another important factor that you should consider before selecting a particular model of pin nailer. The consideration about the weight is more important if you do high volume work with you nailing machine because it’s easy to work for long with a lightweight nailer than comparatively weighty nailer.

If your nailer is light in weight, you can even control and do you nailing job with a single hand, and reach different corner comfortably with better control. Additionally, if your pin gun is easy to carry during the work, it will not let you burn more calories, thus keep yourself fresh at the end of the day.

Size Of The Magazine

This one is one of the most curial factors that deserve much of your attention. Just like the battery power here also when you have a pin nailer with a larger space, you can store more pin in it for your task.

The advantage of a large magazine is, once you fill you can keep on nailing on different objects for a long time. In general, the average capacity of the magazine is 100-pins at once. Furthermore, if possible, consider a magazine that is simple to load.

Gauge/Length Of The Pin

All the pin nailers in the market will not be compatible with the pins with all different sizes. Here every nailer’s magazine has its own acceptable list of pins according to the sizes.

As a buyer of the pin nailer, you should analyze your needs then choose a nailer that meets your size requirements.

Carrying Box

Carrying box of a nailer, as well as any tool, keeps the tool safe and sound for future use. For the better maintenance of the tool, many suppliers include a carrying box with the original product.

The storing box also helps a user to carry his machine for any remote or outdoor usage. However, if you want, you can also buy it separately.


As a buyer of an electronic product like pin nailer, you should know about the warranty policy to enjoy tension free service from your machine for a particular period of time.

In this pin nailer manufacturing industry, suppliers provide a warranty with different time frames and with different policies. So, before making the final deal, know how your nailer will be safeguarded by its manufacturer once you buy it.

In this section, we have collected and answered some of the frequently asked questions that are asked by both new and experienced users all over the web.

Among the questions, some are based on the use of the nailer and some will eliminate your confusion about the pin nailer. Overall, you will get a clearer idea about the pin nailing tool by the end of this question and answer section.

Common Question for Nailer

1. How many pins will require for my work?

Answer: The number of pins you will need totally depends on the size of your work and type of your work. Usually, if you have to pin all over a large area, then you will need a good number of pins; otherwise a few will be enough.

Exceptionally, even a small area where you have to do nailing intensively to build a structure or make a DIY project you may need a substantial number of pins.

2. What sizes of nails are perfect?

Answer: For any kind of pinning and nailing work, the operator has to choose the size of the pin according to the depth he wants to reach.

For example, you have to attach a 0.5-inch object on another object with the help of pins. In this case, you have to pick any pin that has length more than 0.5-inch. This size choosing of the pin also depend on the sturdiness of the materials.

3. How pin nailer is different from brad nailer?

Answer: Brad nailer is a type of nailer that resembles pin nailer in term of usability; both are used for building a structure. As a result, when a new buyer decides to buy a particular nailer, he wants to know about the other one as curiosity purposes, or sometimes to justify his choice. In general, both are different from one another as each one fire a particular type of nail.

Difference between pin nailer and brad nailer

Firstly, brad nailers fire nail and the pin nailer fire pins, here the first one has head and the pins are headless. Pin nailers are used for aesthetic finishing where brad nails are used aiming more on the solid establishment between two objects. Additionally, brad nails leave marks on the material where pins are well-known for perfect finishing.

4. What safety traits I should follow during my work?

Answer: Pin nailers are comparatively safe to use than other two types of nailing gun as they deal with a small nail and used for low pressured works. However, if you want to be free from any unwanted danger, you can follow our safety traits.

  1. Go through all precautions and warnings before using the nailer.
  2. Wear eye protector before moving to the main operation.
  3. Keep co-workers and bystanders away from your immediate working area.
  4. Never point the tool at anyone, even when the gun is empty or disconnected from the power or
  5. Keep your hands and fingers out of the line of fire and away from your body during firing.
  6. Make sure that you have placed the pin nailer firmly against the work piece.
  7. Never assume the tool is If necessary, check the magazine.
  8. Always disconnect the nailer from the power source before clearing jams or performing any maintenance work.

5. Are air compressors included with the pin nailers?

Answer: In most cases, the answer is no, they are not included with the pin nailers, you have to buy them separately. Air compressors are sold separately because using a single air compressor you can run some other of your household tools.

For example, if you buy an air compressor machine to run your pin nailer, you can use that one to run your finish nailer, staple gun as well as brad nailer. However, you may find some combo deals in the web where you will get the gun, compressor and some other safety equipment.

6. How much area can I cover with my pin nailer?

Answer: If you purchase a battery enabled pin nailing device, you can go anywhere you want. Inversely, if you choose the pneumatic nailer, you must be within a limited area.

The nailers that require air compression to shoot pin always maintain an uninterrupted connection with the compressor, you can only reach a certain point if the length of the cord between nailer and compressor allows you to go. In this case, the operators need to move the compression machine when they want to travel one corner of the house to another.

7. What type of pin nailer will be the right choice for me?

Answer: In the market, you will get two types of pin nailer, one run by the power stored inside the battery, another requires the pressure of the air to function. Between these mentioned two, which one will be right for you depends on some factors.

If you are aiming to buy a pin nailer to mainly work inside of your workshop and doing a large number of nailing tasks, then an air compressors based pin nailer will be a good choice for you. On the other hand, if you are planning for buying a nailer to reach every corner of your house without any obstacle, also will travel with your tool, a cordless pin nailer will be a good choice for you.

8. Can I restore the beauty of my surface after pinning on it?

Answer: Yes, you can, pin nailer fires nails without heads so these pins/nails will not leave any visible mark on your surface. Interestingly, sometimes, it becomes hard to find where you have pinned! You can easily vanish the pins’ marks simply applying varnish or paint. However, it is important not to do dry fire or miss any fire on the surface; it may leave marks on your surface.

9. Does air pressure affect the performance of the nailing machine?

Answer: Yes, it has an impact on the performance of the pin nailing machine as well as other staple/ nail guns.

The function of the pneumatic nailing gun is; the compressor delivers a certain amount of pressure that helps the gun to shoot a particular nail into a particular depth. In case, if the compressors cannot produce a sufficient amount of pressure, you will not reach your desired depth with the pin.


For getting your favorite DIY/household project perfectly done, buying the best pin nailer is among the very first steps that you must complete to proceed, later you can put all of your hard work and concentration to make the project as good as you dreamt.

And, if you are here after going through all of our sentences, we are confident that you can successfully finish the first step, and move forward to the others with a smile on your face.

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