Top Vinyl Tile Cutters in 2023: Top Models & How to Choose

Vinyl tiles are becoming increasingly popular as an inexpensive and eco-friendly material to decorate our floors. It’s also praised in the DIY community for easy installation and versatile, customizable features.

However, despite an abundance of high-quality vinyl tile cutters on the market, many people still go through the toil of using a wet saw to cut this line of material.

So, we’ve decided to create this guide as a solution.

Our goal is to inform you about all the features you need to know for identifying the best vinyl tile cutter from a sea of options. Enjoy the read!

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Best Vinyl Tile Cutter Reviews

1. Bullet Tools Marksman Laminate Flooring Cutter For Vinyl tile, Pergo, Wood

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The Marksman floor-tile cutter, built with an industry-grade construction, will appeal to both professional builders and DIY enthusiasts.

It can slice through 13-inch wide materials with ease. The depth limit for cutting is 9/16-inch. This allows you to cut through tiles with a versatile range of depths, making the product an ideal choice for both business and home use.

The tile-cutter’s large and square table gives you enough space to handle floor tiles with comfort. It has a locking mechanism on the power-board, which needs to be released for using the handle and blade. This feature keeps the device from causing any accidents.

The tile cutter offers a durable handle with padded grip. It uses a Shear-steel blade, which is known to be 20 times more durable than a saw blade.

Along with an adjustable fence, the cutter also includes a whetstone in the package. It can make smooth, angle cuts with ease and precision. The manufacturer claims that the machine is able to cut your board up to 1/16-inch parts.

Highlighted Features
  • Offers a cut-width of 13-inches and cut-depth of 9/16-inches.
  • Includes a gap-hold on the rear stand to use as a carrying handle.
  • Features 2 rubber-padded guide posts and a rear stand for stability.
  • Includes a table-scale that has both metric and standard measure system.
  • Offers a safety lock on the power-board to use the machine securely.

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2. Norske Tools NMAP001 Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter

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Norske separates itself from the competition by using a 13-inch blade made of High Speed Steel for this product. An HSS blade offers protection against corrosion and retains sharpness longer than Carbide blades.

The cutter can easily slice through various materials, up to a width of 13-inches and depth of 19/31-inches.

Unlike a wet saw, it is soundless, dustless, and doesn’t require electricity to run. It can produce cuts with a smooth edge and without harming the coating, even out of cheap materials.

Weighing at only 13-pounds, the tile-cutter is quite easy to carry around.

The product is constructed through a combination of high-quality steel and aluminum. It has 2 steel guide posts at the base of the power-board, and a square finish on the rear stand for providing stability to the structure.

The expandable handle allows you to put more force for cutting thicker materials. A miter gauge, set at the top right corner of the table, helps to make angle cuts, ranging from 0 to 45-degree.

Highlighted Features
  • Can be used to cut Vinyl tiles, engineered wood, Fiber-cement board, etc.
  • Offers an expandable handle, allowing more force to cut thicker materials.
  • Includes a miter gauge to make 0 to 45-degree, angle cuts.
  • 2 steel guide posts and a square stand provide stability to the structure.
  • Uses a 13-inch, HSS blade for durability, anti-corrosion and precise cuts.

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3. EAB Tool 2100005- Laminate Exchangeable Flooring Cutter

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EAB Tool offers this cutter as a low-budget option for both professional and home use.

The product weighs only 11.99-pounds, making it very lightweight to handle. It is also fairly simple to operate, which allows you to make quick, frequent cuts whenever necessary.

It can cut Vinyl tiles, solid wood, mass timber, etc. up to a width of 9-inches. The cutter is super portable, which helps to move it along with you while laying floor tiles.

The machine includes a miter gauge, set at the top right edge of the table to make angle cuts.  The gauge has an angular-triangle knob you can rotate to determine the cut angle.

The manufacturer offers a replaceable blade, which can be sharpened after heavy use with an inclusive whetstone. Using a whetstone can take burr off the blade and prevents gum development caused by cutting residue.

It uses an ergonomic grip handle. This feature protects your hands from blisters and rashes, which can be caused by a rough, metal handle without grip protection.

Highlighted Features
  • Includes a replaceable blade.
  • Offers a whetstone to prevent burr and gum development on the blade.
  • Uses a polygon patterned handle-grip to protect your hands from blisters.
  • Features a miter gauge with an angle range of 0 to 45-degree.
  • Can cut various types of floor tiles with a maximum width of 9-inches.

