Best Roofing Nailers in 2023 Ultimate Guide With Expert’s Suggestion

Putting a new roof isn’t a frequent task for every year; instead, you may have to put a new roof once in a few years. So, unless you aren’t an experienced and expert enough, a storm may come along and tears your shingles to shred. Here you have choices to choose from either manual construction or using a roofing nailer.

If you need excellent and smart work, a roofing nailer helps you a lot. It drives nails to construct your roof precisely with the intensity of work. By the way, before determining to buy a roofing nailer, it is advisable to ask some contractors to know how to use the roofing nailer. As it is a pricey investment, take deep care of the available and required features.

So, we’ve not only reviewed the best roofing nailers available in the market, but we’ve also developed a buying guide to make you know how to choose the best one.

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Best Roofing Nailer Review

Though thousands of roofing nailers are available in the market, you know that all aren’t the same in quality. It’s hard to pick the best one among the different qualities, features, and construction. However, if you are a DIYer or nailing enthusiast, it’s better to get a small roofing nailer. But, as a professional contractor or roofer, it’s the best way to look for the best roofing gun to work on the long and large projects. By the way, we’ve listed roofing nailers based on a variety of features, applications, advantages, disadvantages, price, constructions, etc.

1. BOSTITCH RN46- Best coil roofing nailer


It is thought that no nailer can’t be perfect enough to get your job done. Bostitch cool roofing nailer comes close to the perfect and gets the job with ease. Even, it can be used under extreme job conditions. You can use Bostitch roofing nailer at any construction site and fasten for industrial, construction and home-improvement applications.

It comes with a single-action side-load canister that helps for an easy and quick load. Also, the dry-fire lockout helps to prevent creating any fire in case of running out of nails. The nailer also includes a carbide to use wherever it touches the work surface. Moreover, the nailer comes with an adjustable-depth dial and an over-molded grip to get the job perfectly.

Bostitch includes roofing, exterior drywall, insulation board, or fiber cement applications. It comes with a patented side-loading canister and a zero-nail lockout for easy adjustments and aggressive performance. So, if you are looking for long-lasting performance, this one can be an excellent assist for constructions.

So, what’s a fantastic feature of the Bostitch RN46-1 that makes it exceptional and top of the list? It’s amazingly powerful and capable enough to deliver 410in./lbs. of force at 100 psi. So, you can fire up to 100 nails per minute. So, you can complete the work of a large area such as roofs with the least time. The bouncing motion, along with the workpiece, maintains the accuracy of the nails. Even, the workpiece includes an integrated tool-less gauge to control the shingle space.

Moreover, the RN46-1 comes with five integrated settings for perfect driving depth, including flush mount driving, shallow driving, and countersinking. The depth dial settings help for depth-of-adjustments. Even the high-capacity magazine of the Bostitch roofing nailer can hold up to 120 nails at a time to eliminate downtime. It also holds the nails of 0.120-inch diameter with a length of ¾ inch to 1 -3/4 inch.

What’s more from Bostitch RN46-1 cool roofing nailer? It is entirely constructed with sturdy aircraft aluminum that ensures durability and preciseness. It is lightweight enough to carry on to the job site. Also, the over-molded grip ensures maximum comfortability when you hold the nailer at any weather condition. It also includes wearing guards and skid pads to protect the tool from damage caused by an abrasive working surface.

Highlighted Features
  • Constructed by sturdy aircraft aluminum to ensure durability, performance, stiffness, and preciseness.
  • Extremely lightweight enough to carry around to the construction site.
  • Over-molded grip to provide maximum comfortability at any weather condition.
  • Capable of holding up to 100 nails at a time with an operating pressure 70-120 psi.
  • Patented single-action side load canister for fast, one-step nail loading.
  • Adjustable shingle guide for quick shingle spacing.

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2. Senco Roof Pro 455XP Nailer With Sequential Actuation Trigger

Senco Roof Pro 455XP Nailer

If you are looking for a versatile nailer, Senco Roof Pro meets all your needs of the roofing nailer. It is incredibly lightweight and enough for one-handed operation. It helps you to handle fiberglass shingles and waterproof tar papers plus asphalt. Even, it helps you to tackle thick materials with rugged surfaces. With the right set up to the sturdy and dependable settings, the Roof Pro 455XP consistently sets nails time after time.

