Single vs. Double Bevel Miter Saw | Everybody Should Learn It

Having the right tool for the work is one step ahead of producing a remarkable result in any woodworking project.

Therefore, to have an impressive achievement, especially when you need to cut through wood during furniture making, you need to have the right type of saw.

Among the saw you will need is a miter saw. However, there are two types of a miter saw, single and double bevel miter saw.

These two types perform an almost similar task, but each has its own outstanding. So, you are required to make a decision on which to buy and that can be a challenge if you don't know about them and what they are used for.

It is on that account that we compare these two types of miter saw to make your decisions simple. By highlighting their differences, you will have peace of mind when ready to spend your cash.

Without wasting any further time as time is money, let’s set our boat sailing.

What Is Single Bevel Compound Miter Saws?

It is a type of compound miter saw that comes equipped with a pivoting feature that facilitates you to achieve angled cuts.  You only make such cuts either on left or right, and that is why the name is “single bevel.”

In simple terms, a single bevel saw is a type of compound miter that can be used only to make cuts in one direction, either on left or right.

Some Applications Of Single Bevel Miter Saw

Single bevel miter saw is a handy cutting tool for any woodworker. It can be applied in many tasks that need angled cuts such crown molding, framing and trimming.

What Is Double Bevel Compound Miter Saws?

In this sort of saw, you can swing the blade in either direction (left and right). It makes perfect, and corresponding bevel cuts on both sides and that is where the double bevel name originates from.

Some Applications Of Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw

This sort of compound miter saw is most applied where there is a need to cut the work pieces severally in the same way repeatedly. This is why you can rarely miss it where there are projects such as frame cutting, crown molding, and trimming.

Some Key Differences In Between

You might be thinking this two types of compound miter saw have slight differences, but you will be shocked. They have several variations and here are just some of them.


Although these two types of saws can be used interchangeably to cover the most needs of most woodworkers, they have a different level of usability.

The double beveled saw is more sophisticated than a single beveled saw. Why?

It is only because, with it, you can make angled cuts on both sides of the material efficiently, quickly and accurately.

What makes single beveled saw less preferred is a must to change the material over when planning to make cuts on both sides.


This two types of compound miter also differ in the rate of working. Generally, the double-beveled saw is faster than single beveled saw.  And that is what makes them preferred for handling longer work-pieces.

With the requirement of turning the material over when you need to cut both sides of the material, it is time-consuming and reduces the effective rate.

However, for a double beveled miter saw, you will swing the saw in either direction to achieve angled cuts without turning the material.


We do comprehend that, for one to achieve accurate results, he/she must have proper working tools and applied to the right job.

And so, when the accuracy is a concern, then double-beveled saw becomes the recommended choice. It involves less adjustment during the cutting process, and this is not the case with single beveled saws.

It requires several modifications during the cutting process, and which when not set correctly, it can result in an inaccurate outcome.


When on a budget, you should go for the single beveled saw. The double beveled saw, because of its usability, speed, and accuracy, makes it slightly expensive than its brother.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

There have been many questions surrounding these two types of compound miter saws. In this section, we will try to cover some of them that you might also be having. Although there might be many questions which can’t be covered in this section.

Let’s see some of them.

I Have A Lot Of Tasks, Which One Should I Buy First?

You should buy the double beveled compound miter saw when you have a lot of tasks. It involves minimal adjustment, saves time as you don’t need to turn the material over for the double cuts and works faster.

I Need To Make Angles In Two Planes, What Type Should I Choose?

Single bevel saw is an ideal member when you need to make angled cuts in two planes as it was designed to make bevel cuts in one direction, either left or right.

Which One Can I Use For Larger Boards?

If you have larger boards, you must choose any compound miter saw. However, check that the model you select has slide-out extension wings. This will make you extend and increase the cutting capacity. Note that, not all models have this feature.


There are indeed excellent and many miter saws out there that will make your search for the right one hard. Nevertheless, one thing you need to put in mind is that, when it comes to buying a miter saw, pick either single or double beveled.

They perform many similar tasks and having both of them will not make sense. Know your needs and use this article to make your decision.

Hope this article delivered you what you were searching for in regards to whether to buy single beveled or double beveled types of compound miter saws.

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