7 Uses Of Angle Grinder You Need To Learn Now

If you add the most commonly used power tool in a list, you see the list contains angle grinders at the upper position. Yes, it is such a tool that is commonly used, and you cannot complete any angle grinder project without this tool. But do we know how clearly many purposes we can use the tool for? Most people say the tool is used for cutting and grinding purposes. They are very true, but the tool cannot be used for many other purposes.

This content is written to give you a clear conception about the uses of an angle grinder and to warn you about the angle grinder safety. Let’s move forward.

The Common Uses of Angle Grinder

Generally, we all know an angle grinder that can be used is cutting and grinding purposes. But it also has some other uses such as debarring, polishing, and finishing. But can you find out all the uses in practical life? Maybe you can, but it can be difficult for you. That is why we’ve listed the following uses that we often do by the angle grinder.

Removing Dust or Paint

An angle grinder is effective for removing dust on any metal surface. If you want to clean the metal with other tools, you may face some trouble, but the angle grinder can do the job very perfectly. You can also clean the rusted metal surface using the tool.

Most probably, nobody tells you this trick that it can be an excellent paint removing for you. Yes, it can remove the painting layer of the car or others without damaging the underneath metal. But, you should be more careful as the disc doesn’t damage the metal.

Cutting Rod and Bolt

Ask me about the most common use of angle grinder; most probably, it is cutting rod. Definitely, you can cut a rod with a hacksaw, but the result will never be quick and clean-cut as the angle grinder. You can also cut the bolt that cannot be loosened and removed. Not done yet, you can also cut other types of metal bars with this tool efficiently.

Cutting Ceramic Tile

Sometimes many difficulties we have to face while cutting different types of tiles. And you know the title should be cut with precision. An angle grinder is an excellent tool for cutting stone and ceramic tile. If you can use the tool perfectly, you almost get the same result as a wet saw. Yes, it is much effective in cutting tiles. But it just requires more precision, which is mandatory for all works to be done perfectly.

Cutting Masonry

Can’t you realize the versatility of the uses of this tool? It is not only limited to cut tile, but it also can cut masonry when you need. To do the task, you should definitely install a diamond cutting wheel and then start masonry cutting. Be careful about the brick as it will con come to the way you are cutting.

Remember, you should use a moderately powerful grinder for this job as the weak motor can cause wear and tear.

Mortar Removing Purposes

The mortar on the bricks is nothing but ugly. Yes, the accumulation of mortar inhibits the beauty of your structure. But the mortar removing task is so laborious if we try manually by the hands. But the job becomes super easy and a matter of time if you use an angle grinder. It only removes the mortar but doesn’t damage the bricks. Use a diamond tuckpointing wheel for mortar removing purpose.

Sharpening Tool

You can also use it for sharpening different types of metal tools. Don’t try to sharpen a very small tool. A grinding disc is an element you have to use here. But it is necessary to handle the tool by the expert hands. Remember, the job is sharpening, you have to ensure the precise and perfect move. Don’t go for sharpening if you are not an expert.

Curving and Planing Wood

You may become surprised after see angle grinder uses wood. However, it has some uses with wooden objects. Here you can plain wood and also can curve a large wooden object. To plain woo, you need to use a carving wheel, and a carving wheel is needed in case of carving wood. But remember, you shouldn’t use an angle grinder to do intricate woodwork.

Angle Grinder Safety Tips

Don’t think to use an angle grinder without taking safety measures as it is a power tool and electrically powered at the same time. If you don’t take safety precautions, it can be the cause of any serious injury. So, follow the following angle, grinder safety tips.

  • Check the angle grinder every time before using it.
  • Don’t change the wheel when the plug is attached to the electric outlet.
  • Don’t divert the concentration while the grinder is running.
  • Don’t touch the grinder by the wet hands.
  • Use safety Google and wear safety gloves.
  • Always runs the grinder directed spin of the when away from you.
  • Keep the angle grinder out of children’s rich.


These are the most common uses of angle grinder. That doesn’t mean you cannot use the grinder for other purposes. In practical life, you may find many purposes where angle grinder can be used as a perfect tool. Anyway, we always say it is not needed to be highly expert before using the angle grinder, but you shouldn’t try to use the grinder if you are completely a novice. We are trying to tell you to learn at least the basic of angle grinder before using it. And don’t forget to take safety precautions.

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