Senco Pro nailer is an excellent tool for aluminum sliding and vinyl with the right attachments. As the nailer uses less air, you can seal off the exhaust to reduce air consumption. Hence, the result of the roofing is precisely great. Also, the adjustable shingle guide, as well as molded grip, makes it comfortable and safe. It can be adjusted 360° to remove debris where you find it. The nailer also comes with a steel wear plate that keeps rough and tough shingles away from damaging the exterior.

Senco roofing nailer comes for both on and off the roof nailing. Whereas the bi-metal driver blade gives you more time, the wear plate protects the nailer from abrasion on the rough surface. Though it is designed for perfect shingling, it is also ideal for metal drip edges, insulation board, and tar paper. It also gives better convenience because of having a nail canister to hold round-head roofing nails of all sizes. After all, it gives you every access to get the perfect output of the roofing nailer. By the way, regular oiling to the roofing nailer gives durability and better performance.

The tool is made of aluminum housing that weighs only 5.4 pounds. It is durable and precise for roofing projects. Also, the driver depth can be adjusted without any additional tools. So, you can select any depth required for roofing. The canister of the nailer can hold hundreds of nails at a time with ease. You can use ¾ inches to 1 ¾ inches length of nails. However, you can work with 11-gauge nails in the roofing nailer. It never chips off. Also, the paint is durable enough. By the way, Senco provides a soft rubber grip on the handle that ensures better ergonomics and comfortability for a long time.

Highlighted Features
  • Made of extremely lightweight and sturdy aluminum to ensure durability and performance.
  • Enable to hold up to 11-gauge full round head roofing nails with the length of 3/4 – inch to 1 ¾-inch smooth shank.
  • Adjustable 360° nail canister to accommodate an entire range of round-head roofing nails.
  • Steel wear plate to keep the nailer safe from rough surface and abrasion damage.
  • Tool-free adjustable depth of drive for consistent and controllable nail set.

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3. Hitachi NV45AB2 Coil Roofing Nailer

Hitachi NV45AB2

Hitachi is a reliable and renowned company that manufactures top-notch materials and tools for daily life. Best coil roofing nailer from Hitachi is another gem for construction engineers and DIY enthusiasts. Hitachi NV45AB2 is yet a durable and lightweight tool that ensures precise fasten with the nails. It stands up to the elements and provides continuously accurate results through life. It comes with a bulletproof design to work at any weather condition. You can use the nailer for various construction works such as the installation of asphalt roofing shingles and installation of insulation boards. It comes automatically with a loaded magazine.

Ergonomically designed and pneumatic-powered, the Hitachi roofing nailer can easily remove dirt and moisture. It is built with robust materials. Also, the nailer has been rigorously tested in the most extreme roofing environments. No matter how the weather is, you can use it to nail the roof. It comes with a quick-driving feature to provide maximum efficiency. Hence, it nails a large area to shoot each time as the nose touches the work surface. As a result, large carbide provides durability and exceptional performance.

As Hitachi comes with a side-loading magazine, it can hold 120 pieces of 7/8-inch to 1-3/4-inch long coil wire collation nails with a 0.120-inch diameter. The ideal air presence while operating is 70-120 psi, whereas the air inlet it 3/8-inch. So, it can fire three nails per second. As the piston has a pneumatic feed and return, it allows tar build-up on the feed mechanism. Also, this tool is extremely lightweight as being only 5.5 pounds of weight. So, it gives you secure handling and maneuverability while working on a rooftop. You can operate the tool single-handedly.

Furthermore, Hitachi roofing nailer has a non-slip rubber grip handle to give you comfort and control while working. It also ensures durability and exceptional performance. It prevents any sliding off and helps you place the tool on the roof. However, you’ll get a set of safety glasses and a shingle guide assembly with the coil roofing nailer in the box.

