How to Set Table Saw Blade Height? Expert Details for all Reader

Setting table saw blade height has a lot of arguments. Some says setting it in lower height is a right way and some always go with the higher height setting while working with a table saw. But there is no fixed format for this. Actually, the way you are comfortable with, is the correct height setting for you.

While working with a table saw you need to set the saw height for several times. Like, if you are cutting a thick wood then it needs to be adjusted as per its size and cutting a comparatively thin wood the height needs adjustment again. Mainly, you can’t work with the same height always. You need to change the height as per your need.

Do you want to know how to set table saw blade height accurately? This article will get you to know the accurate way. Check it out below.

Setting Table Saw Height

Though there are variety of opinions to get confused,  here in this article you will get to know about the common ways to choose the most effective one your own way of working with a blade saw. Here are the height adjustment ways,

  • Setting the Height in High
  • Setting in Low Height
  • The Ruler Method
  • Prefer Your Comfort

So, these are the height adjustment processes. Just read them all below and go with the one you like.

Setting The Height In High

Most people appreciate this process. Reason behind this is, the less risk of getting affected by the blade. This thought says, if you set your saw blade lower, your finger may cut with the blade during the process. And so, going with the higher height is fine.

You have to set the wood to push it forward to the blade. So, if you set the blade lower you won’t be that much careful of the rolling sharp blade. And as you are holding it while passing through the blade it’s not unusual to occur an accident.

With this point of view, you can go with a higher height setting of your table saw.

Setting In Low Height

Though low height has the chances of cutting your finger, but it can be prevented as well. First of all, with a little more carefulness and secondly, with the holding tool you can do it. You may often need to set your table saw in lower height. But here you have to be double careful than working with a higher height.

Buy a holding tool that will help you hold the wood and push it forward as well. And if you use a wood holder to put the wood, your hand is safe from the wanted accident.

The Ruler Method

This method means a fixed height. After the very first successful work with your table saw, if you want this kind of result every single time, take a ruler and hold it in vertical position just beside the saw blade. Now, measure out the height. Note it down.

Whenever you work the next time, set the same height using the ruler and same measurement. Get the same perfection always.

Prefer Your Comfort

Not in the high always, not even the in low. Just go with a comfortable height every time. Basically, it’s normal that every wood won’t have the same quality and so their measurements must be different many times.

Besides, the measurement depends on the style you are working with as well. So, it’s better to adjust the height when you need exactly what.


By reading this article you will get to know about various table saw height settings. If you want to know how to set a table saw blade height, this article is exactly for you. Just read the whole article thoroughly and go with the way you want.

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