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4. Bullet Tools, 13” EZ Shear Siding Cutter For Vinyl Siding, Fiber-cement Siding, Hardie Plank

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Along with Vinyl tiles, the EZ Shear performs as a fantastic tool for making both straight and side cuts on tougher materials like Hardie Plank and Fiber-cement.

The construction quality is top-notch as well. It uses an Aluminum structure with DCB tested beams. The power-board is spring-loaded, allowing it to handle a large amount of force with ease.

The product has a maximum cutting width of 13-inches. It has an adjustable aluminum fence, installed at the right edge of the board, which can help you to make angle cuts. Parallel to the fence, a ruler is also included for easy measuring.

The Shear-steel blade offers a 20 times more durability than regular, saw blades. However, we’d still recommend sharpening it with a whetstone after every 100 to 120 cuts. This will increase the already impressive longevity of the blade.

The machine is designed to make automatic 90-degree cuts. This feature will save you the time of measuring if you need to make a series of straight cuts in a short amount of time.

The product has 2 rubber padded guide posts and a carved, metal rear end to provide stability for using it on the ground. if you want to use it off the floor, you’ll need to buy mounting brackets that are sold separately by Bullet tools.

Highlighted Features
  • Uses an Aluminum structure with DCB tested beams to provide longevity.
  • Offers automatic, 90-degree cuts to save measuring time for straight cuts.
  • Includes an adjustable aluminum fence to make 45-degree cuts.
  • Features a conveniently placed ruler for measuring.
  • Uses a spring loaded power-board to handle strong impacts.

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5. Roberts, 9″ Silver Multi-Floor Cutter 10-91

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This is probably the most heavy-duty, 9-inch floor cutter in this list. Though majority of cutters with this width range can’t handle a lot of pressure, we must admit, this product is an exception.

The base is made of Extruded aluminum, which means the aluminum is molded in a cross-sectional structure to increase durability of the product. It sports a strong, plastic table for cutting with a black finish.

The cutter uses 4 metal guide posts for creating a superior stability. This feature helps you to process heavy materials using the machine. It uses D-shaped pressure rollers with an extended edge at the top, allowing the device to handle a massive amount of force with ease.

Also, features like a spring loaded power-board, a strategic, multi-screw design, and 3 horizontal metal plates supporting the table further adds to the product’s ability to take on a challenging cutting job.

The machine has an adjustable fence that can multifunction as a measuring scale to make precise, angle cuts.

Highlighted Features
  • Offers a cut-width of 9-inches and cut-depth of 5/8-inches.
  • Includes an exchangeable, Tungsten steel blade.
  • Features an expandable handle to easily increase pressure when needed.
  • Offers an adjustable fence that can multifunction as a measuring scale.
  • Uses 3 horizontal metal plates to provide additional support for the table.

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6. Goplus, 8″ and 12″ Multi-Purpose Vinyl Plank Flooring Cutter

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Goplus always makes products with a spirit of innovation, and this flooring cutter is no different.

The product is quite unconventional in terms of looks, yet it gets the job done just as quickly as any other tile cutter on the market. It offers a Stainless-steel structure with 2 parallel ends connected by 2 metal plates. The plates converge to create a gap, allowing the blade to move through your material.

The design allows you to put your foot/knee down on one end to keep the balance when you make a cut. This feature prevents the machine from flipping over and causing an accident.

It also offers a mobile, v-shaped metal plate and an adjustable cut guide which gives you support to cut tiles at different angles.

The expandable handle comes with a wadded grip, which protects your palm from injuries when applying force. The blade is welded into the leverage handle, and uses a padded lock at its rear end to ensure extra protection.

Highlighted Features
  • Allows you to make straight, L, vertical, and free angle cuts.
  • Offers a cut-width of 8 to 12-inches and a cut-depth of 127 millimeters.
  • Includes a mobile, v-shaped metal plate and an adjustable cut guide.
  • The blade uses a padded lock at its rear end to ensure a safe operation.
  • Comes with a detailed instruction guide to help you operate with ease.

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7. Bullet Tools, EZ Shear Flooring Cutter for LVT, VCT, Commercial Vinyl

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If you are into vinyl flooring, then this cutter by Bullet Tools will serve you well.

Considered as one of the best vinyl tile cutter models in the market, the machine can slice through all types of vinyl flooring including Luxury, commercial and composite vinyl tiles. It also works well on rubber, PVC, Parquet, and Cove Base tiles.

The product lets you to cut materials up to 13-inches wide, along with a maximum cut-depth of 9/16-inches. The fence can be moved over the table up to 45-degrees, which makes doing angle cuts easy and convenient. It has an additional scale, side by side with the fence to allow more precise measuring.