Besides, Hitachi roofing nailer gives you a faster-nailing cycle and less jamming because of pneumatic feed and return. The nailing gun comes with a set of carbide tips on the nose to steel body shields. It is made of sturdy metal. As a result, the body armor minimizes wearing from hard use and shingle abrasion. However, you can adjust the nailing depth by turning the scrolling knob adjuster.

Highlighted Features
  • Made of sturdy and robust metal to ensure durability and performance.
  • Non-slip rubber grip prevents any sliding while working on the roof.
  • Extremely lightweight and maneuverability give one-handed operation.
  • Adjustable nailing depth by turning the scrolling knob clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  • Three nails per second nailing speed give you a swift and efficient nailing experience.

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4. WEN 61783 Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer

WEN 61783

If you are a beginner and want to start a new journey in roofing nailer, WEN 61783 is a great choice. It an excellent choice for an inexpensive roofing nail gun with all necessary adjustments. Though it comes with little budget, it doesn’t compromise with quality. It is an entry-level roofing nailer that offers worthy competitive features. It ensures top-notch quality in nail shingles, insulation boards, fiber cement roofing, waterproof tar paper, siding, vinyl, and many more.

With a remarkable capacity, WEN 61783 roofing nailer accommodates 7/8 to 1-3/4-inches round-head tails. So, it covers a large area through the magnesium housing. It also offers 70-120 psi. The versatile magazine holds up to 120 nails at a time. So, it ensures fast nailing as you expect. It also features a quick-release compartment on the side of the magazine. So, the enthusiast DIYers feel comfortable for roofing or re-roofing application.

However, the roofing nailer comes with an adjustable shingle guide. It slides easily up and down the bottom of the magazine. It helps the shingles for quick and easy spacing for any size. It also tightens the nails at a space by providing up to 430-inch-pounds of force at a 100 PSI operating pressure. Also, it features an adjustable depth driver to get the right depth of the nails. You can set the depth-driver into five settings. So, the fired nails place into the right space by turning the depth-setting wheel on the head of the nailer.

Though it seems a little bit heavy, it feels comfortable. It provides excellent performance while working for a long time. The adjustable exhaust valve helps to release air that keeps the tool active all the time. It lets you direct the output air at your aimed direction. Surprisingly, the nailer comes with a rubber grip handle to eliminate fatigue. It also ensures comfort while working a long time on roofing. One important feature you can’t ignore from the WEN roofing nailer. It enables the magazine to provide double shoots periodically for the top fastening.

Highlighted Features
  • Rubber grip handles to eliminate fatigue while working a long time.
  • Adjustable shingle guide and depth control make for comfortable shingle spacing during jobs.
  • Versatile sided magazine that holds up to 120 nails at a time with a quick-release to fix jams.
  • Features pneumatic operating pressure that releases 70 to 120 PSI.
  • Fire 11-gauge nails (.12 inches) anywhere from 3/4 to 1-3/4 of an inch.

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5. DEWALT DW45RN Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer

DEWALT DW45RN Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer

If you are looking for a professional-grade coil roofing nailer, DEWALT is one of the most recognizable names in the power tools industry. It is a solid performer with a couple of features that ought to be considered standards. The DEWALT DW45RN is an excellent choice for pneumatic coil roofing nailer at a professional-grade price. It is made of mixed metal with a plastic coil. Hence, it is durable enough, and also, maintenance is easy. It also weighs only 4.5 pounds that gives super maneuverability while working on a large surface.

DEWALT pneumatic coil roofing nailer uses a high-speed valve technology that drives 10 nails per second. It is the highest speed among the nailers available in the market. It also features a capable wheel to control and set the number of nails you want to drive through the nailer. So, you’ll get the numbered levels of nails at the desired place. Also, it comes with a high-quality engine seal to keep the nails driving at the desired speed.

One more thing about the professional roofing nailer is its safety purposes. It comes with steel skid plates with rubber inserts. For the instances, you are free from worry about sliding off of the roofs. Though it comes with no hook or no sequential fire mode, it won’t slide from the roof. It also comes with an excellent 70 to 120 PSI. This speed is quite enough to complete the functions efficiently. By the way, it is always fixed at a point because of the absence of exhaust spin. Also, it doesn’t come with a case or any other accessories. So, you may have to buy additional accessories if you want.

Furthermore, the pneumatic coil nailer comes with an air hose and an air compressor. Unlike the unreliable cordless models, the pneumatic DEWALT DW45RN ensures reliability, performance, and durability. Also, the adjustable depth wheel helps to drives nails to the proper depth into a wide variety of materials.

Highlighted Features
  • Made of robust steel and a mixture of plastic that ensures durability and reliability.
  • Steel skid plates with rubber inserts prevent the nailer from any sliding off of the roof.
  • Effective wheel control to drive the desired number of nails.
  • High-speed valve technology ensures to drive 10 nails per second.
  • Effective and high-end lifetime engine seals and feed system to ensure durability and lifetime performance.
  • Excellent 70 to 120 PSI to complete a large area quite efficiently.

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6. Max CN445R3 Superroofer Roofing Coil Nailer

Max CN445R3 Superroofer Roofing Coil Nailer

Since 1942, MAX is one of the most trusted and renowned manufacturers in the high-end tools industry. It comes with guaranteed efficiency for ideal roofing with no jam at all. Professionals all around the world prefer the Superrofer coil nailer though its price is a little bit higher. It is a versatile roofing coil nailer that stands out to be used on asphalt as well as fiberglass shingles installation. It is also used to fasten lath wire to plywood, siding installation, and many more.

The MAX CN445R3 Super roofer comes with adjustable dial depth control as well as a unique tangle-free swivel joint. It maintains a free end cup filter that requires no hassle at all. However, the nailer can hold up to 120 coiled nails with a minimum size of ¾ inch to a maximum size of 1-3/4 inches with an angled at 15 degrees. So, nails are fastened so well that the roof won’t loosen ever.

It also features a side-loaded magazine that is easy to release and close. The nail shank diameter is 0.12 inch to fasten the roof precisely. By the way, the Super roofer features two types of operation, i.e., contact trip and sequential trip. So, all standard ranges and sizes of nails can be used in this nailer for roofing.

Made of extremely rugged materials, the Super roofer nailer is designed to work in rough conditions and to withstand abuse. It is made of cast aluminum that ensures durability without making the tool too heavy. It only weighs 5.5 pounds to provide much maneuverability while working with a single hand. So, you are free from unnecessary pain, fatigue, and stress on the muscle as well as on the whole body. Also, the tar resistant nose lasts 8 times longer than conventional tools.

Another excellent feature of the Super roofer is its rapid-fire trigger. It allows you to drive nails as fast as you want. You hold the trigger, and each time the tip bumps the work surface. Though it works so fast, it always ensures accuracy. Here, the nailer comes with a trigger lockout feature. So, it never fires when the magazine is empty. It increases your productivity and work-speed and prevents all sorts of accidents occurring shoot blanks.

Highlighted Features
  • 360 degrees swivel fitting to maneuver the nailer at any angle.
  • Smart and patented self-cleaning features with maintenance free end cap filter.
  • Adjustable dial depth control to adjust deep or shallow drive the nails on the roof.
  • Side-loaded magazine with a capacity of holding 120 nails of ¾-inch to 1-3/4- inch.
  • Patented magnetic nose feature to ensure no jamming at all, as well as ensures accuracy.

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7. PORTER-CABLE RN175B Roofing Nailer

PORTER-CABLE RN175B Roofing Nailer

The upgraded version of the PORTER-CABLE roofing nailer weighs light enough to improve balance and control. It comes with a moderate price without compromising any quality and feature. As a result, many professionals prefer this tool so as the amateurs too. It is made of robust steel and carbide. Hence it ensures durability, performance, and quality. It also ensures consistent performance over the years on your roof. The shingle guide that comes with the package locks the tool in the place. By the way, it won’t come with any additional accessories. But it lasts for years and works well with regular oiling.