The EZ Shear provides a quiet and residue-free operation. So, it will help you to work at night without disturbing your family or neighbors, along with the benefit of keeping your lungs safe from inhaling dust and cutting residues.  It doesn’t require any electricity so you can work despite load shedding.

Unlike the 13-inch, EZ Shear mentioned previously in the list, this product uses a circular pressure roller, which may work better with vinyl tiles than D-shaped pressure rollers. It is also 4-pound lighter and thus, can be easier to carry around.

Highlighted Features
  • Designed to cut all types of vinyl flooring tiles (e.g. LVT, VCT, CV, etc.)
  • Provides a silent and residue-free operation.
  • Uses a circular pressure roller to handle impact.
  • Offers a maximum cut-depth of 9/16-inches.
  • The fence can be moved up to 45-degrees to do angle cuts.

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8. EAB Tool, 13″ Black Professional Floor Cutter 2100010

[amazon box=”B07G1MP4WX”]

This is the 13-inch version of our previously mentioned 9-inch cutter by EAB tool.

Besides increasing the cut-width by 4-inches, it also delivers a cut-depth of 15-millimeters. However, the increase in cut-width didn’t affect the weight difference between the models. This product is only 2.4-pounds heavier.

The cutter uses D-shaped pressure rollers to handle impacts and has a gap at the center of the table to use as a carrying handle. It has 2 guide posts and a rear end (attached to the rear edge of the table) to provide stability when you are dealing with heavier materials.

The leverage handle is welded into the power-board, which ensures that it can take on enough pressure without breaking. The power-board has a yellow, angular-triangle knob to lock it for security.

The product doesn’t come preassembled, which can be a bit of concern for some users. However, it does include a well-arranged installation kit with all the necessary parts to make the process easy for you.

Highlighted Features
  • Offers a 4-inch increase in cut-width than the 9-inch version.
  • Uses D-shaped pressure rollers to handle stronger impacts.
  • Offers a cut-depth of 15-millimeters for Vinyl tiles, Hardy plank, etc.
  • Only 2.4-pounds heavier than the 9-inch model with stronger features.
  • Includes an assembly kit, power-board lock, miter gauge, and carry handle.

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9. Bullet Tools, 9″ Sharpshooter Siding and Laminate Flooring Cutter

[amazon box=”B00W9T4TU2″]

The Sharpshooter doesn’t miss when it comes to cutting a wide range of floor tiles.

In terms of Vinyl, it can cut Commercial Vinyl, Vinyl Composition tile, both Luxury Vinyl tile and plank, along with Vinyl siding. It can also slice through Fritz tile, Permastone, Pressboard and Fiber-cement siding, wood and tar shingles, etc.

The machine is even capable of cutting engineered wood up to 1250 pounds in the Janka rating.

However, in general it offers a cut-width of 9-inches and a cut-depth of 14-millimemters. But, keep in mind that with layered, laminate floor tiles, you can go up to 12-millimeters in depth.

The product comes preassembled, so you can use it right out of the package. The 6-inch cutting table is made of Phenolic Marine Plywood. Therefore, it can provide protection against moisture and handle a large amount of impact.

It has 2 guide posts and 1 rear end to keep the structure stable, along with a carrying handle which is designed as a gap at the near-end of the table.

Highlighted Features
  • Offers a Phenolic Marine Plywood table to protect against moisture.
  • Comes preassembled, so you can use it right out of the package.
  • Can cut engineered wood up to 1250 pounds in the Janka rating.
  • Includes an expandable handle and double-oriented aluminum fence.
  • Features a mobile fence with a parallel scale to make 45-degree angle cuts.

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How To Choose Vinyl Tile Cutter

Cutting Table

A cutting table is the board you use to cut your Vinyl tiles. Without a durable and well-structured table, a vinyl cutter will not perform at its optimum level.

We recommend buying cutters with a Stainless-steel or High-quality plastic (e.g. Phenolic Marine Plywood) table.

It is also important to make sure that the table has a strong support structure. So, look for tables with center support beams, or metal plates underneath them.

Center support beams/supporting metal plates, with the help of a multiple-screw design, reinforces the table’s attachment to the rest of the structure. This way you are less likely to break the table when cutting heavier materials or putting it through a ton of impact.

Carrying Handle

Vinyl tile cutters are popular for their portability. However, without a carrying handle, you might not get the full usage out of the cutter’s mobility feature.

A carrying handle is usually made by making a gap on the cutting table. The gap allows you to carry the cutter in a convenient manner. Sometimes external carrying handles can be used as well.

Whether it’s a gap on the table or an external handle, make sure you get one, or else carrying the cutter could be problematic.


We’ve all heard the saying, “What’s a man without honor?”. Well, similarly we can say “What’s a cutter without a blade?”.

Choosing the right blade for your cutter should be one of your prime concerns. We recommend choosing an HSS (High-Speed Steel), Shear-steel, Tungsten-steel or Carbide blade.

Also, make sure that the blades can be replaced. Otherwise, if you break the blade while cutting, the entire machine will become useless.


We always recommend buying a Vinyl cutter that has a whetstone included in the package.

Whetstones can go a long way to increase the longevity of your blade as well as keep it sharp despite repeated use. It can also help to keep the blade protected from burr and corrosion.

Usually, after multiple uses, gunk develops on your blade from leftover, cutting residue. Sharpening a blade regularly with a whetstone can prevent that as well.

Structural Integrity

The overall structural-integrity of your cutter is very crucial to its durability. A surefire way to detect the best vinyl tile cutters in the store is a well-built and high-quality structure.

This is why we recommend buying a cutter that has a few qualities to ensure proper structural integrity.

For example, a cutter with an Extruded aluminum/Stainless-steel base, spring-loaded power-board to handle impact, padded guide posts and rear end for keeping balance, High-quality pressure rollers, DCB tested beams, etc.


We recommend buying a cutter with an expandable handle. This will allow you to increase force with less effort, if you need to put high pressure on the handle to cut thicker materials.

Also, ensure that the handle has a padded grip, otherwise you might get blisters on your hands. You can also look for an ergonomic padding (e.g. a polygon patterned padding) for increasing comfort and convenience.

Miter Gauge/Adjustable Fence

Go for a cutter with either a Miter gauge or an adjustable fence. Both of these features allow you to make angle cuts, usually up to 45-degree.

However, if you choose to buy a cutter with an adjustable fence, make sure it either has a scale on or parallel to it. Otherwise, it’ll be hard for you to measure the angle with a separate scale.

On the other hand, a Miter gauge always comes with an integrated scale.

Why Should I Use A Vinyl Tile Cutter Instead Of A Wet Saw?

Answer: A wet saw is non-portable, loud, requires electricity to run, and creates a ton of flying residue while cutting.

On the other hand, Vinyl tile cutters offer a silent and residue free operation. Therefore, you can work at night without creating any disturbance. They are also healthy for your ears, lungs, and eco-friendlier than a wet saw.

Since they are manual, you can also work in case of a load shedding.

Also, Vinyl floor tiles don’t require a massive amount of force to cut, which will make it mandatory for you to use a wet saw. Thus, for cutting vinyl or floor tiles in general, a Vinyl tile cutter is definitely a better choice.

Do I Need Previous Experience To Operate A Vinyl Tile Cutter?

Answer: Not necessarily.

According to most vinyl tile cutter reviews, they have a fairly simple operating mechanism, which doesn’t require a lot of time to get accustomed with. Also, most cutters come with instruction guides to help you understand how to use the machine.

What Is A Miter Gauge?

Answer: A Miter gauge is a measuring tool with an integrated scale. It is usually set at the top-right edge of the cutting table.

Depending on the design, you can use either a screw or a knob to unlock the gauge. Then you can rotate it over the table to make precise, angle cuts.

Can I Use Any Flooring Cutter To Cut Vinyl Tiles?

Answer: No.

Each Flooring cutter is designed to cut a specific list of materials. Not all flooring cutter will be able to cut vinyl tiles. You should always read the product description to ensure that the cutter is compatible to cut vinyl tiles (e.g. LVT, CVT, Commercial Vinyl tiles, etc.)

What Safety Precautions Should I Take When Using Vinyl Tile Cutters?

Answer: Using a Vinyl tile cutter is safer than, let’s say, using a wet saw.

However, you should still use protective gloves and eyewear while using them. This way your hands will be protected from unwanted cuts and your eyes will be safe from any flying piece or chunk that can get created by accident.

Also, make sure that your material is in alignment/balance with the cutting table. This will allow you to avoid serious injuries that can be caused by a flipped cutter.

Final Words

Vinyl tiles are easy to install, remove and customize. Unlike Ceramic tiles, they can be handled without outside help.

Still, many of us miss out on properly using this material for not being able to find our way to the best vinyl tile cutters available in the market. As a result, we end up buying under-performing cutters, which fall apart after a few days of use.

We hope that this guide will help you to avoid making such mistakes. We are confident that with the info and suggestions provided here, you will be able to cut vinyl tiles, far away from the noise and dust of a wet saw.

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