The PORTER-CABLE nailer is designed to work both in the indoor as well as for siding type projects. So, it comes with a magazine that can hold up to 120 nails. The roofing nailer is designed for use with 15-degree for greater fasten. However, the magazine holds ¾-inch to 1-3/4-inch nails to handle a wide variety of roofing and siding projects. It also enables two firing modes, i.e., single sequential and contact mode. The handy tool also features jam-resistant as well as user-friendly operation.

The ergonomic grip of the roofing nailer ensures comfortability. The compact design loads quickly and easily. Its rounded body and rubber grip provide maneuverability that prevents fatigue, pain, and stress. The efficient motor included in the nailer features an exhaust diffuser to adjust the tool without the need for any additional tool. It also comes with a durable steel safety contact with dual carbide inserts to clean debris and dirt.

Furthermore, the PORTER-CABLE nailing tool shields the nailer from premature wear as well as tear. It also features a selectable trigger as well as the shingle guide that locks down for consistent results. The contact or single-sequential mode fits all shingle tasks to complete your job.

Highlighted Features
  • 5% lighter for improved balance and control with compact body design to provide maneuverability.
  • Side magazine with a capacity of holding 120 nails as ¾-inch to 1-3/4-inch
  • Features an exhaust diffuser to adjust the tool for any setting without additional tools.
  • Made of robust steel and carbide to ensure performance, durability, and quality.
  • Two firing modes along with a jam-resistant feature to ensure user-friendly operation.

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8. AeroPro CN45N Professional Roofing Nailer

AeroPro CN45N Professional Roofing Nailer

When you work a long time, i.e., about 10 to 12 hours a day, the tool must be handy and lightweight. AeroPro is a renowned manufacturer to provide such tools to rejuvenate the power handling tools industry. It has brought AeroPro CN45N that ensures professional quality for nailing tasks. You can work with this tool in most extreme roofing environments. Because of lightweight and maneuverability, this tool prevents all sorts of fatigue, pain, and stress on the body while working on the roof.

Because of high capacity, the AeroPro CN45N comes with a side-loading magazine that holds up to 120 nails, each of ¾-inch to 1-3/4-inch length along with 0.12-inch diameter. So, you can’t reload the magazine frequently. Moreover, the working air pressure of the nail gun is 70 to 120 psi, which covers a wide variety of roofing tasks. Also, it comes with an adjustable dial depth control that helps you to adjust the gun for deep or shallow nailing. By the way, always consider the length to get the best performance, accuracy, and the best work quality.

Made of cast aluminum and robust materials, the rugged tool ensures durability and performance. It can withstand abuse and rough work conditions. As it is manufactured with cast aluminum, it is not heavy but reliable and durable. It also features a swivel fitting that allows for maneuvering the nailer without twist your wrists. The tool also comes with a self-cleaning maintenance-free end cup filter. It prevents sand, oil, and other substances from entering into the tool.

Furthermore, AeroPro is a standard nailer that ensures quality for professional, industrial, or DIY use. It comes with proper safety for beginners to professionals. The rapid-fire trigger allows you to drive the nails too fast. It saves your time by driving with fast and accuracy. Hence, each nail places in the right place every time. One more thing of the AeroPro is the no jamming magnetic nose feature. It never allows the tool to become jamming. Also, the package comes with a shingle guide to help you align the nails accordingly to your desired line precisely every time.

Highlighted Features
  • Heat treated and robust aluminum grade housing to ensure heavy-duty applications.
  • A professional-grade roofing nail gun is designed with a moving cylinder engine for low recoil.
  • Adjustable dial depth control to get the nails for precise shallow or deep nailing.
  • Both sequential or bump mode for selective actuation switch.
  • Side-loading magazine with single-action mode along with the high capacity to hold up to 120 nails.

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Buying Guide for Roofing Nailers

Using a roofing nailer is a pretty decision for a large and moderate roof. Though it costs some money, it helps you keep the rain away. The roofing nailer is designed specially to build the nails around the roof. So, investing some bucks on a good quality roofing nailer is a great decision to repair or to replace your roof. However, all roofing nailers aren’t the same in quality. So, you should know the ins and outs of the roofing nailer.

Here, we’ve built a buying guide to help you choose the perfect roofing nailer that is right for you.

Pneumatic vs. cordless

Roofing nailers come off with two basic modes. One is pneumatic, and the other is cordless. A pneumatic roofing nailer requires a connecting gun to the compressed air that drives nails in. It offers more consistent pressure over the period of time for professional users. It also requires no swapping of batteries and gas canisters out but move down a row of the shingles. The air compressor also gets high if you are working up a high and dangerous area.

On the other hand, a cordless roofing nailer comes with a canister of butane gas that fills an internal chamber to ignite a spark. The spark rapidly pushes a piston onto the nail head and drives it into the roof. It provides a wide range of roofing surfaces. So, if you are working in a tremendous roofing area, you needn’t worry about swapping canisters or batteries.

Versatility of materials

A roofing nailer is a pricey investment. So, you should take the versatility in consideration while determining to buy a tailor. At first, the nailer should accommodate the climate you currently live in. It should be flexible enough to drive nails onto any medium you want to use. The materials used in manufacturing the nailer should be durable. Especially, aluminum and steel made nailers are highly durable and versatile. In addition to the materials, the nailer should be used on timber or wood, aluminum siding, vinyl, asphalt, waterproof tar paper, or fiberglass shingles.

Solid and Comfortable Grip

Pay attention to ergonomic, anti-slip, and rubberized handles. You may need to hold the nailer for a long time that results in fatigue, tiredness, and pain in the wrist. To avoid any wrist pain, stress, or fatigue, you must use the nailer that can be gripped without bending your hand upward or downward. However, it is highly recommended to grab the handle so that your wrist can be straight while working on the surface.

Capacity of Magazine

Though most of the nailers have 2-pice magazines, the latest models come with single side-loaded magazine design. It is easy to open and reload the nails fast. It is easy to cover a small and single roof with a small capacity magazine. But when you work on larger projects, this small magazine runs out of nails pretty often. Damn it. It is just annoying to reload the magazine frequently. So, always prefer a large magazine capacity with a new coil of nails. Usually, most of the latest models can hold up to 120 nails. Each nail is from ¾-inch to 1-3/4-inch with at least 0.12-inch diameter.

Depth of Drive

Depth drive is a crucial part of the roofing nailer. As different roofing materials are available, the nail drive depends on the thickness of the material. So, the nailer should be user-friendly to adjust the thickness of the material. The moderate models come with a dial adjust depth drive to provide a wide variety of tasks. A scrolling knob below the trigger helps you out to adjust the depth of the drive. So, you can use different sizes of nails that provide much flexibility.

Operation Mode

Another factor you should take into consideration is the operation mode. Usually, two operation modes are available, i.e., contact mode and sequential mode. On the one hand, contact mode is the fastest way to shoot nails. It allows you to drive as many nails as you want. It is swift, and hence you must be careful about firing a nail in the contact mode to get your job done with precision.

On the other hand, a sequential mode is the safest mode to drive the nails away. It always follows the criteria you set to drive the nails. Before pulling the trigger, you must bump the tip of the nail gun against the surface. As the nails aren’t driven unless you pull the trigger, it ensures the perfect job with precise accuracy.

Safety & Cleaning Issues

Roofing nailer comes with jam clearing and anti-dry firing features to keep the tool alive for long days. It makes your life easier and takes less time to complete your projects. Anti-dry firing prevents thinking of shooting a nail when the magazine is empty. Moreover, the ham clearing system features a simple way to clear the jam with no obstacle to go back to your work as soon as possible. Furthermore, the directional exhaust keeps debris and dirt away from the gun.

Final Words

Investing in roofing nailer is pricey but gives you precise work completion. So, if you are conscious and severe about roofing jobs, always choose a tool of user-friendly, precise, durable, and better constructed and enriched with features. We’ve listed the best nailers roofing available in the market. You can pick your desired one out of the list so that you’re ensured with the best way to get your job done.

Happy Nailing…